The best Osprey Backpacks are also known as the best backpacks on Earth. Our entire team got from point A to the middle of nowhere with an Osprey on our back, and none of us has any regrets – about our backpacks at least.

There are not many sure things in a life filled with wandering, but Osprey is a glaring exception.

Over the years and across the miles we’ve pretty much every bag Osprey has to offer. Every bag we’ve tried has just convinced us further that these guys are really the best in the business. These packs are built to last, stuffed full of special features, and built with sustainability in mind.

If you want a backpack ready to camp, hike, or travel, you want an Osprey.

I love a company that knows its role. Osprey has been around since 1974, and in all that time they’ve skated to one thing and one thing only; backpacks. The company has solely focused on providing backpacks of all shapes and sizes that fit into lifestyles across the spectrum.

You can be sure that whatever style of gear your adventures demand, Osprey has taken a crack at it. Within the massive wingspan of this company, you’ll find high-tech backpacking equipment, hybrid roller suitcases, solid everyday commuters, and vegan bags ready to summit.

All these different styles guarantee I may never try another brand of backpack again. Everyone on our team feels the same way.

So without further adieu, we’ll examine what makes Osprey the best in the business by checking out the best Osprey backpacks for all occasions so you can find the perfect gear for your goals.

Quick Answers – What Are The Best Osprey Backpacks?

#1 – Best Osprey Backpack For Backpacking – Osprey Aether 65

#2 – Best Osprey Backpack For Hiking – Osprey Talon 44

#3 – Ospreys Most Comfortable Pack – Osprey Aether Plus 70 Pack

#4 – Best Osprey Backpack For Carry On – Osprey Transporter Carry on 44

#5 – Best Osprey Backpack For Commutes – Osprey Nebula 32

#6 – Best Osprey Backpack For Day Hikes – Osprey Daylite Plus

#7 – Best Osprey Backpack For Eco Warriors – Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack

#8 – Best Osprey Duffel – Osprey Daylite Duffel 45

#9 – Best Osprey Hybrid Pack – Osprey Aether 65

#10 – Best Osprey Wheeled Pack – Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack

Best Osprey Backpack For Backpacking
Best Osprey Backpack For Backpacking

Osprey Aether 65

  • > $320
  • > Made from sustainable materials
  • > Variable, customizable fit
Best Osprey Backpack For Hiking
Best Osprey Backpack For Hiking

Osprey Talon 44

  • > $220
  • > Comes with a Camelbak slot
  • > Stow-on-The-go attaché
Best Osprey Backpack For Weekend Trips
Best Osprey Backpack For Weekend Trips

Osprey Arcane Roll Top

  • > $110
  • > Multiple ways to carry
  • > Made out of recycled materials
Best Osprey Backpack For Carry On
Best Osprey Backpack For Carry On

Osprey Transporter Carry on 44

  • > $220
  • > Easily hooks onto a wheeled suitcase
  • > Provides organization options to keep everything within easy access
Best Osprey Backpack For Commutes
Best Osprey Backpack For Commutes

Osprey Nebula 32

  • > $140
  • > Three separate pockets
  • > Large enough for overnight trips
Best Osprey Backpack For Day Hikes
Best Osprey Backpack For Day Hikes

Osprey Daylite Plus

  • > $75
  • > A unique blend of city and wilderness fit
  • > Subtle water bottle holders
Best Osprey Backpack For Eco Warriors
Best Osprey Backpack For Eco Warriors

Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack

  • > $220
  • > Completely Vegan
  • > Loads of different size options
Best Osprey Duffel
Best Osprey Duffel

Osprey Daylite Duffel 45

  • > $90
  • > Several carrying styles
  • > Made out of recycled materials
Best Osprey Wheeled Pack
Best Osprey Wheeled Pack

Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack

  • > $320
  • > Includes a stowaway hip belt and harness for heavy loads
  • > Plenty of different handles
Most Comfortable Osprey Backpack
Most Comfortable Osprey Backpack

Osprey Aether Plus 70 Pack

  • > $410
  • > 70 Litres
  • > Cutting edge tech and features
Best Osprey Hybrid Pack
Best Osprey Hybrid Pack

Osprey Porter 65

  • > $200
  • > Includes a stowaway hip belt and harness
  • > Plenty of different handles

The Best Osprey Backpacks in Detail

Let’s break out the microscope and take a closer look at what the best backpacking company on Earth has to offer. Whether you’re looking for something to make your next grand adventure easier or just need a day pack to get you through the week, Osprey has a bag that will outperform the competition. 

