There’s no place in California quite as enchanting, gorgeous, and rejuvenating as Ojai. Famed for its jaw-dropping sunsets and storied electromagnetic forces, this laid-back town is even the favorite secret getaway of several Hollywood A-listers, like Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

For decades, this West Coast Shangri-La has been drawing travelers who are aching for a wellness fix and a refreshing escape from their bustling city life.

From the Spanish-inspired buildings to the fragrant air scented with orange blossom, Ojai has everything you need for a restorative retreat. Unfortunately, finding a place to stay in Ojai can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

Guess what, though? We’re going to make things easy on your end by featuring a “where to stay in Ojai” guide. This guide is suited for all types of travelers.

Where to Stay in Ojai

When travelling in California, you can’t miss out on Ojai. Despite its small size, has a great selection of accommodations to offer to travelers. From boutique hotels to eclectic inns, travelers will find plenty of lodging deals that fit their ideal budget and style. 

So, if you don’t mind which Ojai neighborhood to stay in, book at any of these recommended and handpicked coves. 

Eclectic Holiday Home in Casita Springs – Casita de Paz

Casita de Paz

Experience a fairy-tale-like vacation in Ojai by staying at this extraordinary and artsy holiday home. With its therapeutic ambiance and fascinating amenities, this holiday home is perfect for those who want to do a little soul searching. 

For nature and outdoor enthusiasts, this option will also give you access to a bevy of natural wonders in the area. 

Charming Guesthouse in Ojai – Downtown Ojai Oasis

Downtown Ojai Oasis

When it comes to location, this charming oasis is second to none. With its remarkable central location, this guesthouse is literally minutes away from a ton of restaurants, shops, and attractions. 

What’s more, this guesthouse will amaze you with its stunning fountain, interiors, and Spanish-style exterior. And did we mention that its accommodations are incredibly comfortable?

Splendid Villa in Ojai – Su Nido Inn

Su Nido Inn

With a tranquil atmosphere and exceptional amenities, this villa offers guests a fabulous escape from their hectic urban grind. While it’s inexpensive, it does feel luxurious, thanks to its tastefully designed Spanish-style architecture. 

The villa boasts a terrific, convenient location, offering quick access to the best sights in Ojai. 

Ojai Neighbourhood Guide



Downtown – also known as Ojai village – is the beating heart of this charming city in Ventura county. Surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest, this small community features an array of local restaurants, boutique shops, and galleries.

East End

East End

East End is heaven for architecture lovers. For everyone’s favorite price of zero dollars, you can spend hours in this neighborhood admiring stunning homes and architectural designs.

Casita Springs

Casita Springs

Want to get a glimpse of the illustrious life of the iconic Johnny Cash? Then stay at Casita Springs, known as the home of Johnny Cash. As you stay at Casita Springs, you’ll find out why the famed musician fell in love with this charming neighborhood.

Top 3 Neighborhoods to Stay in Ojai 

Whether you’re embarking on a soul-searching retreat or a family getaway, you’ll find your bliss and solace in Ojai. For a memorable and hassle-free vacation, make sure to heed these valuable words of advice. 

Full of modern amenities, Downtown is truly the epicenter and pulsing heart of Ojai. From family-run restaurants to first-class spas, Downtown literally has everything you need for a comfortable and memorable stay in this city.  

Not to mention, it makes a great base to some of the most exhilarating and fun nature trips in the area. 

East End, with a mixture of stunning estates, natural sights, and fabulous buildings, is a paradise for photographers and sightseers. Praised for its serene location, this neighborhood is also perfect for those who seek peace and solace. 

To our surprise, this neighborhood also has a bucketload of budget-friendly options for lodging. 

People often know Casita Springs as the Californian home of the late and iconic Johnny Cash. But once you venture into this neighborhood, you’ll soon find out that there’s more to it than just the legend of Johnny Cash. 

With access to some of California’s best beaches and mountains, this neighborhood is an awesome home base for travelers yearning for an epic outdoor adventure. 

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#1 Downtown – Best Place to Stay in Ojai for your First Time 


Downtown – also known as Ojai village – is the beating heart of this charming city in Ventura county. Surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest, this small community features an array of local restaurants, boutique shops, and galleries. 

Additionally, it’s host to a ton of concerts and festivals. From the world-famous Ojai Music Festival to the Renaissance Festival, this neighborhood boasts a line-up of fantastic and convivial parties. 

