It’s true what they say – you don’t need thousands of dollars in equipment to grab great photos. You just need a camera, a backpack and a bit too much time on your hands! You know what’s also true? No camera will help you nail the shot after it gets too close to baggage claim, gets caught in a shower, or falls off the back of a rigged-up motorcycle. 

While no backpack on earth stops me from being such a clutz, some bags can meet me in the middle, providing the foam cushioning, waterproofing, and storage space I need to chase my dreams without smashing my lenses … again!

Okay, great, you might think. So point me to that backpack, and I’ll be on my way… Woah, there, cowboy. Hold your damn horses!

What do you mean by “that” backpack? At any given time on earth, there are anywhere from 15 to 50 backpacks that at least one barefooted hooligan is swearing by as the best invention on earth.

But here’s what a good photographer knows – there’s no such thing as the perfect shot, and there’s no such thing as the perfect camera backpack. What there are, are tons of crap options, several bags that are just okay, and a few top-tier bags that put in the extra miles.

Which one will work for you? Well, that’s up to you. I can only lead you to the water, compadre. I can’t tell you whether you should be drinking Sprite or 7-Up. That’s for you to decide. And I’m here to help you make that decision.

A person sat by the beach in the UK with boats in the background
On A beach in Wales with the WANDRD Prvke in its usual place … on my back!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

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The Best Camera Backpack For Travel

Overall Best Camera Travel Backpack – WANDRD All New Prvke

Best Camera Travel Pack For Daytrips – Boundary Supply Prima System

Best Tech Camera Travel Backpack – HEX Back Loader DSLR Camera Bag

Best Carry on Camera Travel Backpack – Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L

Best Hybrid Camera Backpack For Travel – Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

Runner Up Best Camera Travel backpack – Nomatic McKinnon

Best Travel Backpack For Camera – Osprey Porter 46

Overall Best Camera Travel Backpack
Overall Best Camera Travel Backpack

WANDRD All New Prvke

  • Dims (CM) > 48 x 28 x 17
  • Weight (KG) > 2.8
  • Capacity (L) > 25
  • Price ($) > 245
Best Camera Travel Pack For Daytrips
Best Camera Travel Pack For Daytrips

Boundary Supply Prima System

  • Dims (CM) > 53 x 30 x 18
  • Weight (KG) > 1.88
  • Capacity (L) > 30
  • Price ($) > 239
Best Tech Camera Travel Backpack
Best Tech Camera Travel Backpack

HEX Back Loader DSLR Camera Bag

  • Dims (CM) > 45 x 30 x 13
  • Weight (KG) > 1
  • Capacity (L) > 20
Best Carry-on Camera Travel Backpack
Best Carry-on Camera Travel Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L

  • Dims (CM) > 51 x 32 x 20
  • Weight (KG) > 1.54
  • Capacity (L) > 30
  • Price ($) > 279
Best Hybrid Camera Backpack For Travel
Best Hybrid Camera Backpack For Travel

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

  • Dims (CM) > 61 x 33 x 28
  • Weight (KG) > 2
  • Capacity (L) > 40
  • Price ($) > 200
Runner Up Best Camera Travel backpack
Runner Up Best Camera Travel backpack

Nomatic McKinnon

  • Dims (CM) > 56 x 34 x 23
  • Weight (KG) > 2.5
  • Capacity (L) > 35
  • Price ($) > 400
Best Travel Backpack For Camera
Best Travel Backpack For Camera

Osprey Porter 46

  • Dims (CM) > 46 x 40 x 31
  • Weight (KG) > 1.36
  • Capacity (L) > 46
  • Price ($) > 228

 What To Look For In A Camera Travel Backpack

The first thing I like to look for in a camera travel backpack is how it will store my camera. That might sound obvious to you because it is, but it’s ultra important. Without dedicated camera storage, it’s just a plain old backpack!

Having cushioned dividers, easy access, accessory-specific pockets, and spaces that protect your lenses make a camera backpack different from the hordes of other everyday travel backpacks out there.

