Traditionally lesser known to international tourists, Salvador is one of Brazil’s best kept secrets, and an amazing place to experience as a backpacker!

But travelers are starting to catch on, and Salvador is picking up steam as a kick ass backpacker’s destination. Because of this there still aren’t many hostels, and most of them get booked up very quickly.

To do this we’ve taken only the highest rated hostels from hostel world. No crap hostels here (we don’t want any bedbugs!), only the best of the best.

Then, to take this list even further, we’ve taken the hostels and organized them by YOUR needs. We understand that people have different travel-styles, so we wanted to make this list as easy as possible to book a sweet hostel regardless of your personal travel-style! So whether you are backpacking Salvador Brazil as a couple, solo traveler, partier or Digital Nomad – our list has got you covered!

Let’s take a dive into the best hostels in Salvador, Brazil.

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Salvador

Best Hostels in Salvador
This is the ultimate guide to the best hostels in Salvador, Brazil

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The 15 Best Hostels in Salvador

Carnival of Salvador Brazil
Photo: Rodrigo Sa (Flickr)

Nega Maluca Salvador – Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Salvador

Nega Maluca Guesthouse Best Hostel for Solo Traveller in Salvador
Great social vibes, Nega Maluca is one of the best hostels in Salvador for solo travelers

If you’re travelling on your own you’re probably going to want to meet people on your travels, and Nega Maluca is a prime place to do just that. The team that run the place have a big ethos behind running this youth hostel in Brazil, they call it ‘more a philosophy and way of life than a business’ – a good way to look at things, really. Like many good Salvador backpackers hostels, the staff learned about what NOT to do by travelling around other hostels internationally. Combine this with a friendly, chilled vibe, an amazing buffet breakfast, and a prime location, and it shapes up to be another top hostel in Salvador.

Porto das Palmeiras Hostel – Best Hostel for Couples in Salvador

Porto das Palmeiras Hostel Best Hostel for Couples in Salvador
Cute vibes, a great hostel for couples in Salvador, Brazil

Don’t let the $$$ put you off – it’s only relative in terms of a Salvador backpackers hostel, which is still affordable even if you’re on a tight budget. However you might wanna be spending just a little more to stay at Porto das Palmeiras: it’s set in a literally beautiful colonial house (all of it designed so well – like, SO well), and it’s just 100 metres from Porto da Barra beach. As a couple, you’ll definitely be wanting to spend your time in one of Porto das Palmeiras impeccable private rooms, walking to the beach for unrivalled sunsets, and generally enjoying the decadence of this place. In terms of class, it’s the coolest hostel in Salvador.

Hostel Galeria 13 – Best Party Hostel in Salvador

Hostel Galeria 13 Best Party Hostel in Salvador
Looking to get your party on? Hostel Galeria 13 is our pick for the best party hostel in Salvador

Oh, what an atmosphere… That’s what you’ll find at Hostel Galeria, a top hostel in Salvador with a penchant for a little bit of a party. This is mainly helped by the fact that it’s got a pool and bar on the roof, which is the perfect place to chill out in the day and wind down with a few drinks after a night on the town. That said, it’s not that obnoxious party vibe when people are just wasted all day and all night – it’s not a party if it happens 24/7, is it? This is the right side of fun, known for its super friendly staff, free XL breakfast (til midday, so you’d better get up) and caipirinha happy hour.

Açaí Hostel Salvador – Overall Best Hostel in Salvador

Acai Hostel Salvador Best Hostel in Salvador
Acai Hostel Salvador is our pick for the best overall hostel in Salvador, Brazil

Boasting literally some of the best dorm beds in South America, this little (or MASSIVE) gem is Açaí Hostel Salvador and if you’re looking for the best hostel in Salvador 2024 this one is the outright winner. The staff themselves are travellers and after travelling around the world and then their home country (Brazil, if that’s unclear) they found so much to be wrong with how backpackers hostels were – smelly, dirty, generally uncared for. So it’s no surprise that so many people call this Salvador backpackers hostel one of the best on the continent. And it’s just a few minutes’ walk to the Pelourinho, the historic centre of Salvador. And it’s a bargain. And the staff are great. Etc. etc. …

