Surfs up! Get ready for golden beaches, wild bars, and loads of sunshine when you hit Australia’s Gold Coast! Even if you are not planning on grabbing your board and hitting the waves, Gold Coast has over 40km of pristine beaches where you can just hang out and enjoy Australia’s surf culture from the shore!

Other than the beaches you will have the best nightlife in the country, breathtaking national parks, and loads of theme parks all within your grasp!

The Gold Coast is no stranger to backpackers, surfers, and hoards of teenagers just past the drinking age. This means that you have tons of hostels to choose from. With so many hostels stretching over 4okm of beach how then can you find the perfect one for you?

We created this guide so you can spend more time hitting the beach and less worrying about where to stay! After reading this article YOU will be able to find your own slice of heaven on the Gold Coast!

So kick off your thongs and feel the sand between your toes when you hit the beaches on the Gold Coast!

So peep our guide to the top hostels in Gold Coast below!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Gold Coast

Best Hostels in Gold Coast

The Best Hostels in Gold Coast

When staying in the Gold Coast you won’t be able to save a whole lot of money, but what you will get is access to some of the best hostels in the world in the heart of Australia’s beach culture. The Gold Coast stretches over 40km and has many different beaches and districts. While some areas are purely residential, Surfers Paradise is the most commercial and is by far the beating heart of club culture on the Gold Coast! Get ready to hit the beaches or boogie in the clubs on your adventure to Australia’s favorite beaches!

Best Overall Hostel in Gold Coast – Down Under Hostels – Surfers Paradise

Down Under Hostels - Surfers Paradise best hostels in Gold Coast
Down Under Hostels – Surfers Paradise is our pick for best overall hostel in Gold Coast
  • $
  • Breakfast
  • Free Washing Machines
  • Weekly Events

Located in the heart of the party in Surfers Paradise, Down Under unloads both barrels to ensure you have a great time on the Gold Coast! This youth hostel is geared for a younger crowd, not allowing in one in under 18 or over 35.

This hostel is recommended for those looking to get out and enjoy the true Australian nightlife. Down Under organizes weekly pub crawls as well as movie nights, PS4 tournaments, and so much more! With so many freebies, backpackers are sure to get the most bang out of their buck at Down Under Hostels- Surfers Paradise!

Best Party Hostel in Gold Coast – Down Under Hostels – By The Beach

Down Under Hostels - By The Beach best hostels in Gold Coast
Down Under Hostels – By The Beach is our pick for best party hostel in Gold Coast
  • $
  • Pool
  • Pub Crawls

Much like its sister hostel, Down Under Hostels – By the Beach turns up the volume to 11, bringing the party to you from the comfort of the beach! With its organized pub crawls and various other hostel organized events, you are sure to never have a dull moment!

The hostel also allows you to bring your own alcohol, so you can enjoy a cold one by the pool or even take it with you down to the beach with is a mere 50m away!

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Gold Coast – Coolangatta YHA

Coolangatta YHA best hostels in Gold Coast
Coolangatta YHA is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Gold Coast
  • $$
  • Free Shuttle Buses
  • Barbeque

Coolangatta YHA puts backpackers smack in between the airport and the beach. If being the hostel closest to the airport wasn’t enough to win you over, you are sure to be wooed with its free shuttle buses taking you all over the Gold Coast, movie/BBQ nights, and even an onsite pool. It’s also considered one of the best hostels in Coolangatta, so you’ll be in for a real treat!

This hostel puts travelers a bit outside of the action of Surfers Paradise, meaning you can relax on the beach without running into those unruly drunks and college kids. Doesn’t matter if you need a good nights sleep before your flight or are looking to hit the beaches, Coolangatta YHA has something for everybody!

Best Cheap Hostel in Gold Coast – Backpackers in Paradise Resort

Backpackers in Paradise Resort best hostels in Gold Coast
Backpackers in Paradise Resort is our pick for best cheap hostel in Gold Coast
  • $
  • Pool
  • Cafe

What could be better than hostel prices with resort standard comfort? You get just that when booking into Backpackers in Paradise Resort!

By just looking at all this hostel has to offer you wouldn’t think this would be the cheapest hostel in all of the Gold Coast. Backpackers will be pampered with an onsite pool, cinema room, jacuzzi, sundeck, table tennis, and so much more!

You are sure to have loads to do and be able to save a chunk of change when staying at Paradise Resort!

Best Hostel for Couples in Gold Coast– Aquarius Gold Coast

Aquarius Gold Coast best hostels in Gold Coast
Aquarius Gold Coast is our pick for best hostel for couples in Gold Coast
  • $$
  • Pool
  • Spa

At Aquarius Gold Coast you have a choice from comfortable budget dorms to spacious private rooms. Located a bit outside the action from Surfers Paradise, this hostel is in the more quiet neighborhood of Southport.

For those still looking for an all-night rager, the party is just a short trams ride away. Aquarius will spoil its guests with its spa, pool, lounge, and even a bar. Single travelers and couples alike are sure to have a trip to remember when staying at Aquarius!