The other primary consideration is where you want your backpack to take you—the bags on our list range from 100 Liter pack-alls to 15 Liter specialists. Let your dream itineraries guide your purchase. For example, you might want a hiking-specific camera bag if you’re doing a lot of backcountry expeditions.

Once you have those considerations down, you can relax a bit. After the camera-specific features, you should look for the same things in a camera bag that you would find in any standard backpack: high-quality, durable, waterproof, and sustainable materials. Space, durability, and comfort are the holy trinity of bag shopping. 

Nomatic Camera Bag
Camera specific compartments are the most important aspects of these bags

The Best Camera Travel Backpacks – Epic Run Down

Choosing the best from such a colossal range wasn’t easy. It was like picking my favorite gelato flavor in Italy – a tough job, but I tackled it with my head held high. We looked at everything: comfort, durability, style, and, most importantly, whether it can protect your gear and, even more importantly, how much camera gear it can carry. 

With those details in mind, we selected our favorites and took off on foot, taking these camera backpacks through the foothills of the Himalayas and the beaches of Peru, getting a shit ton of pictures at all sorts of beautiful places in between.

Here are the results of our search. 

Overall Best Camera Travel Backpack – WANDRD All New Prvke

WANDRD All New Prvke
  • Dims (CM) – 48 x 28 x 17
  • Weight (KG) – 2.8
  • Capacity (L) – 25
  • Price ($) – 245

WANDRD is like the Chick-fil-A of camera equipment. They may not have invented the camera bag, but they have definitely perfected it. And the All-New PRVKE is their spicy chicken sandwich, here to take a classic company into a new era. 

This camera bag is so impressive that folks who would never travel with spare lenses are still scooping up the PRVKE as a one-bag travel extraordinaire. The plethora of pockets and organizers do a great job keeping everything organised, whether you’re traveling with camera equipment or a whole lot of multicolored marbles… or both!

If I had to select something to nitpick, I would probably question how necessary all these packing options really are. Loads of flaps and dividers keep all your equipment where it needs to be, which adds valuable ounces to this pack’s overall weight. Scatterbrained travelers who like black holes might look elsewhere. Having said that, it’s entirely possible to pull them all out if you feel that way inclined.

For an actual organizer, every one of these wild perks is worth the bulky build of the WANDRD PRVKE. You’ll have quick yet protected access to cameras, batteries, laptops, and snack bars, all wrapped up in a water-resistant exterior that’s as sleek as it gets. 

  • New PRVKE includes better pocket access
  • Updated Hidden passport pocket gets bigger and harder to find
  • Cushy back padding keeps you marching towards the shot
  • To get the most out of this bag you might need to buy add-on accessory packs
  • Base backpack is expensive on its own
  • This backpack doesn’t feel at home in the backwoods

Best Camera Travel Pack For Daytrips – Boundary Supply Prima System

Boundary Supply Prima System
  • Dims (CM) – 53 x 30 x 18
  • Weight (KG) – 1.88
  • Capacity (L) – 30
  • Price ($) – 239

Boundary might not have the Kickstarter darling pedigree of a WANDRD, or the proven history of a LowePro, but what they do have is panache. This quirky group of CrossFitters has dreamt up a modular backpack system that brings customization options we’ve never seen in the camera bag field. 

Like sorting through lenses and filters, Boundry’s Arris, Errant, Prima, Rennen, and Universal systems will each have you looking at your backpack in a whole different light. Depending on the day’s shoot, you can invest in a few sets and head out the door with a unique camera backpack system. 

My personal favorite is the Boundary Prima System, which comes with individualized protection for your camera, laptop, and a big area to store everything else. Carry your camera to the summit with the detachable hip belt then whip your laptop out once you get to base camp and get editing your snaps pronto!

Prima is Boundaries’ best all-day option, capping out at 30 LIters of ultra-refined storage. There are pockets for everything, all within easy access. And it’s all protected by eco-friendly ballistic nylon with DWR coatings.  Its versatility makes it a great everyday carry backpack, especially for photographers.

