Epic Camping Gifts Ideas for Hikers and Adventurers


What camping gifts do you get someone who is already a pro with the great outdoors?

Campers are an adventurous group of human beings. We like to challenge ourselves in the great outdoors and spend quality time in natural surroundings. Your camper friends may be great at roughing it, but there are always camping gift ideas that will make their adventures that much easier. We made a list of gifts for campers that’ll have your amigos even more stoked to head out into the wild on a camping adventure! 

Petzel Tikka LED Headlamp  – $24 

Every backpacker must carry a torch in their arsenal. Petzl makes some of the best head torches in the business. It’s got an awesome beam distance of up to 400m, the battery lasts up to 18 hours & it includes an easy to use push button, so no matter how many layers you’re wearing, it’ll be easy to turn on & off.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

This headlamp is my favourite as it has a red light setting meaning you can use it without insects being attracted to your forehead. One of the greatest camping gifts for folks who love adventure.

What To Watch Out For:

You friend may have some difficulty locating the right batteries, so best to stock up when you first get your headlamp, and give it to your friend with batteries.

Solar Powered LED Headlamp – $18.78

A headlamp is one of the best camping gifts you can offer a friend. Not only are they compact and lightweight, they are also super useful when the sun goes down. I remember camping out in a jungle where the river was famed to be filled with crocodiles and the forests laden with elephants and leopards.

No doubt, my trusty headlamp was the sole bringer of solace anytime I left my tent to answer “nature’s call” The fact that this headlamp is solar powered also means that you’ll almost never run out of power.

Let there be light...your friend will need this for late nights and navigating dark paths on treks


What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The solar panel on top of the headlamp charges through the day and is a great stand in for times when the regular batteries are drained.

What To Watch Out For:

When cycling or rock climbing, you may want to fasten the headlamp extra tight to make sure it doesn’t slip off and get damaged.


The Pocket Rocket Stove – $42

Worried your backpacker pal won’t get enough nourishment on their trip? You’ve stumbled upon just the right gift for them. With the pocket rocket stove, they’ll be able to cook up meals fast, irrespective of the climate around them.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The best part about this stove is it is absolutely TINY! It doesn’t get more portable this in the world of camping gear. If you think a stove is the perfect gift for the climber in your life; check out this detailed comparison post on the best stoves to take on adventures

What To Watch Out For:

Be careful when you use this, and make sure you pack it well after using it.

Portable Stove & Cookware Set – $26.99

Camping out means carrying limited, light food rations that don’t weigh you down as you hike through the day in search of a new camp site. But sometimes, tinned tuna and spam on bread just don’t cut it. A tiny portable stove with the smallest amount of fuel can last you over 6 meals, and you can cook yourself a warm, filling meal before you hit the sack every night. A portable cookware set is also safer, as it reduces the chances of you starting a wildfire near your camp!

Cook up a storm at your campsite with this perfect cookware set


What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The cookware set is compact and the burner is great since it collapses almost completely, but is still super stable when opened up. Cookwear sets are great camping gifts for someone who is sick of eating cold, tinned food on their adventures.

What To Watch Out For:

Wind can mess with the flames of the stove and put them out. A good curved stand will protect against this.


Thermarest Prolite Plus Sleeping Pad – $87.25 upwards

Giving your friend a sleeping bag is great for camping out, but you know what would be even better? Changing your friend’s life with a camping gift that’ll give them one of the few things money can’t buy: a good night’s sleep. Sleeping pads come in all sizes, and although the shapes are largely uniform, I’d recommend a compact pad like the Thermarest Prolite Plus. Check out this post for a detailed breakdown of the best sleeping pads on the market right now. 

Your friend will be thanking you when they begin using this awesome sleeping pad

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The Thermarest Prolite Plus is compact but still warm. With just a few breaths, it inflates in record time.

What To Watch Out For:

Make sure you don’t buy the wrong size for your friend, take into consideration how tall they are to get the best fit.


Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower – $99.95

You remember that time you were crossing a stream and your foot landed in slush and slipped, landing you straight into aforementioned slush? Well, I do. And let me tell you this, it wasn’t pretty. Obviously, I got up and dusted (wiped?) myself off ready to keep going, but all I could think of that day was how great a hot shower would feel.

A portable shower may not guarantee you hot water, but at least you get the shower experience. It’s definitely one of the best camping gifts I’ve received till date and the fact that Nemo makes them weigh as little as 1.4 pounds makes them a must have. The Nemo shower is perfect for quick showers while camping out on the beach, after a long swim or surf session in the ocean.


One of the most epic camping gifts ever, this portable shower really helps you stay fresh and clean


What Your Friend Will Love About It:

Keep the shower in the sun long enough before you use it, and the grey exterior absorbs heat, giving you delightfully warm water.

