With 9 million less citizens than Lima, Cusco has double the amount of hostels! This is the perk of being the gateway to one of the seven wonders of the world – Machu Picchu.

So as well being jam-packed with some of the coolest hostels in Peru, you’ve also got thousands of cool-ass people stopping there too. Many of us get to make amazing friends here when you find the right place to stay.

Luckily, the top hostels in Cusco come in many colours: there are party hostels, super-chill zones, social scenes to meet solo travellers, and nomad havens. With so many options in such a small city, picking the perfect hostel in Cusco can be overwhelming. So here’s your Cusco hostel guide!

Written for travellers, by travellers, we’ve organised this list of the best hostels in Cusco so you can find a hostel that best suits your personal style of travel. Because hostels are not a one-size-fits-all.

Here’s the best hostels in Cusco – with all of the information you need – so you can book your hostel quickly, get on the Inca Trail, and enjoy this gem in the Andes.

Let’s start with the coolest of the cool.

Quick answer: The best hostels in Cusco

San Blas, Cusco

What to Expect when Staying in a Cusco Hostel

If you’ve stayed in a hostel before, you know they come with a lot of perks. The main one is making travel budget-friendly. If you’re happy to share spaces like dorm rooms, kitchens, and common areas, then they are much more affordable than hotels. 

But what makes hostels really stand out is the amazing social vibe. They are the place to meet other travellers from all over the world – some of them maybe even become friends for life. Most hostels also have private rooms too which are great when you need your own space but don’t want to cut yourself off completely.

When you’re backpacking Peru, you’ll find a huge variety of hostels. First off, party hostels are in no short supply. But you can find more chill hostels too, hostels perfect for people working from their computers or maturer travellers, and everything in between. 

Most hostels are focused on giving you great value for your stay. Remember, the general rule is: the bigger the dorm, the cheaper the nightly rate. Private rooms will cost a little more, but they’re still often cheaper than hotels. 

The average price per night in a Cusco hostel looks something like this: 

  • Private Rooms: $20-40
  • Dorms (mixed or female only): $9-20

When looking for a hostel, you’ll find most Cusco hostels on HOSTELWORLD. There you can check out photos, detailed information about the place and reviews from previous guests. Just like other booking platforms, each hostel has a rating, so you can easily pick out the perfect place for you.

Most of the hostels are conveniently located in the city centre, but there are some based a little further out too. If you like peace and quiet, this is where you should look. These are the best neighbourhoods in Cusco to base yourself:

  • Historic Centre – Slap bang in the middle, dive into Cusco’s interesting history.
  • Plaza de Armas – This iconic plaza is the best place for nightlife.
  • San Blas – Cool, bohemian area of the city. 

Now you’re ready to find that Cusco hostel that’s gonna change your life. Let’s take a look at the top 5!

The 5 Best Hostels in Cusco

We’re talking some of the best hostels in Peru here. Keep your eyes peeled: you don’t want to miss a thing!

1. Pariwana Hostel Cusco | Overall Best Hostel in Cusco

Catch a litle sun.

Chances are, when you’re looking at the best places to stay in Peru, you’ll come across Pariwana Hostel. As the best overall hostel in Cusco, Pariwana Cusco certainly doesn’t let the side down. First off, you’re getting a really affordable price for the great location that you get to stay in in Cusco!

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Free hot drinks and breakfast
  • Cool, arty design
  • Great social vibe

As something of a Peruvian institution, Pariwana is a top hostel in Cusco, offering its guests great bang for their buck. For those wanting to get stuck in, you have the choice of dorm beds between 4 and 12 beds. They all come with their own private bathroom. 

Or, for you boogie buggers or the ones that need the space, Pariwana Hostel also offers great twin or double private rooms. Again, you’ve got your own bathroom, so need to worry about the morning clear-out. 

This is a hostel that also includes many extras for their guests. After all, you deserve it. As well as your breakfast, you’ve got free tea and infusions all day long, maps, WiFi in every corner of the building, and luggage storage for when you go off to explore the Inca Empire.

Unfortunately, their funky bar and restaurant are not running at the minute. But actually, in many ways, this is a plus. 

Their common rooms are super social with ping-pong tables and table football to get to know other travellers. But the lack of all-night noise means it’s one of the best places in town to actually rest up to!

Pariwana is a highly recommended hostel in Cusco, with a rating of 9 with over 6500 reviews. Travellers seldom have a bad word to say about the place!

2. Kokopelli Hostel | Best Hostel in Cusco for Solo Travellers

You can feel the vibes from here.