  • Unique opening makes it easy to pull your camera out safely
  • The full Prima System is practically three bags in one
  • An affordable upgrade brings you X-Pac waterproofing
  • Lots of additional accessories to consider
  • The bag feels very bulky with all attachments hooked up
  • Not a whole lot of use cases outside of hardcore photography

Best Tech Camera Travel Backpack – HEX Back Loader DSLR Camera Bag

HEX Back Loader DSLR Camera Bag
  • Dims (CM) – 45 x 30 x 13
  • Weight (KG) – 1
  • Capacity (L) – 20
  • Price ($) – 199

The HEX Back Loader DSLR is a bonafide camera backpack that looks like a casual bag. It’s a great choice for photographers who don’t want everyone to take one look at them and know they’ve got $2,000 worth of equipment in their bag. 

While the HEX BackLoader is no slouch, it’s got a camouflage pattern that literally and metaphorically disguises what’s inside. HEX makes great use of every available space, even packing the lid of the full clamshell opening to the brim with mesh zippered pockets. A maze of EVA foam separators in the main compartment keeps your lenses away from your loose change on bumpy roads.

In addition to great storage for your camera equipment, the water-resistant bag boasts a 15” laptop compartment, water bottle holders, and a well-thought-out top pocket. My favorite part about this camera backpack is that all accessories are included in the purchase. One buy will get all the gear, no hidden add-ons!

All these features make this camera bag our favorite for navigating the urban jungle. It’s not too flashy, it’s comfortable as hell, and all your camera equipment is within easy access – but only to you, not to wandering hands. 

  • Great easy access to camera and backpacks
  • Powerhouse camera bag that doesn’t look like it from the outside
  • EVA foam protects from surprise drops
  • The backpack only comes with camo patterns
  • Only one external attachment point
  • Not a unisex backpack

Best Carry-on Camera Travel Backpack – Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L

Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L
  • Dims (CM) – 51 x 32 x 20
  • Weight (KG) – 1.54
  • Capacity (L) – 30
  • Price ($) – 279

With two amazing side pockets in addition to a cavernous main compartment, this pack somehow simultaneously slims down and stretches out your storage. You can decide between a 20L or 30L model, both great choices, although 20 Liters isn’t always enough to bring all the gear I usually need.  

For this review, we got our hands all over the 30 Liter addition, and the sheer number of perks + storage options had us rethinking how many liters we actually needed. I’ve always believed that 35 Liters is the bare minimum for a weekend trip backpack, especially when I’m packing the DSLR. However, the unique storage offered by this bag makes it work. 

Because of the sidewalls, you can pack your laptop, clothes, and food in the main compartment and keep your cameras separate. While this doesn’t magically create more storage space, it does compartmentalize things to an insane degree and make it super easy to get to your zoom lens while birdwatching and your sandwich once you need a snack!

The V2 update brought these backpacks into the 2020s with improved non-slip pockets, easier access, and more volume in key pockets to make their everyday backpack even more versatile. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – it’s all protected by a 400 Denier waterproof shell. 

If you’re looking for something a little larger, then check out the 45l Peak Design Travel Backpack.

  • Directly from the Peak Design website, you can save big on used models
  • Magnetic locking mechanisms keep everything where it’s supposed to be
  • Great waterproofing
  • Everyday backpacks are usually much cheaper than this
  • Would rather have a 30 and 40 Liter option than 20 and 30
  • The bag can feel big and bulky on smaller frames

Best Hybrid Camera Backpack For Travel – Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack

Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack
  • Dims (CM) – 61 x 33 x 28
  • Weight (KG) – 2
  • Capacity (L) – 40
  • Price ($) – 200

This tough hauler will carry your equipment on the backs of recycled plastic bottles. The Monarc Settra, on its own, is a recycled powerhouse, but if you pair it up with the complete bundle, you’ll get a camera cube, tech pack, and more. That bundle can be purchased for $200 this holiday season, elevating this pack into the upper echelon of camera bags. 

You can carry your load backpack style or rely on the durable strap system to swing things around on one hand. The pack has some work to do to fit as a backpack, especially when packed full, but it’ll be fine to carry on your shoulders from the airplane to the taxi stand. Comfort isn’t the first consideration of this pack; it’s all about sustainable excellence.  

