35 Fab Things to Do in Liverpool – Activities, Itineraries & Daytrips

breaPlucky Liverpool is one of the UK's most charming cities. From Anfield to The Beatles, there is a lot to do in Liverpool.

Liverpool. There, beneath the blue suburban sky, where ferries cross the Mersey and where you’ll never walk alone.

Liverpool is one of the UK’s truly unique cities with an equally unique local accent and sense of humour. World-renowned for Football and The Beatles, there are so many things to see and do in Liverpool.

If you’re headed to Liverpool, be prepared for a serious dose of culture, of history and good old fun! Whether you’re with family, alone, or on a romantic getaway, you’ll find that one of Europe’s “Capitals of Culture” has that little bit of something for everyone!


Top Things to Do in Liverpool

Below you’ll find a bunch of unmissable things to do in Liverpool! From the Beatles to the Beach, here are some top things to do in Liverpool!


1. Explore The Beatles’ Backstory at Their Exhibition

The Beatles Story Exhibition

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

The Beatles are by far Liverpools most famous export with millions of fans around the world spanning the generations. Discover the story of how four young boys from Liverpool went from humble beginnings to becoming the most famous and perhaps best band in human history!

Here you’ll find replicas from the Casbah, Matthew Street, and The Cavern! See the suits worn and guitars used by John, Paul, George & Ringo! Follow the exhibition’s timeline as it tells you the story of the Fab Four, and how they captured the magic of the early 60s! From key memorabilia to fun stories and unforgettable experiences, this is one of THE things to do in Liverpool city center! Woo!!!


2. Get Lost in the Tate Liverpool

Explore the modern art at Tate Modern Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The Tate Liverpool rivals even the London version. Source: godrick (Shutterstock)

Gain some insight into one of the most visited art galleries in the world! Known as the home of modern and contemporary art in the North, a visit to the Tate is not easily forgotten. Entrance is FREE (although some exhibitions are not) so this is an absolute must on any list of things to do in Liverpool on a budget!

Boasting artwork from around the world, this is also one of the best artsy things to do in Liverpool! Featuring an ever-changing program of featured exhibitions, you’ll find unique collections from famous artists such as Picasso and Andy Warhol. If you’d like to get involved, we’d recommend trying to catch one of their many events, talks or workshops.


3. Experience British History at the Museum of Liverpool

Discover British history at the Museum Liverpool.

The Liverpool Museum is captivating both inside and outside.

This is the newest addition to the National Museums Liverpool group after it opened in 2011. With the museum designed to commemorate the history of the city, you’ll find exhibitions from all eras of Liverpool’s life! Through collections of items from each era, the Museum of Liverpool tells the city’s story.

You’ll see costumes, art, floral collections, and other objects representative of the social and urban environments of yesteryear. With oral testimonies and photographic portrayals, the museum conveys the themes of Liverpool as a reminder of its heritage! It is one of my favourite places in Liverpool and I have visited over 4 times.

The City Centre
The epicentre of Liverpool’s heritage and history, Liverpool City Centre is packed full with grand buildings and other remains of the past splendour. From concert halls to traditional buildings, architecture buffs will get the most out of this area for sure.
Places to Visit:
  • Learn about natural history and visit the planetarium at the World Museum
  • Go to Pier Head, part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit the Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic at Pier Head

For more Places to Stay, check out our full Liverpool Neighborhood Guide!


4. Get behind-the-scenes at Anfield Football Stadium

Explore the football club stadium and museum in Liverpool.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone!”

Anfield is the home the most succesful soccer team in British history- Liverpool Football Club! As one of the world’s most famous soccer teams, it would be fitting for Liverpool FC to have a stadium of equal glory and Anfield is historic! It’s seen tragedy, heartbreak, and jubilation.

From the famous “Kop” stand to its interactive museum, when walking through the stadium, you’re living in the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of fans that came before you! Tours are available at the stadium that take you out to the pitch itself! You can walk in the dugouts, see the dressing rooms, and get to marvel at Liverpool FC’s highly successful trophy cabinet!


5. Get some Architecture Academics at the RIBA North

Get some Architecture Academics at the RIBA North

The RIBA Museum is a little gem.

