Ah, Rome, the most charming and ancient city in Italy with history on almost every crack and pavement. Its astounding heritage and food scene is what keeps people coming back for more.

We know the food can be amazing, but Roman delicacy is more than just pizza and pasta – its a rabbit hole of top-tier eats. It can be frustrating finding the great food in Rome minus the crowds and overpriced spots. Fret not, we have compiled the ultimate guide of the best food tours in Rome, home to all the goodness the Roman food scene has to offer.

Brace yourselves for lots of bread, fun, spice, and everything nice!

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    Food in Rome – Why is it Special?

    There is a lot to love about Rome, especially the various clusters of amazing food neighborhoods. Its deep cultural history plays a huge part in making the Roman food scene what it is today. There is a strong community that values its own authentic taste, and seeks to preserve it whilst allowing some lee-way for innovations that are edge-cutting. 

    Food in Rome

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    Italian dishes have impacted the world, from pizzas to gelatos, and pasta. The price ranges vary from affordable to chic, but the quality is guaranteed at every scale – amazing, considering Rome can be quite expensive. The Romans take pride in their culinary scene, and offer to teach tourists via a host of classes and workshops. Rome’s food has evolved through centuries and periods of social, cultural, and political changes.

    Tastiest Tour
    Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide
    Tastiest Tour

    Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide

    • > Where: Piazza del Biscione
    • > Includes: Samples of typical Roman dishes
    • > Duration: 2.5 hours
    • > Price: $49.07
    Best Walking Tour
    Trastevere Food Tour
    Best Walking Tour

    Trastevere Food Tour

    • > Where: Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
    • > Includes: 8+ generous tastings of local Roman specialties
    • > Duration: 2hours
    • > Price: $47 per person
    Best Cooking Class
    Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class
    Best Cooking Class

    Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class

    • > Where: Laurentina Metro Stop · Roma
    • > Includes: Food, Drinks and 2 ways Transportation from/to Laurentina Metro Stop
    • > Duration: 4 hours
    • > Price: $46 per person

    Rome Foodie Neighbourhood Breakdown

    There is no end to good food that you can uncover when on the hunt for food in Rome. In fact, there are a few noteworthy neighbourhoods famous for their culinary culture and food scene – a food haven if you must. 

    Let’s start with the Jewish Ghetto. The food and restaurateurs were built around the deep history of the area. From ancient Jewish-Roman dishes to Roman-style pizzas and all things cinnamon, there is a lot to explore and eat.

    If you ever find yourself in the area, try the Carciofi Alla Giudia (a deep-fried artichoke dish).

    Note that most restaurants in the area are closed for Shabbat (every Friday evening and Saturday). 

    Jewish Ghetto Rome

    For a similar Roman charm outside of the busy streets and crowded places of Rome, Trastevere is the compelling alternative with both a traditional and innovative food arena. Packed with Italian seafood restaurants, the local businesses pride themselves in serving only the freshest products. 

    If you want to find yourself in the original foodie neighborhood of Rome, known to the locals as the “heart of Rome”, make your way to Testaccio. At this food mecca, at almost every corner you can bump into fresh markets, family-owned eateries, and authentic restaurants. Its significance came to be from its past trading history on the banks of the Tiber River, where exchanges of wine, olive oils, grains, sweetbreads, and many more goods were traded. 

    Best Food Tours in Rome

    Now that we’ve got you riled up with all the possible culinary adventures available, let’s dive right into the action of some really exciting food tours in Rome that will leave you full.

    Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide

    Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide
    • Where: Piazza del Biscione
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Includes: Samples of dishes, beer and wine, guided tour
    • Price: $49.07

    If you’re looking to see some sights, get some insider stories and feast on authentic Roman delicacies, this is the tour for you. Starting at Piazza del Biscione, you will sample typical Italian cured meats, enjoy some local wine, and try a well-known 19th-century rice delicacy in Italy, known as Suppli. 

    This would not be a Rome food tour without a taste of a classic Roman pizza! You will also try-out fried vegetables unique to Rome, and end on a sweet note with various flavors of artisanal gelato. Stop by the Jewish Ghetto and marvel at ancient Roman structures. 

    It is the ideal all-inclusive tour that allows you to sample a variety of street foods while taking in the impressive scenery of historic Rome. It is a treat for first-time visitors looking to immerse in the food scene, and turn a page or two on Rome’s history.

    Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class

    Outdoor Rome Pasta & Pizza Cooking Class
    • Where: Laurentina Metro Stop · Roma
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Includes: Food, drinks and 2 way transport from/to Laurentina Metro Stop
    • Price: $46 per person

    Where better to master the art of making pasta and pizza than with licensed Italian chef in Rome? That’s right, you can take a class with an expert chef to learn the ropes of pulling, and making your own Italian dishes from scratch. With small groups assigned to each chef, you’ll be in great hands. 

