Dropping out from the annals of history like a peregrine falcon after a dopey waterfowl with sub-average IQ, Napoli has entered the Italian city hall of fame in excellent style.

Sorry. I meant EXCELLENT style.

Home to a big mountain that probably won’t explode, a sizeable collection of renaissance art, and blatant pizza-making arrogance, lining up a Napoli trip is a strong suggestion.

But where should you place your precious baggage, your semi-precious second child, and your Hello-Kitty pencil case?

In my top tier guide to where to stay in Naples, not only will I be rolling out a corner of carpet for you to sleep on, but there may be some actual accommodation. Who knows 😉

Let’s check out the top places to stay in Naples…

Naples is amazing. Definitely go here.

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Where To Stay In Naples

So you’re smashing out an Italy Backpacking trip and need a semi-clean plate for your microwave meals? These are my top places to stay in Naples…

Pizzasleep | Best Hotel in Naples


Pizzasleep offers comfortable rooms in a very central location. Featuring private bathrooms, air conditioning, and terraces with every room, you’ll have no trouble exploring the city’s main attractions and narrow cobbled streets. A delicious breakfast buffet is served in the morning, and each room comes equipped with mountain, sea or skyline views. The hotel also has an airport shuttle service.

Tric Trac Hostel | Best Hostel in Naples

Tric Trac Hostel

Located in the heart of the historic centre of Naples, this is easily one of the best hostels in Naples. Offering super clean, modern, and spacious rooms, a cool roof terrace to hang out, and free breakfast every morning, this hostel isn’t just very affordable; you’ll also get a ton of value for the low price. On top of that, the staff is incredibly helpful and gives the best recommendations for hotspots in the city.

Terrace Manù | Best Airbnb in Naples

Terrace Manù

If you are on the lookout for a Napoli accommodation that wows, then check out Terrace Manù. The views are obscene. With room for up to 4 guests, this top-floor loft looks out over the city, mountain and sea to give every moment an extra spicing. Conveniently located in the Vomero district, this Airbnb is within walking distance of both the Castel Sant’ Elmo and Certosa di San Martino. A top choice for any stay in Naples!

Naples Neighborhood Guide – Places to Stay in Naples

Centro Storico, Naples

Centro Storico

Naples’ Centro Storico, or Old Town in English, is the true heart of Naples. Its charm comes from the narrow cobbled streets and the old medieval houses, which have been very well preserved. The Centro Storico has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995.

Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples

Quartieri Spagnoli

Quartieri Spagnoli means the Spanish Quarters and gets its name from the Spanish garrisons who used to be housed there in the 16th century to stop the insurrections coming from the local population. In more recent times, Quartieri Spagnoli used to be rotten with crime and prostitution, which are now almost gone completely.

Vomero, Naples


The Vomero neighbourhood is located in a hilly part of Naples and one of the upscale areas of the city. From there, you will get fantastic views over the Centro Storico and the city centre, the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius standing tall in the background.

Chiaia, Naples


Chiaia is an upscale neighbourhood of Naples. While it is a bit further away from the historical centre, Chiaia is considered to be the trendiest area of Naples. Here, the streets are lined up with Italian designer fashion stores and artsy boutiques, making it the coolest neighbourhood in Naples.

Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples

Piazza del Plebiscito

When you are travelling with kids, you want to stay in the heart of the action to avoid long commuting times. Piazza del Plebiscito offers just that, located close to the sea and the neighbourhoods of Quartieri Spagnoli and Centro Storico.

Naples is the main city in the Campania region, and even has a fun volcano you can play on!

(ED: no no no…)

There are a ton of brilliant things to do in and around Naples, so knocking out a saucy itinerary will help you work out what you want to do.

Squeezed in between the slopes of the active volcano Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, the city surely has many charms, and some top nightlife too!

Naples is, without a doubt, the capital of pizza, and some argue the best pizza in the world can only be found here. Surely, that makes it one of the best places to stay in Italy?

The Centro Storico, also known as the Old Town, boasts very well-preserved historic buildings and was added to the UNESCO Work Heritage list in 1995. Today, you can still wander around the small cobbled streets lined with buildings dating back as far as Medieval times.

I mean, there’s plenty of choice.

The Naples historic centre is home to many of the places you’ll want to visit whilst here, and you’ll find them just a short walk away.

For a more exclusive and well-off vibe, you should head to the Chiaia neighborhood. It is filled with Italian designer shops and luxurious apartments. Chiaia is a bit further off from the centre and the main attractions, but that means it is a great place to stay for some peace and quiet.

The Spanish Quarter, or Quartieri Spagnoli, offers some excellent budget accommodation options, whilst also containing some of the city’s most intriguing history.

Finally, for great views over Vesuvius, head to Posillipo, located on the shores of the Gulf of Naples. This neighborhood is full of beautiful Roman villas and has a charm you will not find anywhere in the city.

