When I first started planning my trip to Wales, I really didn’t have any expectations, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised! Bangor, a small coastal city in North Wales, had so much to offer. From stunning natural beauty to rich cultural heritage, it really became a highlight, and I’m excited to share with you my recommendations for where to stay in Bangor.

The town is small but lively and is close to Snowdonia National Park, making it a great base for outdoor adventures. With homey stays in the city and big houses for the family on the coast, there are loads of places to stay in Bangor that will fit your travel needs.

So whether you’re a city slicker who wants to try all the best Welsh Cakes (who doesn’t?!) or you want to strap on your hiking boots and explore the great outdoors, Bangor has something for everyone.

sheeps grazing with a mountain lake and snow-capped summits in the background in Snowdonia National Park North Wales
Let me guide you through the best places to stay in and around Bangor.

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Where is the Best Place to Stay in Bangor?

Your experience in Wales greatly depends on where you choose to rest your head. As an experienced UK backpacker, I spend countless hours scouring Booking.com for the ideal spot and reading through reviews. This is my favourite selection of where to stay in Bangor. Thank me later.

Management Center – Best Guesthouse in Bangor

Management Center Bangor UK

My absolute favourite stay in Bangor is at this beautiful hotel located on the grounds of Bangor University.

The Management Center offers comfortable and modern rooms with a touch of luxury, perfect for a weekend trip or a longer stay.

The location is unbeatable, with easy access to the town centre and just a short drive from Snowdonia National Park.

Victoria Hotel Chef by Chef – Best Hotel in Bangor

Across the Menai Strait from Bangor lies the charming town of Menai Bridge, home to the Victoria Hotel Chef by Chef. This boutique hotel is an excellent choice for budget travellers.

The newly renovated rooms have stunning views of the Strait. The hotel is still close enough to Bangor and is a great base for exploring Anglesey.

The Pier Hideaway – Best Private Stay in Bangor

The Pier Hideaway Bangor UK

A cute little hideaway on the coast that’s walking distance from the city, The Pier Hideaway is a delightful Airbnb for those looking for something cosy and unique.

Just a stone’s throw away from the pier and the pub, and a short drive to Snowdonia, you’ll be sorted for a weekend of adventure and relaxation.

Bangor Neighborhood Guide – Best Places to Stay in Bangor


City Center

If this is your first time in Bangor, I highly recommend staying in the city center. It’s perfect for walking around and exploring the city, and you can easily access all of its main attractions.

Best Hostels in Llandudno

Outside of the city center

Once you step outside of the city center, you’ll find budget-friendly stays that still offer access to all the exciting activities and attractions in Bangor. These options are perfect for travelers who want to save some pennies.

Menai Bridge, Bangor, Kingdom

On the Coast

If you’re off to Bangor with the family, Lower Bangor on the coast is the place to go. Offering family-friendly activities and a laid-back vibe, it’s ideal for a peaceful family getaway. The coast is dotted with lovely beaches.

Just a three-hour train ride from London, Bangor in North Wales is a charming town. With its scenic landscapes and welcoming uni students, I can say it truly is one of the UK’s hidden gems.

Because this guide wasn’t around when I went to Bangor, I missed out on booking some epic stays. But that’s why I’m writing it—so you can have the ultimate Bangor experience, and it makes figuring out where to stay in Bangor a breeze!

The city is small but it’s kind of divided into two parts: Upper and Lower Bangor. Upper Bangor is where the main university campus is located, while Lower Bangor is closer to the pier and oceanfront. Both areas have their own unique charm and offer different experiences for visitors.

A beach with a pink flower in the foreground, some cliffs in the mid ground and mountains in the distance.
What a damn good day in the UK looks like!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Upper Bangor, or what most of us would refer to as the city centre, is where you’ll find the majority of restaurants, bars, and shops. It’s one of the first established cities in Wales so there’s plenty of history to be discovered here. Plus, being home to Bangor University it has a youthful vibe and a buzzing atmosphere.

On the other hand, Lower Bangor is a bit more tranquil and has a laid-back vibe. This area is perfect for families looking to relax and unwind, with easy access to the beach and pier. There are also plenty of cute cafes and boutique shops to explore.

