Istanbul is a city that incorporates incredibly diverse cultural and historical influences, with a vibrant contemporary culture. The stunning mix of architectural styles, from Greek to Roman to Arabic and beyond, makes a stunning backdrop to any adventure!

There is a vibrancy to this city that makes it stand out amongst the rest. And the Airbnbs in Istanbul reflect that charisma.

Airbnb vacation rentals in Istanbul, whatever you might be looking for, are of a very high standard. But fortunately for us travelers, they are inexpensive (unless you’re looking for absolute luxury).

In this article, we will take a look at the perfect Airbnb for any traveler. Because Airbnb has such a vast range of properties, every taste is catered for. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveler or a large family or friend group, you’ll find what you’re looking for below!

And if you’re looking to make the most of your vacation to this unique city, check out the Airbnb Experiences. They are always locally-led and authentic.

Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 Airbnbs in Istanbul

Studio in the Center of Taksim

Studio in the Center of Taksim

  • > $$
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Full kitchen and bathroom
  • > Perfect location
best airbnb in istanbul

Large apartment with beautiful balcony

  • > $$
  • > 2-3 Guests
  • > 2 bathrooms + bathtub
  • > Perfect for long term rental
Penthouse Loft with Amazing Views

Penthouse Loft with Amazing Views

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Free parking
  • > Island views from deck
Relaxing 2 Bedroom with Balcony

Relaxing 2 Bedroom with Balcony

  • > $$$
  • > 4 Guests (and a baby)
  • > Fully kitted for kids
  • > Colorful and fun
Exquisite Loft with Stunning Views

Exquisite Loft with Stunning Views

  • > $$$$
  • > 5 Guests
  • > Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • > Huge patio with gorgeous views

What to Expect From Airbnbs in Istanbul

Istanbul blends modernity with old-world charm. You won’t find campsites and cabins here, because space is sparse and therefore well-used. Rather, expect well-laid out apartments, lofts, and the occasional townhouse.

Airbnbs in Istanbul have generally been redone charmingly. But they are often in very old buildings, because Turkish architecture has been beautifully preserved!

The city is approximately three-thousand-years-old. And while the apartment buildings and houses are nowhere near that age, it does mean that they don’t often have elevators installed. But we like the authenticity. Plus, the chance to work off the incredible Turkish food is appreciated.

Knowing where to stay in Istanbul is essential for a successful trip, as the city is definitely not the smallest. Different neighborhoods offer different vibes and attractions.

Istanbul Airbnb A

Large Loft and Penthouse Overlooking the City

Lofts and penthouses provide you with an unrivaled view of this incredible city. From some, you can even see Galata tower from your window or balcony.

There is nothing better than sipping on your morning coffee while looking out at one of the world’s most stunning cities. And many of Istanbul’s Airbnb lofts and penthouses have floor to ceiling windows, or cute little balconies to do this from.

Istanbul lofts are particularly large and accommodate more than three people. So you might be a little hard-pressed to find a more intimate space, but we have included a few in the list below. Also, a little extra space can make it feel more like a vacation!

Lofts are generally not aimed at the solo traveler. A romantic retreat or modern family space is what you’re more likely to find.

Most lofts on Airbnb have a full kitchen so that you don’t have to be eating out at every meal, though Turkish food is an experience in itself. Other common amenities include WiFi, heating, and laundry facilities, which makes for an easy, stress-free vacation!

Entire House in the Tourist Center

Airbnb houses in Istanbul are generally stylishly renovated. While simultaneously being carefully preserved in order to keep Turkey’s rich history intact!

The blend of modernity with a charming history is the most unique aspect of Turkish homes. You’ll generally find a balustrade staircase, sumptuous living areas, and bare brick walls. Special features like a sauna are also available and add an interesting element to a homey space.

If you have a large travel party, then a house might be the perfect option for you. Houses in Istanbul are generally multiple stories and can fit up to twelve people in their comfortable rooms.