Still wondering whether life is a sim and where the best places to stay in Naples are? No worries, let’s delve into the detail…

5 Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Naples

Naples is a city, and just like other cities, it is broken down into different bits so everyone knows where they are. Here are the top neighborhoods in Naples, their crowning accommodations, and a few things to do

1. Centro Storico (Old Town) – Where to stay in Naples your first time

Naples’ Centro Storico, or Old Town in English, is the true heart of Naples and the historic centre of the city. Its charm comes from the narrow cobbled streets, baroque churches, and old medieval houses, which have been very well preserved. The Centro Storico has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995.

While walking around, you will be able to find hundreds of small shops and restaurants serving traditional Italian food, including the world-famous and envied Napoli pizza. On sunny days, you can also take a moment to look at the Italian mamas hanging their laundry high up in the sky in between houses!

Centro Storico, Naples
Centro Storico is the heart of the action and easily the best place to stay in Naples for your first time

The Centro Storico also reminds travellers of Naples’ history, which dates back to Greek times. This makes it one of the most ancient cities in Europe and it’s where many of the main tourist attractions are located.

The Centro Storico neighborhoods are also full of magnificent churches that should not be missed. In particular, go visit the Grand Duomo and the church of Santa Chiara. You’re also just a short walk from the train station too.

Albergo Palazzo Decumani | Best Hotel in Centro Storico

Albergo Palazzo Decumani

Albergo Palazzo Decumani offers comfortable accommodation in Naples’ Centro Storico. On arrival, you will be greeted with a complimentary aperitif. The contemporary and spacious rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV. Room service and a free wifi connection are available.

Hostel Mancini | Best Hostel in Centro Storico

Hostel Mancini

Hostel Mancini is centrally located in the Centro Storico of Naples and near the central station area. It offers private rooms with an ensuite or shared bathroom and single beds in dorm rooms. Bed linens are included, as well as a free Wifi connection, complimentary breakfast, and air conditioning.

Centro Storico Apartment | Best Airbnb in Centro Storico

Centro Storico Apartment

If you’re a couple looking to get to know Napoli intimately in an organic way, then take a glance at this apartment! Equipped with not one, but two gorgeous roof terraces, this Airbnb is literally a five-minute walk from everything you could need, including the subway! The owners are also happy to set up a cot for very young children.

Things to Do in Centro Storico

Centro Storico ttd Naples Italy
Italian old buildings are just stunning. Stunning I tell you!
  1. Visit the Naples Duomo, one of the city’s symbols
  2. Shop for some traditional Italian Christmas decorations in Via San Gregorio Armeno
  3. Sample the sensational Naples cuisine with a tasty street food tour!
  4. Marvel at the Santa Chiara complex, including a church, a museum, a cloister, and Roman baths
  5. Try some unusual pizza (for the Italians!) at Sorbillo
  6. Join a Naples history tour, exploring the city’s legends, cults, and origins.
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2. Quartieri Spagnoli – Where to stay in Naples on a budget

The Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarter) gets its name from the Spanish garrisons that used to be housed here in the 16th century. And while almost every historic city section had some nefarious purpose or character in the past, I can confirm that the Spanish Quarter is actually very pleasant now.

Today, Quartieri Spagnoli is a very popular neighborhood in the centre of town and offers a number of budget accommodation options for backpackers and budget travellers. If you’re on the lookout for good quality budget hotels, then this is a great spot too.

Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples
Quartieri Spagnoli offers great budget accommodation options

There are plenty of sights to see, like the Castel Nuovo, which is one of the landmarks of the city. Dating back to Medieval times, this castle features 5 circular towers and a triumphal arch. Visitors can go inside the castle and admire the beautiful architecture while getting great views over the city from the top of the ramparts.

You will also enjoy walking around the narrow streets filled with traditional trattorias and pizzerias. A pit stop is compulsory to taste one of the best cuisines in Italy!

NapoliMia Hotel de Charme | Best Hotel in Quartieri Spagnoli

NapoliMia Hotel de Charme

This luxury hotel is a true gem in the heart of the Spanish Quarter. The modernly decorated rooms feature air conditioning, a private bathroom, soundproofing, a work desk, and a flat-screen TV. In the morning, a superb buffet breakfast is served to guests in the breakfast room.

Toledo Penthouse | Amazing Apartment in Quartieri Spagnoli

Toledo Penthouse 1 Apartment

Step out of your door and find yourself in the heart of the historic quarter. With shops, cute cafes, and great restaurants, you’ve got everything you need within a short walking distance. This cute apartment is on the top part of a renovated house, meaning that you’ll have to walk up a few stairs. With only the best amenities, you’ll have a hard time leaving this charming little place. 

