Palm Springs is one of those destinations that you just have to see to believe. Known historically for its thermal pools, to which it has 50,000, the highest number of pools in the U.S.

Palm Springs is known as the Golf Capital of the World, and where celebrities used to flock to when prying eyes of the paparazzi got too much – so if it’s good enough for the stars, it’s good enough for me!

One of the most notable neighborhoods, known as The Movie Colony is, quite literally, known for the celebrities who vacation there. It is also famous for hosting the famous Coachella and Stagecoach festivals.

With world-class restaurants, midcentury architecture and near year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder Palm Springs has over a million tourists a year. But did you know that 60% of tourists visiting Palm Springs stay in non-hotel accommodations?

The reason, they are so damn beautiful and just as affordable.

But because vacation rentals are so popular in Palm Springs, there are too many options to choose from. Finding the best one for you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So that’s where I come in. I’ve gone sorting through the wheat and separated it from the chaff, and select what I consider to be the top 20 vacation rentals in Palm Springs. The vacation rentals I’ve chosen are suitable for any type of traveler, regardless of who you travel with and what budget you’re on.

Let’s take a look!

Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs

Overall Best Value Vacation Rental in Palm Springs
Modern Spanish Hacienda with 3 Beds
Overall Best Value Vacation Rental in Palm Springs

Modern Spanish Hacienda with 3 Beds

  • > $$$
  • > 6 Guests
  • > Heaven-like white interiors with a Spanish flair
  • > In a residential neighborhood near Wet ‘n Wild
Best Budget Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs
Colorful 2 Bed Condo with Office
Best Budget Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs

Colorful 2 Bed Condo with Office

  • > $
  • > 4 Guests
  • > Spacious bedrooms, a sunny deck, and pool access
  • > On the edge of a golf course, walking distance to grocery shops
Best Vacation Rentals for Couples in Palm Springs
Stylish 1 Bed Condo with Pool Access
Best Vacation Rentals for Couples in Palm Springs

Stylish 1 Bed Condo with Pool Access

  • > $$
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Includes access to a shared pool, jacuzzi, and bars
  • > In the Ocotillo Lodge condo complex
Best Vacation Rentals for Families in Palm Springs
Trendy 4 Bed Home with Pool Bar
Best Vacation Rentals for Families in Palm Springs

Trendy 4 Bed Home with Pool Bar

  • > $$$
  • > 8 Guests
  • > Unique tiling, modern art, and funky wallpapers
  • > In the heart of Palm Springs, near a golf course
Over-the-Top Luxury Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs
Opulent Mid Century Villa for 10
Over-the-Top Luxury Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs

Opulent Mid-Century Villa for 10

  • > $$$$
  • > 10 Guests
  • > Open-concept home with games room, pool, and jacuzzi
  • > In a trendy area near shops, eateries, and bars

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Types of Accommodation in Palm Springs

Before we get into my list of the best of the best, let’s quickly cover the types of vacation rentals in Palm Springs so you can get an understanding of the type of property that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park

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Mid-Century Townhouses

Palm Springs is home to some of the most famous mid-century modernist homes in America. In fact, the historical Racquet Club Estate is home to over 500 mid-century homes built in the late 50s. There’s even an annual festival that celebrates this architectural style.

These homes are beautifully designed with lots of steel, concrete, and glass features. They’re usually single-story, are long and narrow with flat roofs, and have open-concept living spaces. Ideal for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. They also often come with a pool, which is perfect as Palm Springs tends to have warm weather all year round.

They also suit small families and groups of friends because they tend to have more bedrooms. If you’re traveling with pets, most also include a yard landscaped for the dry climate that is ideal for your fur babies to run around in.

If you’re a lover of design and all things beautiful, spending a vacation in one of these modern homes will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Golf Course Homes

Although a dry region, Palm Springs is home to over 130 well-known golf courses adding lush natural beauty to the arid landscape. Many of these established golfing greens offer permanent accommodation as well as short-stay self-catering vacation rentals in Palm Springs for visitors.

You’ll find the homes on golf courses are uniformed with one another, often following either a modernist or a Spanish casita style. Golf course homes usually come in at a steeper price, but what would you expect from the golfing capital of the world? They’re also located in safe estates and typically have beautiful gardens which are manicured by full-time staff. 

If you opt for a more affordable home without a pool, I can almost always guarantee that the estate will offer access to shared swimming amenities. Clearly, these homes are the best call for avid golfers, but they’re also ideal for couples and small families with a high budget.

scenic municipal park palm springs

Luxury Villas and Estates

With such a large number of celebrity vacationers, it’s no wonder this city is dotted with luxurious villas and estates. Usually located on the periphery of the town, where the views are best and the traffic is minimal, these luxury homes can easily accommodate up to 20 guests.

