Perhaps one of the recognizable party islands anywhere on earth, Mykonos, Greece is a sight to behold.

Famous the world over for its stunning beaches, legendary parties, and generally all glamorous things; Mykonos certainly has a lot going for it.

That said, there are a few things to consider when thinking about making the trip to Mykonos.

This Greek island is heavily trafficked by people seeking budget accommodation here. That and Mykonos can be quite expensive! Put the two together, and, well…

That is exactly when I wrote this guide to the best hostels in Mykonos 2021.

This budget hostel/hotel guide is your ticket to finding the best and cheapest backpacker accommodation on the island.

Be sure the best hostels and budget hotels in Mykonos book out fast. After reading this hostel guide, you will be prepared to book the perfect spot for yourself, ensuring that you score the place you want before you arrive.

Let’s dive right in and explore the best hostels in Mykonos…

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Mykonos

Best Hostels in Mykonos
Welcome to my ultimate bargain guide to the best hostels in Mykonos 2022.

The 10 Best Hostels in Mykonos

Yes, visiting Mykonos on your backpacking Greece adventure should be a must. Although it’s an expensive island, it’s still an amazing experience and the beautiful beaches will leave you speechless.

Just like in other popular regions, some areas are a bit more expensive than others. Find out where to stay in Mykonos before you start your travels and your research will pay off. For the best place to rest your head at night, check out the best Mykonos hostels.

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    Overall Best Hostel in Mykonos – Paraga Beach Hostel

    Paraga Beach Hostel best hostels in Mykonos
    Best and cheapest?! Now that I have your attention you can take notice that Paraga Beach Hostel is one of the best Mykonos hostels…
    • $
    • Swimming Pool
    • 24-Hour Reception
    • Bar

    So, not only is this the best overall hostel in Mykonos, it’s probably the cheapest way to actually stay on the otherwise quite expensive and luxury island of Mykonos. So it’s a double winner there. It’s also great for partying: the feels here are like, well, sorta like an adult summer camp, so if you’re into music, meeting people and merriment then Paraga Beach’s your best bet. Kinda more like a resort than a top hostel in Mykonos. But let’s say it’s both! It’s right next to the beach, too – win. But yeah, for the price alone, this is easily the best hostel in Mykonos 2021.

    Best Hostel with a Private Room in Mykonos – Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos

    Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos best hostels in Mykonos
    Quite possibly one of the fanciest hostels on the planet (with the associated prices), Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos is the best hostel with a private room in Mykonos.
    • $$$
    • Infinity Pool
    • Rooftop Bar
    • Bar

    Oh. Cool. Really cool actually. Mycocoon Hostel is like, some space-age accommodation for Mykonos, seriously. Probs the coolest hostel in Mykonos, but with traditional Mykonos prices: i.e. expensive. However, that’s a small price to pay for the best hostel with a private room in Mykonos. I mean, the island’s all about luxury so if you’re gonna do it, a funky little place like Mycocoon hostel is a good choice. Needless to say, the rooms are comfy (so are the dorms), and everything’s clean and looks cool. The dorms are actually nicely priced (more like a $$) too.

    For more private affordable places to stay, check out Airbnbs in Mykonos!

    More Cool Hostels in Mykonos

    The humble hostels not taking your fancy in Mykonos? Well, don’t you worry. Mykonos is all about luxury and stuff like that. And so you won’t feel out of place on this party-luxe-chill Greek island, we’ve gathered together a selection of the best budget hotels in Mykonos for your ocular approval. Still kind of affordable, but with a bit more bang for your buck. Peep our selects below…

    Best Budget Hotel in Mykonos – Paradise Beach Camping

    Paradise Beach Camping best hostels in Mykonos
    Paradise Beach Camping is a unique option for travelers on a budget. Yes it is at a campsite: definitely one of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos.
    • $
    •  Bar & Cafe
    • 24-Hour Reception
    • Hot Showers