If you’re backpacking Istanbul in a group of just two or three, but you want to feel at home in Istanbul, you are also covered. The options are seemingly endless, but we’ve made some choices below that will appeal to anyone.

Taksim is perhaps the best area to stay in Istanbul if you’re house based, as there are many wonderful options there, and it is such an amazing area. The neighborhood is tourist-orientated and very popular.

Whatever you’re after, you’ll find it amongst Istanbul’s Airbnb rentals. Whether that might be the stunning architecture, gorgeous restaurants, vibrant nightlife, or family-friendly activities.

Istanbul Airbnb B

Authentic Turkish Private Apartment

Istanbul’s Airbnb apartments are luxurious, well-stocked and ideally positioned in the best buzzy areas. Because there are so many wide-ranging options, you can get anything you’re looking for when getting an apartment.

There are teeny apartments, work-appropriate apartments, and ones for large groups of friends or family. Basic, opulent, or somewhere in between, there will be an Airbnb in Istanbul that embodies your ideal holiday accommodation.

Many apartments have artistic or authentic touches to ensure that you feel like you’re in Turkey, even when just seeing the world from your bed. Others are completely modern and gorgeous, and make you feel like you could be anywhere heavenly.

You’ll find a gorgeous apartment in most areas of the city, but the best Airbnbs in Istanbul are near Istiklal street! Here, you’ll be right by one of the most famous avenues in Turkey, and can get to all of the best attractions easily.

Galata Tower and Taksim Square will be minutes away from your door. And you can walk to and from the best restaurants and bars.

However, there are many amazing districts and sights to see in Istanbul, so you cannot go wrong, wherever you decide to stay.

Why Stay in an Airbnb?

There are so many reasons to choose to stay in an Airbnb, but we’ll outline some for you. Just in case you need a little persuading.

  • Local Experience: One of our favorite aspects of an Airbnb stay is that these spaces are created by individuals. They will always have a more local feel to a hotel, because they were made with love by people with individual tastes and preferences.
  • Unique Properties: You can search for anything that takes your fancy. You can find a loft, house, apartment, hostel, or any other kind of property that exists in Istanbul. You can also look for specific characteristics, like a jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym, or important safety features. Istanbul Airbnbs have it all.
  • Staying Long-Term: If you choose to turn your vacation into more of a lifestyle, hosts can offer you long-term discounts. Also, staying in accommodation that includes comforts like a full kitchen and laundry facilities will make a long stay much more affordable and comfortable.
  • Affordability: Airbnbs are often cheaper than hotels of the same quality. Also, you can easily look at places in your specific budget, and find places that are of better quality, or in a more desirable area than what you would have found when just looking at hotels or hostels.
  • Airbnb Experiences: Airbnb has unique and authentic experiences in Istanbul that can really deepen your experience of Turkey. We’ll explore our favorites more later on, because they really add a unique aspect to any vacation.
Istanbul Why Stay in an Airbnb
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The 15 Top Airbnbs in Istanbul

Ready to book some of the best accommodation options in Turkey? Here’s our pick of the best Airbnbs in Istanbul, listed and reviewed for you to select your favorite.

Overall Best Value Airbnb in Istanbul | Studio in the Center of Taksim

Studio in the Center of Taksim
  • $$
  • Full kitchen and bathroom
  • 2 Guests
  • Perfect location

This high-ceilinged, wooden-floored studio apartment is perfectly situated in the heart of Taksim. It’s perhaps the best Airbnb in Istanbul, though of course, that depends on your preferences.

It’s just a few minutes’ walk from the subway, so you can easily travel throughout Istanbul. And, as fascinating as Taksim is, there is a lot more to see in this ancient city!

You’ll also love the smart TV with Netflix and Youtube for when you want to laze in bed after a day of exploring.