There’s nothing sweeter than recycled materials with incredible specs. The Monarc Settra is water-resistant and ultra-rugged, capable of bouncing off Tuk-Tuk roofs and keeping everything ready to shoot. The Settra duffel backpack takes 50 bottles, and upgrading to the entire bundle takes another 50 bottles out of the ocean and into the mix. 

This duffel bag is one of the largest camera travel backpack options that can confidently fit into the overhead compartment of most airplanes, making it a perfect bag for bigger packing if you’re looking for a great carry-on bag. You want to bring all of your toys with you, but never want to risk your drone to gate check and anxiously await the damage at baggage claim. 

  • High tech features, recycled materials
  • Largest possible camera backpack that still works as a carry-on
  • Baseline duffel bag includes a lot of cool features
  • When fully packed, you won’t want to carry this backpack style
  • Lots of additional accessories are necessary to make this a great camera bag
  • Not a good bag for the backcountry

Runner Up Best Camera Travel backpack – Nomatic McKinnon

Nomatic McKinnon
  • Dims (CM) – 56 x 34 x 23
  • Weight (KG) – 2.5
  • Capacity (L) – 35
  • Price ($) – 400

As a passionate photographer with a wallet that’s seen better days, I’m always skeptical of super-expensive backpacks. I want to save my money for a new Canon 35 mm instead! But I’ll let you in on something I learned the hard way: if you’ve got expensive equipment, you’ve got to use expensive equipment to protect it. 

No backpack on the planet is more optimized for camera equipment than the Nomatic McKinnon, designed in tandem between one of the best modern backpack makers in the country and professional photographer Peter McKinnon. If you want a camera backpack, you should buy one born from the mind of a true professional. 

Nomatic took McKinnon’s vision and ran with it, churning out a backpack fine-tuned for photography at every corner. The best part is, that you don’t need to buy any additional accessories to harness the full power of this potent pack. On day one, this bag hits your doorstep with space for multiple camera bodies, lenses, and everything you need for a mobile studio. 

You can tell McKinnon takes photography seriously because he did not consider weight when designing this backpack. It’s counter-intuitive for many full-time travelers to buy something so heavy, but the protection and durability you get in return for a bit of extra weight makes the bag worth it. It’s certainly one of the best backpacks in the Nomatic line-up.

  • Can be expanded up to 7 liters
  • Incredibly customizable storage potential
  • Build should last for life
  • 6 pounds without any gear
  • It costs 400 bucks (but it’s currently on sale for 299!)
  • Not as waterproof as you might expect from such a high tech backpack

Best Travel Backpack For Camera – Osprey Porter 46

Osprey Porter 46
  • Dims (CM) – 46 x 40 x 31
  • Weight (KG) – 1.36
  • Capacity (L) – 46
  • Price ($) – 228

Hiring a personal porter to accompany you on every shoot might not be in the budget this year, but this all-encompassing backpack is the next best thing. The Osprey Porter 46 is an incredibly versatile, modern backpack duffel bag combo built by the brand that’s been sitting on top of the backpack business for decades. 

Originally known for backpacking bags, Osprey has stepped well out of the woods for this one. The hybrid bag leaves the ice pick attachments and intense exterior mesh at home in favor of pure gear-hauling comfort.  While it might be less technically advanced than others made by the brand, that doesn’t mean Osprey skimped out on the materials. 

The Bluesign, sustainably sourced materials that make up this powerhouse pack are as durable and conscious as anything else in the business. Plus, Every buckle and strap is protected through Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee, which promises this will be the last camera bag you ever need to buy. 

Those great materials combine well with Osprey’s incredible AirScape back panel, which comes in handy when the Porter is fully loaded. The clamshell-style opening and straightjacket-style compression straps will fill everything you need for a week-long trip without wasting an inch. 