Gadhega’s Hostel Salvador – Best Cheap Hostel in Salvador

Gadhegas Hostel Salvador Best Cheap Hostel in Salvador
A great budget option, Gadhegas Hostel is one of the best cheap hostels in Salvador, Brazil

You wanna talk about cheap? Then we talk about Gadhega’s Hostel Salvador. This place is truly a bargain, but as we all know sometimes saving a large chunk of money comes at some sort of cost – though thankfully not huge. The location isn’t top notch, and the place is sort of basic, but on the other hand, it’s clean, brightly decorated, and the area does feature a lot of cheap eateries, which is further attractive to any self-respecting cheapskate. However, in terms of price, and using this place as a base to explore further into town, it is hands-down the winner as a budget hostel in Salvador.

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Hostel Casarao 65 – Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Salvador

Hostel Casarao 65 Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Salvador
While it’s no substitute for a co-working space, Hostel Casarao 65 will keep Digital Nomads happy with it’s decent wi-fi and work spaces

Set in an old-style house with sweeping staircase to the second floor, a pretty lil’ outdoor terrace, nice design details, modern facilities and an eye for cleanliness. Hostel Casarao 65 is, without doubt, a recommended hostel in Salvador. But wait, there’s more: with table space inside and out, a quiet, relaxed vibe, and that ‘classical’ (colonial?) aspect for inspiration, this is possibly the best hostel in Salvador for digital nomads. You’ve seen your share of smelly old hostels, and this relatively new one – with a decent location to boot – is a great option.

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More Best Hostels in Salvador

Café Hostel

Cafe Hostel Best Hostels in Salvador

Another relatively budget hostel in Salvador, Café Hostel is a cutely named place to stay with a cosy interior to match. It’s also located in Salvador’s historic centre, meaning that it’s not too far to all the major hotspots that you may be interested in seeing – plus a lot of dancing and street shows (daily), and loads of gastronomic and drinkonomic places to check out nearby, too. The owner (David) is friendly, you get free caipirinhas, and there’s a chilled garden to relax in. In a word: charming. What’s not to like about Café Hostel?

HI Laranjeiras

HI Laranjeiras Best Hostels in Salvador

Heyy, 18th-century baroque-style Portuguese colonial house, anyone? Well, if you’re interested you should stay at HI Laranjeiras – we think it means ‘hostel international’ or something, unless it’s just supposed to be shouting ‘Hi!’ Who knows. What we do know is that the private rooms here are pretty expensive, and the dorms definitely aren’t the cheapest either, but Laranjeiras has character, and the location in terms of old town proximity is great. Not the best hostel in Salvador, but very nice all the same.

Farol da Barra Suites e Hostel

Farol da Barra Suites e Hostel Best Hostels in Salvador

Close to the beach and the historic old town, this one is certainly one of the best hostels in Salvador. Winning the award also for longest name on this list, Farol da Barra Suites e Hostel has a great rooftop bar area that is just the perfect place to meet and mingle – and it puts on such gastronomically delightful events like Empanada Night (who could resist?) and the daily free breakfast, of course. Having the beach nearby is always a plus since it offers the chance to cool off when Salvador starts heating up after a morning’s exploration. AC also helps with that – mercifully, this hostel has it. Downside: lil’ pricey, but worth it.

Hostel Sal Bahia

Hostel Sal Bahia Best Hostels in Salvador

Hostel Sal Bahia might not be centrally located, but being in the bohemian neighbourhood of Itapuã gives you the chance to explore the suburbs of Salvador, cool residential streets with cafes and restaurants to discover – which is especially good if the whole UNESCO World Heritage Site thing isn’t your deal. The location also means it’s only 10 mins to the airport, which is pretty much a plus. Other than that, the relaxed vibe of this recommended hostel in Salvador suits the backpacker who isn’t interested in tourist sights, going wild or other such activities.

Bahia Prime Hostel

Bahia Prime Hostel Best Hostels in Salvador

If you want to stay in a typical Brazilian colonial building, you can get your chance at Bahia Prime Hostel. We’re talking 100 years of history. Even if you literally don’t care about that sort of thing, this place still comes as a recommended hostel in Salvador – the dorms are spacious and clean (a definite plus), the breakfast is good – though not free – and there’s lots of communal space to chill out in. It’s not overly lively, and the location isn’t perfect, so it’s not the ‘best’ hostel in Salvador, but still, it’s a decent place with a USP of history and nice decorative touches.

