The more observant amongst you will probably have noticed that traditional backpacks, like submarines and hamburgers, usually don’t have wheels. But what if they did?! Well a backpacks with wheels would allow users to both carry their baggage on their backs or pull it effortlessly behind them – the best of both worlds!

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to use a wheeled suitcase, while at other times, nothing could be better than shrugging that pack off your shoulders and rolling it behind you. Yes, I have been there.

Well, having a rolling backpack with wheels is ALL about convenience in the ever-changing world of travel. And besides, these days we’re all about the hybrids aren’t we? Hybrid cars, hybrid electronics and hybrid backpacks!  Backpacks with wheels can be an absolute blessing. But which rolling backpack is best for your particular needs?

Well I will tell you. I tried and tested a bunch of them and so I could bring together my round-up of the top 12 backpacks with wheels, providing you with all the details you need to make the right choice!

Quick Answer: The Best Backpacks with Wheels

Osprey Fairview 36 Wheeled Travel Pack

Osprey Fairview 36 Wheeled Travel Pack

  • Price: > $300
  • > Good for long-term travel
  • > Versatile
Hynes Eagle Wheeled 2 in 1 Backpack

Hynes Eagle Wheeled 2 in 1 Backpack

  • Price: > $129
  • > Perfect carry on size
  • > 7Ibs 3oz
Eagle Creek Load Warrior

Eagle Creek Tarmac XE4

  • Price: > $359
  • > 4Ibs 14oz
  • > Expands to almost double its size
Victorinox Vx Sports Cadet Backpack

Victorinox Vx Sports Cadet Backpack

  • Price: > $182
  • > 5Ibs 7oz
  • > Dedicated laptop sleeve

Osprey Farpoint

  • Price: > $320
  • > 6.174 lbs (65L version)
  • > Available in 80l size
Samsonite Rewind

Samsonite Rewind

  • Price: > $183.63
  • > Lightweight backpack on wheels
  • > Integrated rain cover
Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack

Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack

  • Price: > $130
  • > Padded laptop compartment
  • > Internal divisions to help keep your kit organized
Which backpack with wheels did I take to the streets of Leece?

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Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

Wheeled backpacks are kind of a niche product and are not for everybody. There is definitely a dedicated and vibrant market for them but there will never become as ubiquitous as conventional backpacks.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of wheeled backpacks as a concept, before we get into the nitty gritty of competing the individual packs to one another.

  1. Versatile – functions as a backpack and a suitcase
  2. Can carry heavier loads
  3. Perfect for airports and city streets
  1. Heavy
  2. Not suitable for hiking
  3. Wheels are a point of failure
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Best Wheeled Luggage for Digital Nomads – This is not a Backpack

Nomatic Carry-On Pro

Nomatic Carry On Pro

Want to skip the backpack concept altogether in favor of the best-wheeled luggage on the market? Meet the Nomatic Carry On Pro.

The Carry-On Pro is a fully-featured roller suitcase built with the modern traveler in mind. Minimalist and short-term travelers will appreciate all of the sexy organizational pockets and straps for clothing, including a dedicated electronics compartment dubbed the “tech case”. The tough-as-nails suitcase exterior also features a customizable locking system that will keep out any potential thieves.

This suitcase does require a steep investment, which is the only major drawback I can find. Also, if you are seriously set upon on a backpack suitcase combo then this is not for you.

For me, one of the real stand out elements for us was the organisational features on this bag. Being able to separate each side with zippable mesh allows you to keep items like clean and dirty clothes separate. It also has additional zippable pockets on the front too which came in super useful.

  1. Perfect carry on size – and lockable for extra security
  2. Can survive impacts from a sledgehammer – so yes, very durable
  3. Top of the line silent Hinomoto wheels
  4. Excellent organizational features
  1. Expensive
  2. Too small for multi-week holidays (unless you are a true minimalist).
  3. Need something bigger? Check out the full-sized Nomatic Check-In Pro

Is the Nomatic Carry-On Pro for Me?

If you are looking for ONE suitcase that will last you a decade or more there is no better option than the Carry-On Pro on the market right now.

Nomatic has been a major player in the travel gear space for a few years now and we here at the Broke Backpacker are huge fans of the quality products and innovations they are putting out! We have being using these packs for years and have tested them out in all number of situations – in fact this pack performed so well for us in Barcelona that some swine was unable to resist the urge to steal it….