    Learn the secrets of making fresh pasta, one of the most important elements of Roma cuisine, and two savory sauces to go with it. You can also tackle pizza making with traditional wood-burning ovens.

    This one-of-a-kind outdoor cooking class takes place in the ancient archaeological area of the Ancient Appia. It is the perfect vacation activity for family and friends! Try something new and take home so new found skills – or not.

    Get in quick for one of the most highly booked Rome foodie tours!

    Tuscany Taster Tour: Day Trip from Rome with Lunch & Wine

    Tuscany Taster Tour
    • Where: Piazza del Popolo
    • Duration: 13 hours (half-day tour)
    • Includes: Round-trip transport, guided tour of Montepulciano, 3-course gourmet lunch and wine tasting
    • Price: $150.72 per person

    This food tour is a great alternative if you’re looking to get away from the busy crowds in Rome and take in the scenic countryside. This half-day adventure includes a visit to the world-famous Tuscany region, and a fabulous three-course gourmet meal in style. 

    Bask in the Tuscan sun, visit quaint little wine towns for tastings, and explore a picturesque UNESCO World Heritage site – the Pienza – where you will be able to shop for a variety of specialties, from pecorino cheese to balsamic vinegar, and lots of Italian bread. 

    With friendly tour guides, travel and sightseeing all taken care of, you can immerse in the rich history of Tuscany, leaving with unforgettable memories. Landscapes, flavors, culture – all accompanied by a lot of affection and care shoots this food tour in Rome to the top of our list. 

    Trastevere Food Tour

    Trastevere Food Tour
    • Where: Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
    • Duration: 2hours
    • Includes: 8+ generous tastings of local specialties
    • Price: $47 per person

    If you’re looking to get an introduction to Trastevere gems and its buzzing food scene, hop on this tour!

    Stopping by great spots around the city, you can grab some mouth-watering good eats that will leave your taste buds tingling. Be prepared to dive into this real Roman experience, away from the crowds and tourist traps, visiting lots of hidden corners and local favorites.  

    Marvel at the winding cobbled streets, pretty piazzas, and ivy-draped palazzos of the ever adorable Trastevere. This tour entails a visit to the local market, tastings of incredible cheese platters, shopping at Trastevere’s delis, sampling Rome’s best gelatos, and ending up at an award-winning bakery. 

    Sounds like an epic foodie afternoon to us!

    This is a highly recommended food tour in Rome to add to your itinerary. Make sure to wear your walking shoes!

    Homemade Gelato Lovers Workshop

    Homemade Gelato Lovers Workshop
    • Where: Gelateria Verde Pistacchio
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Includes: Various tastings
    • Price: $46 per person

    Ice-cream lovers rejoice! Buckle up and be enchanted by the intense and full-bodied flavor of a real homemade Italian gelato. With this workshop, you will get a front-row seat to the behind scenes of gelato making, and can even have a hand at making your very own.

    Guided by a professional chef, you can learn the culinary culture and history of gelato, watch a demonstration, learn how to use an ice-cream machine, and experiment with flavors of your choice. 

    One of the most flavorful food tours in Rome, the workshop takes place in a gelato galleria situated right in the middle of Rome. It is a great activity to squeeze in after a day full of adventure in the city. It’s a child’s dream!

    In fact, we received an insider tip that you should definitely try the stracciatella with cherry and crocante, thank us later. All-in-all, this is a unique experience not to be missed. 

    Foodie Cycling Tour with Local Chef

    Foodie Cycling Tour with Local Chef
    • Where: Roma Bike Team
    • Duration: 4.5 hours
    • Includes: Food, drinks, and bicycles
    • Price: $56 per person

    Spend your day cycling through the streets of Rome as you enjoy the real taste of Italian food through the eyes of a local Italian chef.

    From authentic cappuccinos to traditional Roman pizza, lots of wine, limoncello, and, of course, dessert, this is one hell of an experience that promises everything you might expect of food tours in Rome! There is even the option of a private garden dining experience with your host.

    Learn secret carbonara recipes, passed down through generations, and enjoy a generous lunch talking over wine. 

    With the amount of food you will be savoring, this friendly cycling tour will help you get a good workout in too. Bring an appetite because this trip will leave you unbuckling your pants with the number of delicious eats!

    Final Thoughts

    What do you think of our guide of best food tours in Rome? Is your mouth watering?

    We would describe Roman cuisine as fresh, seasonal, and inexpensive. Its world-class dishes make everyone feel right at home. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and be sure to pay a visit to the local osterias (local drinking taverns). 

    It is this epicenter of wine varieties and food that make Rome, unquestionably, one of the greatest food cities in the world. 

    There is an abundance of ways to take in the charm of Rome at your own pace, and these food tours are a great introduction to the food scene that will leave you drooling. What are you waiting for? Map out the perfect day of eating, drinking, and wandering through this food capital of the world.