Liverpool is well-known for its culture and artistic flair. Not many places around the city can cover its modern artistic influences like RIBA North can. Opened in 2017, the Royal Institute for British Architecture (RIBA) welcomes anyone looking to learn more about architecture. With exhibitions, talks and tours always on the go, the RIBA is well suited to aspiring architects and admirers alike! Make use of RIBA’s Digital City Model as you scout the different areas of Liverpool’s World Heritage Sites!


6. Learn About Liverpool Heritage at the Merseyside Maritime Museum

Learn about Liverpool heritage at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

The Albert Dock and riverside is packed with great museums. Source: Leonid Andronov (Shutterstock)

Another member of the National Museums Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum finds itself occupying an old warehouse on the famous Waterfront. Open since 1980, it marks an “anchor point” for the European Route of Industrial Heritage! Here you’ll learn about the vast seafaring heritage Liverpool boasts, including the world-renowned site where the Titanic departed from! See firsthand the history and industrial magnitude behind Liverpool’s sea-loving history!

It was a center for all sailing in the area. Keep that in mind as you take a walk through this iconic dock!



7. Relax on a Musical Cruise Down the River Mersey

Mersey Ferry cruising Mersey River in Liverpool.

“Oh ferry, cross the Mersey, the place I, long to be” Source: Shaun Jeffers (Shutterstock)

With an evening full of live music, spectacular views and lively company, you really can’t find any fault in a trip down the River Mersey! Departing at half-past seven in the evening, you’ll get to see the sunset over the city, as the last rays of light bathe the cityscape in all sorts of beautiful colors! This is one of the best things to do in Liverpool for couples. You’ll get to sit back and enjoy the music of the night, with a variety of artists performing new music, as well as a few of the 60’s classics. Of course, a few Beatles songs will be heard!


8. Traverse the Wilderness at National Trust, Formby

A red squirrel on a branch at Formby Red Squirrel Reserve in Liverpool.

Red Squirrels are sadly rare in the UK these days.

Get a change of scenery, with one of the great things to do in Liverpool off the beaten track! The Formby area is beautiful in every way, from its lush forests to the quaint wildlife that fills them! Visit the Formby Red Squirrel Reserve where you’ll find Liverpool’s famous red squirrels! Not seen anywhere else in the world! The ever-changing landscape around Formby makes for some beautiful walking and cycling trails and is one of the great outdoor things to do in Liverpool. Try to spot some ancient human-animal footprints from the prehistoric days!


9. Buy Fresh Produce at the Lark Lane Farmers Market

At the Lark Lane Market, you’ll get only the best that local producers have to offer here! For once, you’ll get to buy some produce from the people who actually produced it! The market is open from 9 am to 2 pm, but only on the following days at the following locations:

  • The Second Saturday of the month at Woolton Village
  • The Second Thursday of the month at University Square
  • The Third Saturday of the month at Garthdale Road
  • The Fourth Saturday of the month at Lark Lane

On top of all this, we also know this is the best place to meet a few Liverpudlians! You’ll find the “scouse” (their nickname) to be a jovial and passionate people! The kind of people not easily forgotten.


10. Roll Up, Roll Up For The Magical Mystery Tour!

Roll Up For The Magical Mystery Tour

“Let me take you down cos I’m going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real”.

In case you didn’t get your Beatles fix at the museum, then maybe the legendary Magical Mystery Tour will scratch your mop-topped itch. The Magical Mystery Tour departs from Albert Dock every day and takes visitors around the city to visit the Fab Fours childhood homes & schools. Of course, the tour also stops at Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and other Liverpool sites immortalized in their songs.

Oh and the best bit? The tour bus is a replica of the psychedelic Magical Mystery Tour bus featured in the band’s 1967 album and film – The Magical Mystery Tour!!


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Unusual Things to Do in Liverpool

Here are some unusual, unique things to do in Liverpool! Between visiting the legendary Cavern Club and hiring a local to show you around, there’s a lot of crazy, fun things to do!


12. Be a Part of One of Liverpool’s Festivals

Join one of Liverpoool's International Music Festival.