  • Duffel-backpack hybrid that carries comfortably both ways
  • Great weight for such a robust backpack
  • Compression straps help you sneak it on as a carry-on
  • Distinct lack of organization options that you might expect from a camera bag
  • Included hip belt feels a bit flimsy for such a robust pack
  • Could use a few more exterior pockets

Best of the Rest – More Camera Travel Packs

TropicFeel – Shell Backpack

TropicFeel Shell Backpack
  • Dims (CM) – 51 x 30 x 19
  • Weight (KG) – 1.5
  • Capacity (L) – 20-42
  • Price ($) – 250

The TropicFeel Shell Backpack is actually a series of modular attachments that lets you customize your equipment to a staggering level. The bag can grow and shrink, changing in size by over 20 liters of storage. It becomes a legendary camera bag portable closet combination when combined with the additional camera cube.

The TopicFeel Wardrobe is the system’s highlight. This three-way expansion pack slips right into your backpack and unfurls quickly, allowing you to build a makeshift closet on any hangable objects in your hostel room. You could also use this wardrobe for your camera gear, splitting your equipment into three parts and hanging it next to your desk. 

I love shoving this bag full on travel days and slowly dismantling my Shell as I get comfortable in a new space. Once my toiletry kit is in the bathroom, my wardrobe is hung up, and I’m leaving the house with nothing else but the FidLock pouch, I know I’ve properly set up shop and am getting into the thick of things.

TropicFeel makes a backpack for people who want to travel and bring their routine with them. Sometimes grabbing great shots is all about getting into the unknown as much as it is getting into the rhythm of things. This camera bag is your best choice for turning traveling into a finely tuned system. 

  • An well-organized packer’s best friend
  • Made from recycled materials
  • The bag can go from 42 liters to 20 liters depending on what you need that day
  • Baseline bag is nothing special without the additional accessories
  • Depending on how efficient you are, the wardrobe system could be replaced by simple packing cubes
  • All those extra features add on some extra weight

Stubble & Co – Adventure Pack

Stubble and Co Adventure Pack
  • Dims (CM) – 55 x 38 x 24
  • Weight (KG) – 1.7
  • Capacity (L) – 42
  • Price ($) – 275

The Adventure Pack from Stubble & Co is the most technologically advanced backpack from a fashion-forward brand, which is almost always a winning combination. This backpack looks as good as it packs, wrapping up your gear in your choice of two-toned color schemes that protect as well as anybody. 

Unlike the other bags in the Stubble and Co line, the adventure bag is custom-built to get dirty. Its recycled PET, and reinforced seams show that this bag is hyperfocused on creating a waterproof shell for your precious cargo. If this backpack were just a touch more camera-friendly, it would instantly skyrocket to the top of our list. 

For now, you’ll have to get a bit creative when it’s time to store your camera. Still, while there might not be a camera-specific pocket, there are tons of great places for your gear, and the full clamshell opening will help you get the full picture. 

  • Great water resistance across the whole pack
  • Two side straps are a great spot for tripods or oversized equipment
  • Easy access laptop compartment
  • Not built specifically for use with cameras
  • A bit too big for daily use
  • Lacks easy access or exterior pockets big enough for camera equipment

WANDRD – Rogue Sling

WANDRD Rogue Sling 6L
  • Dims (CM) – 30 x 19 x 15
  • Weight (KG) – .68
  • Capacity (L) – 6
  • Price ($) – 124

Just like every crew needs a best boy, every camera bag set-up needs a nice fanny pack! WANDRD, no stranger to high-tech gear, took their expertise down a few sizes to produce a sling pack capable of a full day’s butt-kicking. 

With loads of external attachment points, you can strap everything from a GoPro to a full-sized laptop. The sling is designed to hook up with WANDRD’s laptop case and do something no 6-liter bag has done before: carry a laptop. You can strap up and set off with a camera, computer, tripod, and more, all hoisted over one shoulder. 

And we haven’t even gotten to all the benefits inside this bag. An accordion-style organization system brings freedom to pack your sling how you’d like it. Stow your SD cards against the back, slip the keys to the catch-all accessory up front, and deploy two shelf-like dividers to keep your camera from rolling around. 

It won’t come cheap, but the Rogue Sling might be the most feature-rich sling pack on the market. It’s worth every single penny. Pick between a 9,6, or 3-liter waterproof sling bag and keep all your essentials right where you need them. 

