Escape the crowds and looming tourist hotels and get a taste of true tropical living! Holbox Island is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets, giving adventurous travelers the chance to layout on white-sand beaches, listen to the crashing waves, and soak up the sun without hoards of tourists! Located to the north of the Yucatán Penninsula, this nature reserve has everything from secluded lagoons, dense jungles, and waters teeming with life!

One of the obvious appeals of traveling to Holbox is the fact that you will not find that tacky tourist atmosphere that has ruined so many other breathtaking beaches. Since the island is not so touristy, however, you will not find a whole lot of hostels to choose from. How then can you find that perfect hostel out of the handful available?

We made finding the best hostels in Holbox as easy as snapping your fingers with this one-stop guide! Within just a few minutes you will be able to see what backpackers hostel on the island best fits how you like to travel!

You will be sunbathing and diving off the Mexican coast before you know it. Your Holbox adventure begins here!

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Holbox

Best Hostels in Holbox

The Best Hostels in Holbox

In just a few clicks you will be experiencing all the beauty of Holbox Island for yourself! But before you can take a dip in the sea you will need to find that perfect hostel for you. With each stay a little different from the next, keep your eyes open for that hostel that best fits how you like to travel!

Best Overall Hostel in Holbox – Che Holbox Hostel

Che Holbox Hostel best hostel in holbox
Che Holbox Hostel is our pick for best overall hostel in Holbox
  • $
  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Breakfast Included

Che Holbox Hostel truly sets the standard for all other hostels on the island! Not only will you be getting some of the cheapest dorm beds and private rooms in all of Holbox, but you will also be getting an experience unlike any other! Che Holbox Hostel’s youthful and tropical design will be the first thing that will make you fall in love with the hostel, and that is just the beginning! This lively backpacker’s stay also hosts many nightly events with everything from karaoke to beer pong! Top it all off with an onsite bar and cafe, and you will have everything you need to feel right at home in Holbox!

Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Holbox – Mapache Hostel

Mapache Hostel best hostel in holbox
Mapache Hostel is our pick for best hostel for solo travelers in Holbox
  • $
  • Cafe
  • Tours
  • Breakfast Included

Been traveling through Central America for a while and are looking for a place to call home for a few days? Mapache Hostel will have you staying in one of the most relaxing hostels in all of Holbox, making it the perfect place to kick back and chat with other backpackers. With its tropical design and outdoor terraces, this is one of the best places to hang out and swap stories with the other travelers. Mapache will also have you exploring the rest of the island with their own tours. What will really have you clicking that book button is the delicious free breakfast served every morning!

Best Cheap Hostel in Holbox – Be Holbox

Be Holbox Best Hostel in Holbox
Be Holbox is our pick for best cheap hostel in Holbox
  • $
  • Bar
  • Rooftop Terrace
  • Bike Rentals

No matter if you are looking to save money or are just looking for one of the best hostels in Holbox, Be Holbox tops the list of the best places to stay on the entire island! For starters, Be Holbox has made a name for itself as being the cheapest backpackers hostel in Holbox. But this youth hostel is so much more than just a budget dorm room. Be Holbox is also home to a bar and a rooftop terrace perfect for cracking open a few beers and hanging out with other backpackers! With their bike rentals, you will be exploring the entire island in style!

Best Hostel for Couples in Holbox – Balam Eco Camping

Balam Eco Camping Best Hostel in Holbox
Balam Eco Camping is our pick for best hostel for couples in Holbox
  • $
  • Garden
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Bike Rentals

Are you ready to turn the romance back on after weeks of being separated in dorm beds? Balam Eco Camping is a tropical island resort hooking up backpackers with some of the cheapest stays in Holbox! While you may not find any dorm beds, you will find everything from budget tents to bungalows perfect for getting some much needed alone time! Balam Eco Camping also has its very own lounge and garden which are great places for hanging out and chatting with other backpackers. Top things off with the beach being a short walk away and bike rentals available, there is no better place to call home on Isla Holbox!

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Best Party Hostel in Holbox – Tribu Hostel

Tribu Hostel best hostel in Holbox
Tribu Hostel is our pick for best party hostel in Holbox
  • $
  • Bar
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Lounge

While in Mexico many of you will be wanting to find a great place to lean against the bar and crack open a few beers. On Holbox Island, the best place to grab a few drinks is actually at Tribu Hostel! All you party animals will rejoice once you see the sandy terraces, inviting hammocks and a lively bar at this backpackers hostel! When you aren’t partying you will find that the beach is just a few steps away from your dorm room, meaning you won’t have to walk too far to find a place to brush off that hangover! The colorful atmosphere and laid back vibes will have you never wanting to leave this backpackers paradise!