Source: LIMFestival (Wikimedia Commons)

Liverpool is widely known as one of the cultural capitals of Europe! Thus, it’s unsurprising that it is often the host of many festivals and events across the city. Take a trip to Sound City, where you’ll find Liverpool’s up-and-coming scene of young musicians and performers! Here you’ll get to attend some of the largest music, film and digital art festivals in the UK! Or, maybe try for the LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) and/or Liverpool-Irish Festival. You really can’t go wrong with any of these as they will showcase Liverpool’s fantastic array of festival activities and attractions!


13. Walk the Streets of Liverpool with a Hired Local

Tour around Liverpool with a local.How better to see the city, then through the eyes of a person who has lived there. The Liverpudlians are some of the most passionate and loyal people you will ever meet. They know their city better than anyone, can show you the easiest ways to get around, as well as some of the best non-touristy things to do in Liverpool! What better way to learn about the city you’re visiting than through the inside knowledge of those who live there! Taking a tour with a local is worth it just to get a feel for the locals themselves.


14. Take Cover at the Bombed Out Church on Bold Street

The bombed out church in Liverpool, Saint Luke's Church.

Bombed out church. Source: Larissa passarelli (Shutterstock)

Officially known as St. Luke’s Church, the bombed-out church on Bold Street is a former Anglican church built in the 1800s. More than just a chapel, it was also designed to be a communal meeting venue! It earned its infamous name, after being severely damaged by the German air raids. Today it stands testament to the fortitude shown by the people of Liverpool during that time. Its roof remains unrepaired, with many of the building’s scars still remaining. A memorial for those who suffered and died during the war!


15. Explore and Learn about Slavery at the International Slavery Museum

Learn about slavery at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

Source: Adam Jones (flickr)

Where once Liverpool was the HQ for some of the most extensive slave operations over the transatlantic, now it hosts a museum built to educate those about such atrocities. Forming a part of the Greater Maritime Museum, the International Slavery Museum consists of three main galleries. Each gallery focuses on real-life experiences of people taken from Africa, carted across the Atlantic, and forced to start new lives in the Americas. You will learn about how they were transported, what they lost, and their continued fight for freedom. The museum also discusses the issues of modern-day slavery that still plagues our societies today.


Safety in Liverpool

Liverpool is generally safe but you do have to take precautions. Pickpockets and other such petty crime is not a huge issue but it is worth being vigilant, especially in crowded, touristy areas. The city does have a homeless, and drug album as well as some very economically deprived suburbs where criminality is a concern.

The biggest issue you are likely to encounter (across the UK) is anti-social behavior fueled by alcohol on weekends. This is a particular issue on days of big Football matches. Avoid pubs, bars or groups that exhibit overtly boisterous behavior and you should be fine.

Read our tips for traveling safely before you fly and always get travel insurance. Check out our roundup of the best travel insurance.

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Things to Do in Liverpool at Night

Here are some of our most unique and fun things to do at night in Liverpool! Under lights, Liverpool comes alive with the hum of activity!


16. Pay a Visit to the Famous Cavern Club

The Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Source: Ronald Saunders (flickr)

Opened in 1957, The Cavern Club was originally just a small-time jazz bar. It was only in the early 1960s that it transitioned into the famous bar that it is today. In 1961, The Cavern Club, for the first time, hosted the Beatles! It was here that this group of young men would fully refine and augment their status as the biggest up and coming band of the century! Performing 292 times on its stage, the Beatles cemented The Cavern Club’s legacy forever. Today, you can go there yourself and try to capture some of the old magic left by the legends of old. It is touristy, and the beer is pretty bad but nevertheless you should stop by.


17. Explore Chinatown and See The Chinese Arch

RopeWalks, Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s greatest assets is its multiculturalism. Probably the place this is most felt throughout Liverpool is in its Chinese Quarter! Here you’ll find the first Chinatown ever established in all of Europe. Liverpool’s link with Chinese heritage, and especially that of Shanghai, go back far into Liverpools history.

Under the lights at night, there is nothing more spectacular than the Chinatown Market area, dominated by its famous arch adorning the entrance! With Chinese lanterns glowing in the night, and the smell of authentic pan-Asian food in the air, it a great evening stop!