Want to learn more about this badass roller suitcase? Check out my full-length Nomatic Carry-On Pro review.

Best Overall Backpack with Wheels

Osprey Fairview 36 Wheeled Travel Pack

One of the main reasons you should invest in a backpack with wheels/backpack suitcase combo is for convenience. Well, this backpack takes convenience to a whole new level with the ability to attach a day pack to the front if needed. It’s perfect for backpackers looking to day the weight off their shoulders every now and then.

With this backpack suitcase with wheels, you will have a daypack, backpack, and rolling luggage all in one! The attachable “daypack” (sold separately) is a great design and when utilised is pretty much all you need for a backpacking trip.

A few more great features include a padded top and side handles, compression straps, and a handle that hides away nicely! Storage is pretty good too, there are multiple compartments including a very roomy and spacious main compartment that opens like a suitcase. Osprey makes a few of the best rolling backpacks on the market but this is the best pick.

  1. Great for long-term travel
  2. Versatile
  3. Ability to attach day pack
  1. Pricey
  2. Heavy! Over 8 Lbs.
  3. Not carry-on size

Is the Osprey Fairview 36 for me?

This one feels nice to the touch, the handle feels good to hold and the wheels roll nicely. It’s a delight pack and unpack and after using it for a few months, it was still in ‘good as new shape’. If you want a backpack with wheels that is convenient, comfortable and able to hold up in multiple situations, then you should invest in this backpack.

What I really like about this backpack, is the ability to attach my Osprey day pack; it’s one of the features that really make this bag a great hybrid for backpacker who wants the best backpack with wheels.

Best Backpack with Wheels for Adventurers

Hynes Eagle Wheeled 2 in 1 Backpack with a detachable day pack

Hynes Eagle Wheeled 2 in 1 Backpack

If you’re an adventure junkie, this wheeled pack is perfect for you. Not only do you get wheeled carry-on luggage with 43L of space but you also get a detachable 20L daypack and packing cubes covering any situation you may find yourself in.

Plus, it’s probably the coolest-looking backpack with wheels – a sentence I’d never thought I’d find myself writing but here we are! A few of its sexy features include a large main compartment for all your clothes and other items, an exterior USB charging port, zip mesh pocket, and the packing cubes are a great addition to help you keep your luggage organised.

  1. Comes with detachable day pack
  2. Weatherproof and extremely durable
  3. Tons of pockets and compartments
  1. Little bit unsteady
  2. Small wheels

Is the Hynes Eagle 2-in-1 Wheeled Backpack for me?

We think this is the most durable backpack with wheels available. It can handle any and all-weather and terrain you throw at it, but it might be overkill if you aren’t going on adventures in South America and Africa!

Get this backpack if you want a sleek, beautiful rolling backpack to keep your things safe. If you’re just doing average urban travel, check out our next recommendation instead!

When our testers got their mitts on this bad boy they absolutely loved the rugged material the bag was made from. Being the adventurers we are we were also impressed by how durable the bag was when exposed to the elements and difficult outdoor terrain. If you’re looking for the ultimate hiking backpack with wheels, this is it.

Best Wheeled Backpacks for International Travel

Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled travel pack

Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled travel pack is our top pick for the best-wheeled backpack for international travel

One of the larger of the Osprey wheeled range, we’ve chosen the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled travel pack as one of our best-wheeled backpacks for international travel not only for its roominess but also its additional helpful travel-friendly features.

The high clearance level for the slimline wheels makes it possible to roll seamlessly over the majority of surfaces, while this backpack comes not only with comfortable shoulder straps but with a padded hip belt too!

Grab handles on the top and side make it easy for anyone – from baggage handlers to hotel porters – to lift, while compression straps help stabilize the load. If that’s not enough, a zippered top pocket is ideal for easy-access items.

  1. High wheel clearance
  2. 65-liter capacity
  3. Good-looking design
  4. Additional grab handles
  1. Large size
  2. May require additional rain cover
  3. Not carry-on compatible
  4. Not for adventure travel

Is the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled travel pack for me?

When you’re heading off on an international trip, you’re likely to need a greater capacity backpack with wheels then you would on a day to day basis, such as that offered by the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled travel pack. Not just a larger-sized backpack with wheels, the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled also has some great additional features, such as the padded hip belt and zippered top pocket.

