Best Hostels in Ubud
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Bali is one of the most diverse and breathtaking places on the planet. It is no wonder why tourists from around the world flock to the island’s gorgeous beaches and journey up to the towering volcanoes. Ubud is Bali’s emerald jewel in its crown with its cascading green rice terraces and dense jungles. A true adventure in Bali starts with a trip to Ubud!

Bali’s Ubud is not short on hostels, but the sheer number of backpacker’s dorms available will make your head spin. Looking for a party or just a place to chill? Finding that one hostel in Ubud that fits how you like to travel is no easy task.

That’s exactly why we made this ultimate guide to all the top hostels in Ubud! Now you can book with confidence that you will be staying in a hostel that best suits your own style and taste!

Get ready to explore some mystical temples and hang out with the monkeys, your Ubud adventure starts now!

Quick answer: The best hostels in Ubud

best hostels in ubud

The Best Hostels in Ubud

No backpacking Bali trip is complete without a stopover in Ubud. Before you know it you will be lounging by the pool, but first, take a look at all the best hostels in Ubud! With so many amazing areas and places to stay, you are sure to get a unique accommodation in Ubud to crash at!

Ubud isn’t necessarily small, so make sure to figure out where to stay in Ubud before you start your scooter. Most of these hostels are located near the centre of Ubud, but if you want to see some of Bali’s true gems, like the famous rice paddies, you have to choose the right location!

Best Overall Hostel in Ubud – Kuna Bali Hostel

Best Hostels in Ubud
This is our top pick for the best hostels in Ubud!
  • $-$$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Top Location
  • Free Massages and Yoga

Yup, you read right! This awesome Ubud hostel offers free massages. Perfect for all the stiff backs and sore feet from exploring the island. Kuna Bali Hostel is our pick for the overall best hostel in Ubud, not just because of the free things, but because the facility has so much to offer.

With a top location, you’ll be right in the centre of Ubud and close to all the awesome attractions and restaurants. If you’re a Yogi, you’ll love this place even more – they offer classes every morning! We could list up so much more awesome facts about this hostel, but why talk when you can experience it yourself?


Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Ubud – Arya Wellness Retreat

Hostels in Ubud
Make new friends while chilling on a beanbag at this awesome hostel in Ubud!
  • $-$$
  • Awesome Common Area
  • Rooftop Lounge

Lonely backpacker? Let’s fix that! Arya Wellness Retreat is the perfect hostel in Ubud to meet like-minded travelers from all over the world. Chill on a beanbag and sip on a fresh coconut while listening to cool travel stories and make new friends.

Apart from the awesome outside area, the Ubud hostel has a lot to offer on the inside too. High-speed Wifi, super comfy beds, an epic location and staff that goes above and beyond to make your stay the absolute best. You seriously can’t do anything wrong by booking this stunning hostel.


Best Cheap Hostel in Ubud – Keladi Hosue Ubud

Keladi House Ubud best hostel in Ubud
Keladi House Ubud is our pick for the best cheap hostel in Ubud
  • $
  • Bike / Scooter Rentals
  • Free Breakfast
  • Tours Available

You got loads of budget hostels in Ubud to choose from, but if you are extra strapped on cash Keladi House will have you saving money while not giving up that tropical experience – the cost of your trip to Bali doesn’t have to be expensive! The amazing and helpful staff gives this accommodation even more value!

Other than the cheap dorm beds, you can also enjoy a free breakfast every morning while having a beautiful ricefield view! With more of a down to earth atmosphere than some of the other hostels in Ubud, you can enjoy a relaxed stay and recharge your backpacker batteries for the next adventures!


Best Hostel for Couples in Ubud – Griya Sugriwa Backpackers House

Griya Sugriwa Backpacker Hostel
Griya Sugriwa Backpacker Hostel is one of the best hostels in Ubud for couples.
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Big Balcony

Hostel beds are great, but eventually, you may want to cuddle up with your partner and enjoy the more romantic side of Ubud. Griya Sugriwa Backpackers House offers several accommodation options. Jumping into a cheap dorm bed or snuggle up into one of the private rooms in the Ubud hostel.

In case you don’t feel like leaving your home for the day, you can simply enjoy the refreshing swimming pool, free breakfast, and stunning views of the surrounding jungle and rice fields! Mixing luxury and local charm together, you get Griya Sugriwa Backpackers House!


Best Party Hostel in Ubud – RW Downtown Hostel

RW Downtown Hostel best hostel in Ubud
RW Downtown Hostel is our pick for the best party hostel in Ubud
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Lounges

Putting you right in the heart of downtown Ubud, you will find just as much to do outside the hostel as inside! With the Yoga Barn, Monkey Forest, Ubud Temple, and all the best restaurants in town within walking distance, RW Downtown Hostel is one of the best hostels in Ubud to base yourself.

But the party really gets started within the hostel. With its lounges and cafe, this backpacker’s paradise is perfect for just kicking back with a cold beer and chatting with other travelers. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better – it’s also one of the cheapest hostels in Ubud.


Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Ubud – NamaStay at Ubud

Hostels in Ubud
Ever worked in a bathtub?
  • $-$$
  • Highspeed Wifi
  • Cozy Rooftop
  • Bathtub Lounges

Needing to edit some videos or looking for a quiet place to catch up on some writing? NamaStay Hostel makes it possible. You can enjoy unique workspaces like the bathtubs outside and one of the fastest Wifis in Ubud.

If your head starts spinning from all the work you’ve done, just chill out and watch some Netflix in the common area or head to the rooftop to enjoy the peaceful nature. The hostel location is close to everything important and the staff is known for being incredibly helpful with planning trips, showing guests the traditional way of living in Bali and looking after everyone.


Psst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More of the Best Hostels in Ubud

WW Backpackers

WW Backpackers best hostels in Ubud
WW Backpackers is one of the most charming hostels in Ubud.
  • $
  • Motorbike Rentals
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Breakfast

Putting you right off of Campuhan Main Street, you will be staying in the beating heart of Ubud. You’ll have most of the amazing restaurants around you, as well as some cool attractions. Ask the staff of the hostel how to arrange a scooter if you want to head out further – they’ll be happy to help.

After a day of exploring all the nearby sights of Ubud, WW Backpackers gives you a relaxing environment to lounge about and chat with other backpackers. With its pool and terrace, the hostel is perfect for having a lazy day or two.


Nani House 2 Hostel

Nani House 2 Hostel best hostels in Ubud
How about getting a foot massage during your stay at this awesome Ubud hostel?
  • $
  • Motorbike Rentals
  • Free Breakfast

This budget backpackers hostel is so much more than just a cheap place to crash every night. You will be staying within walking distance of the Ubud Palace, Market, and Monkey Park. If you don’t want to explore these hotspots by yourself, you can ask the hostel staff for recommendations on the best tour guides.

When you aren’t out exploring, this youth hostel will make you feel right at home with its inviting terrace and free breakfast served every morning. And for all of the explorers, you can rent a motorbike right at the hostel too – but don’t forget your helmet!


Green Paddy Hostel & Villa

Hostels in Ubud
You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise every morning at this stunning hostel in Ubud…
  • $
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Breakfast
  • Terrace

When blending all of the elements of a chill backpackers hostel and a 5-star luxury stay, you will get Green Paddy Hostel & Villa On a backpacker’s budget, you can still pamper yourself with a boutique-style hostel, complete with its very own infinity swimming pool, and breathtaking views of the surrounding rice paddies.

At this youth hostel, you will have more than one reason to be hopping out of bed every morning. If it is not the delicious free breakfast, it is the stunning sunrise that you be able to see right from the terrace of this unique Ubud hostel!


Gusti Backpackers House

Gusti Backpackers House best hostels in Ubud
Gusti Backpackers House is another great hostel in Ubud.
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Cute Common Area
  • Cool Family Temples

With its traditional Balinese architecture and laid back hostel vibes, Gusti Backpackers House is one of the best places to base yourself out of when exploring Ubud. Located in the heart of Ubud, you’ll be in walking distance to amazing cafes, coworking spots and lots of Ubud’s famous attractions.

If you want to learn more about the traditional way of living as a Balinese local, the staff will be happy to show you around temples and explain everything would want to know. It’s truly a unique experience that not a lot of backpackers get.


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Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel

Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel best hostels in Ubud
Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel is one of our favorite hostels in Ubud.
  • $$
  • Great Breakfast
  • Yoga Classes

If you want the most bang for your buck, look no further than this Ubud hostel. Considered one of the most luxurious hostels in Ubud, Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel will have your jaw hitting the floor with its charming atmosphere and relaxing lounges.

It isn’t just the trendy terrace and living room that you can relax in, this hostel also comes with its very own swimming pool and cafe serving up a delicious free breakfast every morning. Top it all off with daily yoga classes and you have a hostel experience unlike any other!


Tunjung Hostel

Tunjung Hostel best hostels in Ubud
Connect with other travellers and learn more about the Balinese traditions at Tunjung Hostel.
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Cute Garden
  • Bike Rentals

What could be better than staying in a traditional Balinese home with elaborate intricate temples surrounding your dorm room? With its cheap beds and laid back homey atmosphere, you are getting an Ubud experience unlike any other!

Putting you in the heart of the city, all the noise from the streets will disappear as you lounge around in the garden. With its free breakfast and bike rentals, you will have everything you need to make this holiday one for the books. If you want to explore Ubud a bit more, ask the staff for recommendations on the best spots and tours – they’re always there to help.


Sunshine Vintage Hostel

Hostels in Ubud
You’ll love the super cozy bunkbeds!
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Super Comfy Beds
  • Bike Rentals and Tours

Keeping all the hustle and bustle of downtown at an arm’s length distance, this BnB will give you one of the coziest and most peaceful night’s sleep on the island! Although it is called the “Vintage Hostel” this charming place will have you staying in cozy private bunks with some brand new appliances!