While it has plenty of shops, you won’t find Starbucks or McDonalds at Ojai’s epicenter. Unlike other Californian cities, Ojai discourages chain stores to maintain an authentic, spiritual, and unique feel.

Best Guesthouse in Downtown – Downtown Ojai Oasis

Downtown Ojai Oasis

Serene, romantic, and spotless, this charming guesthouse promises a cushy and unforgettable stay in Ojai. With its Instagram-worthy fountain, courtyard, and French door, this property is pretty easy on the eyes as well. 

Nestled in the heart of downtown, this villa is also a stone’s throw away from a bunch of excellent restaurants, hiking trails, breweries, and wine bars. Keep in mind that since short-term vacation rentals are banned in Ojai city, this guesthouse only accepts long-term stays of at least 30 days. 

Best Villa in Downtown: Su Nido Inn 

Su Nido Inn

With its Spanish-style architecture and restorative ambiance, it’s no wonder they call Su Nido Inn one of the best places to stay in Ojai. Not only is it atmospheric, but it also has first-class service and lavish accommodations. 

Not to mention it’s literally minutes away from numerous restaurants and attractions, like Soule Park Golf Course. 

Best boutique hotel in Downtown: Chantico Inn 

Chantico Inn

From its fabulous pool to its elaborate vintage furniture, Chantico Inn surely has the recipe for an unforgettable stay in Ojai. With a favorable central location, the hotel also offers instant access to the city’s most popular spots, such as the Arcade and Libbey Bowl. 

Of course, the hotel has all the amenities you need to enjoy a cushy stay, including tea-making facilities. 

Things to See and Do in Downtown Ojai 

  • Kick-start your day on a high note with a filling and mouth-watering breakfast at the family-run Knead Baking Company. Locals and visitors flock to this artisanal bakery for its superb breakfast sandwich, with white cheddar, fried egg, and La Quercia prosciutto. 
  • Spend a couple of hours browsing the charming Bart’s Books. It carries rare art books, new releases, and first, signed editions. This independent outdoor bookstore has terrific bargains on secondhand novels. 
  • Uncover the city’s history and heritage by visiting the Ojai Valley Museum, which features an impressive collection of pioneer tools, Native American baskets, and photos from the early days of Ojai. 
  • Sample a range of first-class wines, like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, at Casa Barranca’s wine tasting room in the old arcade. 
  • Enjoy fresh, affordable produce at the renowned Sunday Ojai Farmers Market. 
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#2 East End – Where to Stay in Ojai on a Budget 

East End

East End is heaven for architecture lovers. For everyone’s favorite price of zero dollars, you can spend hours in this neighborhood admiring stunning homes and architectural designs. 

From luxury estates designed by iconic architects to modest cottages, East End overflows with visually appealing buildings. Even better, the neighborhood has that quintessential relaxing Ojai atmosphere, thanks to its orchards. 

If you seek solace and serenity, you’ll also find it here. As a matter of fact, it’s a well-known getaway for some people in the art and film industry. Though it’s not cheap by backpacker’s standards, it’s a more affordable alternative to other neighborhoods in Ojai. 

Best Inn in East End – Ojai Rancho Inn 

Ojai Rancho Inn

Who says you need to spend a fortune to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay in Ojai? At Ojai Rancho Inn, you get to enjoy the perks of a stylish boutique hotel sans the hefty price tag.

Additionally, the inn features an outdoor pool and a sauna, where you can soothe your jaded muscles and joints. 

Best Bed & Breakfast in East End – Ojai Retreat & Inn 

Ojai Retreat and Inn

Relax, unwind, and recharge your batteries with a stay at Ojai Retreat & Inn. With a picture-perfect backdrop and a tranquil ambiance, this bed & breakfast is sure to give you the retreat that you badly need. 

Be prepared to spot a cornucopia of wildlife as well, including woodpeckers, chipmunks, and jackrabbits. 

Best Hotel in East End – Casa Ojai Inn 

Casa Ojai Inn

Casa Ojai Inn isn’t labeled as one of the top hotels in Ojai for nothing. With a slew of modern amenities, an ideal location, and snug accommodations, the hotel is truly an exceptional home base for anyone sightseeing in Ojai.  

From the hotel, you’ll be just a few steps away from extraordinary leisure opportunities, galleries, and local shops. 

