With its pristine landscape, untouched natural beauty, or its crystal-clear waters, Lake Placid is full of amazing sights that will take your breath away.

Located in Upstate New York, Lake Placid is the perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you can get back in touch with nature and all its wonder.

One of the coolest things about Lake Placid is that it’s only five hours away from New York City by car. It also has a wide range of accommodation options to suit every travel style and budget. If you’re seeking to get away from it all and want to know the best places to stay in Lake Placid, look no further.

Let’s go!

Where to Stay in Lake Placid

Nestled in Upstate New York, the town of Lake Placid borders its namesake as well as a few other bodies of water, making the area perfect for summer holidays. Staying anywhere near the lake is highly recommended for travelers looking forward to kicking back by the waterside.

Lake Placid is also full of lodges up in the mountains, which is ideal if you love winter sports and stunning views. What’s more, many of these accommodations provide direct access to the best slopes in the area.

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    Best Spa Resort in Lake Placid: Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa

    Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, Lake Placid 1

    Are you a fan of opulence, wellness spas, and waterside views? You can’t do any better than this resort spa, located right in the heart of Lake Placid. Reserve a suite at this family-run establishment and prepare to be wonderfully amazed.

    Best Inn in Lake Placid: Placid Bay Inn

    Placid Bay Inn, Lake Placid 1

    This stunning inn is right by Paradox Bay and only a couple of minute’s walk from Lake Placid’s city center. You can book a fully furnished cottage for your travel party, and the inn also offers kayak hire in summer.

    Best Lodge in Lake Placid: Whiteface Lodge

    Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid 1

    This family-friendly lodge is located near the scenic Whiteface mountain, only a few minute’s drive from Lake Placid’s city center. The hotel specializes in catering to larger groups and boasts stunning mountain views. From the elegantly rustic decor to the massive suites, you won’t regret spending your ski holiday at this winter lodge.

    Lake Placid Neighborhood Guide

    Mirror Lake, Lake Placid

    Mirror Lake

    The iconic Mirror Lake is the largest body of water in town and boasts a swatch of top-tier lakeside resorts. This area not only houses some of the best water sport operators in Lake Placid but also some of the tastiest cuisine in town, think 5-star restaurants with a lakeside view.

    Paradox Bay, Lake Placid 1

    Paradox Bay

    Situated right to the northwest of Mirror Lake is Paradox Bay, an inlet of water that, while not offering much lakeside accommodation, does provide plush lodgings without breaking the bank.

    Whiteface, Lake Placid 1

    Whiteface or Mirror Lake

    If you’re traveling to Lake Placid with the whole family, there’s nearly no better place to stay than Whiteface, named after the famed mountain peak overlooking the area.

    Top 3 Areas to Stay In Lake Placid

    For ski fanatics traveling to Lake Placid, get ready to jet down some world-renowned slopes. These were good enough to host the 1980 Winter Olympics, so staying near the Olympic Sports Complex might be ideal.

    Alternatively, you could try any manner of winter sports. From bobsledding and dog-sledding to ice-skating on a frozen lake, you’ll find them all a reasonable distance from the town center.

    For beach bunnies visiting in the summer, there are also a plethora of activities to choose from. Many resorts promote all-inclusive packages that come with adventure activities, so make sure to keep an eye out for those bargains if they pique your interest. 

    Mirror Lake is the best place to stay in Lake Placid if you’re visiting for the first time. It’s got a bit of everything on offer and is close to Main Street where you’ll find restaurants and shops. It’s not the cheapest destination, but with views of the Adirondack Mountains, it’s quite worth it.

    If you’re traveling on a budget, don’t fret! Paradox Bay provides a cheaper alternative to more central areas. You won’t have to miss out on any of the action though, as it’s also super close to Main Street. There’s heaps to see and do here too.  

    Finally, Whiteface is the best place to stay in Lake Placid for families. It’s full of family-friendly activities and is home to a large variety of accommodation that will cater to your every need.

    1. Mirror Lake – Best Place to Stay in Lake Placid for your First Time

    Mirror Lake, Lake Placid
    One of the most popular destinations in Lake Placid

    The iconic Mirror Lake is the largest body of water in town and boasts a swatch of top-tier lakeside resorts. Here, you’ll find everything from Lake Placid’s best water sports operators in Lake Placid to 5-star restaurants.

