Vietnam is a dreamy retreat destination. It has an air about it that oozes relaxation, beauty and mindfulness.

Between its stunning landscapes, interesting history and beautiful ancient architecture, you can spend days lunging and stretching in yoga poses under the watchful eye of a knowledgable teacher.

Enjoy exploring the amazing culture and must-see sights in your free time, delving into self-care practices and learning more about Vietnam’s way of life.

For yoga newbies or those who know all the ins and outs, these are all the best yoga retreats in Vietnam to add a bit more excitement and interest to your usual yoga practice. Check them out!


A blue lake with a road running alongside it and mountains in the distance in Vietnam
Just one of those stunning landscapes.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Why Should You Consider a Yoga Retreat in Vietnam?

Exploring Vietnam is a backpacker’s paradise with mountains, stunning beaches and an incredible culture. For a touch of self development and relaxation in your trip, a yoga retreat in Vietnam is a great addition to your adventure.

Take the time to delve deeper into your yoga practice in an amazing destination with pro-teachers and gurus to lead the way.

Teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and even blindfolded yoga, you might find your new fave practice, or be able to learn something new about a style you’ve already mastered. It isn’t just for newbies, yoga enthusiasts can also learn a lot on these kinds of retreats!

A multi levelled waterfall in Vietnam
Alexa, play calming water sounds.
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A retreat is so much more than your regular yoga class. You will learn the deeper meanings behind the practice, how to make the most of each movement, and how to incorporate the mindfulness side of things into your daily life.

Going on a retreat is so much more than just the yoga. You will get to explore a new place and culture, meet new people, and find out things you never knew about yourself. Many retreats include excursions where you can get out and see the best bits of Vietnam.

You may go into the retreat with expectations, but you will leave completely in awe of the experience you’ve had. You may even become a slight retreat addict like myself, but it’s all in the name of health and wellness, right? 

What Can You Expect From a Yoga Retreat in Vietnam?

Sure, you can expect yoga, but there are so many other things that make yoga retreats in Vietnam special. When you aren’t in downward dog, you can venture through the stunning landscapes of the country.

Some retreats may include excursions, while you can base your explorations around your classes at other retreats. Hit up one of Vietnam’s stunning beaches, amazing local villages, impressive temples and mountains.

You can also expect DELICIOUS food, friendly interactions with locals, lifelong friendships and lots of new knowledge about your favorite yoga styles.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat in Vietnam for You?

Choosing which retreat to invest your time and money into can be a little daunting. It can be a pretty chunk of change, and also far from home! There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the retreat for you, but as always, I am here to guide you 😉

Vietnam My Son
The ruins at My Son.
Photo: Sasha Savinov

You should think about how much you are wanting to push yourself out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking for a retreat vacation, you won’t want to sign up to an intense, every day yoga retreat.

Additionally, what kind of place and where in Vietnam do you want to stay? There is a lot of variation between the areas and kinds of sleeping arrangements, so have some ideas in mind.

Enjoying nature is a top priority at many of the retreats below. If you’re not quite a tree hugger, and bathing in forests isn’t your thing, we can’t be friends – I’m kidding. However, don’t sign up for a nature-based, dirty retreat if that’s not your style.


Lots of the yoga retreats in Vietnam are tucked away in the mountains, or right by the beach. 

You’ll have to have a think about whether you want to be in the heart of the action or hidden away in nature away from the crowds. Heading out to explore is one of the best parts of doing a retreat in a stunning destination, so no matter where you are based you can still get out and enjoy!


Yoga is, obviously, going to be the main focus of your retreat. But there will be a lot of different practices intermingled in your stay too.

From Hatha, Vinyasa, and even blindfolded yoga, you’ll get to try out styles of yoga and practices you’ve never tried before. Additionally, holistic practices will be common place at all of the retreats.

Deep meditation sessions, Reiki, and Sadhu Boards are just a few of the things you can get excited to try!

