Travellers these days are looking for something more than cookie-cutter hotels and motels. They are seeking accommodations that are unique, flashy, fun and cool! Who wants to show off an average hotel suite on Insta stories when you can give a tour of your own private potato – yes, that isn’t a typo..

With ultra eccentric and quirky properties popping up all over the country, and conveniently listed on Airbnb, finding somewhere unforgettable to stay is a breeze!

For a getaway off the grid, and far from mainstream, check out some of the coolest Airbnbs in the US.

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    1. Whisper Rock Ranch – California

    Whisper Rock Ranch
    • $1587.00 / Night
    • Located in a remote desert area of Pioneertown, California, surrounded by scenery and nature

    Go off the grid and sink into natural surroundings at this amazing property in the middle of the desert. Picture a cosy sleeping loft above an open-plan living area with huge windows facing the mountains. 

    Come evening, I don’t know which I would rather do; chill on the deck and explore the night sky with the telescope or soak in the hot tub under the stars. I know my mornings would be spent in the pool! The best part is it’s all powered by solar energy so you can have a fun vacation and help the environment at the same time.

    Check out some more of our favorite California Airbnbs!

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      2. The Tiki Suite – Florida

      The Tiki Suite
      • $777.00 / Night
      • Key West, Florida a short distance away from The Hemingway Home and Museum and The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

      Glamping is the trendy thing now, but what about glamping on water? Oh yes, there’s such a thing. 

      If you’re looking for where to stay Key West, Florida, get ready for a one-of-kind accommodation experience. This property is off-the-grid but has many amenities to make up for the lack of modern conveniences. Who wants modern conveniences when you have a king bed in front of French doors that open up to the ocean?

      Watching dolphins and manatees from a hammock, anyone? Snorkelling with stingrays or paddle boarding into the sunset sounds amazing! Did I mention this place is so remote that you can only reach it via water taxi? Yeah, no crowds here! After dark, just ask Alexa to turn the lights on for you.

      3. The Glass Treehouse – Atlanta

      The Glass Treehouse
      • $318.00 / Night
      • Located in Atlanta, Georgia in the Grant Park neighbourhood close to top attractions

      I always think of treehouses as being made from wood, so imagine my surprise at discovering that there’s a glass treehouse not too far away from the urban sprawl of Atlanta. This is a bloody epic spot to stay in Atlanta.

      If the first thing that comes to mind is that an all-glass house must have floor-to-ceiling windows, you would be right! It also has wooden floors, ultra-modern furnishings and an open-floor concept with high ceilings to ensure that natural light flows throughout. The beautiful outdoor living area is the perfect place to relax and watch the birds and squirrels. No worries about meals, you’ll have everything you need on hand in the fully-equipped kitchen.

      Georgia has some amazing treehouses, but this is by far a fave!

      4. Creekside Hideaway – Montana

      Creekside Hideaway
      • $376.00 / Night
      • Located in Clancy, Montana only a short drive away from restaurants and parks

      Montana is one of the best places to visit in the US for many reasons, including its epic accommodation. Not your typical mountain foothills getaway, this unique Airbnb with chic Scandinavian details is both fun and cozy. I bet you’ve never showered in a tree trunk before. Well, here’s your chance!

      There’s a secret passage to a lovely master bedroom, but I would be fighting for a bed in one of the little sleeping nooks equipped with its own light and outlet. After spending time outdoors hiking and exploring, evenings in front of the fireplace provide perfect endings to your days in the Elk Horn Mountains.  

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      The Grace Airstream at Progress Park
      • $146.00 / Night
      • Located in Progress Park in Derby City, Kentucky close to shopping, restaurants bars and cultural attractions

      You’ve likely seen the outside of a vintage Airstream camper, but have you ever stayed inside a fully-refurbished one? Glamping is taken to a whole new level in this 1974 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

      It has easy access to nature, including a beach right outside, and all the luxuries you’d get at a full-service hotel. With wood floors, a full kitchen and chic decor, it won’t feel like you’re staying in a camper. It’s the fire pit and cozy hammock right outside that give it that rugged, outdoorsy feel! This Kentucky Airbnb won’t disappoint.

      6. The Pinecone Treehouse – California

      The Pinecone Treehouse
      • $569.00 / Night
      • Situated in Bonny Doon, California about 15 minutes away from Santa Cruz and Felton

      There are many treehouse accommodations around, but this one might just be the coolest airbnb in the US. I say that because who doesn’t want to stay in an authentic treehouse like the ones you dreamed about as a kid.

