Regardless of how often you travel, the type of places you usually go, and for how long, the one thing all journeys have in common is a travel bag. Your bag is, quite literally, your home away from home on the road. A place to store and protect your belongings, all while making you look good at the same time.

It’s only human to feel better about ourselves when we look good. And well, the same goes for traveling. When you feel confident with your appearance, you’ll stride through your journey with intent and positivity. 

Let’s not pretend we aren’t all thinking of getting that perfect adventure shot along the way too – after all, our Insta followers need to see what we’re up to! Unfortunately, a lot of travel gear out there is pretty darn ugly – to put it lightly. There is something impossibly unsexy about a strappy backpack that sits well above your shoulders.

We’re here to debunk this theory and show that there actually are tons of stylish travel bags to accompany you on your travels. For the convenient light-packer, the classic-over-packer, and the general adventurer – there’s a bag that will make you feel like a million bucks on this list.

I know, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of the bags we’ve selected might not strike you as stylish at all. But keep in mind that all the bags mentioned below are high-quality products from brands with great reputations. They’re the full package. So, your job is to make your own aesthetic choices and choose a travel bag that you find most stylish…


Nomatic, Travel Pack

  • Capacity > 32 liters
  • Weight > 2.34 kg
  • Price > $425

Kodiak, Chugach Duffel

  • Capacity > 45 liters
  • Weight > 4 lbs, 12 oz
  • Price > $510

Stubble & Co, The Backpack

  • Capacity > 21 liters
  • Weight > 1.2 kg
  • Price > $150

Stubble & Co, The Weekender

  • Capacity > 40 liters
  • Weight > 1.5 kg
  • Price > $230

Harbour London, Leather Weekender Bag

  • Capacity > 35 liters
  • Weight > 2 kg
  • Price > $1228

Osprey, Farpoint 40

  • Capacity > 40 liters
  • Weight > 3.486 lbs
  • Price > $185

Mahi Leather, City Backpack

  • Capacity > 20 liters
  • Price > $220

Fjallraven Kanken, Pack

  • Capacity > 16 liters
  • Weight > 10.6 oz
  • Price > $90

Osprey, Arcane Rolltop

  • Capacity > 22 liters
  • Weight > 1 lb, 10.5 oz
  • Price > $110

Cotopaxi Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack

  • Capacity > 42 liters
  • Weight > 4 lbs, 3 oz
  • Price > $210

Mahi Leather, Classic Bucket

  • Capacity > 5 liters
  • Price > $162
Tomtoc Vintpack-A1 20L Laptop Backpack
Keepin’ it stylish on the road!

The 11 Most Stylish Travel Bags – Looking Good

Whether you consider yourself a frequent flyer, a far-flung adventurer, or a light packer, these are some of the most stylish travel bags on the market today:

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    Nomatic Travel Pack

    Nomatic Travel Pack
    • Type – Backpack
    • Capacity – 32 liters
    • Weight – 2.34 kg
    • Price – $425

    Nomatic’s Travel Pack is a backpack designed to maximize your load in every way possible. It offers plenty of room in the bag, paired with unrivaled comfort for your back. The added support makes it feel like you’re not carrying that much at all!

    When I say the bag fits 32 liters of capacity in it, this number can easily reach 41 liters with the simple-to-use expansion zipper. Trust me, you could fit up to five days’ worth of clothing along with a 17-inch laptop in this backpack – no problem. 

    The front compartment is designed to help you keep your tech and wires organized. With multiple mesh and zip pockets, you won’t have to worry about any more tangled cables. There is even a security pocket to store your most valuable possessions (like a passport or wallet).

    It really is built for any adventure, with a durable, sturdy, and waterproof hard shell case. With this hard casing, you’ll really appreciate the clamshell-inspired opening, which makes it easy to get to the bottom of the bag without unpacking everything else.

    Other than being a stylish travel bag, other convenient extras include an ID card slot, comfortable hip straps, a quick access pocket, and tamper-proof zips.

    Wanna know more? Check out our detailed Nomatic Travel Bag review.

    Kodiak Chugach Duffel

    Kodiak Chugach Duffel
    • Type – Leather duffel bag
    • Capacity – 45 liters
    • Weight – 4 lbs, 12 oz
    • Price – $510

    If you’re a fan of a leather duffel, this might just end your search for the perfect bag right here and now! Kodiak Leather’s 45-liter Chugach Duffel is simple yet stylish and will bring an earthy, natural vibe to your look. The bag is made from full-grain leather, which means that it is on the heavier side of things (some like this, others don’t) but it is super high quality as a result.