What To Watch Out For:

Some folks have mentioned that wear and tear is something to watch out for with this product. The plastic fittings and pipes need to be maintained properly so they last longer.



Waterproof Waist Money Storage Belt – $22.95

Okay, we all know how uncool fanny packs are (even if Rich Chigga makes them look too awesome to be true.) But when it comes to camping gifts for hikers or campers, especially when they are going to a different country — a waterproof pack can make all the difference. Fanny packs don’t need to be on display either, you can wear them under your clothing or over, and they become a great place to store essential documents such as passports or any travel and trekking/camping related permits.

The pack also comes with a hole for your headphone jack, so you can listen to tunes while your phone stays safe. This way, you don’t have to worry the minute the skies cloud over on your travels. Your trusty pack will save the day.

passport holder water resistant sleek compact

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

It’s waterproof and they get to look like Rich Chigga. What more could anyone ask for? Okay, it’s actually way more discreet than you’d think and also has a RFID tracker so no one can swipe your card details!

What To Watch Out For:

The size fits up to a 56″ waist. If your friend’s waist size is over that, this may not be the best fit.


Emergency Survival Pod Kit with Cord – $10.99 

Camping emergencies happen. Clothes tear, small cuts and gashes happen, sometimes you even wander off the path and get lost. For times like these, one of the most useful camping gifts you can give someone is an emergency survival pod kit. The Campsnail Pod Kit comes with a 12 in 1 pocket survival card, a compass, needles, alcohol pads to sterilizes surfaces and wounds and a whole lot more. The best part? It’s so compact, it weighs less than a 100 grams, and can be latched on to your backpack for easy access.

The essential survival kit, down to safety pins and rubbing alcohol!

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The magnesium fire starter kit and the fishing hooks are priceless additions to this super useful kit.

What To Watch Out For:

The cord that this kit comes with can go through wear and tear over time with use, and also with lack of use. If the kit has been stuck on a backpack for ages, the cord may need a good inspection before it’s used for anything extreme.



Lightweight Travel Towel – $17

You know that annoying moment when you’re off camping on backpacking and your towel is the one wet thing in your backpack? Don’t let your friends experience that feeling! Get them a microfiber travel towel.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The micro-fiber travel towel dried 10x faster than traditional towels (trust me, I’ve done the experiments)

What To Watch Out For:

Somehow towels are always the last things that get packed and they often tend to get forgotten. This towel is awesome so don’t leave it behind and make sure your friends don’t either!


Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair – $17.71

No other camping gifts can make your friend feel quite ‘like a sir’ as when you give them a camping chair. They may seem like an odd, unwieldy object to gift and carry, but it’s the small luxuries that count. When it comes to outdoor gift ideas, you’re giving your friend a chance to kick back and stretch after a long day of driving, riding or hiking. The Coleman camping chair also has a mesh backing that makes sure air flows through the chair and keeps things cool. Admittedly this is not an ideal gift for die-hard hikers but more for folks who like to camp on the weekends or who are travelling in a campervan. 

Feel like a boss in the outdoors with this camping chair

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The handy mesh covered compartment to store water (or ideally, a cold beer) is just the right size.

What To Watch Out For:

You’ll need to fix any stability issues while setting up the chair, if you’re in a rush, you might end up on the floor instead of the chair!



Portable Battery Charger – $52

While we’re out travelling, and sometimes even while camping, we’re all likely to be stuck in a situation where we have time to kill and end up using our phones or devices until they are drained of all life. This is where it’s useful to carry a portable travel charger for the devices you use most often.

gifts for backpackers


What Your Friend Will Love About It:

This portable charger can charge three devices at once and even comes with a waterproof pouch!

What To Watch Out For:

Portable chargers need dedicated time to recharge, so remember to get right on that the first place you reach with stable electricity.

Outdoor Portable Camping Binoculars – $22.98

One of the most unique camping gifts you can give someone is the power to get closer to colourful, chirping birds and the clear, starlit night skies at camp. Binoculars may sound large and unwieldy but science has changed them plenty. There are now options that aren’t just lightweight, but also have magnifying capacities of up to 8X, making them great camping gifts. Niceshop’s binocular offers you dual focus, with 100% optical glass to help you take in the world around you better  at camp.

Binoculars are great for bird watching, spotting areas to set up camp and sometimes even stargazing at night

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The anti-skid and shock proof rubber material of the binoculars make it sturdy and reliable. The cleaning kit that comes with the product is an added bonus.

What To Watch Out For:

Getting the focus right on the binoculars may take some getting used to. Best to tell your friend to be patient for this part!


Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch – $250

It may seem crazy to spend the time and energy to go camping far away just to still be connected to “the real world”, but sometimes you want to share a view from the most remote locations, or in an emergency, find your way back in the dark without relying on a compass and a map. Enter the Garmin smart watch. The Garmin watch is a bit expensive as a camping gift, but is also extremely useful when it comes to tracking health and fitness, social networking and has tons of fun entertainment apps – something to keep them occupied on arduous train journeys and long haul flights!. 

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

With 8 GB of internal memory, the Garmin watch can store a number of updates. The watch can also store golf maps that display in colour. The battery life is great too!

What To Watch Out For:

The touchscreen of the watch does not work underwater. Try to lock the screen before using it underwater to prevent damage.


Steripen Water Filter/Purifier – $97

When you set up a camp, you probably prefer to set up by the side of a water source or river. While it’s most likely that this water is good to drink being in the great outdoors and all, you may not always want to take the risk when you are on the move. In an emergency situation or when you are away from the campsite, you’ll have to make do with any whatever water you find. Being debilitated by stomach pain (or worse a stomach upset) is the least ideal camping situation. So how do you make sure water is pure enough to drink? 

Enter the Steripen Water Filter. The purifier can to remove 99.9% of water borne bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli. The filter can purify upto 1500 litres of water, so you’re good to use it for a long time.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The purifier is chargeable by USB, and can sterilise one litre of water in 90 seconds. It even smiles at you when your water is ready to drink.

What To Watch Out For:

The pen may not work at extremely cold temperatures like on or at the base of glaciers. Make sure to test your device before you leave to keep tabs on how well it works. 


30000mAh Dual USB Solar Panel Power Bank – $20

This solar powered power bank is one of the best camping gifts for hikers. Just strap one onto a backpack and let it catch the harsh rays of the sun while you trudge through the day sweating it out. Your reward? A fully charged power bank that can power your phone for days on end with a single charge.

You never have to worry about keeping your power bank charged if it charges from the sun

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The battery charges to its fullest in little under six hours, after which it will last for multiple full recharges of a cell phone (think 4-8 cycles) Awesome, right?

What To Watch Out For:

Handle the power bank with care. It may be water resistant, but that doesn’t mean it is water proof, and it definitely can’t withstand hard knocks or falls.


One For The Ladies: Camping Travel Women Urinal Funnel – $6.08

These travel ‘urinals’ may seem like an odd camping gifts to give to somebody, but in terms of how much confidence they will give your lady friend and how they empower her in the outdoors, this is definitely a winner. Also worth considering because of the laughter that’ll ensue when the gift is opened. Make sure you’re there for it!

Empower your lady friends with the female portable urinal

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

She can stand and pee at the same time! No more worrying about wild animals lurking around her while she crouches behind the bushes. No need for concern about rashes from strange shrubs that may graze her nether regions. What a winner!

What To Watch Out For:

It may take awhile to get the hang of this device. Especially when you use it on the move and when there are other folks around. A bit of practice would help.


Oak Creek Outdoor Expedition Hammock – $70

What’s the perfect way to chill out at camp? Lazing in a hammock! Some of the best camping hammocks are made by Oak Creek.

Not only is this hammock super sturdy, it’s also lightweight, the whole pack will only add 1.65kg to your backpack, which is lighter than most sleeping bags. Plus it takes less than 3 minutes to set up. Pick from your favourite of the four colour options and get set to unwind, hammock style! Check this awesome article for the ultimate breakdown of the best hammocks to take backpacking. 

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

Included in the package is a rainfly, mosquito net, tree straps, guy lines, steel carabiners & a stuff sack with the Oak Outdoor expedition camping hammock. 



The Amazon Kindle – $119.99

Read at night and during the day with the glare free, backlit kindleThe Amazon Kindle is one of  the unique camping gifts you can give someone. It isn’t exclusively for camping, and you can also use it indoors, outdoors and on-the-go. Books become heavy and burdensome to carry on a camping trip. A kindle is light and is the perfect way to store multiple books for a long trip.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The glare-free backlit screen make the Kindle perfect for reading at night.

What To Watch Out For:

The light, when on in a tent may attract bugs and other creepy crawlies, watch out!



The Backpacker Bible

Nine years of travel tested tips, tricks and know-how! Everything your amigo needs to know to ditch their desk, hit the road and earn money as they travel around the world. Actionable advice and steps on planning, finances, where to go, making friends, staying safe, picking up work and building an online income – this is the bible for long term travel.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

Nobody want’s to work for someone else – this book gives you the blueprint to long-term budget travel and teaches you how to travel dirt cheap whilst you build an online income. 

What To Watch Out For:

Life changing advice. 