      Be aware, if you’re afraid of heights, this one may not be for you. However, if you’re fanatical about getting a true Redwood Forest canopy experience, the adventure begins with a 35-foot climb up a ladder. You’ll love the transparent floor panels! A private outdoor shower allows you to be even closer to nature!

      7. The Silo – Missouri

      The Silo
      • $240.00 / Night
      • Situated on five acres in Bonne Terre, Missouri within 15 minutes from restaurants and many attractions

      Knock “slept in a farm silo” off your bucket list with a stay at this unique Missouri Airbnb. You get the entire place to yourself which means you get the hammock and the double-decker deck all to yourself too.

      The chic decor is a stark contrast to the rugged exterior, and luxuries like a marble walk-in shower and cosy electric fireplace add to its charm. Nothing beats preparing dinner outdoors on a BBQ grill followed by an evening chillin’ around a roaring fire in the on-site fire pit.

      Bedrock Homestead Cave
      • $320.00 / Night
      • Situated in the Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument only eight miles away from the small town of Boulder, Utah

      Bring along your creativity because the only thing more unique than the fact that you’ll be sleeping in a cave is that this cave has a jam room, and rockin’ out is encouraged!

      While not completely off-the-grid, the hydroelectricity that runs the property has limitations, so you’ll have opportunities to unplug, relax and take in the fascinating surroundings. And you know a place is remote when you have to drive through a river to get there! 

      You won’t find many crowds of people here, but there are farm animals to hang out with. On clear nights, take a hike to the top of the cave and catch a spectacular sunset. Watch the night sky free of light pollution or wake up early to catch the sun coming up over the desert.

      The Nooq: Minimalist Chalet
      • $1206.00 / Night
      • In Whitefish, Montana near many hiking trails and parks including Whitefish Lake State Park

      Don’t let the word minimalist scare you into thinking this incredible place lacks in the amenities and design departments! A beautiful Scandinavian design means bedrooms with extra-large windows and cathedral ceilings.

      With ski-in access to the slopes of Whitefish, you can spend your days skiing while looking forward to a snug evening by a hanging wood fireplace. The background to your stay is your choice of music on the in-house SONOS sound system. I would be spending most of my time in the cosy loft, but perhaps your downtime is better spent cooking up a storm in the fully-equipped kitchen.

      10. The Lily Pad – Ohio

      The Lily Pad
      • $608.00 – $481.00 / Night
      • Located in Hocking Hills State Park near Logan, Ohio and close to many hiking trails, nature areas and attractions

      I think this shipping container-turned-tiny-home is definitely one of the coolest Airbnbs in the US. I mean, how do you turn a plain object such as a shipping container into a luxurious retreat complete with a full kitchen, bathroom, dining area and fireplace?!

      Even the bedroom is state-of-the-art with a large full-view window and blackout blind that you can control via remote. How cool is that?

      But wait, here’s the best part! A motorized garage door opens up to a patio with a hot tub, outdoor swing, grill and ambient lighting for those evenings you’d rather spend outdoors surrounded by nature. This home is a dream!

      11. Twilight Swan House – Oregon

      Twilight Swan House
      • 330.00 / Night
      • Situated in a quiet neighbourhood in Saint Helens within walking distance of the downtown area

      Twilight fans rejoice! This is your opportunity to stay in the house that belonged to Charlie and Bella Swan in the movie.

      Built in the 1930s, the home is furnished with a mix of pieces that were featured in the movie and newer additions. You can eat dinner at Charlie’s table, and even sleep in Bella’s bedroom! If you’re a true fan, you can recreate iconic scenes such as the one where Bella greets Edward from the window of the lookout room ;). Or you can just enjoy a cosy evening snug by the fireplace, or curled up on the back patio under the stars.

      Be sure to try out some of the best hiking spots in Oregon, too!

      Private Sage Canyon Cliff House
      • 355.00 / Night
      • Situated on Sleeping Ute Mountain in McElmo Canyon only 40 minutes away from Mesa Verde, Colorado

      Among the most unique Airbnbs in the United States is this gem built right into the side of a cliff. And yes, in case you were wondering, the cliff is part of the interior decor. You can’t get a more unique place to stay in Colorado!

      This cabin is fully-equipped, minus a few things no one really needs on a relaxing escape from everyday life. In other words, there are no TVs to be found so you’ll be encouraged to enjoy the peaceful, natural desert surroundings.  The cosy outdoor porch is a perfect spot to watch the sunset, view wildlife, or observe the night sky.