    Weight aside, the duffel has five exterior pockets, including a padded laptop compartment (large enough for a 15-inch laptop) that makes it easy to grab your PC when passing through airport security checks. It also has a built-in luggage tag and a dedicated shoe compartment, which, as a hygiene freak, is one of my favorite features.

    When it comes to the interior, the bag has one large main compartment, as well as a back wall zip pocket, a few card and pen holder spaces, and even a designated phone pocket – which is super handy!

    I’ll level with you: duffels aren’t my first choice for airports since you have to carry them by hand or over one shoulder. But for a weekend away or a road trip, this spacious duffel will protect all your things all while keeping you stylin’!

    Love the idea of this kind of bag? Check out our run-down of the best travel duffel bags for some more options.

    Stubble & Co, The Backpack

    The Backpack by Stubble and Co
    • Type – Backpack
    • Capacity – 21 liters
    • Weight – 1.2 kg
    • Price – $150

    Backpacks can be super unattractive. Really, is there anything worse than an overcomplicated backpack full of random straps? In my humble opinion, I reckon this backpack by Stubble & Co. is one of the most stylish travel bags on the scene. It’s simple, sophisticated, and still carries a punch when it comes to convenience.

    The bag comes in three simple colors: black, grey, and olive green, and has a minimalistic design. That said, it absolutely doesn’t skimp on practicality. Made from a durable, high-quality canvas material with convenient pockets, including one to fit a 16-inch laptop, it is the perfect day backpack.

    The bag also outdoes its competitors in terms of comfort, with ergonomically engineered straps and a cushioned back panel that will make you feel like you’re carrying a bag packed with marshmallows.

    If the backpack grabs your attention, you might also be interested in The Backpack Mini, which has a 10.5-liter capacity (almost half the size of its bigger sister) and can fit a 13-inch laptop – perfect for a day out.

    It really is the perfect combo between functionality and rustic style. However, if you like the look of the brand but are not quite taken by this model, check out this list of the top Stubble & Co bags for a few different options.

    Stubble & Co, The Weekender

    Stubble and Co The Weekender
    • Type – Duffel bag
    • Capacity – 40 liters
    • Weight – 1.5 kg
    • Price – $230

    The Weekender duffel by Stubble & Co easily tops the list as one of the best-looking bags money can buy. It’s beautifully designed to blend simplicity and practicality and is pretty much the carry-on duffel bag version of The Backpack mentioned above.

    The bag comes in four sleek colors: black, grey, olive green, and navy blue. It’s made from full-grain leather and a high-quality canvas material that can withstand dust, sand, and even rain (you can thank the 13-ounce water-repelling Tekwax canvas for this). For a more luxurious and high-quality packing experience, a soft cotton fabric lines the inside of the bag.

    I love that this stylish travel bag is super spacious yet still suitable for an airplane cabin. Perfect for over-packers or just those trying to fit as much into their cabin hand luggage as possible, you can easily slide the pack over a wheely bag with the trolley sleeve. You can also easily fit a 15-inch laptop in the protected pocket, which also makes it easy to access when passing through security.

    When it comes to style, it’s all in the details, and The Weekender outdoes itself in this department. The sturdy pockets, solid brass protector studs for a reinforced base, an adjustable padded shoulder handle, and high-quality zippers speak for themselves.

    Kodiak Kobuk
    You’ve got to look your best for a hike!

    Harbour London, Leather Weekender Bag

    Harber London Leather Weekender Bag
    • Type – Leather duffel bag
    • Capacity – 35 liters
    • Weight – 2 kg
    • Price – $1228

    If you’ve ever wanted to look like your favorite celeb boarding a private jet, now is your chance. This bag comes in at the steepest price, a whopping $1228, but is well worth the price when you’ll have all eyes on you in the airport – if that’s something you’re after

    It’s called ‘The Leather Weekender Bag’ for a reason: it’s made of leather and is the perfect size for a weekend away… duh! Other than packing into your car for a weekend at a cabin or by the beach, I think it’s also suitable as additional hand luggage.

    Choose from a slick black or chestnut brown leather color, all made from full-grain leather and German Microsuede by expert craftsmen in Spain. It’s one of the best leather travel bags on the market for sure.