18. Make the Most of the Nightlife at Concert Square

Welcome to what is known as the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife! With some of the best clubs and bars found in the whole North West of England, you can spend hours bar hopping and club crawling! What’s awesome about the concert square is its consistent nightlife throughout the week. Every night there is something going on, whether it be a student night, a themed night, or just a night when the regulars shuffle in. From Modo and Soho to Coyote Ugly and Einstein, you’ll find some of the biggest and busiest bars and clubs you’re likely to see. Perfect for a night out!


Where to Stay in Liverpool


Best Hostel in Liverpool: Sleep Eat Love

The kind of hostel that smashes expectations, Sleep Eat Love will pleasantly surprise you from the moment you walk through the door. The staff are professional but laid-back and happy to help with any questions.

Rooms here come in a choice of private or dorms, both of which are spotlessly clean. The location is very convenient for discovering what Liverpool has to offer.

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Best Hotel in Liverpool: Hotel Indigo Liverpool

What more could you want from a hotel than a fully stocked mini bar with free snacks? How about a friendly, helpful staff, funky furnishings and an excellent location close to restaurants, museums, and shops?

This place, with its immaculate rooms, is perfect for a Liverpool city break – and the breakfast is very tasty too.

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Best Airbnb in Liverpool, Chic City Centre ApartmentBest Airbnb in Liverpool: Chic City Centre Apartment

A beautiful modern apartment housed in a colonial-style building, spend time unwinding in comfort. High ceilings are a feature in this central location, whilst big windows make this place light and airy.

It’s situated in the city center, walking distance to many of Liverpool’s attraction and close to amenities. The apartment is ideal for a weekend in the city with friends or a partner, eating, drinking and enjoying the city’s sights and nightlife.

View on Airbnb


Romantic Things to Do in Liverpool

Next up, some of the best romantic things to do in Liverpool! With large parks and old neoclassical building, you can find some perfect things to do for couples.


19. Admire the Art at the Walker Art Gallery

Admire the art in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The Walker Gallery Source: Leonid Andronov (Shutterstock)

The Walker Art Gallery is one of Liverpool’s crown jewels. Hosting some of the finest pieces in the world, you can expect to be amazed by the quality on display. From the famous Tudor portraits to the provocative “Dante’s Dream”, there is a multitude of outlandish and spectacular paintings adorning the walls. See over 500 pieces of ceramic, pottery, glass and other such sculptor’s pieces.

A visit to the Walker can make for a highly emotive and romantic afternoon of artistic admiration. Irrespective of what you’re looking at, you can guarantee that with that special someone alongside, you’re bound to have a good time.


20. Take a Leisurely Stroll Through Sefton Park

The Palm House at Sefton Park in LiverpoolSefton Park is one of the most beloved and well-known locations for the locals. The astonishingly large 200-acre Park is more of an authentic nature reserve than a man-made landmark! One of the best attractions found at Sefton Park would be the famous Palm House. A stunning 3-tiered Victorian house made from glass, the Palm House has been restored to its former glory! Its octagonal design and well-crafted features are easy on the eye. Whether you are looking for a romantic picnic or a leisurely stroll through this Grade One listed park, you can be guaranteed a slow, quiet, romantic space to meander through!


21. Plan a Visit to Liverpool’s Empire Theatre

Visit the Empire Theatre in Liverpool.

Source: Smith & Brown (flickr)

There is nothing more special and romantic than getting dressed up for a night out at the theatre! Liverpool has a multitude to choose from, but none come close to the Liverpool Empire Theatre! Other than the fact its hosted the Beatles, two Royal Command Performances and a Royal Variety Show.

No, here at the Liverpool Empire Theatre you can expect an abundance of high quality shows on offer. From the profound Les Miserables the enigmatic Rocky Horror Show, you are assured of getting your money’s worth. On a night out of romance, you can’t go wrong with an adventure to the Empire.


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Best Free Things to Do in Liverpool

Here are some budget-friendly free things to do in Liverpool, especially if you’re looking for a fun, exciting time light on the wallet!


22. Take an event-filled walk through Royal Albert Dock

Royal Albert Dock

Albert Dock.

This is one of Liverpool’s prime tourist locations. Its where people come for a moment of respite between tours, wanderings and/or shopping. With the museums, art galleries and retail opportunities as backdrops, the Dock is prime exploration territory. The Dock is a gateway to many tourist attractions Liverpool offers. Being situated on the famous Waterfront, you can wander the water’s edge and window-shop the lavish retail outlets and leisure offerings.