      Grass-roofed Earthen Hobbit Hut
      • $120.00 / Night
      • Located in Geyserville in California Wine Country

      If you’ve ever wanted to live like a hobbit or just simply enjoy a peaceful, rustic Middle-Earth-inspired space, this is the place for you.

      It’s small, but talk about cosy! Everything you need for comfort is inside this little cob hut. Everything else you need, including outdoor showers, a dining area, library and coffee bar, is just outside and are shared with other like-minded people who enjoy tranquillity and nature.

      Meditate in the on-site temple or soak up some vitamin D in the pool. Enjoy an end-of-day soak in the hot tub followed by a steamy session in the sauna or just sit around a communal fire under the stars.

      14. The Caterpillar – Detroit

      The Caterpillar
      • $203.00 / Night
      • Centrally located in the Core City neighbourhood of Detroit, Michigan

      There’s nothing like a little artsy retreat in the middle of urban sprawl. When you look at the outside of this caterpillar-shaped dome, you would never guess that the inside is a beautiful mix of contemporary and vintage furnishings. This is a freakin’ cool Airbnb in Detroit.

      Imagine cooking up a storm in a modern fully-equipped kitchen while rockin’ out to the oldies on the vinyl record player. 24-foot ceilings add a touch of luxury and airiness to this incredible space.

      It’s easy to explore Detroit from this unique spot!

      Agave Suite at JTH Tucson
      • $423.00 / Night
      • Located on 40 acres in a remote area near Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona

      At this incredible nature lodge, you’ll stay in a private room with access to everything to make your vacation dreams come true. How does dinner at sunset on an outdoor patio sound? Care for morning coffee on the rooftop lounge as the sun comes up over the desert? Or how about a relaxing, refreshing dip in the pool? Sounds like my kind of place and we didn’t even get to the room yet!

      This Tucson Airbnb has is all with a full kitchen, fireplace to sit around on those chilly nights, and a private balcony to observe the undisturbed night sky. Did I mention that breakfast is served each morning? How’s that for a perfect start to your day before heading to the yoga room for some pre-adventuring zen time.

      16. ManCave Apartment – Florida

      ManCave Apartment
      • $117.00 / Night
      • Situated on a private airstrip in Geneva, Florida a short drive away from beaches and top attractions

      Although the name implies a perfect getaway for the guys, ladies enjoy staying here too. Even pets are welcome in this Florida Airbnb!

      What makes this one of the most unique Airbnbs around is it’s located in an airplane hangar. If admiring the workings of classic cars and farm equipment is your idea of leisure time, this is the place for you!

      Forget about perfectly placed ornaments and frilly things, the interior of this place is packed with all the vintage items your heart could desire from old bar signs to nostalgic pictures. Oh, and there’s a bar and fireplace, too!

      17. Underground Hygge – Washington

      Underground Hygge
      • $253.00 – $508.00 / Night
      • Situated on six acres of mountainous landscape in Orondo, Washington

      Located in the side of a mountain, this cosy little place, complete with a classic round door and rustic interior, is like something out of a fairytale! Enter into a world of warmth and cosiness with a fireplace and classic furnishings.

      Exit into the vast countryside with rolling hills as far as the eye can see. It’s remote, and the scenery is out of this world. There are no crowds but some rabbits and deer may join you for morning coffee.

      Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway
      • $325.00 / Night
      • Located in Topanga, California near Topanga State Park, Santa Monica and Malibu

      Just when you thought you’d seen all the most unique Airbnbs, this one jumps out to surprise you. It’s like tropical island paradise meets pirates’ quarters!

      You get the rustic guest house all to yourself, and the property has everything you could need in a fun, quirky accommodation. Waterfalls, ponds, tropical decor, ambient lighting and lush greenery – oh my! Hang out in the hammock, hot tub, outdoor daybed or patio – the choices are endless.

      19. Converted WWII Train Car – Tennessee

      Converted WWII Train Car
      • $210.00 / Night
      • Located in Maryville, Tennessee in a hidden away location

      It looks like an old WWII train car on the outside, but it’s a palace on the inside! Of course, the lovely patio is a dead giveaway that there’s something more to this place than meets the eye!

      When you step inside, you step into history.  This former kitchen train car has been transformed into a stunning, open-plan Airbnb complete with wood flooring and bright, contemporary decor. Outside, you can enjoy campfires around the fire pit and starry nights relaxing in the gazebo.

      I hope you like dogs because there are six adorable pups ready to greet and slobber all over you! You won’t find another Tennessee Airbnb like this one.