And for those who want to visit both areas but aren’t trying to spend a fortune on a bed, staying outside of the city is great for budget travellers. You’ll be out where the locals live, and you’ll get a more authentic experience.

Bangor’s Three Best Neighborhoods to Stay in

The most memorable places to stay in Bangor are much like the country itself: friendly, scenic, and irrevocably charming. Here are my picks for your Welsh adventure.

1. City Center- Where to Stay in Bangor for Your First Time

If this is your first time in Bangor, I highly recommend staying in the city centre. It’s perfect for walking around and exploring the city, and you can easily access all of its main attractions. The city centre itself is rather small, so getting around on foot is the most convenient option.

You can swim, hike, run, or pick a pencil and draw the scene – possibilities are endless.

The town is cute and quaint with a mix of old and new architecture. You’ll find plenty of traditional Welsh pubs, as well as trendy cafes and restaurants.

Visit the University’s main building, which is a beautiful castle-like structure surrounded by lush greenery. From there, you can easily walk to the Bangor Pier for stunning views of the Menai Strait and Anglesey.

The Management Center | Best Guesthouse in Bangor City Center

Management Center Bangor UK

For a more traditional stay in Bangor, the management centre offers cosy rooms with a touch of luxury that overlooks the isle of Anglesey.

As part of the University, this is a great stay for anyone looking to explore the campus or attend events. The on-site restaurant and bar also offer a great opportunity to mingle with locals and students.

Victorian Townhouse | Best Townhouse in Bangor City Center

Victorian Townhouse Bangor UK

This townhouse is excellent for a group of friends with four bedrooms and a welcoming living space. It also provides some of the best access to the sea and Snowdonia National Park.

The townhouse is charming with a mix of Victorian decor and modern amenities, making it an ideal spot for relaxation after a day of exploring.

Peaceful Studio Apartment | Best Apartment in Bangor City Center

Peaceful Studio Apartment Bangor UK

This cosy studio apartment is just meters away from the Menai Straits and is perfect for a travelling couple or small family.

Equipped with a full kitchen, you can enjoy your morning coffee in the back garden before heading out to explore the city.

It will feel like you’re in the countryside with peaceful surroundings, yet you’ll still be in the heart of the city centre.

Things to See and Do In Bangor City Center

Mirror-like lake view with mountains in the background in Snowdonia National Park UK
You can see your reflection in the mirror-like waters of Snowdonia National Park!
  1. Visit the Bangor Cathedral, which dates back to the 6th century.
  2. Explore the Penrhyn Castle, a stunning 19th-century mansion with beautiful gardens.
  3. Take a stroll through the Garth Pier, one of the longest piers in Wales.
  4. Attend a concert or event at Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre, located on Bangor University’s campus.
  5. Zip through the air at Zip World Velocity, the fastest zip line in the world!
  6. Take a hike in Snowdonia National Park and enjoy breathtaking views.
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2. Outside of the city centre – Best Place to Stay in Bangor on a Budget

Once you step outside of the city centre, you’ll find budget-friendly stays that still offer access to all the exciting activities and attractions in Bangor. These options are perfect for travellers who want to save some pennies without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

Dani and her friend enjoying a sandwich break after their hike.
An EPIC place to snag a snack before resuming the hike.
Photo: @danielle_wyatt

The outskirts of the city are a breath of fresh air with plenty of open space, greenery, and peaceful surroundings. You’ll have stretches of land for exploring and hiking, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Victoria Hotel Chef by Chef | Best Hotel Outside the City Center

The recently renovated Victoria Hotel is one of the chicest stays in the city. With its elegant decor and luxurious amenities, it’s a perfect choice for those who like to feel a little boujee without spending a fortune.

Located in Menai Bridge, just a short drive from the city centre, this hotel offers epic views of Bangor and the Menai Strait.

The Slate | Best Homestay Outside the City Center

The Slate Bangor UK

For a modern homestay experience, The Slate is the perfect option outside of Bangor’s city centre.

Nestled in Llandygai village, this homestay offers everything from single-occupancy rooms to family-style rooms. Breakfast is served each morning, and you can also enjoy the on-site bar and restaurant.