Taking you further on your healing journey with hands on, talented teachers, a yoga retreat will be a life changing experience that’ll teach you things you can take through the rest of your life.

3 women doing yoga in vietnam


Vietnam is a super cheap place to explore, and the yoga retreats are just as affordable!

Obviously there will be factors that affect the price of each different retreats. From the length of the stay, to the style of setting, types of excursions and inclusions, you can take a look to see which kind of retreat suits your budget and where you might need to be a little lenient on your expectations.


Each different retreat will have different little perks to make your time all the more interesting, fun and relaxing.

Whether it be added tours and trips, spa treatments, cultural classes or led sessions, the retreats offer something special to entice you in.


Many of the yoga retreats in Vietnam run for around four to seven days.

It’ll range from flexible itineraries where you can pick and choose what you attend, to more strict schedules where you will be expected to attend everything from start to finish. Be sure you are able to invest the right amount of time into your retreat before signing up!

The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Get ready to be stretching, breathing and relaxing all over the place, these are the best yoga retreats in Vietnam for a life changing experience.

Best Overall Yoga Retreat in Vietnam – 5-Day Detox Yourself Yoga Retreat

5-Day Detox Yourself Yoga Retreat
  • $745
  • Hue

Located in the foothills of Thanh Tan Mountain, this yoga retreat has a lot to offer.

During the knowledgeable yoga, meditation, sound healing, and breathwork classes, you will be able to dive headfirst into all kinds of wellness methods and activities that will be able to help you disconnect.

This particular retreat is an accumulation of lots of different detoxifying methods. Movement, fasting, nature, and a plant-based diet are all used to help your body detox and refresh, leaving you feeling brand new!

Best Affordable Yoga Retreat in Vietnam – 4-Day Insight Yoga & Meditation Retreat

4-Day Insight Yoga & Meditation Retreat
  • $310
  • Hoi An 

This yoga retreat in Hoi An, Vietnam is the perfect option to dip your toe into the world of wellness.

For four days, you will be led through methods of how to recharge and reconnect with your body. With multiple yoga sessions per day and a meditation class, you will be able to try techniques and styles you have never tried before.

Only a short cycle away from the beach, with free time every day, you can still have the chance to get out and enjoy the surroundings. You can’t go wrong by staying in Hoi An.

Best Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Vietnam  – 4-Day Healing Yourself Retreat

4-Day Healing Yourself Retreat
  • $467
  • Hue

If you’re wanting to get away from the hectic tourist crowds of Vietnam, this retreat is a perfect off the beaten path spot.

It is all about cleansing, healing, and recharging. You will have the chance to boost your immune system by spending time in abundant nature, and drinking detoxifying juices every day.

The organic cooking classes and simple stress-reducing yoga techniques will be easy to recreate back at home. You will also be taught relaxing yoga positions, how to use meditation as a tool to calm the mind, and the importance of great quality sleep.

Yoga Retreat in Vietnam for Solo Travelers –  4-Day Yoga & Energy Retreat

4-Day Yoga & Energy Retreat
  • $483
  • Duong Dong 

Backpacking is about showing up in unfamiliar areas and learning to navigate the world, right?

With that in mind, this retreat in Duong Dong is about pushing you to new limits. The practices include aqua yoga, blindfolded yoga, and even the ancient art of using Sadhu boards (a bed of nails). 

Each of these practices are thought to reenergize and reconnect your body. You can then take the energy, and bring your manifestations to life in meditative sessions. 

There will be plenty of time for daily swims and picturesque sunsets, all with a cozy spot to stay at Cassia cottage. 

Yoga Retreat in Vietnam in the Mountains   – 7-Day Detox Yourself Retreat

7-Day Detox Yourself Retreat
  • $720
  • Hue

At this retreat you will be taken on a life changing journey – are you up for it?

Hosted within the hills of Thanh Tan Mountain, you’ll be far away from the harmful effects of city life.