Tric Trac Hostel | Best Hostel in Quartieri Spagnoli

Tric Trac Hostel

The Tric Trac Hostel is the best luxury hotel in Naples.

Okay, no not really, but it is within walking distance of the top attractions, has comfortable and clean rooms, and makes it easy to make some friends on the road!

Girl’s dorms are available, there are multiple hangout areas and a great kitchen for whipping up some top tier meals.

The Neighborhood Terrace | Charming Home in Quartieri Spagnoli

The Neighbourhood Terrace

You’ll be smack dab in the middle of a local neighborhood, and will instantly feel a warm welcome from the neighborhood with lots of local restaurants. While you are here, enjoy the countless theatrical performances and visit the historic churches around the corner from the Quartier Spagnoli! The room is perfect for couples but can sleep 3 with a pullout bed.

Things to Do in the Spanish Quarter

Quartieri Spagnoli ttd Naples Italy
  1. Explore the medieval Castel Nuovo, one of the architectural landmarks of the city
  2. Engage with the city by becoming a pizza maker!
  3. Go underground and explore the catacombs and geothermal tunnels
  4. Head out to Pompeii and the Herculaneum for the day!
  5. Learn the history of Naples since the Greek times at the National Archaeologic Museum

3. Vomero – The best area to stay in Naples for nightlife

The Vomero neighborhood is located in a hilly part of Naples and is one of the upscale areas of the city. From there, you will get fantastic views over the Centro Storico and the city centre, the Gulf of Naples, and the Vesuvius standing tall in the background.

While prices in Vomero are higher than in the rest of the city, the neighborhood remains a hip and artsy cluster, where smart nightlife is going on almost every day of the week.

Vomero, Naples
Upscale and lively – Vomero has some awesome nightlife

During the day, wander the hilly streets to shop for some vintage Italian fashion and designer clothes, or go learn about the political history of Naples at the Castle of St Elmo, which was built in 1275.

To get some truly local vibes, head to the Vomero market, where fresh fruit and vegetables are sold along with traditional Italian cheeses and meats.

Villa Albina | Best Hotel in Vomero

Villa Albina

Villa Albina offers modernly decorated rooms fitted with air conditioning and an ensuite bathroom in Vomero. During the summer, guests can relax in the quiet garden, or enjoy a drink at the bar. A good breakfast is served every morning. The front desk provides luggage storage, room service, and a wake-up service.

La Controra Hostel Naples | Best Hostel in Vomero

La Controra Hostel Naples

La Controra Hostel is located within walking distance of the Vomero neighborhood in Naples. There, you will enjoy the spacious garden where you can relax during the hot summer days. Inside, dorm beds and private rooms with an ensuite bathroom are available. Free wifi and a fully equipped kitchen can be used at your convenience.

Sparkling Central Apartment | Best Airbnb in Vomero

Charming Italian Style Home

If you add a charming design and a top location together, you get this stunning Italian Airbnb. Located in the heart of Vomero, you’ll be close to public transport, amazing restaurants, and cosy little cafes. The modern design and style will keep you as happy indoors as you will be outdoors in Vomero. With a sunny format and stunning views over the city, this stay in Naples is one to be snapped up.

Things to Do in Vomero

Vomero ttd Naples Italy
  1. Take in the views over the rest of the city, the sea, and the Vesuvius
  2. Learn about the political history of the city at the Castle of St Elmo
  3. Catch a game of the Internapoli at the Stadio Arturo Collana
  4. Leave Vomero and head to the Amalfi Coast for a day! Classic.
  5. Shop for some vintage Italian fashion
  6. Smell all the delicious fresh produce and food at the Vomero market
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4. Chiaia – The Coolest place to stay in Naples

Chiaia is an upscale neighborhood of Naples. While it is a bit further away from the historical centre, Chiaia is considered to be the trendiest area of Naples. Here, the streets are lined up with Italian designer fashion stores and artsy boutiques, making it the coolest neighborhood in Naples.

Of course, a cool neighborhood does not come without hip and trendy cafés and restaurants. In Chiaia, the traditional coffee and pizza often come with a more upscale twist, in order to satisfy the local clientele.

Chiaia, Naples
Chiaia is a quiet yet trendy neighborhood in Naples

Chiaia, thanks to its location away from the main bustle of the city, also provides a good alternative to find some peace and a quiet place to stay. Whatever your Naples itinerary entails, this is a good base for it.

Exe Majestic Naples | Best Hotel in Chiaia

Exe Majestic Naples

Exe Majestic Naples offers luxurious accommodations in the upscale neighborhood of Chiaia. The rooms are fitted with hardwood floors, a private bathroom, air conditioning and a minibar. The modern hotel also has a 24-hour reception, laundry, and an ironing service. A buffet breakfast is served in the morning.