    If you’re visiting Lake Placid for the first time, stay by Main Street to get a feel for the town. You’ll find several high-end accommodations here that come with a range of amenities. Spas, gyms, and indoor pools aren’t uncommon here.

    Best Spa Resort in Mirror Lake: Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa 

    Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, Lake Placid

    This majestic lakeside estate is located on the northwest coast of Mirror Lake. Its luxury landed it the AAA Four-Diamond Award for Exceptionality for over 30 years. It was also recently voted as the second Most Beautiful Lakeside Hotel in the Country. 

    The resort provides its esteemed clientele with a long list of vacation packages and still operates as a family-owned business. You won’t regret making this your base in Lake Placid, as long as you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks along the way.

    Best Romantic Resorts for Couples in Mirror Lake: The Haus on Mirror Lake 

    The Haus on Mirror Lake,Lake Placid

    These contemporary lodgings are some of the newest vacation rentals in Mirror Lake. Located right on Main Street to the west of Mirror Lake, The Haus features elegant decor and breathtaking views of the mountains.

    Couples craving a romantic weekend in the countryside will love it here; The Haus’ Victorian-style arched windows and sweeping balconies are just the ticket.

    Best Accommodation for Large Groups in Mirror Lake: High Peaks Resort 

    High Peaks Resort, Lake Placid

    This gorgeous mountain retreat is ideal for solo travelers or large groups. The resort lies on the west bank of Mirror Lake and features huge, glamorous hotel rooms that come stocked with jacuzzis and/or fireplaces for the ultimate winter holiday.

    High Peaks Resort is part of Lake Placid’s Waterfront Collection, so you’ll actually have three properties to choose from.

    High Peaks Resort is one of our favourites in Lake Placid but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

    Things to See and Do in Mirror Lake:

    Lake Placid, The Adirondacks 1
    Take in some of the breathtaking scenery

    While there are all manners of activity sports to partake in Lake Placid, Mirror Lake is undoubtedly home to some of the best things to see and do for solo travelers or groups: 

    • Stroll down Main Street to explore the town’s most popular area.
    • Visit the Olympic Sports Center.
    • Take a trip to Mirror Lake Public Beach.
    • Fish along the water’s edge.
    • Get some grub at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
    • Swim in the lake.
    • Rent a jet-ski for some midday fun.
    • Rent a canoe or kayak to explore the lake on your own.
    • Go biking around the lake.
    • Have a picnic by the lakeside.
    • Go hiking in the nearby mountains.
    • Go skiing in the Adirondack Mountains.
    • Rent or hire a boat for a tour of the lake.
    • Visit the local national park.
    • Go ice-skating on a frozen lake.
    • Go for a dog sled ride through a winter wonderland.
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    2. Paradox Bay – Where to Stay in Lake Placid on a Budget

    Paradox Bay, Lake Placid 1
    Save money without compromising on location

    Situated right to the northwest of Mirror Lake is Paradox Bay. While it doesn’t offer much lakeside accommodation, it does provide plush lodgings that won’t break the bank. Most of these consist of picturesque inns or lodges, that are usually spacious and come highly-reviewed.

    Best yet, Paradox Bay is still very close to Main Street. That means you won’t have to be afraid of missing out on any thrills and can still make the most of your vacation.

    Best Accommodation for Large Groups in Paradox Bay: Town House Lodge 

    Town House Lodge, Lake Placid

    A mere stone’s throw away from Main Street, you’ll stumble upon Town House Lodge. This is a chic motel perfect for year-round travelers, featuring a heated pool and boat launch. No matter when you visit, you’ll have everything you need right here.

    Best Inn in Paradox Bay: Placid Bay Inn

    Placid Bay Inn, Lake Placid

    This cozy yet spacious inn not only offers suites, but also provides fully-stocked cottages for larger groups. Lying on Paradox Bay’s southern coast, Placid Bay Inn is a short walk from Main Street without the steep cost.

    While staying at Placid Bay Inn, make sure to take advantage of their free canoe or kayak rentals so you can see Lake Placid up close. You won’t regret it!