  • External attachments for a laptop and a tripod
  • Everything inside the pack is protected by waterproof materials
  • Three carrying handles makes sure your camera never hits an awkward angle
  • Two interior shelf dividers take up lots of space in a slim bag
  • Laptop sleeve does not fit inside the sling pack, it’s exposed to the elements
  • 100$ is a lot to pay for a sling bag

Peak Design – Travel Pack 45L

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
  • Dims (CM) – 56 x 33 x 24
  • Weight (KG) – 2
  • Capacity (L) – 45
  • Price ($) – 299

Peak Designs makes some of the greatest traveling camera equipment out there. They know as well as anybody that all the fancy camera gear in the world is useless if you don’t have a great way to carry it to your destination. The Travel Backpack is their solution: A do-it-all travel bag that fits any scenario. 

It’s not just a camera bag, it’s one of the greatest one-bag travel options out there. The shape-shifting bag and quality compression straps make it capable of expanding to 45 liters and compressing down to fit in the overhead compartment, guaranteeing you can take everything you need for the photo shoot without putting anything under the plane. 

Whether you’re a digital nomad or Scuba Steve, there are plenty of great reasons to make use of this bag. The cavernous opening will allow you to pack it up like a suitcase and dual side access points allow you to find your portable charger without digging through your underwear drawer. 

Protecting it all is a recycled nylon canvas with reinforcements on the bag’s bottom for rough roads. Pair it up with Peak Design’s camera cube system, and you have a fully mobile studio with enough extra space to pack some light reading. 

  • Fair trade certified and 100% carbon neutral backpack
  • Magnetic stowaways for harness system to stay out of the way when not in use
  • Dual side panels bring easy access to all the important things
  • Need to buy an extra camera cube to make it truly a camera travel backpack
  • Could use more dividers in the main compartment
  • Laptop Compartment on backside of the lid isn’t my favorite use of space


  • Dims (CM) – 40 x 28 x 14
  • Weight (KG) – 1
  • Capacity (L) – 15
  • Price ($) – 213

Not every trip needs the big guns. Sometimes, you want to get in and out with just the essentials and without stopping at baggage claim. For daily use or light traveling, you can’t beat the PRVKE Lite, which takes all the features of WANDRD’s flagship camera bag and shrinks them down a few sizes.

All of WANDRD’s bags intend to bring professional feature sets into an affordable price range, and no backpack accomplishes this better than this light option. Somewhat nonsensically, this small version is slightly more expensive than bigger PRVKE models.

Its price point makes more sense once you realize that this bag brings the entire feature set into a size perfect for daily use, which is an incredibly valuable size range, but still, when I saw the words “Lite” I expected a discount. So I was skeptical, but stoked, especially once I got my hands on the roll-top closure that proves there’s more to this mini bag than meets the eye. 

The PRVKE Lite has daily driver written all over it, just as capable when packing a full-sized camera as when leaving the heavy equipment at home. The bag’s plush camera stowaway is entirely removable, freeing up valuable centimeters of packing space and ensuring you never have to leave this backpack at home. 

  • Great easy access to your camera equipment
  • Camera cube is included with purchase of the backpack
  • Quality weather resistance
  • 15 Liters is nothing more than a commuting bag or personal item
  • Just as expensive as the 31 liter PRVKE
  • No hidden passport pocket

Lowepro – Flipside Camera Backpack

Lowepro Flipside Camera Backpack
  • Dims (CM) – 48 x 33 x 24
  • Weight (KG) – 1.7
  • Capacity (L) – 20
  • Price ($) – 219

Lowepro makes camera backpacks for professionals. These highly specific backpacks would make no sense for most travelers, namely those who fly without a camera, a GoPro, and a drone, but if you can’t imagine leaving anything at home, this might be the backpack for you. 

The interior of the Flipside has more separate drawers than most college dorm rooms—from tiny padded corners to long, thin dividers for zoom lenses and everything in between. There’s just one thing these dividers don’t have a great place for, clothes. The bag’s entire space is too optimized for sweatshirts. 