      The Big Idaho Potato Hotel Farm Stay
      • $350.00 – $400.00 / Night
      • Approximately 20 miles South of downtown Boise, Idaho

      So far, you’ve read about some pretty unique properties, but this has got to be the most unique Airbnb on this list.  You’ll be sleeping in a giant root vegetable, but digs are far from the dirty earth where potatoes grow.

      Once part of a cross-country Big Idaho Potato Tour (yes, that’s a real thing), this spud found its final resting place on a large plot of farmland featuring an outdoor dining area. Inside, you’ll be surprised to find a full bathroom and kitchen, a fireplace, a record player and a bright, beautifully-designed interior.

      That silo you see in the back? That’s where you can enjoy a relaxing soak with a view of the night sky!

      The Bloomhouse by Lodgewell
      • $713.00 / Night
      • Located in a remote area on a hill above Austin, Texas

      If corners and confined spaces (think office cubicles) represent the limitations we have on our everyday lives, The Bloomhouse represents everything that goes against those limitations. In other words, here’s your ideal escape from the rat race, where you can leave those confined spaces behind.

      Literally, because there are no corners or straight lines to be found in this unicorn-shaped structure. It has been restored to its original 1970s magnificence, just as it was when free-spirited hippies dared to escape the ordinary. The seclusion, the architectural wonders of the interior and the beautiful outdoor space with a fabulous dining area make this a must-experience Airbnb.

      Located close to the heart of town, you can visit the best bits of Austin with a calm home to return to.

      Fully Restored 1920’s Sheep Wagon
      • $159.00 / Night
      • Situated on 65,000 acres of farmland in Shirley Basin, Wyoming

      If roughing it is your style, why not take a step away from the usual tents and try out something completely different and fun! This restored 1920s sheep wagon has been kitted out for a comfortable, not luxurious, stay.

      If you want to leave modern conveniences behind during your downtime, it’s easy to do when you’re surrounded by wide-open farmland as far as the eye can see! Inside the wagon, you have everything you need including a large bed and a wood-burning stove. There’s no electricity, but you can bring your own generator to plug in.

      Private and Secluded Large House
      • $513.00 / Night
      • Situated in Palm Springs, California close to hiking and biking trails

      Ceilings 26 feet high, two and a half bathrooms, a giant kitchen with indoor and outdoor dining areas – what is this, a castle?

      Not quite. It’s a geodesic dome house, and another one of the most unique Airbnbs in California. The giant windows overlook the mountains, desert and nearby Palm Springs. There’s also a pretty cool loft bedroom!

      Outside, you have five acres of space to roam. The city lights of Palm Springs can be seen at night, but they don’t obstruct the starry sky!

      Dreamy Treehouse Above Park City
      • $257.00 / Night
      • Situated in a scenic canyon about an hour away from Park City, Utah

      This incredible treehouse is like something out of a kids adventure movie, with some fancy grown-up touches. 

      It’s only accessible by 4×4, which means you won’t be bumping into too many people. In my opinion, it doesn’t feel like a real treehouse unless it’s remote and surrounded by nature. Two-legged visitors may be scarce, but you will sure get a visit from some four-legged ones! Fancy hanging out with a moose?

      The wood interior gives it a rustic feel, while the full kitchen adds a touch of luxury. I think the bedroom loft with a skylight would be my favourite spot to hang out. But then again, there’s that private deck that opens up to the undisturbed night sky.

      25. Invisible House – California

      Invisible House
      • $4212.00 / Night
      • Located in Joshua Tree California on 90 acres of land that features a mountain and hiking trails

      This impressive mirrored home is a whopping 22 stories long and creates a magnificent sci-fi image in the desert.

      Inside, you’ll find a 100-foot pool, three enormous suites and a dream kitchen. The grand floor-to-ceiling windows look out over every inch of the desert. You can spend your days looking out over the landscape, reading books in the streaming natural light, and enjoying calm tunes on the sound system.

      If you’ve been looking for a place to escape – or your own spaceship – this is the spot for you.

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      Final Thoughts

      So, there you have it – 25 of the coolest Airbnbs in the United States! 

      These are the places you want to book if you’re wanting to escape reality, get away from the norm, and have an ADVENTURE. Why would you stay in a run of the mill hotel when a potato awaits – can you tell I’m obsessed.

      Whether you wish to be tucked away in the mountains, off-the-grid in the desert or suspended from a tree in a Redwood Forest, Airbnb has the place for you. 

      And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!