During the retreat, you’ll be invited to take part in lots of different wellness activities, while being surrounded by incredible views. You’ll spend time lounging in hot springs, soaking in Japanese Onsen baths and relaxing in fragrant eucalyptus gardens. The key practices consist of foundational yoga classes, meditation sessions, and strenuous hikes through nature. 

You might just find yourself viewing “city living” completely differently after the retreat ends.

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Best Yoga Retreat for Couples in Vietnam – 10-Day Private Retreat

10-Day Private Retreat
  • $2419
  • Hanoi

This is one of the best yoga retreats in Vietnam combining yoga with 5-star luxury spa services.

Set in the capital city, Hanoi, you can bring your partner along to shut out distractions and enjoy quality time together.

You will be taught integral yoga, and be able to indulge in lavish spa treatments. It also includes a cruise along the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to ‘date night’ opportunities. Enjoy a sunset dinner on the sundeck, or a picnic by the crystal clear waters.

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Vietnam – 9-Day Unwind & Recharge Private Retreat

9-Day Unwind & Recharge Private Retreat
  • $2835
  • Southern Vietnam

Curated to help you escape the constant grind that comes with working towards your goals, this yoga retreat in Vietnam is a luxe option. 

For 9 whole days you can forget about hustle culture back home and focus 100% on yourself. Indulge in delicious meals, and cuddle up for a restful night’s sleep in super cozy accommodation.

The luxury rooms and gorgeous pool is ideal for those days you don’t fancy joining excursions.

Try out yoga classes, explore the beaches, and indulge in cocktails at sunset. It’s more of a vacation than a retreat, but you deserve it!

Best Yoga Retreat in Vietnam by the Beach – 9-Day Relax & Unwind Retreat

9-Day Relax & Unwind Retreat
  • $2268
  • Hanoi

There’s no better place to rebalance your energy than by the beach.

This is one of the most adventurous yoga retreats in Vietnam. You’ll be taken on a cruise to the best locations, have expert yoga teachers who will guide you through Hatha yoga, and be able to join calming meditation sessions.

Take the break you deserve by trying signature spa treatments designed to ease tension in your body.

The food is deliciously good with organic lunches and delicious juices as you completely restore your body. Then, once you’re replenished, head out on one of the excursions to explore the nearby beaches or swim in the clear waters.

Best Yoga Retreat in Vietnam for Friends – 4-Day Authentic Yoga Retreat

4-Day Authentic Yoga Retreat
  • $257
  • Hoi An

Book your ticket, pack your bags and get ready for the time of your life at this retreat! It is a great option for a group of friends looking to do something different together.

Set within Hoi An, a World Heritage Site, you and your friends will feel what it means to be a local. Practice yoga, learn how to cook authentic dishes, and bike around the countryside.

It also includes a cruise to My Son, where there is a stunning, intricate ancient temple to explore and learn about the local culture.

Best Beautiful Yoga Retreat in Vietnam – 6-Day Healing Yourself Retreat

6-Day Healing Yourself Retreat
  • $1034
  • Hue

Embedded in the serene nature of the Vietnamese landscape, at this retreat you will be encouraged look inward and reconnect.

During your stay, you’ll be located in a gorgeous retreat center with incredible views of Vietnam. Join in daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, cooking classes, and fuel your body with immune-boosting meals. 

You can get more out of the experience by attending hikes to the hidden gems of Vietnam. Discover the healing power of nature by giving gratitude to the earth, forest bathing and barefoot meditating.

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Final Thoughts on Yoga Retreats in Vietnam

Vietnam has a LOT to offer when it comes to wellness retreats. The stunning scenery, clean air and amazing nature is a perfect setting for disconnecting from the world.

From cruising around the picturesque locations, bathing in serene nature, and exploring the beloved temples, Vietnam has proved itself as a worthy yoga retreat location. 

I could honestly book my tickets for several of these retreats right now. But, if I had to choose just one it would be the five-day detox yourself retreat. This yoga retreat in Vietnam has an impressive price tag considering the practices and excursions offered, and it’s set in a magnificent location!

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I’ve been waiting for this!
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