    We know. We bet you’re all like, ‘Hang on you were just chatting about how luxe this place is and first off is a CAMPSITE?’ Yeah, yeah. However, in terms of the best budget hotel in Mykonos, you probably can do no better than Paradise Beach Camping. The name of this place is a bit of a misnomer though: it’s mainly about the basic but clean (and also quite stylish in their simplicity) bungalows at this vintage place to stay in Mykonos. In fact, this place has been going since the hippie heydays of the late ’60s, so maybe you can channel your inner, um, whatever here. Easily the best budget hotel in Mykonos. Location is good too: beach, clubs, restaurants, and all of the best things to do in Mykonos.

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    Best Mid-Range Hotel in Mykonos – Super Paradise Suites & Rooms

    Hostels in Mykonos
    We’re just going to let the picture speak for itself…
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Air Conditioning
    • Bar

    Clue’s in the name with this one: not only a paradise, but a SUPER paradise. It’s bound to be good isn’t it? And, well, it is, thankfully. And for the price – firmly at the more affordable end of mid-range – we’re gonna just go ahead and say that this pretty stylish hotel is the best mid-range hotel in Mykonos. 1) The rooms are clean, chic and modern (nice seaside-minimalist sorta vibe). 2) There’s a GOOD free breakfast. 3) One of the room options here is like a deluxe affair with amazing sea views and it’s beautiful. Basically, it’s great. And if you’re in a couple you’re gonna feel like you’re somewhere luxury but for like a portion of the price.

    Best Splurge Hotel in Mykonos – Kouros Hotel & Suites

    Kouros Hotel & Suites best hostels in Mykonos
    Just married or wanting to live the high life for a few days? Kouros Hotel & Suites is the best splurge hotel in Mykonos.
    • $$$
    • Swimming Pool
    • Restaurant
    • Stunning AF

    With an amazing location and stunning views, even just the natural setting of this top hotel in Mykonos is worth the money. And then when you throw in super, super luxury surroundings – cocktail bar, pristine pool area, rooms feat. balconies and patios, general honeymoon-worthy decor and ambience – it just gets even better. Our pick for the best splurge hotel’s got freshly renovated deluxe rooms with an elegant decor in ultracool white tones,  huge TVs for lazy mornings, some with outdoor hot tubs and literally incredible private sea views. Wow-ee. V expensive though, deffo a splurge.

    Even More Great Budget Hotels in Mykonos

    Hippie Chic Hotel

    Hippie Chic Hotel best hostels in Mykonos
    There is nothing hippie about this luxury hotel, but it sure is one of the best places to stay in Mykonos.
    • $$$
    • Sea Views
    • Fantastic Service
    • Poolside Sushi Bar

    First off this is a bit of a weird name since we’re not quite sure what counts for hippie or indeed hippie chic in terms of this particular hotel. But whatever. It’s posh AF, and we know there’s nothing hippie about that. Our favourite thing about this recommended hotel in Mykonos is prrrrrobably the poolside sushi bar which is just beyond luxury – we love that. The rooms have coco-mat beds which believe us are super comfy, and the whole hotel has been designed with local architecture in mind, i.e. it’s not a monstrosity. It IS pricey though. No hippies allowed (joke).

    Mina Studios

    Mina Studios best hostels in Mykonos
    Mina Studios might just be the best cheap private room in Mykonos. Details below…
    • $/$$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Outdoor Terrace
    • Very Nice Staff

    The cheapest room at this top hotel in Mykonos is the ‘Budget Double Room’ and compared to every other hotel that looks similar to this, the price is a steal. Seriously. That doesn’t mean that this is the best budget hotel in Mykonos though, since the rest of the rooms shoot up to an upper level mid-range sorta price. Mina Studios is pretty cool, though it’s not the COOLEST hotel in Mykonos – the taste isn’t top-notch in the decor, we’d say. The owners are amazing though, very welcoming and friendly. Restaurants and tavernas in easy walking distance. Oh and – bonus: V tasty free breakfast.