Best Airbnb on the Asian Side of Istanbul (Kadikoy) | Large Aparment with Beautiful Balcony

Many travelers overlook the vibrant Asian side of Istanbul and I’ll tell you right now; that’s a big mistake. This flat is just around the corner from the best bars, restaurants, and grocery stores in the happening Kadikoy neighborhood.

best airbnb in istanbul
  • $$
  • 2 bathrooms + bathtub
  • 2-3 Guests
  • Perfect for long term rental

The Kadikoy neighborhood is one of Istanbul’s coolest areas. If you want to truly experience what it’s like to live like a local in Istanbul, this spacious, bright, third-floor apartment provides the perfect base.

Everything you need is here for a longer-term stay (if you are a digital nomad). The kitchen is well stocked, there is a big fridge, washing machine, multiple places to work and the internet works better here than it did in other Western European city apartments I have rented in the past! My favorite part of the apartment is the sunny balcony, which faces a green garden area filled with big trees and flowers.

Even though the apartment is located directly in the heart of Kadikoy, it still has a peaceful vibe and street noise is not a problem.

Public transport options nearby include the bus and ferries, making it super easy and convenient to move around or get to some of the main points of interest on the European side.

Best Budget Airbnb in Istanbul | Comfy and Peaceful Double Room

It is near the ever-popular Cafe de Noix and Babel Cafe, so you can enjoy the cafe culture of Turkey. Or take a takeaway and return to the apartment to sit on its balcony and sun yourself.

Comfy and Peaceful Double Room
  • $
  • En-suite bathroom
  • 2 Guests
  • The space is warm and inviting

If you’re wanting to comfortably experience Istanbul, but you’re a little strapped for cash or prefer to spend your budget elsewhere, then this is the spot for you.

This Airbnb offers a private room and bathroom in an apartment, unlike a shared bunk bed in a hostel dorm.

There is a full shared kitchen, so you can further your resources by cooking at home. Though we do suggest that you get in a little Turkish street food when you can!

This home is away from the noise and bustle, but close to Besiktas, Mecidiyeköy and Taksim.

Budget Tip: Dorms in Istanbul start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

Best Airbnb for Solo Travellers | Industrial Designed Studio in Eminonu

Industrial Designed Studio in Eminonu
  • $$
  • Room service
  • 2 Guests
  • Near the Old City

This gorgeous loft is stylish and has plenty of amenities to ensure you’re comfortable for a short or long-term stay. It’s small but very cozy for one.

You’ll be perfectly situated to explore the Old City, and it’s just a few minutes walk to Sultanahmet Square and the Blue Mosque!

But you might find it difficult to leave this tasteful, insta-worthy apartment and the confines of its comfy bed. And when you can even cook tasty meals right there or order room service, you might really have to hold onto the allure of the old city to draw you out.

Best Short-Term Rental for Couples | Penthouse Loft with Amazing Views

Penthouse Loft with Amazing Views
  • $
  • Free parking
  • 2 Guests
  • Island views from deck

You will feel right at home in this comfortable loft. It is located in a quiet suburban area, but with easy access to public transport, so that you can be right back in the hub whenever you feel like a little exciting chaos!

The penthouse is furnished with homelike comforts and offers a separate living room and bedroom. There’s even a work desk where you can skype family at home, or do a little work.

Couples can cook together in the kitchen and then take their meals out onto the deck for a quiet, scenic dinner. There’s a private entrance for guests and an elevator to get you up to your accommodation.

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Best Airbnb in Istanbul for Families | Relaxing 2 Bedroom with Balcony

Relaxing 2 Bedroom with Balcony
  • $$$
  • Fully kitted for kids
  • 4 Guests (and a baby)
  • Colorful and fun

It isn’t always easy to find family-orientated accommodation in this city of culture and history. But if you have children and a baby with you, we know you will want a safe and entertaining space for them.

This apartment is a stone’s throw from Galata Tower and is fully equipped for your family. With a crib, baby bath, changer, children’s books and toys, and even table corner guards, it could not get any less stressful. The owner is even equipped with babysitter recommendations!

The safety features are also top-notch, and there is a first-aid kit provided. So get ready to relax, because your children will be happy and healthy here.