We’ve broken down some of Osprey’s most popular backpack lines by their niche fit so you can narrow down the perfect bags for your lifestyle. You don’t need a closet full of bags, but as you’re about to find out, these backpacks are incredibly multifunctional, and there’s nothing wrong with combining a few options to make sure you’ve got the perfect transport for any occasion. 

Each of these bags does something better than the others, and they all provide quality build materials protected by Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. Whilst caring properly for your backpack is important, it’s always good to have a back up!

This guarantee helps Osprey stand out from the crowd. It’s a  promise that any product, from any era, for any reason, can be shipped to headquarters and fixed up, free of charge. 

That means a zipper worn down over the years is not your problem, and a snapped hip strap doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. They even have an emergency hotline for those who need a quick fix while hiking. 

What a game-changer. Your next Osprey backpack could be the last bag you need for a long, long time, so choose wisely! Whatever you do pick though, we think you’ll be happy with it and it’s why we’ve constantly ranked Osprey as one of our top rated luggage brands.

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#1 – Best Osprey Backpack For Backpacking – Osprey Aether 65

Osprey Aether

Osprey Aether 65 is our top pick for best Osprey Backpack for backpacking

  • Litres: 55-70
  • Price: $320

I may not have much money in my wallet, but I’d spend my last dime on this back-saving backpacking travel pack. Built to handle up to 60 pounds of gear, you’ll find personalisation and comfort adjustments across the waist, shoulders, back, and sides of this pack to find your perfect balance. All these load options are balanced around Osprey’s signature Airscape breathable back that helps keep the load off your shoulders and spread across your body.

Nobody should be backpacking with 65+ pounds of equipment, but the demands of a multi-day hiking journey soon add up. By the time you’ve got your tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking equipment, poles, snacks, slippers, and rain gear packed up, you’ll be glad your bag can meet the challenge.

A few days into your trip is when the Osprey Aether really stands out. An exterior mesh pocket and straps galore let you hang wet gear without contaminating your entire bag, and the bottom sleeping bag compartment allows you to easily stow gear without rearranging your entire kit.

Every inch of this Osprey bag helps make life on the trail a bit easier, from the floating top lid down to the hip pockets.

  • Designed for a heavy load capacity
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Variable, customizable fit
  • Doesn’t come in a smaller size
  • Not easy to keep the large main compartment organised
  • It could be the most expensive piece of gear you bring with you

#2 – Best Osprey Backpack For Hiking – Osprey Talon 44

Osprey Talon 44

Our pick for best Osprey Backpack for hiking is Osprey Talon 44

  • Litres: 11-44
  • Price: $220

This bag is ready to summit and is our favourite hiking backpack. Chock full of load-bearing features usually reserved for heavier packs, I love bringing this lightweight pack with me wherever the road, or woods, takes me. No matter which size you order, the Talon comes with hip and shoulder straps that spread the load out and a great space to add on a Camelbak or other bladder for refreshment on the go. 

Talon is all about performance first. The breathable Airscape backing keeps sweat to a minimum as the pack doesn’t fit tightly on your back, especially once you buckle up the hip pockets. I bought my Osprey Talon before my first dirtbag summer, and more than six years later, it still holds everything I need for a quick trip to the woods. 

Over the years, I have abused this pack in every way possible. It’s been rained on, squished inside my larger bags, coated with mud and dirt, capsized from sea kayaks, felt multiple bike wrecks, and collapsed onto rough rocks at the end of many long days. 

All that carnage and this pack is still hanging on. A convenient top pocket provides enough space for a phone, wallet, keys and passport, and the stretchable interior will hold everything you need for a day in the woods.