Things to See and Do in East End

  • Find your inner Zen at any of the neighborhood’s restorative spiritual centers, including Krishnamurti Foundation of America’s Pepper Tree Retreat and Meditation Mount. 
  • See and take in the fragrant orange groves that flourish in spring. 
  • Itching for an epic outdoor adventure? Do yourself a favor and explore the gigantic Los Padres National Forest. As you explore this national forest, you’ll find desert plants, redwoods, wildlife, and endangered species, like the Californian condor. 
  • Be mesmerized by the breathtaking 300-foot waterfall at Rose Valley Falls. 
  • Open every Saturday and Wednesday, the Ojai Olive Oil Co. lets you see the valley’s healthiest trees and soak up the Mediterranean-like feel. While you’re there, make sure to buy some fine and extremely fresh olive oil.

#3 Casita Springs – Best Neighborhood in Ojai for families

Casita Springs

Want to get a glimpse of the illustrious life of the iconic Johnny Cash? Then stay at Casita Springs, known as the home of Johnny Cash. As you stay at Casita Springs, you’ll find out why the famed musician fell in love with this charming neighborhood. 

With its nearby scenic trails, this neighborhood is an awesome base for travelers who are into outdoor adventures. Not to mention, it’s pretty close to the stunning beaches of Ventura. 

Best of all, it has a beautiful and easygoing family-friendly atmosphere. And did we mention that its accommodations are pretty affordable? 

Best Guesthouse in Casita Springs – La Casita 

La Casita

With its homey and laid-back vibe, Las Casita makes an excellent option for families exploring Ojai and Ventura. Plus, it has pleasant Meditarranean touches, adding more appeal to its gorgeous facade. 

With a superb location, the guesthouse will give you easy access to a number of destinations, including Downtown Ojai, Oak View, and Santa Barbara. As with other vacation rentals in Ojai, this guesthouse only accepts long-term stays ( minimum of 30 days). 

Best Holiday Home in Casita Springs – Casita de Paz 

Casita de Paz

Escape your urban woes and enjoy a slice of paradise on earth at this eclectic property. With its serene location and epic Ojai Valley amenities, this holiday home guarantees a fantastic vacation for the ages. 

There’s even a jacuzzi that will make your stay even more rejuvenating – or steamy. Ideal for long-term stays, this property requires guests to stay at least 30 days, making it a perfect respite for those who need a life-changing retreat. 

Best Budget Hotel in Casita Springs – Oakridge Inn 

Oakridge Inn

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly family room in Casita Springs, look no further than Oakridge Inn. Even with its inexpensive rates, this hotel comes with a handful of perks that will make your stay convenient and comfy. 

As for the location, it’s situated near Soule Park Golf Course and Ojai Vineyard. 

Things to See and Do in Casita Springs 

  • See the natural phenomenon nicknamed the “pink moment” during sunset, when a peach, lavender, and pink glow fills the California sky for an awe-inspiring view like no other. 
  • The Ojai Valley Trail is a lovely place for biking, running, hiking, and even strollers. Although it’s just a nine-mile stretch, the trail will enthrall you with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains. 
  • Savor the picturesque views and blooming flowers at Ventura Botanical Gardens. 
  • Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company has day horseback riding tours suitable for all ages. There are sunset horseback riding tours for couples who want to share a scenic and romantic experience.
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FAQ about Finding a Place to Stay in Ojai

Here’s what people usually ask us about the areas of Ojai and where to stay.

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Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Ojai 

From spiritual havens and spas to picture-perfect trails, Ojai offers an endless array of options for relaxation, fun, and recreation. Despite its relatively small size, the city can keep you entertained for over a month. I guess that’s why the city has banned short-term vacation rentals. However, you should still consider Ojai as a stopover destination on your Californian Roadtrip.

The neighborhoods mentioned in this guide have all the hallmarks of an incredible vacation. If we have to pick one, though, it has to be Downtown – or Ojai Village. 

With a variety of lodging options, Downtown certainly has an accommodation that best suits your preference and budget. What’s more, it’s dotted with authentic shops, restaurants and attractions. 

On top of it all, it’s a walkable neighborhood, which should help reduce your gas expenses. 

Did we miss anything? Is there something you want to share with us? Please feel free to share your thoughts using the comment section below. 

Do you own an awesome hostel, hotel or apartment? Want to be featured in our list? Email [email protected] to find out how.

Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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