Over-the-Top Luxury Airbnb | Exquisite Loft with Stunning Views

Exquisite Loft with Stunning Views
  • $$$$
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • 5 Guests
  • Huge patio with gorgeous views

If you’re looking for the absolute best of everything during your stay in Istanbul, this idyllic penthouse is it. This gorgeous, spacious loft with views towards the sea is pricey but dreamy.

The interior features the latest technology, tasteful Swiss furnishings, and marble bathrooms. There are even motorized shades over all the windows so you can sleep until you’re good and ready for the day.

The living area and huge terrace are perfect for entertaining. There is a sunsail shade above comfortable sofas to keep you cool. Also on the terrace is a large wooden dining table for dinners during warm evenings. We absolutely love the endlessly luxurious atmosphere!

Best Large Loft On Airbnb in Istanbul | 19th Century Luxury Loft

19th Century Luxury Loft
  • $$$
  • Spacious, beautiful loft
  • 6 Guests
  • Galata Tower a stone’s throw away

With 19th-century frescos having been painstakingly restored throughout the spacious loft, you will be transported through time. This loft is so historically gorgeous and unique that it was in Art Home Magazine in 2017!

To complement its historical authenticity, there are completely modern amenities. A dreamy kitchen and modern bathroom make this space easy and comfortable, not just beautiful.

Also, this loft is suitable for children, as they can be entertained by children’s books and toys and cable TV. There’s even a crib, to make it suitable for new family members.

Beyoglu neighborhood is also a very trendy location and you’ll find everything you might want a short walk from your door.

Best Entire House on Airbnb in Istanbul | The House of Art

The House of Art
  • $$
  • Large living area to hang out in
  • 6 Guests
  • Arty, fun space

The name of this apartment truly encapsulates its vibe. It is arty, authentic, and just plain cool. The historical building in which you’ll find it is called the “Syrian Passage”, and is over a hundred years old!

So grab a couple of mates, or your whole family, for a living experience that is as much of an adventure as your explorations of the city.

It is perfectly situated in the tourist district, right on Istiklal street. So, while you will feel like you’re living in an art gallery already, you’ll easily be able to explore everything else the city has to offer.

Best Private Apartment on Airbnb in Istanbul | Galata Fourth Floor Apartment

Galata Fourth Floor Apartment
  • $$
  • Parking space
  • 2 Guests
  • Warm and comfortable

We know that not everyone wants to jump into the exciting, chaotic world of public transport within Istanbul. But even if you’re fortunate enough to have a car, this city’s accommodation is generally not suited to parking.

So here’s a lovely apartment with a wonderful location, and free parking thrown into the bargain. This private apartment is great value for its location and amenities. If you’re only spending a weekend in Istanbul, this should be your go-to home.

The apartment itself has a warm atmosphere, with designer touches. It’s just two blocks from the busyness of Istiklal street, but that small separation makes all the difference for peace and quiet.

Perfect Short-Term rental for Digital Nomads | Bright and Central

Bright and Central
  • $
  • Laptop-friendly workspace & WiFi
  • 2 Guests
  • Ideal for long or short stay

This artistically rendered apartment is right in the heart of Istanbul. Seconds away from the famous Istiklal street, you won’t find a more ideally-placed space. You’ll be just out of the thick of it, while able to either enter or escape the vibrancy at the drop of a hat!

Spend the time you’re not exploring enjoying the fast wifi and being productive at the laptop-friendly workspace. You can keep your caffeine intake up thanks to the small kitchenette too.

We also love how inexpensive this pretty little apartment is. So you can afford to extend your stay for as long as Istanbul holds your interest. Which we expect could be forever.

Best Airbnb in Istanbul for Nightlife | Stylish Studio Flat

Stylish Studio Flat
  • $$
  • Sauna
  • 4 Guests
  • Gorgeous designer studio

This stylish apartment is minutes away from popular bars like Divan Brasserie and Ravouna 1906 on the ever-exciting Istiklal street. The apartment is perfect for fun pre-drinks with your friends before you hit the town!

You’ll also be able to safely walk home in the early hours. And we love that you won’t have to walk up stair upon stair to get to the apartment when you’ve had a few, just hop in the elevator.