I took this to Goa and let me tell now, the streets are not exactly intended for carrying wheeled backpacks along making it a particularly hard test – but the Osprey Farpoint 65 Wheeled held its own and showed no sign of damage after months of life.

In this case for me, the wheels were the area of the case I really wanted to put through its paces. I was impressed by how well they took a beating and how smooth they were over challenging surfaces. Of course, the ability to throw backpack luggage with wheels on your back when things get super rough is the main selling point and I can confirm the transition was just as comfortable as my traditional pack.

Overall Best Backpack with Wheels

OIWAS Backpack

OIWAS Backpack is our top pick for the overall best backpack with wheels

Not only is the OIWAS Backpack with Wheels a phenomenal backpack with wheels, but it is also carry-on compatible with plenty of major airlines.

What’s more, the backpack is just as suited on a weekend break as it is at the office, so it’s ideal for business trips or saving money by only having to buy one bag for both work and play. Being carry-on friendly means you can ditch the secondary daypack and bring it all in one.

Its gentle styling means the OIWAS Backpack is just as suitable for business travel as it is for a sightseeing trip, which makes this backpack with wheels extremely versatile! The super durable material means that it will last years of commuting all over the world!

  1. Wheeled backpack with lots of organisation
  2. Hidden handle zip
  3. Suitable for business and vacation travel
  4. Durable materials
  1. Weighs 10 lbs
  2. Carry-on size might be small for some
  3. A bit fiddly to transition from bag to roller

Is the OIWAS Backpack for me?

The OIWAS Backpack takes the crown as our overall best backpack with wheels because of its fantastic features and ultimate versatility. Not only is it a backpack for travel, but also a business bag too – so it works for casual or business travel.

If you’re looking for a good all-around backpack (and more) with wheels, you need to look no further than the OIWAS Backpack!

One of our team took this to the streets Lisbon recently and confirmed that this travel backpack with wheels was a lifesaver on all those steps! A stand-out feature was the separate top section of the pack that can be accessed without having to go into the main pack. It’s handy for things like your phone, wallet or passport.

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    Best Carry On Wheeled Backpack with Wheels

    Eagle Creek Tarmac XE4

    Eagle Creek Load Warrior
    Eagle Creek Load Warrior is our top pick for the best carry on backpack with wheels

    When it comes to a backpack with wheels that meets the requirements of aircraft carry-ons, you can’t get much better than the Gear Warrior 34L.

    For carry-on functionality, the 22-inch backpack comes with a very decent 34-liter capacity, but should you find your travels leave you needing more space, zipper expansion will give you an additional overall capacity! Designed to be durable and survive the rigors of air travel, the Load Warrior is constructed using tough ripstop nylon, with extra reinforcement in areas known to take the most wear and tear.

    There are plenty of pockets to keep smaller items from getting lost, and even a divider to keep clean and dirty items separate inside.

    1. Carry-on compatible
    2. Expands to almost double its size
    3. Reinforced corners
    4. A good number of pockets in addition to the main compartment
    1. Not a rigid case
    2. Water repellent but not waterproof
    3. Single-strut handle
    4. No RFID-blocking technology

    Is the Eagle Creek Load Warrior for me?

    Built to survive the outdoors, the Eagle Creek Load Warrior is at home in boutique hotels or the first-class section of an aircraft.

    Compatible with aircraft overhead compartments, and with reinforced corners to help it last as long as possible, the Load Warrior is sure to become your go-to carry-on!

    Our team loved how roomy this carry on backpack with wheels felt without being too heavy. They remarked that the design actually allows for far more storage than many of the other heavier cases. This was aided by the expandable compartments that make the bag feel super versatile.

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    Best Lightweight Backpack with Wheels

    Samsonite MVS

    Samsonite Rewind
    Samsonite Rewind is our top pick for the best lightweight backpack with wheels

    The wheels and retractable handles that come part and parcel of a backpack with wheels means that these bags are invariably more cumbersome than their non-wheeled counterparts. That said, there are still some excellent lightweight backpacks with wheels out there to choose from, of which the Samsonite Rewind is perhaps the pick of the crop.

    There’s an integrated rain cover to keep all your kit protected from the weather, a dedicated laptop compartment to keep your prized machine secure, and compression straps to hold everything in place whatever you find yourself doing.

    Weighing just 2.1 kg when empty, this soft-shell bag is largely made up of tough polyester durable material and has a capacity of 30 liters.