The best hostel in Cusco for solo travellers is, easily, Kokopelli Hostel. Kokopelli is a kick-ass youth hostel in Cusco that you really should visit to meet your new travel buddies and make memories you’ll never forget. This is where the party is at in Cusco… most of the time! 

They’re rated an almost perfect 9.7 with over 2500 reviews. So yeah, it’s definitely backpacker approved.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Garden with hammocks
  • Peruvian food lessons
  • Live music and DJs

From the vibiest common spaces to chill and share in and a bouncing, international bar, it’s really easy to be social here. They’re showing live sports so you can stay updated and plenty of games to get involved with. 

The whole Kokopelli building is filled with random artwork and decoration, and I always say, that places filled with art are always the best places. Kokopelli is a place where travellers show up, and love it so much that they want to leave marks of passion on the walls. 

The team have made Kokopelli into the coolest hostel in Cusco offering epic daily activities, an awesome Pisco bar and a nightclub too. They often host live music nights showcasing local bands and artists. 

If you want to experiment absolutely everything in Cusco you better book a bed at the overall coolest hostel in Cusco, Kokopelli Hostel. They make sure they’ve got the most comfortable beds in all the dorms and private rooms. Hit the hay and rest up for the big adventures. 

3. Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta | Best Cheap Hostel in Cusco

Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta best hostels in Cusco
Play chess or… just use it as a table.

The Recoleta is our favourite Cusco hostel for budget backpackers. They’re the best cheap hostel in Cusco! Always busy but never overcrowded Recoleta is loved by all who stay and it’s easy to see why.

They’ve got a solid 9.2 rating with over 3300 reviews. So, over the test of time, they’re able to prove themselves with a trusty score from other travellers. 

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Bike hire
  • Social bar & cafe spaces
  • Spanish classes

You’ve also got a shared kitchen at your disposal here, which can be a bit of a rarity in Cusco. So cooking your own food here to stretch your budget is easy. They also throw in an included breakfast as well as all-day tea and coffee. 

The Recoleta team are incredibly friendly and very helpful indeed. There is a certain homeliness to Recoleta which makes you instantly feel at ease. It’s not unheard of for travellers to keep on extending their stay at Recoleta and who can blame them?!

This awesome hostel will help you set up all your local tours and transport making it a breeze. They have the perfect setting for practising your language skills with Spanish classes. They also have book exchange too so you can finally get it swapped.

Their TV and film nights are one of the best things to rest your mind in Cusco. Travelling gets heavy and burning yourself is all too easy. So when you find a place like this, you can really recuperate your body well. 

So this hostel is perfect for those who don’t want to spend oodles of money, but still want top quality! It’s for those who like a chilled-out, friendly and fun hostel, that’s not necessarily crazy party central. If that sounds like you, yeah, Recoleta is the place for you!

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4. Wild Rover Backpacker Hostel | Best Party Hostel in Cusco

What comes before Part B? Part A.

When talking about party hostels in Cusco it would be foolish to overlook Wild Rover. Wild by name and by nature this is the coolest hostel in Cusco for a party. It’s a kick-ass party hostel in Cusco that is the talk of the town for party animal backpackers in Cusco.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Sports events shown
  • Daily activities
  • TV room

What’s super, crazy cool about Wild Rover is that they have a soundproof bar. If you tend to burn out early but still wanna party your socks off AND get a good night’s sleep Wild Rover Backpacker Hostel is the place for you. This epic party hostel in Cusco is a firm favourite amongst globetrotting party people!

They are constantly showcasing some of the best musical talents around with live performances and DJs. They have open mic too so get yourself up there!

Another huge bonus is the awesome location of Wild Rover Hostel. You’re located just a few blocks from Cusco’s main square, Plaza De Armas, so you won’t miss a thing in town. From their tours and travel desk, you can book your Inca Trails hikes, quad bike tours, even cooking classes. 

The amazing staff here know that they have created one of the coolest hostels in Cusco for sure. They speak really good English so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything if you’re still getting your Spanish up to scratch. They also have Spanish lessons too so you’re going to improve your skills a lot!

I absolutely love the garden in this hostel. The chill-out space is second to none with bean bags and hammocks that goes wild at night. And the area is kitted out with games like ping-pong and beer pong so you can take it up a notch. 

5. Selina Plaza de Armas | Best Digital Nomad Hostel in Cusco

OOO homey.