And don’t worry about being too hungover to explore your gorgeous area in the morning, as there is a sauna in the apartment. So you can just sweat it out in the morning, and then seize the day.

Stunning Airbnb for Honeymooners in Istanbul | Luxe Designer House

Luxe Designer House
  • $$$
  • Indoor fireplace
  • 3 Guests
  • Featured in Marie Claire

It is clear from the moment you walk in that this space is a passion project. Created by an interior designer, each detail is stunning! From the choice of art to the reflective mirrors around the bed.

The romantic fireplace and wooden floor add a warm ambiance to an otherwise chic space. And the huge, kitted-out kitchen means that you never have to leave the comfort of the house when you have reasons to stay in.

But since this house is in upscale Nisantasi, you might want to get out to try the gastronomical delights of the area, perhaps at Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant.

Best Airbnb Plus in Istanbul | Contemporary Art-Inspired Loft

Contemporary Art Inspired Loft
  • $$$
  • Game console
  • 4 Guests
  • Incredible, detail-orientated loft

This unique loft will lodge itself into your heart immediately. Every inch of it is inspired and creative. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into your favorite painting.

In what is every foodie’s dream kitchen, you can create meals while rightfully pretending you’re on a stylish cooking show. Or try out your mixology skills for your guests (or just yourself).

The location is just as ideal. You can easily explore the whole of the Old City, and meander down peaceful Kumbaraci Street while looking for the perfect cafe.

So if you’re looking for stunning accommodation, this could be the best Airbnb in Istanbul for you!

Best Airbnb for a group of friends | Boutique Three Floors Art House

Boutique Three Floors Art House
  • $$
  • Projector screen and sound system
  • 7 Guests
  • Incredible shared spaces

If you’ve ever dreamed of the ideal vacation with your best mates, this would be the setting. And to share a space like this with your friends while in Istanbul… well, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Imagine making tapas and cocktails in the downstairs kitchen (yes, there’s two), while listening to your favorite tunes. Perhaps eating outside in the garden. And then choosing a film to watch in the glass-ceilinged lounge.

And if you want to hit the town next, Cihangir neighborhood is ideally placed for all sorts of adventures.

Super Accessible Airbnb in Istanbul | Cozy Luxury Flat in the Heart of Suadiye

Cozy Luxury Flat in the Heart of Suadiye
  • $$
  • Elevator
  • 3 Guests
  • Quiet neighborhood near the bustle

This first floor flat is super accessible to anyone. There is an elevator so it’s wheelchair friendly. There is also a disabled parking spot, a well-lit entrance, and wide doorways and passages.

So the stress of access is completely removed from your stay. It is also a minimalist, stylish flat that is well equipped for your comfort, so you won’t be compromising on anything important to you!

The apartment is located on a quiet side street near the popular Bagdat street. Which has some really wonderful restaurants, such as Brasserie Noir and Kofteci Sukru.

Top 5 Airbnb Experiences in Istanbul

One of our favorite aspects of Airbnb is that the spaces reflect individual and unique tastes and traits. Airbnb gives you direct access to local flavors. Which is what we love about their experiences too.

When traveling to a new country or city, you always want to do at least one thing that is specific to that space. And which you can do nowhere else. It adds so much value to your travels.

Airbnb provides authentic local experiences that differentiate your trip from the tourist classics. So make your adventure more memorable, and get stuck into one of these Istanbul Airbnb experiences!

Whether it’s floating along the Bosphorus, drinking unique cocktails with new friends, or really getting into the food culture of Istanbul, we expect it’ll end up being the highlight of your vacation.

Bosphorus Boat Tour & Breakfast Street

Bosphorus Boat Tour Breakfast Street
  • $42/person
  • 4 hours
  • Up to 10 guests

Try something different with a localized breakfast experience and a boat tour that passes some of Istanbul’s most incredible coastal attractions and sights.

