Every traveller knows that the journey is just as important as the destination – a truth that Ryan and Spencer Cope, the masterminds behind WANDRD, clearly understand.

Fueled by their love for photography and the great outdoors, they founded WANDRD after recognising the shortcomings of conventional camera bags and deciding that they could do better!

Since its inception in 2015, the WANDRD brand has been steadily gaining momentum and slowly earning a reputation as a (or the_ go-to choice for adventurers seeking quality, functionality, and style.

From the rugged terrains of the Fernweh Backpacking Bag to the urban elegance of the PRVKE Lite, each item is designed with the traveller’s needs in mind.

This full and detailed WANDRD backpack brand review will take a look at their top products and help you to choose the perfect companion for your adventures.

A person with two backpacks stood next to a bullet train. Wandrd Prvke backpack.
Let’s explore the best gear to WANDR with!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

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All About The WANDRD Backpack Brand

Founded back in 2015, WANDRD was born both from a passion for adventure and photography, as well as a sheer frustration at the lack of good gear on the market. Since then (and 2 Kickstarters later) WANDRD has carefully carved its place right in the hearts of travellers and photographers worldwide by offering high-spec, techy travel gear.

The inception of WANDRD came from the desire to create the perfect camera-ready-travel backpack that did not compromise functionality, durability, or style. With a focus on high-quality, versatile gear that caters to the needs of the modern nomad, WANDRD’s product line has expanded far beyond just backpacks for photography enthusiasts.

Seriously people, I have tried a lot of gear by a lot brands and can testify that WANDRD is NOT your average travel brand and firmly gears itself towards adventurers, digital nomads, and photographers looking for reliability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Their offerings range from backpacks to sling bags, to accessories, all designed with the traveller’s needs in mind. Price-wise, WANDRD positions itself in the mid to high-end market, reflecting the premium quality and innovative features of its products.

The Best WANDRD Backpacks and Other Gear

As veterans in the outdoor and travel gear space, we’ve had our fair share of experiences with a serious variety of equipment. Our journey has led us to pick out some of the finest gems from WANDRD that stand out for their design, thoughtfulness and utility.

Here are our top WANDRD picks.


WANDRD All New Prvke

Price – $219

The brand’s flagship WANDRD PRVKE series is more than just a backpack; it’s a versatile companion for photographers and travellers. Best known for its stylish design and camera-ready functionality, the PRVKE offers easy access to gear, a secure laptop compartment, and weather-resistant materials.

Using it feels intuitive, with every pocket and strap serving a purpose. However, its stylish appearance doesn’t compromise its ruggedness, making it a reliable travel backpack for any adventure.

The main drawback? Its premium features come with a premium price tag.

WANDRD Rogue Sling 6L

WANDRD Rogue Sling 6L

Price – $150

For those who prefer minimalism without sacrificing functionality, the WANDRD Rogue Sling bag really hits the mark. Perfect as a sling pack, for quick trips or as a compact photography gear holder, the Rogue Sling offers quick access to your essentials.

It’s comfortable to wear for extended periods, and its sleek design keeps you mobile. The only major downside might be its size limitation for those needing more space – and yes, cheaper slings are available elsewhere.

WANDRD Fernweh Backpacking Bag

WANDRD Fernweh Backpacking Bag

Price – $370

The Fernweh is an invitation to go further and see more. As a backpacking bag, it excels in comfort and adjustability for long treks. With its thoughtful compartmentalization, it ensures that all your gear is organised and accessible.

The Fernweh stands out as highly innovative and distinctly unique among backpacking backpacks. It is a true testament to WANDRD’s commitment to creating gear that’s novel and as rugged as it is functional.

Its bulkiness, however, might not appeal to those looking for a more compact option. If this is you check out Ospreys ultra-light range.

WANDRD Transit Carry-on Roller

WANDRD Transit Carry On Roller

Price – $400

The Transit Carry-on Roller combines the convenience of a carry-on roller bag with the thoughtful design WANDRD is known for. It’s perfect for travellers who move from airports to city streets. Features like the expandable compartment and the smooth rolling wheels make it a standout choice.