    Best Inn for Couples or Solo Travelers in Paradox Bay: Interlaken Inn 

    Interlaken Inn, Lake Placid

    Lovingly constructed in 1912, Interlaken Inn lies right between Mirror Lake and Paradox Bay. This makes it ideal for those who want to be close to the town center without breaking the bank.

    Suites are comfortable and quaintly decorated. Try some delicious fare at its on-site restaurant with a glass of award-winning wine.

    Things to See and Do in Paradox Bay:

    Paradox Bay, Lake Placid 2

    Paradox Bay might not be central, but its proximity to everything means there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied:

    • Go for a swim in the bay.
    • Rent a canoe or kayak to explore the lake at your own pace.
    • Rent or hire a boat for a private tour of the lake.
    • Learn to waterski at a local instruction academy.
    • Rent a bicycle to explore the area on wheels.
    • Visit the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.
    • Put on your hiking boots and explore the nearby mountains. 
    • Dine at Redneck Bistro.
    • Venture downtown to Main Street to find more action in the town center.

    3. Whiteface or Mirror Lake – Best Area in Lake Placid for Families

    Whiteface, Lake Placid 1
    Whiteface is named after the white mountain peak overlooking the area

    If you’re traveling to Lake Placid with the family, there’s nearly no better place to stay than Whiteface. Here, you’ll find some of the most extravagant hotels and lodges in Lake Placid. These include suites and cottages where you can comfortably fit the whole clan.

    Whiteface notwithstanding, Mirror Lake also houses some great family-friendly options. Most places offer a wide range of packages, which typically include outdoor sports activities to keep everyone entertained. What more could you ask for?

    Best Lodge for Families in Whiteface: Placid Peak Lodge

    If you want to stay near the Adirondacks, Placid Peak Lodge is perfect. It combines rustic-style comfort and modern amenities while still providing room for the entire family.

    With five bedrooms, you won’t have to worry about being crammed into this mountain paradise. Try out Placid Peak Lodge’s fireplace to really soak up the lodging’s wonder before a good night’s sleep.

    Best Suites in Whiteface: Whiteface Lodge

    Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid

    This lodge and resort is the ultimate destination for travelers looking to get away with their families. The upmarket, all-suite accommodations feature a rustic design for those who wish to feel at one with the great outdoors.

    You can find the resort tucked into Adirondack’s woodlands, just a mile from Lake Placid. You’ll still get many outdoor activities for your little ones within walking distance.

    Best Hotel for Families in Mirror Lake: Hampton Inn & Suites

    Hampton Inn and Suites, Lake Placid

    Set a mere two blocks away from Main Street is Hampton Inn & Suites. This is ideal for families traveling with smaller children and offers unbeatable views.

    The hotel provides direct access to the lake for water sports or ice-skating, as well as a heated indoor pool. Book a suite for you and the kids, and start each day with a delicious complimentary breakfast.

    Things to See and Do in Whiteface:

    Whiteface, Lake Placid 2

    Whiteface is one of the best places to stay in Lake Placid for fans of scenic views and outdoor activities:

    • Drive to the top of Whiteface peak, the only peak reachable by car.
    • Visit the Lake Placid Dam.
    • Hike the Peninsula Trails.
    • Trek around Jackrabbit Trail Head.
    • Take some nature shots of Whiteface Mountain.
    • Hire a boat to visit Buck Island.
    • Go for a swim in the lake.
    • Rent a canoe or kayak for the day.
    • Take a trip to the local national park.
    • Go camping in the woodlands.
    • Go skiing in the Adirondack mountains
    • Try snowshoeing in the forest.
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    Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Lake Placid

    Whether you’re planning a winter vacation or a big New York road trip, you can rest assured that you’ll find some great accommodation. Year-round, you’ll find something to suit your travel style and budget.

    Mirror Lake, Paradox Bay, and Whiteface arguably offer the best hotels, inns, and resorts in the area. Places fill up quickly though, so make sure to reserve a suite or cottage in advance.

    Revel in the quiet splendor of the Adirondack Mountains as your backdrop. Spend days hiking, swimming, or visiting any of Lake Placid’s many restaurants. After a long day of adventuring in Lake Placid’s great outdoors, you’ll have earned your relaxation in luxury.

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    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!