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Gold Coast – Bunk Surfers Paradise

Bunk Surfers Paradise best hostels in Gold Coast
Bunk Surfers Paradise is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Gold Coast
  • $$
  • Hot Tub
  • Free Breakfast

Bunk Surfers Paradise is by far one of the top hostels in all of the Gold Coast as well as the best on the strand for digital nomads! Bloggers, vloggers, and photographers can get their editing done with ease with the hostel’s free 2G internet.

Those looking to work have plenty of places to spread out throughout the hostel with outdoor seating, lounges, and dining rooms, all with outlets close at hand.

Blog away without having to worry about annoyingly slow internet and pestering backpackers at Bunk Surfers Paradise!

Best Hostel with a Private Room in Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise Backpacker Resort

Surfers Paradise Backpacker Resort best hostels in Gold Coast
Surfers Paradise Backpacker Resort is our pick for best hostel with a private room in Gold Coast
  • $$
  • Bar
  • Volleyball Court

At Surfers Paradise you can be in the heart of the party while still being able to retreat away into your comfortable private room. This backpackers resort puts you right in the middle of the action with an onsite bar, barbeque, volleyball court, billiards, and even a pool.

When you are done socializing and partying it up outside you can relax in their spacious dorms or private rooms!

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More Best Hostels In Gold Coast

There are so many amazing places to visit on the Gold Coast that you might not even be able to fit all in. What you can do though, is look at more epic hostels in the area!

 Budds in Surfers Backpackers

Budds in Surfers Backpackers best hostels in Gold Coast
Budds in Surfers Backpackers
  • $$
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pub Crawls

Let the hammocks on the beach rock you back and forth while you relax on the beach at Budds Surfers Backpackers. Budds is by far one of the most recommended hostels in all of the Gold Coast for its central location, nearby pool, and even a game room.

Backpackers can grab a drink at the bar and then pull out a cue and rack em up at the billiards table. With budget rooms and tons to do, travelers are sure to have the time of their life!

Komune in Coolangatta

Komune in Coolangatta best hostels in Gold Coast
Komune in Coolangatta
  • $$
  • Night Club
  • Free Breakfast

Other than Komune in Coolangatta’s swimming pool, lounge, terrace, and free breakfast, the on-site nightclub is sure to have you living right inside of the party on the Gold Coast.

With alcohol coupons, live music, and tons of dancing, the music at Komune never stops! After partying the night away you can wake up from your comfortable bed to a complimentary breakfast which is sure to have you start the day off right!

Couple O’ Days Backpackers

Couple O Days Backpackers best hostels in Gold Coast
Couple O’ Days Backpackers
  • $$
  • Swimming Pool
  • Book Exchange

At Couple O’ Days, you will have the perfect place to base yourself out of for hitting the beaches or getting jiggy with it at the nearby nightclubs. This laidback backpackers hostel offers its guests a pool, a book exchange, games, and barbeque.

With the hostel’s age limit, you won’t have to worry about those pesky teenagers ruining the overall vibe. Although Couple O’ Days is fairly basic without many of the perks of the other hostels, the staff is sure to make you feel right at home and have you staying more than just a couple of days!

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What to Pack for your Gold Coast Hostel

Here’s some gear our editors take hostelling.

Universal Adapter

1. Universal Travel Adapter: This universal travel adapter charges your devices in (pretty much) every country – definitely a lifesaver when travelling around the world. The plug also regulates the power output depending on which device you’re charging. No more fried hair dryers or electric razors!

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Headphone Spltter

4. Headphone Splitter: You’re the one with the Netflix account and your friend wants to watch too? But you don’t want to share headphones? And you’re good people who wouldn’t disturb your dorm mates? That’s not going to be a problem with this Headphone Splitter! Plug in two pairs of headphones at the same time, so both of you are able to listen to music or watch shows simultaneously. It comes in handy and won’t weigh you down.

Playing Cards

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Why you should travel to Gold Coast

The Gold Coast attracts tourists from all around the world, from young kids looking to get wasted to backpackers looking to just kick it on the white sand beaches. Most of the hostels are sure to have you enjoying the bar scene and sunny coastline without all the pesky school children.

Out of all the hostels on the Gold Coast Down Under Hostels – Surfers Paradise goes above and beyond to make sure you have a great time at Australia’s best beaches!

Get ready to lay out your towel with your cold beer in hand while enjoying Australia’s Gold Coast!

Down Under Hostels - Surfers Paradise best hostels in Gold Coast

Travel Safety Tips for Gold Coast

Don’t forget to sort your travel insurance before heading to Gold Coast! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads, our favorite travel insurance provider.

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More Epic Hostels in Australia

Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Gold Coast.

Planning an epic trip all across Australia itself?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Gold Coast has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you’re planning on travelling further, you can be (almost always) sure that you’ll find a great place to stay wherever you are. There are so many amazing hostels all over Australia, each of them offering a comfy bed, a welcoming vibe, and a chance to meet like-minded travellers – you’ll be well looked after!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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