    The Samsonite brand is a popular choice and I feel that this suitcase backpack with wheels lived up to the brands high reputation. I loved just how light the pack felt even when fully loaded whilst still retaining that characteristic Samsonite sturdy and tough feel.

    1. Lightweight backpack on smooth wheels
    2. Integrated rain cover
    3. Dedicated laptop compartment
    4. Made from tough polyester
    1. Not as light as a backpack without wheels
    2. 5-liter capacity may be too small for some
    3. Laptop compartment fits machines no larger than 16”
    4. No hip belt

    Is the Samsonite MVS for me?

    When the need for a lightweight backpack with wheels is your primary concern, it’s difficult to beat the 2 kg Samsonite Rewind. For that weight, you get a backpack with a capacity of 32.5 liters, a dedicated compartment laptop pocket for laptops up to 16”, and compression straps too!

    Best Suitcase with Wheels for Business Travelers #1

    Solgaard Carry On Closet 2.0

    best backpacks with wheels

    Ok, so this smooth wheeled suitcase is in fact not a backpack, BUT, it is such a neat product idea that I could not keep it off of this list.

    Hailed as one of the most practical wheeled luggage designs of all time, the Carry on Closet 2.0 is the perfect unit for busy business travelers looking to add a bit of order to an already crazy schedule.

    As the name suggests, the Carry on Closet features an expandable shelving system that makes packing, access to your stuff, and general organization much more streamlined.

    There are a total of six different shelves to work with and compression straps to help secure all of the contents. The shelving system is also removable in case you are the kind of travleer who prefers packing everything into the main compartment instead.

    The exterior design of the Carry on Closet is sleek, modern, and tough looking and has interesting security features including a built in lock and unbreakable polycarbonate shell.

    Our testers were pleasantly surprised by this suitcase. Let’s be honest, sometimes these things can be a bit of a gimmick that in reality aren’t all that practical. But qudos to Solgaard because the closet design actually works wonders especially if you like to keep all your gear organised. The material also feels sturdy enough to withstand proper usage too.

    1. Unique shelving system is the undeniable highlight
    2. Can be integrated with Solgaard’s solar charging system (Solar Bank sold separately)
    3. Comes in two sizes based on carrying needs.
    4. Stylish and tough as nails.
    1. Heavy (9 lbs when empty).
    2. Not factually a wheeled backpack.
    3. Too small for extended trips
    4. The closet can decrease the amount of clothing you can actually pack.

    Is the Solgaard Carry On Closet 2.0 for me?

    If you find yourself hopping between cities for 2-3 days at a time and want a user friendly packing solution, the Solgaard Carry on Closet was pretty much designed exactly for people like you. There is a reason why Time Magazine called it the best travel invention of 2018. For international trips stretching out more than three days though, I’d consider bringing an additional business bag. Wheeled suitcases are never going to be super cool, but Solgaard has probably come the closest of any company to fitting that description.

    Best Backpack with Wheels for Business Travelers

    Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack

    Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack
    Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack is our top pick for the best-wheeled backpack for business travelers

    Why is the Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack great for business travelers? First and foremost, its plain black design won’t stand out in an office or conference hall. But more than that, this backpack with wheels is incredibly functional for business travel.

    For instance, it contains many internal compartments of different sizes, meaning there’s a space for everything – from your laptop and tablet computer (in padded sleeves) to A4-sized files, smartphone, and keys. With a sensibly-sized capacity of 40 liters and weight of just under 5.7lbs, there’s enough space for a night away from home.

    Our testers particularly loved how smooth the handle was when popping the bag up and down. It means quick transitions from wearing the pack on your bag on a train to rolling it across the station. Experienced travelers know the stress of messing around with your bags on a crowded platform!

    1. Looks right for the business world
    2. Padded laptop compartment
    3. Internal divisions to help keep your kit organized
    4. Locking zippers
    1. 40-liter capacity may be a little small for some
    2. Not fully waterproof
    3. Not for outdoor adventures
    4. Fits laptops up to 16”

    Is the Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack for me?

    When you’re traveling for business, it’s just as important to look the part as it is to act the part, and using the Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack will certainly help. Its relatively plain, black appearance is the perfect start, while the internal compartments will keep you organized and efficient however long your days on the job.