Built with all the bells and whistles, summer villas include swimming pools and Jacuzzis, landscaped gardens, and large outdoor seating and dining areas. Most will even have a full outdoor kitchenette and BBQ area.

Whether they’re designed in a modernist, Mediterranean or Spanish casita style, luxury homes are best suited for large families or family gatherings, groups of friends, visitors with pets, and even guests hosting intimate events. 

View over Palm Springs

Top 20 Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs

In Palm Springs, there are many lavish estates and spa retreats fit for a celebrity, but there are also some stunning budget homes too. The number of places to stay in this desert city is endless.

But in this list, I have rounded up what I consider to be the best vacation rentals in Palm Springs for any type of traveler.

I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Best Overall Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 3BR Spanish Hacienda

Modern Spanish Hacienda with 3 Beds

With so many beautiful homes in the area, I chose this as the best overall vacation rental in Palm Springs for its beautiful combination of both contemporary and Spanish-style.

From the outside, the home clearly draws influence from a casita or hacienda, with neutral earth-toned walls and a terracotta roof. 

However, the inside of the home is decorated using tons of open space, and carefully hand-picked modern furniture. With white walls, painted vaulted ceilings, and an abundance of natural light filtering in from the yard, this home has a super relaxing and spacious ambiance.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, there is plenty of space for up to six guests to comfortably relax. It’s also close to the Convention Centre, Shopping Mall and has excellent transport links to the airport.

Best Budget Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 2 Bed Condo

Colorful 2 Bed Condo with Office

Although the city is known for its lavish and expensive homes, there are definitely a bunch of affordable homes and condos on the market too.

This bright and spacious condo is just that.

It’s located just a short walk from downtown, on the edge of a lush golf course. It has also been refurbished with contemporary furniture and modern fittings. To bring a bit of flair into the space, the owners have added pops of blue decorations across this self-catering vacation rental in Palm Springs.

Guests staying at this two-bedroom home can have full use of its facilities including a fully-stocked kitchen and washer and dryer, perfect for digital nomads looking to stay a while.

Most Beautiful Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 2R Casita W/ Views

2 Bed Casita with Mountain Views

Not only is this home one of the most stunning in the region, but it also boasts some of the best views in Palm Springs.

Set on the mountainside above the city, you’ll have sweeping mountain views from one side of the house, and a view of the city lights from the other.

There’s always something new to admire in this Spanish home. Be it the unique star-shaped windows, antique decorations, hand-carved wooden furniture, or the Spanish tiling – the hosts have gone above and beyond to make this a uniquely beautiful stay for guests.

Complete with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a walk-in closet and den/office, there is plenty of space to spread out in. It’s also located in the Palm Springs “Celebrity Enclave” so you might get to see a celebrity or two in the neighborhood. In fact, Sonny Bono used to live next door to this home when he was the mayor of Palm Springs.

Most Luxurious Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 4BR Villa

Opulent Mid Century Villa for 10

This home has been made to make you feel like a rock star, and I can honestly say it’s not hard to imagine a celebrity spending some time in this beautiful modern four-bedroom villa.

The single-story home is decorated following a mix of styles, perfectly balancing mid-century and natural influences. You’ll find neutral tones, exposed wooden ceilings, and white cabinetry throughout the home.

When it comes to furniture, classy woven jute carpeting, warm wooden furniture, and simple modern art are the main attraction. It’s simple, elegant, and undeniably timeless.

With three bedrooms, each with king or queen-sized beds and one room with twin beds, there is enough space for 10 guests to enjoy this home. This home is ideally suited for a group of friends looking for a special home to base themselves in while they enjoy some epic nightlife in Palm Springs.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Families | 4BR Home

Trendy 4 Bed Home with Pool Bar

There’s something special about the vibrant character of this modern home. Patterned wallpapers and colorful tiles work well with the sleek modern style throughout the rest of this luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs.

However, it’s the spacious yard and outdoor facilities which have me hooked. I can imagine spending some time with the family making smores around the firepit or simply setting up for a day by the pool.

This four-bedroom home is ideal for family fun, the pool is large enough for kids to splash about in, while parents can enjoy the relaxing submerged loungers to the side.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for a Weekend | 2 BR Home

Quirky 2 Bed Home with Pool

Being so close to LA, Palm Springs might just be one of the best options for a quick Californian weekend getaway. If you’re popping past for a short stay, this authentic modernist home offers everything you need and is in a convenient location near the Palm Springs Art Museum

With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a washing machine and dishwasher, as well as the delightful outdoor pool, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable stay. You can also rent bikes nearby or go hiking on one of the nearby trails.