Red River Hostel

Red River Hostel Best Hostels in Salvador

Staff at Red River are lovely and helpful, which adds up to a lot when you need to know your way around a new city, get some recommendations on what to do, and simply to add a friendly atmosphere to a place. Looks-wise this isn’t the coolest hostel in Salvador, but Red River is relatively new so the rooms are fresh, clean, and modern, which all adds up to a pretty decent stay. Though not central, you’ll be pleased to know that the surrounding neighbourhood is pretty bohemian. Plus Rio Vermelho Beach is right next-door.

Albergue Rio Vermelho

Albergue Rio Vermelho Hostel Best Hostels in Salvador

Albergue Rio Vermelho: we’re talking beautiful courtyard, chilled atmosphere, beach nearby, nightlife also decent in the area. How’s that sound? Pretty good, right? The only thing is that these are possibly the most expensive prices for dorm rooms in Salvador, but for that extra bit of money you get ensuite bathrooms – which means no wandering the corridors half-dressed (thank god), a great location, and a free breakfast. A little bit pricey, sure, but if you can afford it Albergue Rio Vermelho is still a top hostel in Salvador. Almost hotel-like.

Tô em Casa

Tô em Casa Best Hostels in Salvador

Tô em Casa actually translates to something like ‘I’m at home’ which is pretty cute, and we like that. From this bright and spacious hostel, it’s not very far (200 metres) to the very long Farol da Barra beach, which is a beautiful spot, let’s be honest. At the same time, it’s in a touristy area with top sights and eateries (and drinkeries) galore. We may even say an EXCELLENT location. The free breakfast is a solid one as far as breakfasts go, and the staff are super friendly. And, though not the cheapest, this youth hostel in Salvador is great value for money as well, with dorm beds available for just a few coin.

Villa Praiana

Villa Praiana Best Hostels in Salvador

Another Salvador backpackers hostel located in the pretty trendy/residential Itapuã neighbourhood, Villa Praiana has a lot of things going for it: the beach is just five minutes’ walk away, the airport is close (10 mins), it’s got a swimming pool, plenty of communal space, a stage (for live music, maybe), it’s child-friendly, there’s a free breakfast involved – and there are some pets here if you like that sort of thing. It’s clean, and because a police station is nearby there are often police cars driving around the area – top marks for safety. The historic centre isn’t overly close, but if your plan is to chill and explore, here’s where you do it.

What to Pack for your Salvador Hostel

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Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

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Why you should travel to Salvador, Brazil

There you have it! This is an epic list of the best hostels in Salvador. If you’re backpacking Brazil and want to stop over in this charming city, you’ll be well prepared now.

We know that with the help of this list, you’ll easily be able to find an awesome hostel in Salvador, Brazil!

Which of the best hostels in Salvador, Brazil are you going to book? The best hostel for Digital Nomads? Or maybe you want to get your party on?

Remember – hostels fill up quickly! If you still can’t pick, just go with our pick for one of the best hostels in Salvador for 2024 –  Açaí Hostel Salvador

Acai Hostel Salvador Best Hostel in Salvador

FAQ about Hostels in Salvador

Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Salvador.

How much does a hostel cost in Salvador?

The average price of hostels in Salvador can range from $8 – $11+ per night. Of course, the private rooms are on the higher end of the scale than the dorm beds.

What are the best hostels in Salvador for couples?

Porto das Palmeiras Hostel is the coolest hostel for couples in Salvador. It has impeccable private rooms and is just 100 metres from Porto da Barra beach.

What is the best hostel in Salvador near the airport?

While there aren’t any hostels in Salvador that are particularly close to the airport, some offer airport shuttles or will help you arrange transport. Check out HI Laranjeiras, an 18th-century baroque-style Portuguese colonial house.

Travel Safety Tips for Salvador

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

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More Epic Hostels in Brazil and South America

Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Salvador.

Planning an epic trip all across Brazil or even South America itself?

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Salvador has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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