    Best Wheeled Backpack for International Travel (Second Pick)

    Osprey Daylite 40 Liters

    Osprey Daylite Carry-On Wheeled Duffel 40

    Is the Osprey Fairpoint Wheeled too big for you? Do you want a high-quality Osprey backpack with wheels to handle all of your travels?

    Osprey’s Daylite 40L might just be your travelling chameleon! This backpack is great as a carry-on. I like the padded handles and internal compression straps to keep your things organized. The best part about this backpack is its weight. It weighs so little that it’s hard to believe it’s so durable. Wheels are also good quality!

    Speaking of the wheels, they were a real stand out feature for me. They’re lightweight, smooth and durable. But if you do happen to wear them out, well a great feature is that they are easily replaceable which makes this bag one for the long haul.

    1. Affordable
    2. Carry On to most flights
    3. Lightweight yet durable
    1. Not for adventure travel
    2. Not as big as Sojourn

    Is the Osprey Daylite 40 liter for me?

    This is a good backpack that is compliant for many carry-on requirements. This backpack is for you if you want a backpack with a comfortable and high-quality backpack.

    While the Sojourn is great, we like that you’re more likely to carry this sized bag on your back as it is one of the lightest backpacks on this list! That said, we’re still a fan of the Osprey Meridian a bit more if you can afford it! The Ozone beats the Meridian when it comes to price!

    Best Wheeled Duffel Bag

    High Sierra XBT Wheeled Laptop Backpack

    This is an affordable backpack that ticks off all the boxes. It is easy to maneuver with its smooth rolling corner-mounted wheels. It’s also lightweight, and features plenty of internal and external pockets for easy organisation.

    We like that there are two main compartments and across them both is a compression strap to keep things tight. The front compartment is great for keeping things close to hand like your bus pass or city maps whilst everything behind it is super secure.

    All in all, this bag will get the job done, and get you from point A to point B; however, it’s not the highest quality roller backpack on this list nor do any features set it apart from the rest of the bags. That said, its price is hard to beat!

    Our testers loved this budget option and the fact that it still came with a padded laptop compartment, something our team takes very seriously! In fact, they said for such a well-priced bag their expensive equipment felt safe and secure.

    1. Affordable
    2. Versatile
    3. Lightweight yet durable
    1. Not for adventure travel
    2. Quality is so-so but good for the price

    Is the High Sierra XBT Wheeled Laptop Backpack for me?

    This is a good, affordable backpack. While it’s not our top pick on this list, it will get the job done! We like that it’s wheeled luggage with multiple functions. It easily converts into a backpack.

    Best Budget Backpack with Wheels

    Neewer Camera Backpack

    Neewer Camera Backpack

    Any semi-serious photographer will already know just how much kit it’s necessary to cart around when you count up the camera, lens, and other pieces of vital equipment a photographer needs.

    Not only can the weight soon mount up, but much of this equipment is delicate, meaning you need a specific camera bag, that’s where the Newer Camera Backpack comes in. Open up the main compartment and you’ll find eleven adaptable compartments you can personalise with protective padding to keep your prized possessions safe.

    There is also a front sleeve for laptops up to 17″ and an external strap for a full-sized tripod! The bag has smooth and premium quality wheels, perfect to roll the bag to your destination with all your gear safe and secure.

    Let’s be honest, Neewer actually make some pretty good products for those of us on a budget and well, as a Broke Backpacker, I’m always on the the lookout for a bargain. I loved how versatile this bag was and for the price, it’s a steal.

    1. Dedicated camera bag
    2. Adaptable compartments
    3. Padded laptop sleeve
    4. Expandable section
    1. Exterior a little drab
    2. Wheels protrude slightly
    3. Can become heavy when fully loaded
    4. External strap better for a lighter tripod

    Is the Neewer Camera Backpack for me?

    If you’re in the business of carting around expensive camera equipment, you’re going to need a good backpack dedicated to the job. With an adaptable interior and plenty of small extra pockets for lens wipes and memory cards, this backpack from Neewer certainly fulfils that brief!

    Best Budget Roller Backpack (Alternate)

    Ligsan Travel Backpack with Wheels

    Ligsan Travel Backpack with Wheels

    Large capacity small price tag. If you’re a budget backpacker like me you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck and with the Ligsan Travel backpack, you certainly do. 