This tour will begin with a delicious local Turkish breakfast in one of Istanbul’s most popular breakfast streets. You’ll meet at the Naval Museum in Besiktas, a central location that’s easily accessible.

Getting background knowledge of what you’re marveling at is such a valuable addition to any tour, and this local guide really knows it all. This tour caters to anyone who is interested in seeing more of this unique city and its historical richness.

At the end of the tour, you will be dropped off by Istanbul’s oldest kebab stand, so that you can ascend to heaven right there and then. It’s mind-blowingly delicious!

Canoeing Istanbul- Between Europe & Asia

Canoeing Istanbul Between Europe and Asia Istanbul
  • $39/person
  • 4 hours
  • Up to 8 guests

We know that sometimes vacations can be too inactive, so this is a great way to shake things up. You’ll canoe with a friendly and knowledgeable guide leading the way. And will be provided with a traditional Turkish breakfast and energy bars to keep you happy and energized!

You can hop out into the Bosphorus, which is one of the clearest waters in Istanbul. It’s great for a cool down and a little swim stop.

This tour allows you to experience the breeze, smell, and beautiful views of Istanbul’s Asian and European side. It’s perfect for a solo traveler, the whole family, or a group of friends.

This unique experience will allow you to get away from the busyness and sometimes seemingly inescapable tourist traps. You can see the city from a unique perspective, while also getting to have some fun in the sun.

Istanbul Highlights in a Day

Istanbul Highlights in a Day
  • $41/person
  • 7 hours
  • Up to 6 guests

This intimately small tour explores all the best that Istanbul has to offer.

It is clear, at first glance, that one could not see all the wonders of Istanbul, even if you had a year to explore!

Which is why we love this tour so much. It takes you through the most memorable and exciting spots, so that you won’t feel like you missed out on anything too incredible to skip.

You’ll meet with your local guide at Sultanahmet Tramway Station. The tour is customized to the guests’ interests, so you don’t have to visit things you’re not interested in.

Some of the sights are the famous Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, amongst others. Click the link to see the full tour itinerary.

This tour is created for those who want to soak up Istanbul’s incredible culture and history.

Tip: if you’re looking for a shorter tour, try this one.

Local Food, History and Hidden Places

Local Food History and Hidden Places
  • $57/person
  • 5 hours
  • Up to 8 guests

Though Turkey is world-renowned for its culture and history, their food might still be their most widely popular attribute. From all over the world baklava and kebabs are beloved.

So if you’ve yet to try one, or if you are interested in authenticity in these and many other incredible Turkish foods, we seriously recommend this tour. The food is prepared by people who have been doing this for decades!

And you won’t just get to stuff your face with the best, you’ll also explore the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia like a local. Plus indulge in a Turkish coffee tasting. Dreamy.

We suggest fasting the day before, because you’ll want to be your hungriest self for this adventure.

Secret Nightlife & Local’s Pub Crawl

Secret Nightlife and Locals Pub Crawl
  • $37/person
  • 5 hours
  • Up to 10 guests

Explore and experience Istanbul’s nightlife like a local with guides that know all the best spots. The neighborhood that you’ll be exploring is Besiktas, which blends luxury, history, and nightlife with a distinctly local vibe.

This tour is only for over 18’s, as drinking is the aim of the game! You will share a welcome drink and get to know your group. Then head to a hidden cocktail garden for unique Turkish cocktails.

Next, you’ll explore Akaretler and listen to live music while sipping on more cocktails. By this time you’re expected to be good and buzzy, and you’ll then head to a club to party away the rest of the night. We’re jealous!

Final Thoughts on Istanbul Airbnbs

Istanbul is an incredibly rich and diverse city, and the Airbnbs found there reflect that. They are generally very well situated in the best, most popular neighborhoods in the city, which we love.

The quality of Turkey Airbnbs is very high, and most get very high ratings from guests. You might have to climb a flight or two of stairs to get to your loft or apartment, but it’s always worth it.

And as many of the best Airbnbs in Istanbul have uniquely Turkish aspects to them, and many local details, staying in gives you an even better experience of Turkish culture!

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