    When it comes to technicalities, the bag has seven outer pockets in total and two inner pockets, as well as the main compartment. The perfect stylish travel bag, it features super comfortable handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, and zippers so smooth it feels like you’re running your hands through butter.

    I personally can’t see myself spending over a K on a bag. That said, it is a great bag and it will last the course. Consider this your premium leather duffel for the style-seekers who like to invest in true quality products.

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    Osprey, Farpoint 40

    Osprey Farpoint 40L Backpack
    • Type – Everyday backpack
    • Capacity – 40 liters
    • Weight – 3.486 lbs
    • Price – $185

    The Farpoint 40 by Osprey might just look like your ordinary backpack, but it finds a place on this list for its combination of style and practicality. Currently available in four dark colors (blue, green, grey, and black), the 40-liter bag doubles as a backpack and a duffel, with side and top handles. You get the best of both worlds which makes it one of the best Osprey bags on the market.

    Although it’s the perfect size to keep as carry-on luggage, those checking the bag into the cargo hold of a flight can stow away the back panel harness and hip belt, turning the bag into a simple duffel. This way, you won’t have to worry about baggage handlers or conveyor belts catching or snagging your stylish bag.

    Convenience is key, and this bag is super easy to pack and keep organized, with plenty of well-positioned pockets and storage compartments. My favorite feature is that it opens like a clam shell, making it mega easy to pack and unpack without digging your hand into what seems like the never-ending abyss of Hermione’s bag.

    The pack is also compatible with the Fairview Travel pack, which seamlessly straps onto the bag to create the ultimate backpack. When it comes to an adventurous backpack, this is as stylish as backpacks get.

    Mahi Leather, City Backpack

    • Type – Basic leather backpack
    • Capacity – 20 liters
    • Price – $220

    For your all-rounder leather backpack, you best know Mahi Leather has your back – literally. Their classic City Backpack is the perfect addition to any slick city outfit and has the power to make you feel like the most stylish person in the room.

    This stylish travel bag is made from full-grain leather with a 100% cotton lining. There are four leather colors to choose from, as well as one vegan ‘leather’ option that comes in a high-quality cork material. The bag holds a capacity of 20 liters and follows the classic leather backpack design we have all come to know and love. A fold-over closure, and double straps to hold everything in place.

    Looks aside, you can fit a 16-inch laptop, A4 pads of paper, and plenty of pens and nic-naks for a day at work or for exploring the city. Seemingly designed with the hipster digital nomad in mind, this is also an epic bag for running through airports or straight into the office.

    My only strife is how far the bag opens. With a top-opening system, it can be tricky to get large items in and out of the bag. Aside from that, you can rest assured this will be used as a hand-me-down for your own kids one day in the future! There are plenty more options available too, you can check out our guide to the best Mahi leather bags if you’re interested.

    Fjallraven Kanken, Pack

    Fjallraven Kanken Pack
    • Type – Basic daily backpack
    • Capacity – 16 liters
    • Weight – 10.6 oz
    • Price – $90

    Fjallraven Kanken is such a classic it needs no introduction. Sure, it might grace the halls of every private school across the globe, but it’s not without good reason. Its simple design, quirky colors, and great quality materials make it one of the stand-out canvas backpacks and a style statement of no comparison.

    When I say statement, I see this bag as a little black dress – something that goes with everything and can be either dressed up or dressed down. Sure, it makes one of the best university bags, but it’s just as happy exploring the streets of Paris or hopping on a bike on your morning commute.

    It doesn’t have a frame so it will mold to the shape of the items in the bag. But it does have plenty of space for a laptop. It fits 16 liters of capacity inside it with quick top access that extends with zippers to the base of the bag. This makes it easy to get things out of the bottom of the bag without scratching through everything else!

    I’m a big fan of the simple design, made oh-so-elegant by the well loved Fjallraven Kanken logo front and center on the bag. Easy to grab and go in airports, school, or at work, the top handles can turn the bag into a carry-tote in just a moment. 

    Oh, and it’s made from durable water-repellent materials, which allows rain to roll off the bag like water off a duck’s back!

    Osprey, Arcane Rolltop

    Osprey Arcane Rolltop
    • Type – Backpack
    • Capacity – 22 liters
    • Weight – 1 lb, 10.5 oz
    • Price – $110

    Once again, we have an Osprey backpack gracing this list of stylish travel bags. This time, we’re featuring the Arcane Rolltop bag, a backpack with an adjustable capacity made possible by its rolling closure and secure strap. We just love this thing and reckon it’s one of the best roll top backpacks out there.