Many attractions mentioned on this list are located here, such as the Maritime Museum, The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool, as well as the famous Nest! Most adventures and tours will start at the Dock, and it’s worth exploring before setting out!


23. Meet the Famous Iron Men of Crosby Beach

The famous iron man in Crosby Beach, Liverpool.

The Atmospheric Beaches of Liverpool.

Liverpool and its surrounding areas actually boast some amazing beaches! With some awesome dunes and eye-catching sunsets, you’d be well advised to take a trip to one of them. Crosby Beach has one unique attraction above them all: its iconic Iron Men. Stretching along three kilometers of the beach’s coastline and going almost one kilometer out to sea, these 1433 lbs cast-iron figures act as watchers of the shoreline!

A visit to the beach is one of the great things to do in Liverpool on a Sunday when the town is quieter. Having made 100 statues, sculptor Antony Gormley appropriately named his piece “Another Place”. We say appropriate because these “men” will continue to stand resolute, staring into the horizon as if staring into another place entirely.


24. Be Captivated at the Open Eye Gallery

Unique gallery in Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery

Source: Andy Miah (flickr)

Operating since 1977, the Open Eye Gallery is a unique gallery among the many available in Liverpool. It is both an independent and non-profit photography-based art gallery. Designed to promote the practice of photography as an art form, the Open Eye Gallery hosts some of the UK’s leading photographers’ pieces! You can expect a large variety of displays on offer. It can be found on the iconic Waterfront, sitting next to the renowned Museum of Liverpool.

Try to partake in one of their many programs and see archived footage dating back to the 1930s! Their “Wall Works” are fascinating pieces to admire: giant facades based at the external gallery!


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Universal Travel Adapter 5. International Adapter: Liverpool outlets accommodate typical UK 3-pronged plugs so you may well need an adapter. Save yourself the hassle of trying to track down an adapter at your destination and paying twice as much than planning ahead by buying one online.


Books to Read in Liverpool

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Things to Do with Kids in Liverpool

Below you can find some fun things to do with kids whilst in Liverpool! If you need to make sure that both you and your child are entertained, here are some of Liverpool’s best spots!


25. Wander Around Tatton and it’s Famous Mansion

Wander around the Tatton Park in Liverpool.Take one of the best day trips from Liverpool to the beautiful Tatton Park and Manor! Spend as long as you want to wander the famously stunning gardens and explore the interior of the old family home! See the old yet well-maintained art and furniture straight out of the 1800s! With its history and size, this is one of the most adventurous things to do in Liverpool, that’s for sure! And, just for added incentive, there’s a fully functioning farm in the back that is sure to be a hit with the kids! Cows, pigs, sheep, donkeys, and Shire horses are all available for much-needed petting!


26. Wander Through Croxteth Hall and Park

Visit the Croxteth Hall and Park in Liverpool.

Source: Michael O’Keefe (Shutterstock)

The ancestral home of the Molyneux family and an all-round beautiful estate, Croxteth Hall and Park have the makings for a fun day in the sun for the whole family! Its glamorous interior and expansive grounds are both beautiful and intriguing. For the kids, the most exciting attraction will most likely be the miniature railway that winds itself across the grounds! This and the adventure playground make Croxteth Hall perfect for the kids!

For the family as a whole, you’ll find yourself exploring the lavish Historic Hall, the Home Farm, the famous Victorian Walled Garden, and iconic West Derby Courthouse. As you can see, there really is no shortage of things to do!


27. Pet the Farm Animals at Rice Lane City Farm

Animals at the Rice Lane City Farm in Liverpool.

Source: Sue Adair (Wikimedia Commons)

Get a change of scenery with Rice Lane City Farm! Here, instead of eyeing out wild tigers or exploring fancy estates, you can get an up-close and personal with some cute and quirky pigs and sheep. At Rice Lane City farm you can learn all about looking after farm animals, farming craft and skills, and explore the farm’s nature trail. Filled with fun, entertaining and educational activities, it’s one of the best things to do in Liverpool with kids!