I cannot recommend this pack enough. I’ve seen firsthand how the Talon responds to adversity, and there is little chance I will ever trust another bag for my technical hiking needs. 

  • Perfect for outdoor sports of all kinds
  • Comes with a Camelbak slot
  • Stow-on-The-go attaché
  • Bright colours stand out in a crowd
  • Not many interior compartments
  • Not waterproof

#3 Most Comfortable Osprey Pack – Osprey Aether Plus 70 Pack

The Osprey Aether Plus is a 70-litre is game changer.

  • Litres: 70
  • Price: $410

The Osprey Aether Plus is a 70-litre hiking and travel backpack that uses custom Fit-On-The-Fly hipbelt and shoulder straps to create an ultra comfy, supportive and supportive bag that fits your shape. It is without a doubt the comfiest backpack we have ever used.

Whilst there are too many little features to list in this section, another major bonus is the 8l top lid that converts to an 18l day pack which brings a whole new dimension to the pack. 

Alas, the Osprey Aether Plus 70 Pack also comes with a hefty $410.00 price tag which by far makes it one of the most expensive backpacks that I have ever come across. Whether it is really worth that amount of money is of course debatable but what we can say is that this is by far the most comfortable hiking backpack that we have ever tried.

  • Innovative comfortable lumbar support
  • Cutting edge 3D technology
  • Has a detachable 18L daypack
  • Very expensive
  • Quite heavy

#4 – Best Osprey Backpack For Weekend Trips – Osprey Arcane Roll Top

Osprey Archeon 25

Meet the best Osprey Backpack for weekend trips: Osprey Arcane Roll Top

  • Litres: 22
  • Price: $110

Not every Osprey bag is only suitable for outdoor adventures. This classy roll-top bag is just as comfortable in the woods as it is in the commute, and the extra litres roll out to create just enough space for everything you need on a shorter trip, and it’s all crafted out of recycled plastic bottles. 

A crisp, monotone exterior will hold everything you need for a weekend in the city or a quick getaway, and you can decide exactly how you’d like to carry it. Two hide-able shoulder straps will let you carry this bag like a backpack, or you can throw it over your shoulder tote style. Hell, for me I even rate it as one of the best beach bags I’ve ever had too.

While this bag may not be as technically advanced as most of Osprey’s gear, it comes with a host of organisational options most hiking lines leave out. An extra security loop can lock up your bag’s main compartment and make it impossible to enter. Once you unlock the space, a key clip, small zippered pockets, and laptop compartments will keep everything fresh and easily accessible through Sunday. 

Best of all, it comes with the same all mighty guarantee as any of Osprey’s more adventurous lines. You can have a tote bag for life at a reasonable price. 

  • Multiple ways to carry
  • Made out of recycled materials
  • Has a laptop case
  • Slightly undersized for a cold weekend trip
  • No hip straps
  • No water bottle pocket

#5 – Best Osprey Backpack For Carry On – Osprey Transporter Carry on 44

Osprey Transporter Carry on 44

Osprey Transporter Carry on 44 is one of the best Osprey Backpack for carry on

  • Litres: 44
  • Price: $220

Here’s how I see it; airlines tacking on ridiculous checked bag fees are practically asking us to find the most oversized carry-on bag possible. Osprey clearly doesn’t like waiting around at baggage claim either and has offered up one of the best carry-on bags in the business.

We’ll start outside this magnificent pack. You can throw the transporter over your shoulder or wear it like a backpack to take some pressure off, whatever gets you through security faster. Heavy loads are made even easier with chest and waist straps, an invaluable addition to any backpack in my humble opinion. 

One exterior J-zipped pocket is incredibly easy to access and holds everything you need to get through the flight. You can keep your passport, wallet, phone, and even a few books front and centre, so you don’t have to dig through all your belongings to find an in-flight snack. The zipper also provides easy access to the interior laptop sleeve protected by RFID blocking pockets.  

Inside this bag are two separate compartments under a clamshell opening that mimic a traditional suitcase.  You can fit packing cubes or just cram in whatever you need inside the spacious interior that stays malleable to fit inside crowded overhead compartments. 