6 Small Rooms | Best Hostel in Chiaia

6 Small Rooms

The rooms at 6 Small Rooms are actually nothing but small! The private rooms are spacious and fitted with an ensuite bathroom, and the dorm rooms do not have bunk beds. The hostel offers a free breakfast in the morning and free guided walking tours of Naples.

Vintage style home in the city | Historic Apartment in Chiaia

Vintage style home in the city

In this 19th-century apartment, you will feel the authentic experience of staying in Chiaia. This chic apartment has awesome silver chandeliers and golden mirrors that take you back in time during your stay. Step away from the chaotic city and enjoy the serenity this home has to offer with its peaceful environment. Perfect for couples or solo travellers.

Panoramic penthouse on the waterfront | Stunning Penthouse in Chiaia

Panoramic penthouse on the waterfront

Who doesn’t like penthouses, right? This Airbnb might not be one of the most affordable ones, but it surely offers a lot of bang for your buck. Relax on the massive rooftop while enjoying the view of the sea. From high-speed wifi to a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll find everything you need as well. And if you want to see the water close up, it’s only a short walk to the coast. 

Things to Do in Chiaia

Chiaia ttd Naples Italy
Chaia is on the coast too… …another top feature!
  1. Walk along the seashore on the Lungomare Caracciolo
  2. Go underwater at the Anton Dohrn Aquarium
  3. Shop til you drop and get your hands on unique Italian designer brands
  4. Taste some delicate traditional Neapolitan food
  5. Take the funicular up to Vomero

5. Piazza del Plebiscito – Best Neighborhood in Naples for families

When you are travelling with kids, you want to stay in the heart of the action to avoid long commuting times. Piazza del Plebiscito offers just that, located close to the sea and the neighborhoods of Quartieri Spagnoli and Centro Storico.

The Piazza itself is the largest square in Naples and is lined with columns like the Piazza San Pietro in the Vatican. At the centre, in place of the St Peter Basilica, stands the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola, which was built to mimic the world-famous Pantheon in Rome.

Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples
Close to all of the sights and attractions, Piazza del Plebiscito is a great neighborhood in Naples for families.

The square gets its name from the plebiscite that took place there in 1860 and which the people decided annexed Southern Italy’s Bourbon Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Savoys. Unofficially, this was the time when Italy became a united kingdom.

The Royal Palace, also located on the square, used to be the official residence of the Bourbons and can be visited today.

MH Design Hotel | Best Hotel in Piazza del Plebiscito

MH Design Hotel

MH Design Hotel is the only design hotel located in Naples. Its stylish rooms feature a private bathroom, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a tea and coffee maker. The hotel is fitted with a good fitness center and offers an airport shuttle service.

Hostel of the Sun | Best Hostel in Piazza del Plebiscito

Hostel of the Sun

The Neapolitan Trips Hostel is located in the neighboring area of Quartieri Spagnoli. It offers private rooms with a shared bathroom and dorm beds with a shared bathroom. The hostel has a lively bar where you can sip on drinks while making new friends.

Naples Family Pad | Chic House in Piazza del Plebiscito

Naples Family Pad

After a long day, settle into this charming, chic home. The owners have renovated it to meet modern-day standards with a touch of historic character left. You will be within walking distance of the Ferry, making it easy to get the family in and out of the daily excursions as gracefully as possible. Vomera is also close to lots of local restaurants. You can ask the owners for any recommendations; they love helping their guests enjoy their stay.

Things to Do in Piazza del Plebiscito

Piazza del Plebiscito ttd Naples Italy
Is it okay if I say this kind of looks like a chubby chipolata, or will that offend somebody?
  1. Walk around Naples’ largest square
  2. Go back to the 17th century at the Royal Palace
  3. Visit the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola, built to look like the Pantheon in Rome
  4. Sit down for a drink at the Gran Caffe Gambrinus, Naples’ most prestigious café
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FAQs about Finding a Place to Stay in Naples

Here’s what people usually ask us about the areas of Naples and where to stay.

What To Pack For Naples

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Final Thoughts On Where to Stay in Naples

Naples is one of the coolest cities in Italy and the crowned world capital of pizza. Nestled between the Vesuvius and the Tyrrhenian Seas, it also offers beautiful historical sights dating back from the Greek times and flowing along the centuries up to today.

The Centro Storico, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is my number one choice for where to stay in Naples. It is the true heart of Naples and the charm of its narrow cobbled streets has swept me off my feet.

You won’t struggle to find incredible hotels, for all different kinds of budgets. But if you love the hostel life, Naples is also going to serve you well. It’s a great way to get recommendations for exploring the city.

Have I missed your favourite place in Naples? Let me know in the comments! Ciao!

Looking for more info on travelling to Naples and Italy?
Naples rocks, so enjoy this tasty destination!

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