Selina the Traveller takes great care of everything. Here you’ll find the best-equipped co-working space in Cusco along with lots of other amenities that help you tend to yourself while you’re consumed in work. This is the place to strike that perfect work-life balance that’s one of the reasons you’re a Digital Nomad in the first place, no?

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Superfast internet connection
  • Restaurant & bar onsite
  • Extra comfy beds

Even if you’re not working from your computer, Selina is still one of the absolute coolest hostels around. The Selina community at Plaza de Armas boasts a yoga deck, a movie room, a restaurant, and a bar! 

And they have a range of sleeping options depending on whether social dorms or private rooms are your speed. Their budget privates are cute, glamping-style pods, so you can get down cosy in your own little space. The dorms are all adult-only too so no risks of compromise here. 

They provide a perfectly clean space, always, as well as toiletries. And, most importantly, that hot, hot shower which is much needed after you’ve been exploring the Inca Empire!

Only a few blocks from the famous Plaza de Armas and San Pedro Market, you’re also treated to one of the best locations in Peru. 24-hour reception means you can show up whenever you want, day or night, and be treated to just what you need. 

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More Epic Hostels in Cusco

You’ve just seen some of the best hostels in the world! But let’s not stop there. Because Cusco is a delight to the senses – and you deserve options.


Look for the places with the best art.

Supertramp, a hostel for vagabonds run by vagabonds. Perfect right?!

Supertramp has it all, a free breakfast, free WiFi throughout the building, no curfew, and a late check-out for good measure. Each dorm room has its own bathroom so there is minimal queuing for the shower each morning.

Supertramp’s dorm rooms are light, bright and spacious, the beds are pretty darn comfy too. It’s situated deep in San Blas, which means a nice view but a bit of a walk (and stairs) to get to the main plaza. If you’re keen to meet new peeps find a place at the Supertramp bar and get chatting!

Loki Hostel Cusco

Non-stop good times.

This is one of the most friendly and welcoming hostels in Cusco and another top hostel for solo travellers – solo female travellers included! It is a great party venue and budget hostel in Cusco all rolled into one. It’s a place where you come as a guest and leave as a friend.

Loki Hostel Cusco offer their friends the choice of private rooms or spacious dorms. There is plenty of space to laze about in during the day or hang out in the evening with a beer to two. Travellers get the chance to let their hair down, party hard and of course, sample some of Peru’s best Pisco!

Their outdoor terrace is the ideal spot to catch up on your travel diary, sort through your photos or just call your Mum. Their free WiFi reaches everywhere in the hostel the connection is pretty good to be fair.

Intro Hostels Cusco

Intro Hostels best hostels in Cusco

If Cusco is the first stop on your Peruvian adventure, Intro Hostel is the perfect introduction to this incredible South American journey… Bad pun? Sorry I couldn’t stop that one.

Regardless, Intro Hostel is a brilliant budget hostel in Cusco offering you all the facilities you could wish for, and more, for next to nothing! With complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, free lockers, and nightly activities you’re in for a real treat when you stay at Intro Hostels Cusco.

They even have their own bar, complete with fire pit and pool table. And yes… the beer is cheap too!

Mama Simona

Mama Simona best hostels in Cusco

Mama Simona Hostel is a top hostel in Cusco for travelling couples looking to have a touch of privacy mid-way through their South American adventure. It’s the little things that make Mama Simona Hostel a touch of perfection, the free soap and towels, the super hot showers and the free natural coca tea available whenever you want it.

There is WiFi in the common areas but it doesn’t stretch to all the rooms. Not that you need it, if you’re travelling with partner perhaps a night without the screens is in order!

Dragonfly Hostel

Dragonfly is a top Cusco backpackers hostel with a room to suit every budget. This happy, fun and friendly hostel is the perfect place to stay if you like to have a beer or two of an evening with your hostel buddies but equally like a good night’s sleep.

With super comfy beds, you’ll be well-rested and ready to explore Cusco every morning of your stay. Dragonfly offers free breakfast and free WiFI. If you need a hand concreting your travel plans swing by the travel desk and they’ll fix you up, no problem.

Tucan Hostel Cusco

Tucan Hostel is one of those cool hostels in Cusco but ALSO  it’s a great budget hostel, especially if you’re just looking for a place to crash at the end of the day. Just one block from Calle Santa Teresa and Calle Nueva Alta, you have one of the most well-located hostels in Cusco!

As well as being aesthetically beautiful, their common spaces are the perfect place to soak up some sun and chat with other travellers. Knuckle down to a game of table tennis or darts.