Osprey built this bag to be one of the most spacious options on the market that still fits the legal definition of a carry on bag, and anyone who looks to make the most out of budget travel should have this option in their closet. 

Looking for something else? Check out our smaller Ryanair compatible carry-on bags instead.

  • Easily hooks onto a wheeled suitcase
  • A great way to navigate annoying airline regulations
  • Provides organization options to keep everything within easy access
  • No water bottle pockets
  • Not built for the woods
  • Slightly oversized for a daypack, somewhat small for your only piece of luggage

#6 – Best Osprey Backpack For Commutes – Osprey Nebula 32

For best Osprey Backpack for commutes, check out Osprey Nebula 32

  • Litres: 32
  • Price: $140

You won’t find yourself apologizing for running late to many meetings if you trust this Osprey Nebula 32 to get you through your daily grind. This bag takes off the beaten path features and puts them to work from 9-5, giving you a great combination of professionalism and convenience. 

Unlike Osprey’s bright outdoors lines, the crisp colour schemes of the Nebula won’t feel out of place in the boardroom or along winding city streets. Like Osprey’s hiking bags, the Apogee comes with Airscape breathability and chest/waist straps that will make everything you need for a day’s work feel lighter than air. 

Plenty of exterior pockets will take the rummaging out of your commute. A tiny front pocket is perfect for the big three (wallet, keys, phone), and an additional exterior slot provides the organizational mesh pockets.  Everything has its place, and you can keep your cords and bus passes organized and within easy reach. 

Inside the main compartment, you’ll have plenty of space for a change of clothes if you fancy a lift after work, and the laptop sleeve will keep sensitive electronics powered on when it’s presentation season. 

All-in-all, this bag provides loads of handy accessories that make the workday easier while relying on Osprey’s signature technically advanced materials to create a one-of-a-kind commuter backpack.

  • Hip and chest straps
  • Three separate pockets
  • Large enough for overnight trips
  • Pockets only have one-way zippers
  • No RFID blocking technology
  • No hip pocket

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    #7 – Best Osprey Backpack For Day Hikes – Osprey Daylite Plus

    Osprey Daylite Plus is our top pick for best Osprey Backpack for day hikes

    • Litres: 20
    • Price: $75

    If you don’t need a bag with all sorts of bells and whistles, the Daylite Plus is a perfect companion for shorter hikes that can be yours for cheap. It may be simple, but it’s super effective. An exterior elastic strap will help this bag carry some serious weight. You can strap in some trail building tools or keep wet boots away from your clean clothes. 

    Built for day trips in the city, Osprey just couldn’t help themselves from making a bag that’s suitable for the trails as well. Made out of the same high-quality nylon as more technical packs, you’ll find plenty of handy pockets and organizational quirks that let this bag uniquely fit in anywhere.

    The Osprey Daylite Plus has a more simple back lining that won’t bring the same breathability as an Airscape model, and you won’t find the same hip and shoulder adjustment options as more technical lines, which are the only things keeping me from taking this onto overnight adventures. If you don’t plan on walking for more than a few hours, you might not even notice these slight downgrades, but you’ll definitely appreciate this bag’s versatility. 

    Inside the pack is a laptop compartment and a surprising 20 litres of storage, so you’ve got no excuse not to pack a raincoat! There’s also a handy exterior pocket that’s a perfect spot to store your valuables whether you’re wandering through the subway or the visitor centre. I love this pack for casual hikes or day-to-day use. 

    • A unique blend of city and wilderness fit
    • Laptop compartment
    • Subtle water bottle holders
    • Slightly oversized for a day pack
    • No Airscape
    • Only one large interior pocket

    #7 – Best Osprey Backpack For Eco Warriors – Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack

    Meet the best Osprey Backpack for eco warriors: Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack

    • Litres: 48
    • Price: $220

    Let your eco-friendly diet step off the plate and into your closet. Osprey wouldn’t be The Broke Backpackers favourite backpacking company if sustainability weren’t part of their business plan. While Osprey always makes an effort to source their gear sustainably, this series takes their pledge the furthest yet. 