The home has been refurbished using contemporary, clean interiors and cozy furniture. Filled with personal touches like books, pops of color, and fresh flowers, your only problem will be that you won’t want to leave!

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs with a Pool | 4 BR Villa

Luxury 4 Bed Villa with Gardens

Not only does this home have a huge pool and Jacuzzi, but it also boasts one of the most beautiful private gardens in the area. You’ll forget you’re in a desert when relaxing by this pool, which is surrounded by lush lawns, palm trees, and lollipop-trimmed bushes.

At the end of the lawn, there is even a secluded firepit area where you can enjoy a cool evening under the stars. The beauty continues as you walk inside this self-catering vacation rental in Palm Springs, where you’ll find new modern interiors brought to life by floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

With four bedrooms, each with a queen-sized bed, and three bathrooms, and two living rooms, you’ll find there is plenty of space for up to eight guests to sprawl out and enjoy.

Super Accessible Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 1 BR Condo

Contemporary 1 Bed Desert Condo

While most homes in the area are conveniently single-story for wheelchair users, it can be hard pinning down a home with absolutely no steps.

To be safe, we chose this resort condo in the heart of the city as the top holiday home in Palm Springs for wheelchair users because of its lack of steps into all rooms and its spacious hallways.

On top of this, the kitchen has been completely refurbished and now includes all stainless-steel, top-of-the-range appliances, making it a pleasure to cook, even while on vacation!

Most Central Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 3 BR Desert Oasis

3 Bed Desert Oasis with Pool

If you want to be close to all the best attractions, eateries, and nightlife in this city, we have you covered. This sophisticated modernist home is one of the best vacation rentals in Palm Springs for its central location.

While the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, surrounded by palm trees, is the best spot to enjoy a sunny day, my favorite part of this spot is the master shower. Freshly tiled and finished with a glass wall, there’s a huge tinted window in this bathroom too – who doesn’t like a shower with a view?!

Each of the three bedrooms has sliding glass doors that open up onto the back yard and pool, as well as boasting delightful mountain views from your bed.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for a Large Family | 6 BR Villa

6 Bed Villa with Games and Slide

Located just out of the city in the Palm Desert, this modern home strikes the perfect balance between mature sophistication and youthful fun. Perfect for large families, the house has six bedrooms and a spare sofa bed, so up to 14 guests can sleep here comfortably. 

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi area are basically like a private waterpark. Surrounded by comfortable loungers and grass, there’s a story-high slide as well as a volleyball net across the pool.

On those few days a year when the weather is cool, spend some time in the games room playing air hockey or pool with your crew.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Friends | 4 BR Party House

4 Bed Party House with Games

Welcome to The Palm Springs. Influenced by The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, this spot is overflowing with fun and color.

You can enjoy a drink poured fresh at the private bar, which is decorated with neon lighting, or spend an evening in the Jacuzzi with your best friends.

The interior is quite literally a sight to behold, with some of the most exquisite interiors I have ever laid eyes on. With its pool toys, garden games, and funky games room with candy and popcorn machines, this luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs was made for parties and is the ideal base for your Coachella or Stagecoach crew. 

Most Unique Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 2 BR Home W/ Pool

Modern 2 Bed House with Pool

Palm Springs has a sort of harmonious real estate market, where most of the houses follow the same style. However, this home takes the word ‘modern’ to a new level.

The structure is crafted from aluminum plates, modern concrete and includes a bunch of exposed bridges and platforms throughout the home.

In the yard, you’ll be provided with an AstroTurf lawn perfect for garden games and a huge pool lined with cushy seating.

My personal favourite part of this home is the ultra-modern interiors. They’re so contemporary, in fact, that they give the home a futuristic and space-themed atmosphere.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Honeymooners | 1 BR Casita

Exquisite 1 Bed Casita with Plunge Pool

Honeymooning in Palm Springs is always a good idea. While this home feels totally secluded and private from the rest of the city, it’s located right in the center of downtown.

Although the kitchen is fully-equipped, you’ll have the opportunity to walk around the corner and explore some great restaurants with your loved one, such as the top-rated restaurant Farm.