The self-catering facilities also make this a great Cusco hostel. And, one of my absolute favourite things about Tucan is the bike hire. It’s reasonably priced meaning everyone can fly around and see the stunning city with ease!

Selina Saphi

More than just a hostel, Selina is a community designed to inspire connections among travellers and between those travellers and their destinations. Large and economical dorms, a beautifully designed bar area (the playground), daily tours, and frequent events are some of the ways Selina looks after its solo travellers. They also have female-only dorms which are ideal for solo female travellers.

Plaza de Armas, the delicious sights and smells of San Pedro Market, and the historic city centre.

Cusco Packers

Cusco Packers best hostels in Cusco

Cusco Packers is a super popular hostel in Cusco. They are cheap and cheerful and provide everything the budget backpacker could ask for, including free WiFi and a free breakfast every morning too.

The team love to help custom design their guest’s itineraries, and they do a great job! Just holla for help.

What makes Cusco Packers a top Cusco backpackers hostel is their location, just 20 minutes from the airport and super close to all the tourist hotspots in the historic center. Reach Cuesta Santa Ana in two blocks and a couple more to San Pedro Market.

La Posada del Viajero

La Posada del Viajero best hostels in Cusco

La Posada del Viajero is the best hostel for couples in Cusco, no questions asked! This hostel has a cosy, homely B&B feel and the private rooms are super nice.

The wooden beams throughout the building give a certain rustic authenticity to the La Posada del Viajero and some may say a touch of romance too. If you and your lover like to meet other travellers you’ll find the gang hanging out in the outdoor courtyard or in the TV lounge. This is a chilled-out hostel ideal for couples who want a bit of together time in Cusco.

Sumayaq Hostel

Sumayaq Hostel best hostels in Cusco

Sumayaq is a brilliant budget hostel in Cusco for maturer travellers. They have a great selection of private double rooms with ensuite bathrooms perfect for when you need a night or two away from hectic dorm rooms. Sumayaq Hostel is more than happy to help their guests in any way that they can, whether that be onward travel arrangements or directions to Center Plaza de Armas Cuzco which is just a 2-minute walk away.

What to Pack for your Cusco Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

Ear Plugs

Snoring dorm-mates can ruin your nights rest and seriously damage the hostel experience. This is why I always travel with a pack of decent ear plugs.

Keep your laundry organized and stink free
Keep your laundry organized and stink free

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Trust us, this is an absolute game changer. Super compact, a hanging mesh laundry bag stops your dirty clothes from stinking, you don’t know how much you need one of these… so just get it, thank us later.

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Check out our definitive Hostel Packing list for even more top hostel packing tips!

FAQs about Hostels in Cusco

Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Cusco.

How much does a hostel cost in Cusco?

The average price per night in a Cusco hostel ranges from $9-20 for dorms (mixed or female only), while private rooms cost $20-40.

What are the best hostels in Cusco for couples?

La Posada del Viajero is an ideal hostel for couples in Cusco. It’s cosy and close to the historic centre.

What are the best hostels in Cusco near the airport?

Hospedaje Turistico Recoleta , our pick for best cheap hostel in Cusco, is 4.9 km from Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport.

Travel Safety Tips for Cusco

Peru is a safe place to travel. That being said, you can’t plan for everything. Insurance is always essential.

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

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More Epic Hostels in Peru and South America

Hopefully, by now, you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Cusco. Planning an epic trip all across Peru or further into South America? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

For more cool hostel guides around South America, check out these sick hostels:

Final Thoughts on the Best Hostels in Cusco

If you don’t have Cusco on your backpacking Peru list, what are you doing?! Cusco is a truly gorgeous location and the landing point for one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Granted – it’s a bit touristy. But hold your horses, because there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path parts of the city where you can truly experience the Peruvian-Andes lifestyle.

It’s really worth seeing Cusco with your own eyes. And as travellers, you get the best experience from a Cusco hostel. Then when you’re exploring Peru, as well as amazing memories to take home, you might get some new mates with that too. 

The overall best Cusco hostel has taken the top spot for a reason. It’s really worth checking out Pariwana Hostel Cusco. Though, if you’re more on the chill side and just want a cool place to meet fellow travellers (or not) Supertramp is also an all-time classic.

By now, I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Cusco has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure! One thing’s for sure, you’ll always find a nice place to rest your head.

Have you stayed at any of these hostels or have we missed your favourite? Hit us up in the comments!

Eat up, we’re got Inca trails to explore!
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