While it offers exceptional convenience, the price point may be a consideration for some. Honestly, it is the best carry-on roller I have ever used but it’s also the most expensive. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and how often you actually use a carry-on roller.

I really bloody love this pack as my full Transit Carry-on Roller review makes clear. 

WANDRD Duo Daypack

WANDRD Duo Daypack

Price – $250

The Duo Daypack is a daily carry that understands the dynamic lifestyle of modern professionals and photographers. With its innovative “infinite zip” system, accessing your gear is easier than ever.

The Daypack strikes a perfect balance between a work and camera bag, although it might be too specialised for those who prefer a more regular everyday backpack.

WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bag

WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bag

Price – $80

The WANDRD Crossbody is a stylish and functional accessory for all your daily essentials. This thing has more pockets and compartments than I know what to do with. Its unique features make it stand out when compared to other cross-body bags and bum bags (fanny packs to the Yanks) which can become deep dark black holes of doom and swallow your car keys.

It feels comfortable to wear all day long and has a bunch of cool features such as auto-closing magnetic pockets, a hidden AirTag pocket and water-resistant fabrics which have both saved my butt and protected my belongings from drunk me a couple of times!

There is also a lifetime guarantee offered by WANDRD on this product and it comes with a 30-day return policy, just in case you buy the product and later change your mind.

WANDRD Transit Backpack

WANDRD Transit Travel Backpack

Price – $300

The Transit Backpack is the epitome of travel convenience. It’s designed to make the journey smoother, with easy access compartments and a comfortable carrying system.

This cool as fuck looking pack is a truly excellent option for commuters and travellers alike, though its urban-focused design might not be the best for rugged outdoor adventures. I also find it a bit heavy when unpacked.

Check out our review of the WANDRD Transit backpack to learn more!



Price – $250

As you might have guessed, WANDRD PRVKE Lite retains all the beloved features of the PRVKE series but in a more compact form. It’s perfect for the minimalist traveller or photographer.

The Lite version brings the same quality and design ethos, making no compromises on the features it offers. However, those needing more space might find it a bit too limiting but for many, the trade-off for a lighter, more agile backpack is well worth it.

WANDRD Packing Cubes

WANDRD Packing Cubes

Price – $25

Organisation meets efficiency with WANDRD’s Packing Cubes. They are a game-changer for keeping your belongings sorted and accessible.

Made with the same attention to quality as their bags, these cubes can withstand the rigours of long-term travel and daily use. They are definitely amongst the best packing cubes I have ever owned.

WANDRD Toiletry Bag

WANDRD Toiletry Bag

Price – $50

The WANDRD Toiletry Bag combines practicality with a sleek design, ensuring your personal care items are well-organised and easily accessible. Water-resistant fabrics and thoughtful compartments, including a dedicated space for wet items, make it an essential travel accessory for travellers.

Its compact size fits effortlessly into any travel bag, yet it’s spacious enough to hold all your essentials. The main drawback could be its price point, which is higher than average, but for those invested in durable, well-designed travel accessories, it’s a worthy addition.

Any regular traveller absolutely should invest in a good quality toiletry bag and this is amongst the best ones out there.

Final Thoughts on WANDRD Backpack Brand Review

men wearing Wandrd PRVKE 31l backpack gazing across a scenic lake landscape
Don’t wanna be biased but… Wandrd PRVKE!
Photo: @joemiddlehurst

WANDRD’s range of products stands as a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and the spirit of adventure.

Whether you’re an avid photographer, a daily commuter, or a globetrotting adventurer, WANDRD has something that will not only meet your needs but elevate your travel experience.

Embarking on your next journey with WANDRD means choosing gear that’s as ready for adventure as you are. Explore their collection and find your perfect travel companion.

Remember, the best gear is not just about carrying your belongings; it’s about complimenting your journey and inspiring you to explore further. With WANDRD, you’re not just prepared for your next adventure; you’re empowered by it.

Ready to transform your travel experience? Visit WANDRD today and discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and adventure. Your journey awaits.

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