The house has a pool and a massive outdoor kitchen with a BBQ, prep space, and a sink. It’s designed with a mix of modern and mountain cabin styles, with a lot of warm wooden touches and neutral tones. There’s even a stone fireplace in this self-catering vacation rental in Palm Springs.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Nightlife | 2 BR Townhouse

Mid Century 2 Bed Townhouse

Palm Springs is bursting at the seams with trendy bars and nightclubs. If you’re after this nightlife scene, your best bet would be to stay right in the center of the city. From this townhouse, you’ll only have to walk a short while or take a quick taxi to the cities best bars. 

You guessed it. This luxurious home is modern and sleek, designed to be as practical as possible with very few decorations and frills. The designers have used a bunch of glass throughout the home. 

A personal favorite room of mine is the glass office space just off the bedroom. If you need to answer some emails, this space is private yet still allows you to feel a part of the fun.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs with a View | 2 BR Villa

Luxurious 2 Bed Villa with City Views

From the moment you walk through the front door of this home, you’ll feel as if you’ve landed on another planet. Most importantly, the home sits on a cliffside, with exquisite views of the city beneath it. As the sun sets, the view below pretty much looks like an ocean of glistening lights. 

Inside the home, you’ll immediately feel relaxed because of the neutral colors and calming interiors. Warm lighting, a combination of modern and earthy furniture, and tons of natural light make this one of the best vacation rentals in Palm Springs.

Romantic Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Couples | 1 BR Condo

Stylish 1 Bed Condo with Pool Access

We can’t think of a better spot to spend a romantic vacation than in this modest condo in Palm Springs. Located in a classic mid-century complex, the home has been fully remodeled and is filled with luxurious furniture. 

Although you’ll be out and about enjoying everything the city has to offer, you’ll be happy to return home to this comfortable private retreat. There’s even a super secluded courtyard area with a dining table where you can enjoy the mountain views.

Although a small condo with one bedroom, there is plenty of space to hang out in. It also comes with a fully kitted out kitchen and a sizable living area.

Best Golf Course Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 2 BR Townhouse

Designer 2 Bed Townhouse with Pool

We couldn’t have a list of the best vacation rentals in Palm Springs without recommending a great golf course home. While this townhouse isn’t located inside the gates of a prestigious golf course, it lies just beyond them. And for those on more of a budget, this is great news!

The double-story townhouse offers a beautifully decorated open-concept living space that opens out into a spacious yard with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

This home has been designed to interior designers’ standards and is one of the most gorgeous properties to relax in after a long day exploring Palm Springs.

Best Vacation Rental in Palm Springs for Events | 9BR Party House

16 Sleeper Party House

In true Palm Springs style, this luxurious four-bedroom villa is a mid-century masterpiece. The home was built for parties with space to sleep 16 guests.

You can expect quirky wallpapers, colorful walls, and modern art throughout this stunning space.

Best of all, this luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs has a huge outdoor pool area scattered with comfortable seating areas and pool loungers. If you look very quickly, you might mistake the pink pool area with stripey green umbrellas for The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA.

Best Casita Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 5 BR Casita

Classic 5 Bed Casita with Games

If modern isn’t your steam, you’ll be happy to know there are loads of exquisite casitas in the Sonoran Desert. This five-bedroom canyon casita shouldn’t go unmentioned.

With lots of wooden furniture, granite countertops, and leather interiors, this casita will feel like your home-away-from-home in Palm Springs.

Spacious tiled bathrooms, a well-equipped home office with multiple PC screens, and a separate self-catering flatlet with its own kitchenette are some of the things that set this space apart from the rest. Not to mention, there is even a huge games room with a pool table and shuffleboard!

Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental in Palm Springs | 2 BR Hacienda

Cozy 2 Bed Hacienda with Pool

Why not bring your dogs along with you on vacation? You’ll be kept cool and calm all summer long by the tiled floors and massive oak tree that shades the house.

However, what makes this the best vacation rental in Palm Springs for pets is the spacious garden and lush lawn.

The home is fully-equipped with a gourmet-standard kitchen and is decorated with influence from Spanish and modern styles. The outdoor patio and pool area is the best spot to scope out the mountain views.

Final Thoughts

As a resort city with tons of things to do, Palm Springs is attracting more and more visitors each year. And as such, it is constantly evolving, with new shops, restaurants and neighborhoods popping up around the region. 

However, time stands still when it comes to architecture and style, and this city is one of the best to view some of the most beautiful modern mid-century properties in the U.S. 

Whether you choose a low-key condo, a Spanish-themed casita, or a typical mid-century villa, Palm Springs has tons of options when it comes to vacation rentals!

My personal favourite would be The Marley, a 9 bedroom party house that can house 16 mates and is designed for a wild party. I love a party and I love a unique home full of artistic flair, so this place really speaks to me.

Do you have a favourite from my list? Let me know in the comments.

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