    You don’t have to decide between technically advanced and ethically sourced anymore. This serious backpacking option is made without any animal by-products and from 100% recycled materials that still have plenty of life. You’ll find pockets galore in the Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack, with handy exterior water bottle holders and even a space for ice picks. The varying capacity options will allow you to find an eco-friendly backpack for whatever the road brings you.

    The most miniature bags in the series double as totes perfect for day to day use, while the largest ones can hold everything a family of four would need for a week in the woods. Of course, even with recycled materials, Osprey expects this bag to last for life. 

    Archeon vegan backpacks come with the same all mighty guarantee as every Osprey bag, which provides greater peace of mind when investing in recycled equipment. This bag’s monotone, minimalist exterior is just for looks; beneath the recycled nylon canvas, you’ll find value in every stitching.

    • Completely Vegan
    • AirScape back panel
    • Made from recycled produce
    • Don’t have an external pocket for wet clothes
    • Larger versions have one large interior pocket
    • No sleeping bag pocket

    #8 – Best Osprey Duffel – Osprey Daylite Duffel 45

    Osprey Daylite Duffel 45

    Osprey Daylite Duffel 45 is one of the best osprey duffel

    • Litres: 30-85
    • Price: $90

    Broke backpacking is a state-of-mind, not a requirement. You can find plenty of value from a great duffel, and this Osprey Daylite option is the textbook definition of a great travel duffel bag. With loads of different size options, including hefty duffels with wheels, you’re bound to find the perfect size for your adventures.

    Adjustable straps allow you to sling your gear over one shoulder, carry it in one hand, or wear it like a traditional backpack, depending on how you’re feeling today. No matter your travelling style, you can strap up this bag to keep your boarding pass in one hand and everything you need for the day in the other.

    On each side of the duffel, you’ll find specialized compartments perfect for storing your phone, keys, or other vital pieces of your day. Three pockets work with the main compartment to keep everything within arm’s length. Along the length of the bag is a thin zippered pocket that lets you store anything else you might need fast.

    A U-shaped zipper allows excellent access to the duffel bag’s main compartment. You won’t find many fancy containers in there, just loads of open space. It’s the perfect size for gym clothes or a weekend’s worth of streetwear, just don’t expect to find a neat space for a laptop or tablet. 

    Osprey’s signature duffel bag holds up against any duffel option in the industry, and it’s all built out of recycled materials guaranteed to last for life.

    Want something that takes the load off. Check out Osprey’s offering on our list of the best rolling duffels, or have a look specifically at the Osprey Transporter Wheeled Duffel.

    • The large version of this duffel comes with wheels
    • Several carrying styles
    • Made out of recycled materials
    • No chest or waist straps
    • No interior organisation
    • No water bottle pockets

    #9 – Best Osprey Hybrid Pack – Osprey Porter 65

    Osprey Porter 46L Travel Pack

    Our top pick for best osprey hybrid pack is Osprey Porter 65

    • Litres: 30-65
    • Price: $200

    This hybrid bag is Osprey’s most innovative bag yet. Your personal porter delicately walks a line between a suitcase, a duffel bag, and a traditional backpack to give long term travel a whole new level of comfort. The Osprey Porter has become a favourite of mine when it comes to hybrid duffel backpacks.

    Be wary – this hybrid pack is not suitable for actual backpacking. It simply doesn’t provide the load protections or shoulder comfort to stay on your back all day long. This is a hybrid pack built for travel, not for the backcountry. 

    It won’t hold up to the woods, but Road Dogs and frequent flyers may just have a new best friend. The pack provides serious luggage space, all protected by an old school relaxed style.

    Osprey Porter

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    How exactly? The straitjacket exterior. The edges of this expansive bag compress if you don’t need to fill it to the brim to drop the bag down a few sizes depending on the load. Front and side pockets will keep your essential documents on hand and organized on travel days without having to root through your luggage. 

    You can sling it on your back or carry it in one hand, depending on whether or not you’re packing the bowling balls. It’s a match made in heaven for anyone travelling with loads of gear. Whether you’re a photographer or busker, the interior of this pack helps keep it all organized. 