Compact Modern Apartment | Best Apartment Outside the City Center

Compact Modern Apartment Bangor UK

This UK holiday rental has everything you would need for a few days’ stay in Bangor.

It’s situated just outside the city centre, making it a quiet and peaceful place to rest after checking out all of the sights and sounds of the city.

The compact modern design gives the apartment a cosy yet spacious feel, making it perfect for a single person or a couple.

Things to see and do Outside the City Center

man taking a photo on Llandudno pier at dusk
It’s all about the angle!
Photo: @Lauramcblonde
  1. Enjoy a tour and tasting of local whiskey at the Aber Falls Distillery
  2. Go birdwatching at Spinnies Aberogwen Nature Reserve
  3. Grab your bike and go cycling along Lôn Las Ogwen
  4. On a cold day, sit by the fire at Blue Sky Cafe and enjoy a coffee
  5. Take a stroll and admire the beautiful gardens at Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens
  6. Spend the day at the beach in nearby Llandudno

3. On the Coast – Best Neighborhood in Bangor for Families to Stay In

If you’re off to Bangor with the family, Lower Bangor on the coast is the place to go. Offering family-friendly activities and a laid-back vibe, it’s ideal for a peaceful family getaway in Wales. The coast is dotted with lovely beaches and plenty of outdoor space for the little ones to run around in.

White boat along the waters of the Menai Strait, near the Menai Bridge in Bangor, Wales.
Everything’s all set for quality time with the fam!

Despite being seaside, Bangor’s small size means you’re still close to all the best of the city. Check out the epic Garth Pier, the longest in Wales, or give the kiddos a blast at the nearby GreenWood Family Park.

Nomi Rooms and Restaurant | Best Hotel on the Coast

Nomi Rooms & Restaurant Bangor UK

The location and views take the cake at Nomi Rooms and Restaurant. This charming boutique hotel is situated right on the coast, with stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, making sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. It’s also pet-friendly, so all the kids can join, even the four-legged ones!

The Pier Hideaway | Best BnB on the Coast

The Pier Hideaway Bangor UK

The Pier Hideaway is a cosy two-bedroom maisonette near Bangor Pier, perfect for families. With its fully equipped kitchen and spacious living area, it’s got all the comforts of home.

It is conveniently located for exploring Snowdonia, the Wales coastal path, Anglesey, Zip World, and more local attractions. It is the perfect base for your adventures!

Town House in Gwynwood | Best Townhouse on the Coast

Town House in Gwynwood Bangor UK

This townhouse just feels like a holiday home, with the owner decorating for every season, it truly is a home away from home.

The townhouse is within walking distance from all of Bangor’s major attractions but is still in a quiet and peaceful area. You can enjoy the lovely private garden while sipping on your morning coffee or have a BBQ with friends and family.

Things to see and do on the Coast of Bangor

tbbteam, Wales, United Kingdom. A beach in Wales with mountains in the background.
A gorgeous coastal setting? Yes, please!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short
  1. Walk along the Bangor Promenade and admire the sea views
  2. Take the kids for a Ride at the Greenwood Theme Park
  3. In the summer head to Pickie Fun Park for a day of family fun
  4. Explore Bangor Castle Walled Garden and learn about its history
  5. Go for a hike on the Cwm Idwal National Nature Reserve
  6. Enjoy a river cruise to Puffin Island and spot some wildlife
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FAQs About Where to Stay in Bangor

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about places to stay in Bangor. If you have any questions of your own, drop them in the comments below.

What To Pack For Bangor

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

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Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Bangor

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Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Bangor

The age-old question of where to stay in Bangor is easily answered by answering another question: do you want to be in the midst of all the university and city centre action, or do you want a quieter coastal retreat?

Personally, I think there is something infectious about being around students that makes you feel alive and free-spirited. And there is no better place to stay than the Management Centre on campus, it’s the perfect mix of old and new with modern amenities in a historic setting.

Regardless, if you decide to stay in the upper or lower part of the city centre or venture to the outskirts of Bangor, you won’t be disappointed by this Welsh gem.

Llyn Idwal, Bangor, Snowlandia
Beautiful Bangor – Don’t miss it out.
Looking for more info on visiting Bangor and The UK?

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