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Holbox – Hotel Mittoz

Hotel Mittoz best hostel in holbox
Hotel Mittoz is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Holbox
  • $
  • Cafe
  • Lounge
  • Swimming Pool

If you are a digital nomad, you will be wanting to find a hostel where you can call home for a few days to catch up on some writing and editing. There is no better place to put some finishing touches on that article or video in Holbox than Hotel Mittoz! Although it may be called a hotel Mittoz has the heart of a backpackers hostel. With its cheap dorm rooms and spacious lounges, you will have tons of room to spread out into work and hang out with the other travelers. When you are not busy at work on your laptop, be sure to take some time to take a dip in the swimming pool or walk over to the beach which is just a few steps away from your bed!

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More of the Best Hostels in Holbox

Hostel Le Isla Holbox

Hostel Le Isla Holbox Best Hostel in Holbox
  • $
  • Cafe
  • Bar
  • Lounge

You best not come to this hostel unless you are wanting to party! Putting you right off of one of the liveliest streets in all of Holbox, Hostel La Isla Holbox will have you staying right in front of some of the best bars in town playing music till early in the morning! Now, this does not mean you can not also have a relaxing stay at this backpackers hostel. With its lounge and cozy rooms, you will never be wanting to check out. Top it off with a cafe serving up delicious meals every day, you will have everything you need to feel at home on Holbox Island!

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What to Pack for your Holbox Hostel

We don’t often travel without these essentials.

Luggage Travel Lock

1. Padlock: Keep your stuff safe, guys. Unfortunately not all dorm lockers share the same security standard. You’ll want a lightweight lock that can fit all the various dorm lockers you’ll clip it to. Having a padlock that is flexible and can fit a variety of locker styles is the best way to make sure none of your belongings wander away while you are out.


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Active Roots Water Bottle

3. Active Roots Water Bottle: Hostels are increasingly meeting backpackers’ demands for potable (drinkable) water. Now is better than ever to start traveling with a reusable water bottle! Aside from cutting down single-use plastic, The Active Roots stainless steel water bottle will also keep your favorite beverage hot or cold all day long and it’s sized perfectly to fit an entire bottle of wine. ‘Nuff said.

Headphone Spltter

4. Headphone Splitter: You’re the one with the Netflix account and your friend wants to watch too? But you don’t want to share headphones? And you’re good people who wouldn’t disturb your dorm mates? That’s not going to be a problem with this Headphone Splitter! Plug in two pairs of headphones at the same time, so both of you are able to listen to music or watch shows simultaneously. It comes in handy and won’t weigh you down.

AR Towel

5. Active Roots Microfiber Towel: Having your own towel on your travels is a game changer. The Active Roots Microfiber Towel is perfect for travellers who are looking for a lightweight, quick-drying and extremely soft option. The antibacterial material is super water-absorbent and resists odor buildup because of its antimicrobial material. Ain’t technology cool?

Universal Adapter

6. Universal Travel Adapter: Not every country has the same electrical plug style, so carry along a universal travel adapter. You’ll want one that covers varying voltage levels, has protection from power surges, a fried laptop is not fun, and enough ports so you don’t have to spend all day individually charging your devices.

Why you should travel to Holbox

With everything from lazy beachside bungalows to trendy backpackers hostels, you will find that there are way more places to stay in Holbox than what meets the eye! Little do many travelers know, the hostel you choose to stay in will set the tone for your entire trip on the island!

If you are still torn between two or three great hostels, let us help point you in the right direction. For that one stay that will have you experiencing island living to the fullest, be sure to check into Che Holbox Hostelour pick for the best hostel in Holbox!

Che Holbox Hostel best hostel in holbox

Over to you

The white sand beaches and tranquil blue waters of Holbox island are calling your name! You will be diving to the depths of the ocean in search of whale sharks and exploring the jungles of Mexico before you know it! With everything from life-changing adventures to lazy beach days, no two days spent in Holbox will ever be the same! With an insane nightlife and secret beaches, there are limitless ways you can experience the fun and wonder of Mexico’s best-kept secret!

We know all of you are probably dying to head straight to the beach, but actually the backpacker’s hostel you choose to call home will determine if you will be spending your days quietly laying out by the sea or partying till the break of dawn! Depending on how you like to travel, you will want to find that youth hostel best for you!

If you have ever traveled to Holbox Island we would love to hear about your trip! Let us know in the comments below if there are any great backpacker’s hostels we may have missed!

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