The best part is that its free for admission! With its adventure playground and saddleback pigs, your kids can ride animals and explore to their heart’s content.


Other Things to Do in Liverpool

Finally, here are some other things you could do in Liverpool, just in case you didn’t have enough already!


28. Walk the UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront

Beautiful view of Liverpool Waterfront.

You’ve heard enough about the famous Liverpool Waterfront up until this point! From the famous Royal Albert Dock and all its sights and sounds to the Liverpool Wheel and many cruises that go along the River Mersey. However, why not consider taking a walk that takes you from the Albert Dock, past famous sites such as the Customs House, Cammell Laird shipyards and St. Michael’s Hamlet, and finishes at Grassendale Park!

With so many things to see, it’s well worth your time walking this iconic river’s side, taking in the heart of Liverpool and its history. With the Welsh Hills as a backdrop, you’ll spend the day admiring, appreciating and being awestruck with the sheer legacy of the city! It gets chilly by the river so do pack a jacket!


29. Learn More About Music at the National Museum of Popular Music

National Museum of Popular Music in Liverpool

Liverpool is synonomous with pop music and has produced loads of great artists over the years. If you’re interested in music  history, then this is the place for you! Telling its story through costumes, memorabilia, and instruments, the Museum of Popular Music goes deep into musical heritage!

Here you’ll get to see outfits worn by legendary pop stars such as Freddie Mercury, the Spice Girls, and of course The Beatles! You’ll see instruments played by artists from around the world, and even a handwritten lyrics sheet from Adele. The museum also allows visitors to get involved with its music booths for singing, practicing on drum kits, and trying your hand at the keyboard!


30. Explore Hope Street’s Anglican and Metro Cathedrals

Liverpools' Metro Cathedrals

Source: Moomusician (Shutterstock)

Located at opposite ends of the appropriately named Hope Street are two of Liverpool’s famous Cathedrals: The Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King. The Anglican Cathedral is Britain’s largest cathedral and is known to some as one of the greatest buildings in the world! With the foundations being laid in 1904 and, under the Archbishop’s guise, it took 74 years to erect!

The Metropolitan Cathedral was originally designed to be built in a similar way to the Gothic-styled Anglican Cathedral. However, war and financial costs, the designs were scrapped. It was only in 1967 when the building was modified to represent the modern work of art you see today.


31. Marvel at the Central Library

Visit Liverpool's Central Library.

Source: Tim Green (flickr)

Situated in the center of the city, this is Liverpool’s biggest library! Established in 1860, this majestic building has undergone many renovations and refurbishments over the years. The reason we believe it’s worth a visit is not only because it is host to some of the oldest manuscripts and novels, but its architecture is also something to truly behold! Receiving over 750000 people a year, it is one of Liverpool’s most popular government sites. It is fully modernized, with a fantastic blend of the old building. Granite walkways and a stunning “atrium” staircase make for a memorable visit!


32. Peruse around the Western Approaches Museum

Learn about WWII at the Western Approaches Museum in Liverpool.

Liverpool was badly bombed in WWII.

Learn more about World War 2 and the Battle of the Atlantic at the Western Approaches Museum. Here you’ll be able to take a walk through a secret WW2 bunker underneath the city center, exploring its historic tunnels! See WW2 relics, from private documents pertaining to the enemy’s movements to famous spy tools used throughout the war to give the Allies the edge. Stand in the map room where many high ranking officials made defining decisions!

Go back in time to an era defined by hard choices and harder living. Where every man and woman had a role to play, in the greater war at large!


33. See the Blue Side of Liverpool inside Goodison Park

Choose your side between Liverpool F.C. or Everton F.C.

Choose wisely… Source: berm_teerawat (Shutterstock)

Although Liverpool FC is the more prominent and successful team in these parts, they are certainly not the only show in town…

The polar opposite of Liverpool FC’s red is Everton FC’s blue! At Goodison Park, you can find everything Evertonion-related, from the mighty blue stadium itself to the famous halls and corridors that showcase this historic clubs history! Get a behind the scenes tour of the changing rooms, the director’s box, and more! Get involved between the rivalry of Blue and Red, and pick a side in the Merseyside Derby!