    A trend I’m noticing with these chosen bags is that they all seem to be simple and sleek. And really, that’s a trend we’re seeing in modern fashion. No frills, just the necessities.

    But this bag follows another trend, and that is the trend of sustainability. You got it; this bag is made using 12 and a half plastic bottles. Pretty impressive, if you ask us. In fact, we just love sustainable backpacks and much prefer to use them where possible.

    The Arcane Rolltop is designed for day adventures, whether using it for a trip to the park, the gym, or a day working from your favorite digital nomad cafe. Whatever you choose to use it for, the bag is designed to fit a range of items inside and withstand the high demands of daily use. In fact, we also rate it as one of our favourite beach bags.

    It has a laptop compartment, one main inner compartment, and a couple of handy exterior pockets, including a stretchy water bottle-friendly side pocket. There is also a shoulder strap sleeve where you can stash your cards or any small items you like keeping handy (for me, it’s lip balm and sunscreen).

    Cotopaxi Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack

    Cotopaxi Allpa 42 L Del Dia Travel Pack
    • Type – Travel backpack
    • Capacity – 42 liters
    • Weight – 4 lbs, 3 oz
    • Price – $210

    Listen here: I’m a huge fan of Cotopaxi – always have been. I love that their bags blend sustainable materials, trendy sleek lines, and modern styles with bright pops of color. 

    Fun fact: each Cotopaxi product is made by hand by an employee who is given full creative control over the colors of the materials they use. Because of this, no two bags are the same – and this might be my favorite feature of the brand. Talk about a one-of-a-kind stylish travel bag.

    The Del Allpa Dia Travel Pack is no exception. Fitting a whopping 42 liters of capacity, this mega backpack is built from repurposed fabric that is as durable as fabrics get.

    Perfect for a road trip, as your carry-on luggage for an international flight, or just your everyday bag, the Allpa Del Dia Travel Pack has a removable torso strap and adjustable hip belts to help distribute the weight of the backpack evenly. It even has front panel compression straps to help even out the load further. 

    Other than being hecking stylish, this bag will also keep you ultra-organised. For example, it has a large zippered mesh compartment and divided pockets, three padded sleeves that can fit a laptop, tablet, and phone. There’s even an easy-access zipper that allows you to get into the main compartment without opening the main zipper. It’s a classic and a firm Broke Backpacker favorite for a good reason!

    Mahi Leather, Classic Bucket

    Mahi Leather Mini Bucket Bag Leopard Brown
    • Type – Bucket handbag
    • Capacity – 5 liters
    • Price – $162

    Just to be clear, this bag is only really suitable as a handbag, personal airport bag, or beach bag. You won’t fit any laptops in here – rather, consider it your go-to bucket handbag to hold your cash, phone passport, and other items you might need when passing through an airport or exploring a city. It’s a more stylish option compared to traditional travel purses.

    Based on the classic Bucket Bag, Mahi Leather has created a mini version of the bag, made using full-grain leather, brass fittings, and a leopard print design on natural cowhide. The bag also comes in a natural brown and all-black color palette – which, personally, I prefer. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly does deserve a spot on this list of stylish bags for traveling.

    This handbag has a robust leather drawstring to keep it closed and is topped off with decorative brass eyelets and a cross-stitch embellishment. Change the length of the strap to suit your body and wear it around you as a cross-body bag at the next festival you attend or museum you visit.

    Kodiak Weekender 30L
    Ya’ll gotta look your best when you’re in such a beautiful location.

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      Final Thoughts on The Most Stylish Travel Bags

      Any experienced traveler – whether you’re the type to hike to the most treacherous summits on the planet or cruise through luxury hotels in iconic cities – needs a good travel bag. 

      They’re necessary for holding our possessions, keeping our belongings safe and secure, and maintaining organization along our journeys. A good travel bag is typically one that is well-made, durable, and has the necessary pockets and compartments to carry our possessions. But, let’s be honest, looking good and being stylish is just as important. 

      After sifting through the ugly bags that grace the internet, we hope you approve of our pick of the most stylish travel bags on the market. With a good bag, packing and unpacking can actually be a highlight of your trip! Who knew!?

      And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!