    It’s got no shortage of space with a 45L large main compartment, several small pockets and compartments perfect for keeping your stuff organised. It also has a padded laptop compartment with a sleeve that holds up to 17-inch laptop, ideal for you digital nomads out there. 

    Its compact size means you can fly under the radar and easily fits into most airline overhead bin compartments, meeting most airline carry-on size requirements, worth double checking before you fly though. 

    It’s super versatile whether you are going on a light city break or venturing off the beaten path, this budget roller backpack is perfect for your adventures.

    1. Very well-priced
    2. Carry-on compatible
    3. Durable
    4. 45L capacity
    1. Plain design
    2. Not fully waterproof
    3. Wheels a little bulky

    Is the Ligsan travel backpack for me?

    It’s fair to say that the great price may be the first thing to attract many would-be customers to the Ligsan travel backpack! But looking beyond that, we think this is an excellent backpack with wheels, with a very reasonable capacity of 45L liters, durable construction, and compatibility with carry-on regulations for the major airlines.

    Carry-on Case with a Quality Guarantee

    Swiss Tech Navigation 21” Upright

    What we love about the Swiss Tech Navigation 21″ Upright is primarily its high quality spec. It is made from sturdy, durable materials  and extremely is well put together. Its hard exterior makes it fully waterproof and able to survive a few falls. It also comes with an integrated TSA lock and a USB port and utilises an  wheel design for maximum ease of movement.

    Our testers loved the addition of the shoe holders, as folks who get out and about in nature whilst travelling, being able to keep our muddy shoes away from our “clean” clothes was a godsend! It’s actually made from pretty sturdy stuff too so it’s not going to rip easily.

    Swiss Tech Navigation 21
    Carry on’s are great for near packers.
    1. Durable and sturdy
    2. Carry-on compatible
    3. Has a lock
    4. 12 year guarantee
    1. 40 liters may be too large for some travelers
    2. Not as cheap as some on here
    3. Heavier than some other models in its class
    Best Backpack With Wheels
    NameCapacity (Litres)Dimensions (CM)Weight (KG)Price (USD)
    Nomatic Carry-On Pro2955.88 x 35.56 x 22.864.02549.99
    Osprey Fairview 36 Wheeled Travel Pack3653.34 x 35.56 x 22.862.40300
    Hynes Eagle Wheeled 2 in 1 Backpack4356 x 36 x 403.68141
    Osprey Farpoint 65 liter6570 x 41 x 34.012.77320
    OIWAS Backpack3049 x 33 x 182.2
    Eagle Creek Tarmac XE44055.88 x 34.93 x 22.863.37359
    Victorinox Vx Sports Cadet Backpack3053.34 x 37.08 x 25.912.3190
    Samsonite Rewind32.52
    Solgaard Carry On Closet 2.03950.8 x 34.29 x 22.863.7345
    Karabar Aragon Overnight Wheeled Backpack352
    Osprey Daylite Carry-On Wheeled Duffel 404055.88 x 35.56 x 22.862.24200
    High Sierra XBT Wheeled Laptop Backpack2350.8 x 35.56 x 21.591.81120
    Cwatcun Camera Backpack5043.18 x 32 x 184.54
    Aerolite 21” Four-Wheel Backpack40
    Swiss Tech Navigation 21” Upright4053.34 x 35.56 x 22.8664

    What Makes A Great Backpack With Wheels? How We Tested Them

    When it comes to testing and comparing wheeled backpacks there are a few areas that we looked at. The first one is how versatile a product it and specifically how well it performs both it’d wheels function, and its backpack function. For example, some of the products on this list are great for wheeling, but perform less well when worn and carried as a backpack.

    Next up, we paid really close attention to the quality and build of the wheels as this a major stress area. Beyond that we looked at durability, comfort, awarded bonus points for innovative features and added a weighting for price and value.

    Of course, trying out travel gear liked backpacks on wheels is not a perfect science and we were not able to blind test them under laboratory conditions. Rather, various members of our team tried them on various trips over different time periods. For example, I took the Osprey Sojourn to Goa in India which has no pavements, dusty roads laden with cow shit – as such it got a proper brutal test whereas other packs got an easy ride being carried through the gilded streets of Copenhagen. Still, we stand by our assessments.

    FAQ about the Best Backpack with Wheels

    A roller and a backpack – the best of both worlds!

    Still have some questions about the best backpack suitcases with wheels? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

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