The owners of the hostel are known to bend over backwards to makes sure you have the time of your life in Ubud. From free breakfast and arranging scooters within a day to tours and amazing hospitality, the start of any great adventure begins at Sunshine Vintage Hostel!


Green View Backpackers Inn

Green View Backpackers Inn best hostels in Ubud
Green View Backpackers Inn
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Tours

With its large beds with privacy curtains, this unique backpacker’s hostel will have you sleeping on a cloud each night after a long hard day of exploring. What will have you hopping out of bed, however, is the delicious breakfast served every morning. Oh, did we forget to mention it is also free?

When you aren’t kicking back and relaxing at Green View Backpackers Inn, this Ubud hostel can also hook you up with some of the best tours of Bali. For an amazing stay and a great start to your adventure in Ubud, there is no better place to choose than Green View Backpackers!


Friendly House Bali

Friendly House Bali best hostels in Ubud
Friendly House Bali is one of the cutest hostels in Ubud
  • $
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bikes Rentals
  • Cafe

Friendly House Bali is one of those backpackers hostels in Ubud that takes your list and checks all the boxes! With its spacious and inviting lounges, a swimming pool, and even its very own cafe, this youth hostel has everything you need to feel right at home behind its doors! Looking to explore more of Bali?

This hostel even has its very own tours taking you to the furthest corners of the island and getting you up close to the local culture. With its laid back vibes and cheap beds, this is one hostel you will never want to check out of!


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What to Pack for your Ubud Hostel

Now that we’ve gone through all of the amazing hostels in Ubud, let’s start appalling your trip a bit more. Pants, socks, underwear… Packing for Bali is just as important as planning your trip, so do it properly!

Travel Pillow1. TRTL Travel Pillow: Long flights and bus rides are quite uncomfortable (most obvious statement of the day). Most travel pillows… Well, you know how they are. TRTL travel pillow is different. I mean, look at it! It’ll cuddle you to sleep every ride and it does a pretty damn good job of supporting your neck so you don’t get that stiffness or legendary popping when you stir.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds2. Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: Noise in hostels… is a thing. Your bunkmate coming in late, motorbike traffic just below your window, construction on the property or the round-the-clock rooster that seems to follow you to every f*cking hostel. Having a way to escape the noise while you sleep makes for a well-rested morning. Noise canceling ear-buds are a great solution, just put on your favorite artist or load a quick Netflix episode to fall asleep too.

AR Towel3. Active Roots Microfiber Towel: Having your own towel is a must when traveling since most hostels don’t provide them. Plus as a backpacker, use of a towel will extend further than just showers, it’s a minimalist yoga towel and a great beach blanket/towel combo! The Active Roots Microfiber Towel is really the best solution for backpacking.

best toiletry bag for one bag travel4. Active Roots Toiletry Bag: Keep your bath-and-beauty items organized and in the right place with this water-resistant bag. With large compartments, mesh and enclosed clear sections, you can fit everything you might need inside. Hang it up or let it stand on its own – this bag is a must-have for dorm-lifers.

Playing Cards5. Playing Cards: Name your ideal night: I’m for a few cheap beers and some card games. Oh, and you don’t even have to be drinking to enjoy a game – having cards with you traveling definitely helps out on those long airplane or beach days! Make sure to snag a waterproof deck to protect from the pool, ocean or Chang.

Universal Adapter6. Universal Travel Adapter: Not every country has the same electrical plug style, so carry along a universal travel adapter. You’ll want one that covers varying voltage levels, has protection from power surges, a fried laptop is not fun, and enough ports so you don’t have to spend all day individually charging your devices.

Why you should travel to Ubud

Before you know it you will be swinging on vines with the monkeys and wading in the sacred waters with the locals. Ubud is an area of Bali teeming with life. From the nightlife to the ancient temples, there so much to explore in Ubud, no two days will ever be spent the same!

If you’re visiting Bali, there’s no way around the spiritual heart of the island. Ubud is known for its stunning rice paddies, beautiful views and a chill-yogi vibe. If this sounds appealing to you, well, what are you waiting for? We’d recommend staying for a couple of days to really get the vibe of this magical spot.

If you’re sick and tired of all the partying, day clubs, half-naked tourists and way too noisy motorbikes, Ubud is the right place for you!

Source: Valery Bocman (Shutterstock)

Over to you

Hopefully, you’ve been getting into the travel spirit after reading about these amazing hostels in Ubud. Ubud is definitely a special place, and your accommodation shouldn’t be any less memorable. There are many other backpacker places, so yes, it’s hard to choose, but we hope that our guide on the best hostels in Ubud made the decision a little bit easier.

If you’re still not unsure, just go with the overall best hostel in Ubud, Kuna Hostel Bali. Trust us, it’s a decision you definitely won’t regret!

Have you ever been to Ubud and found a great youth hostel we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to sort your travel insurance before heading to Ubud! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads, our favorite travel insurance provider.

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