Stansport Collapsible Campsite Trash Can – $13.74

One of the last on my list but definitely not the least: A trash can. This isn’t the most exciting gift to give someone, but something every camper needs. Something important and essential. Humans have this tendency to create waste wherever they go — but when we’re out in the wild, we have to be extra careful that we leave spaces as pristine and untouched as we found them. The Stansport collapsible trash can helps you in this department, making your camping experience totally guilt-free!

We all need a trash can for long camping trips. Here's the right one

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The collapsibility factor makes this trash can easy to hang off a backpack or cycle. Until its time to fill it up, that is.

What To Watch Out For:

You may want to watch out if you’re throwing liquids, especially sticky ones into the trash can. This may cause leaks and damage the lining of the bag.



Grizzly Bushcraft Ultimate Survival Knife – $19.5

The Grizzly Bushcraft knife is sharp and efficient.  The handles are strong and provide great grip. Whether you are cutting rope or fruit, your knife stays sharp. The knife also has a safety lock feature to prevent sudden closure that may hurt the user. Overall, a great camping gift that never stops being useful and really stands the test of time.

grizzly knife great gift

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The Grizzly bushcraft knife is compact and fits right in your pocket, alongside wallet and keys comfortably.

What To Watch Out For:

The handle or grip is smaller than it looks in the photo and quite narrow.  You may need to be a little careful when you’re handling this part!




Vango Sabre Two Person Camping Tent – $160

The Vange two person camping tent is a great camping gift for someone who has just started to explore the joys of the outdoors. The sabre two person is waterproof, with a water protection layer that is more waterproof than more popular tent brands. The tent covers an area of 7 x 5 ft and is around 4 feet tall at the centre. As someone who has used this tent, I can tell you that it is well ventilated and comfortable.  A great, easy to set up snooze and relaxation chamber after a long day on the trails!

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

The tent isn’t just airy and comfortable, it is durable. The sabre tent comes with a mesh to keep bugs out and takes only around ten minutes to set up!

What To Watch Out For:

The space outside the tent may be a bit limited when it comes to storing gear. Especially in bad weather, you’ll have to make sure your gear doesn’t get damp outside.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Outdoor Camping Lamp – $19.95

The awesomeness of listening to your favourite tunes in the outdoors combined a soft lamp for the outdoors? Who wouldn’t want one of those camping gifts? With less than 5% distortion, this is a great speaker to dance it out in the outdoors. The speaker has a 4400 mAh power bank and can last upto 8 hours on a single charge.

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

As someone who loves music, I can tell you there’s nothing more awesome than receiving a speaker as a gift. Especially one that is portable, bluetooth, can charge my phone and light up my tent. This is also a gift that a friend can use when they aren’t camping or on the move. Wins all around!

What To Watch Out For:

You will need to recharge the lithium-ion battery that comes inbuilt with the speaker before long trips. Try to wait until the speaker is dying or dead before you begin charging it again, this should help the battery last longer.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker –  $27.99

This little speaker is powerful, lightweight, water resistant and inexpensive. Amazing for sharing tunes with new friends from around the world, while making sure you aren’t giving anyone nearby a sleepless night!

Portable travel speaker

What Your Friend Will Love About It:

This gift is so compact, you can literally carry it around in your pocket. I remember having an awesome time rock climbing to some of my favourite tunes with this speaker safe in my pocket. The speaker supports supports all devices with Bluetooth such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy/Note/tablet, Android phones

What To Watch Out For:

This super tough speaker is hard to break so even if you drop it, you should be all good. It’s water resistant though – not waterproof, remember that there’s a difference and don’t take it swimming!

World Nomad’s Insurance 

When your friend hits the road on travels, one of the most useful ways to plan the trip involves backpacker insurance. Even the most avid backpacker has had to use travel insurance at least one time. You never know when sudden mishaps occur. In my case, a wisdom tooth my dentist had warned me to watch out for made a grand, painful entrance and had to be taken out.

I recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance they hands down have the best support and if you do need to claim they will help you get it sorted quickly.


What Your Friend Will Love About It:

Travel Insurance isn’t a tangible gift that can be seen and felt – until you are really in a soup. In a difficult situation, your friend won’t be able to thank you enough for your foresight. And you, will be happy seeing your friend off knowing that you’ve got their back even if you aren’t traveling with them.

What To Watch Out For:

Companies that offer limited benefits and charge lots of money for it are tricky. The worst situation is having insurance and being in a situation where it doesn’t cover what your friend needs. Try to invest in a policy that has broad scope and benefits.

Aaaand That’s A Wrap! 

So there you have it. The ultimate mix of camping gifts — from basic survival necessities to campsite luxuries and even a few for entertainment on camping adventures. I hope I’ve inspired you with this list of gifts for campers and if you think I’ve left something awesome off the list, let me know in the comments! 

Don’t forget to throw in some smores with your camping gift so your friend can toast ‘em over a bonfire!

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