Consider the Flipside an accessory: you’ll never travel with just this backpack, and it might not even be the best choice for a day-to-day backpack. Instead, it will provide a permanent space for all your equipment and ensure you have spare batteries, SD cards, lenses, and tripods on standby. 

  • Fully impervious rain cover deploys and keeps your gear dry through a downpour
  • Features backside access to get to your camera quickly
  • The U-shaped lid is full of laptop, tablet, and cord storage
  • 20 Liters plus all those dividers hardly leaves space for much clothing
  • Too specialized to work well as a daily bag
  • Could use an easy access exterior stash pocket

AER – Travel Pack 3

AER Travel Pack 3
  • Dims (CM) – 54 x 33 x 21
  • Weight (KG) – 1.86
  • Capacity (L) – 35
  • Price ($) – 249

We’ll finish up our round-up of the best camera travel backpacks with this photography-friendly option built for minimalists. This backpack was originally aimed to please the carry-on crowd, but its use cases don’t stop there. If you’re looking for a daily bag that will pack everything you need for work, plus the space to bring a change of clothes to the gym afterwards, the Aer Travel Pack 3 is the one.

Leave a few things behind, and you could get six months of rough and tumble backpacking out of this beast – DSLR camera included. The monotone black bag disguises a vast ecosystem on the interior, full of compartments, mesh, front storage, and hidden passport pockets. Pack it how you like and yank on the compression straps to compact things as small as possible. 

Once packed full, a lot of backpacks can feel unwieldy. AER takes care of that with clutch carry handles and a relative lack of dangling bits and pieces to help you stay on top of a heavy load. Those hefty straps, 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon, and YKK zipper all add up to a military-grade backpack that feels technically advanced without drawing unnecessary attention. 

A bag this tech-savvy, with materials this durable, often can’t escape looking a bit geeky, or at least flashing big dollar signs to everyone else waiting at the bus station. But not this one, which would fit anywhere from Middle School to middle management. Only true gearheads will take a look at this pack and realize the beauty going on inside. 

  • You’ll keep finding covert pockets for months after your purchase
  • Storage split across three separate main compartments
  • Tough as nails
  • I would love a 40 L model
  • Hip belt and rain cover sold separately
  • Compression straps don’t do enough to lighten this bag when it’s not full of gear
Best Camera Travel Backpack
NameDims (CM)Weight (KG)Capacity (L)Price ($)
WANDRD All New Prvke48 x 28 x 172.825245
Boundry Supply Prima System53 x 30 x 181.8830
HEX Back Loader DSLR Camera Bag45 x 30 x 13120199
Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L51 x 32 x 201.5430279
Monarc Settra Duffel Backpack61 x 33 x 28240200
Nomatic McKinnon56 x 34 x 232.535400
Osprey Porter 4646 x 40 x 311.3646228
TropicFeel Shell Backpack51 x 30 x 191.520-42250
Stubble & Co Adventure Pack55 x 38 x 241.742275
WANDRD Rogue Sling30 x 19 x 15.686124
Peak Design Travel Pack 45L56 x 33 x 24245299
WANDRD PRVKE Lite40 x 28 x 14115213
Lowepro Flipside Camera Backpack48 x 33 x 241.720219
AER Travel Pack 354 x 33 x 211.8635249
A person with two backpacks stood next to a bullet train. Wandrd Prvke backpack.
My choice for the best camera backpack is the Wandrd Prvke.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Final Thoughts On The Best Camera Backpack For Travel

Take a picture, it lasts longer! There’s nothing else to say about the world’s best camera backpacks except to acknowledge the price tag in the room. We’re a collective of Broke Backpackers, but we’re not stupid.

You can probably hitchhike your way through the South Island of New Zealand with smelly socks stored in a cheap backpack, but when it comes to camera equipment, you get what you pay for. That goes double for storage options. 

Pick out the best genre of bag for your shooting style and then buy whichever one protects your camera the best. Waterproofing, shock resistance, 1,000 Denier nylon, whatever you can get your hands on will pay off one day. 

Should you get caught out on a nasty day (and trust me, if you go hunting for pictures long enough, you will), you’ll be saving thousands of dollars by protecting your valuable camera with the best camera backpack.