34. Explore the Locations and Sets of Peaky Blinders

Visit the set of the Peaky Blinders in Liverpool.

Cheshire is a beautiful part of England.

Take a trip into the world of the famous TV series “Peaky Blinders”! Although the show is set in Birmingham, it is mostly filmed in Manchester and Liverpool. Go behind-the-scenes as you get a firsthand look into what it takes to make a world-class series. For an accurate representation of Industrial-era England, with its red-brick buildings and cobbled streets, there could be no better choice than Liverpool!

You’ll get to go on-site at places such as Wirral, Port Ellesmere and along the dockside of the River Mersey itself. Take a bus tour – it’s well worth it to cover the world of Tommy and the Peaky Blinders.


35. Enjoy Spectacular Views at the Radio City Tower

Visit the Radio City Tower of Liverpool.

The tower is also a working radio station.

Last but not least, our final item on this list of things to do in Liverpool is appropriately a 360-degree view of Liverpool itself! Ride the elevator all the way to the summit of Liverpool’s iconic Radio Tower, where you’ll get to see all the places you’ve been to from up high! What makes this so worth your while is its ability to give you such a unique perspective of a city you’ve probably spent hours walking through!

At 400-feet up high, you can just imagine the view. If possible, try to catch the sunset over Northern Wales on the horizon and see the stars come out!


Day Trips From Liverpool

There is a lot to do in Liverpool and you may well never even need to wander out of the centre. However, if you do fancy a change of scenery then there are plenty of super-smashing day trips from Liverpool.


Check Out Chester

To see a different side to Northern English life, head to Chester. Originally built by the Romans, Chester is a jolly little mix of Medieval, Tudor & Georgian buildings many of which are filled by chic boutiques and pleasant wine bars.  Stroll around the best preserved city walls in Europe or soak in the ambiance of the 1000 year old Cathedral before stopping for a lunch in one of the many excellent spots.

There are regular busses and trains running to Chester and the journey takes around 40 minutes.


Wander The Wirral

If you stand at Albert Docks looking out across the Mersey, the land at the other side is The Wirral which is kind of like Liverpools wealthier, but less cool cousin. There are plenty of towns and villages in the Wirral worth a visit but the highlight has to be Port Sunlight. Port Sunlight was built as a Victorian workers village by the Unilever Company but is not a collection of museums with a cafe and restaurant.

To get to The Wirral, take the ferry ‘cross the Mersey or simply get the train from Liverpool Lime Street.


3 Day Liverpool Itinerary

Day 1

Our 3 day Liverpool Itinerary begins with a day at the Museums. Let’s start at the Liverpool Peoples Museum to learn about this fascinating city and it’s charming people before heading to Tate Liverpool to check out the very impressive work on display. Then take the short walk towards The Maritime Museum and the Slavery Museum to learn about the darker side of Scouse history.

Be sure to admire the skyline including the historic Liverpool Victoria, “Liver” building before heading out for a late lunch or early dinner on Bould Street.


Day 2

Today is all about The Beatles. Book your space on the Magical Mystery Tour and Roll Up Roll Up! This is an amazing half-day in which you will visit the childhood homes of John, Paul, George & Ringo as well as Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields. Once that’s done, head to the Beatles Experience. Afterwards, amble up to the Cavern Quarter for drinks in the Cavern.


Day 3

If you’re a football fan, why not take a tour to either Anfield or Goodison Park? Once that’s done, stroll up to the Cathedral Quarter and admire the splendour. Call into the Philharmonic Pub to use its gold plated Edwardian Toilets before seeking out the Walker Gallery.
In the evening, head down to the Shipping Forecast for a few pints before dining in Slater Street.




Whether you like the outdoors, beautiful artwork, sports culture or history, in Liverpool, there’s that special something for everyone! You could be exploring The Beatles Story Museum, or perusing the Manor grounds and irrespective, you can be sure you’re getting the authentic experience.

As one of the cultural capitals of the world, there’s never a shortage of Liverpool sightseeing! Join the Scousers in their own backyard, and explore everything this majestic city has to offer! A city brimming with life and culture, you really can’t go wrong no matter what you do!


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Plucky Liverpool is one of the UK's most charming cities. From Anfield to The Beatles, there is a lot to do in Liverpool.

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