    This pack is a real niche fit. It provides organizational options that simply don’t exist in standard backpacks or suitcases, but 65 litres is a whole lot to carry without proper shoulder and hip straps, and it won’t open from the top like a traditional backpack. 

    • Includes a stowaway hip belt and harness for heavy loads
    • Straitjacket protection lets you take the bag down a few sizes depending on what you’re carrying
    • Plenty of different handles
    • It’s a backpack without padding or a suitcase without wheels
    • Not made for hiking
    • Larger sizes won’t work as a carry-on

    #10 – Best Osprey Wheeled Pack – Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack

    For best osprey wheeled pack, check out Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack

    • Litres: 65
    • Price: $320

    My favourite backpack depends on my mood. Sometimes I love strapping everything I own onto my back and travelling the world hands-free. Other times, especially when I’m spending a few days moving through a few different airports, I’d give a kidney to take a load off and stick to life on wheels. 

    This bag seeks to change all that. 

    Not quite a backpack, not quite a suitcase, the Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack sits in the middle offering up an excellent value to certain travellers. With this bag, Osprey has truly left the woods and checked into first class. 

    To be clear, this is a roller first. This bag will not feel comfortably strapped to your back for hours on end, and it’s certainly not breaking any ultralight records. If you try out the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack expecting a high-tech backpacking bag, you’ll likely be disappointed. 

    However, if you’re looking for a great gear hauler that will get you through long travel days with the flexibility to navigate rocky roads, you might just fall in love with this pack. Osprey was able to add Airscape breathability to this hefty roller suitcase, and hip/chest straps will help take the load off your back if you ever go wheels up. 

    • The combination makes one of the best aeroplane travel bag options out there
    • Chest/hip straps make it easier to wear
    • Well designed suspension system
    • No laptop compartment
    • No outside pockets
    • Not suitable for hiking
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    Best Osprey Backpacks
    NameVolume (Litres)Weight (KG)Dimensions (CM)Best UsePrice (USD)
    Osprey Aether 6555-702.3283.82 x 40.64 x 27.94Backpacking236.19
    Osprey Talon 4411-441.5076.2 x 33.02 x 27.94Backpacking200
    Osprey Aether Plus 70 Pack702.783.82 x 35.56 x 38.1Backpacking410.00
    Osprey Arcane Roll Top220.7550.01 x 29.99 x 21.99Casual110
    Osprey Transporter Carry on 44441.4856 x 35.99 x 30.99Travel210
    Osprey Nebula 32320.9949 x 30.9 x 28.9Travel140.00
    Osprey Daylite Plus200.4527.9 x 48.26 x 24.13Travel75.00
    Osprey Kestrel 48 Pack481.8168.58 x 35.56 x 12.7Backpacking220.00
    Osprey Daylite Duffel 4530-850.4653.34 x 35.56 x 22.86Multisport90
    Osprey Porter 6530-651.7560.96 x 38.1 x 25.4Travel195
    Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled Travel Pack652.868.58 x 40.64 x 33.02Travel320

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      Final Thoughts on the Best Osprey Backpacks

      From 11 litres to 80, the best Osprey Backpack will make any adventure easier. If you’re not sure exactly what size will work best for you, Osprey has you covered. Plan out your next few trips and check out their pathfinder, which will match you with your perfect backpack depending on your needs. 

      If you’re looking for something even smaller, Osprey also offers a great travel purse too which is an ideal accompaniment to these bags for organising your documents, wallet and passport.

      One last piece of advice: don’t just shop for your next trip. As you can see from this list, the best osprey backpacks are capable of all sorts of things that may surprise you. The more you travel, the further you’ll take your pack. 

      You may only need a Daylite pack for your next few weekends, but these bags come with an all mighty guarantee that looks to make sure your next backpack is a lifelong purchase. Make sure to leave a few litres for growth so your bag can stretch as your itineraries expand. 

      Any broke backpacker will tell you your bag is a lot like your second home. No matter which bag you choose, if the signature Osprey fossil sits at the front, you’ve got 50 years of the best loads in the business at your disposal.