    Makis Place

    Makis Place best hostels in Mykonos
    Beautiful. Chic. Modern. A bit pricey? Yes. Still, Makis Place is still cheaper than other places and is another great place to stay if you can swing the cost.
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Swimming Pool
    • Bar & Restaurant

    Pool, bar, restaurant – all the things you ever need on holiday are here at Makis Place. And it’s really nice! All minimalist white and pale wood, clean and airy, the sorta place  you can imagine lounging around in for endless afternoons – or Instagramming the fact that you’re there. You know how it is. It’s very nice though, and for not a terrible price, either. It’s set in a super lush garden/grounds, and location-wise it’s about an 8-10 min walk to the beach. The atmosphere in general here is pretty chilled too, since the staff are also chilled (AND nice AND helpful). Breakfast is FREEeeeee and it’s served outside.

    Paradise View Hotel

    Paradise View Hotel best hostels in Mykonos
    Paradise View Hotel is close to everything, especially Paradise Beach (who would’ve thought)…
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Swimming Pool
    • Bar

    If you didn’t clock it already you’ll be pleased to know that Paradise View Hotel is just a few mins by foot from Paradise Beach, which is basically ideal; best of both worlds – chill (eat, drink, etc.) at the beach, then have somewhere to escape to rather than just being ON Paradise Beach the whole time. We dunno, everyone’s different, innit. Other than that the staff here are super friendly and helpful – and the BEDS, my oh my it’s like sleeping on a cloud. A nice cloud not a thundercloud. We wonder if maybe they didn’t name the hotel after the beds rather than the location, actually.

    Markos Beach Hotel

    Markos Beach Hotel best hostels in Mykonos
    For a place ON the beach, you won’t find anything cheaper than Markos Beach Hotel .
    • $$
    • Outdoor Terrace
    • Luggage Storage
    • Beach

    For a beachside hotel that is literally ON the beach, the price of Markos Beach Hotel (simple) is pretty good to be fair. On the other hand, the quality of the actual hotel itself isn’t quite up to scratch with other hotels of a similar price that AREN’T literally ON the beach. It’s a trade-off. But it’s not exactly dilapidated, jeez no: it’s still REALLY nice! Just not that ultra boutique flavour which you may be after whilst you’re on your little Greek getaway or whatever it is you’re doing here. It’s, you know, typically cycladic whitewashed stone and all that. Some rooms have kitchenettes too, which is good for budgeteers. But mainly: BEACH.

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      Why you should travel to Mykonos

      Alas, the time has come to say goodbye: you have made to the end of my best hostels in Mykonos 2021 list.

      You might have gathered long before reading this hostel guide that Mykonos, and Greece overall, is a quite expensive place to visit. With a little planning you can keep your costs to an absolute minimum.

      You are now in full possession of all of the top quality budget options on the island.

      Certainly traveling in Mykonos is not the cheapest backpacking endeavor. That said, with the information you gleaned from this guide, you should be able to book the perfect spot for yourself based on your own budget.

      I want you to have the best possible experience backpacking Mykonos, so in order for you to make that a reality you’re going to have book in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment or high-costs.

      If you’re planning on checking out more of Greece, there are many more amazing Greek hostels waiting for you.

      In times of uncertainty, I typically recommend that you just book my top overall pick for best hostel in Mykonos: Paraga Beach Hostel

      Paraga Beach Hostel best hostels in Mykonos
      Best and cheapest?! Now that I have your attention you can take notice that Paraga Beach Hostel is the best Mykonos hostel…

      FAQ about Hostels in Mykonos

      Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Mykonos.

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      More Epic Hostels in Greece and Europe

      Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Mykonos.

      Planning an epic trip all across Greece or even Europe itself?

      Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

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      Over to you

      By now I hope our epic guide to the best Mykonos hostels has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

      If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

      Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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