From 180 Degrees south through the arctic refuge, a few passionate mountain climbers and an iconic mountaintop vista have built an outdoor clothing empire that has somehow managed to stay ethical through success.

Against all odds, Patagonia has proven you can create a dynasty without a few bodies in the sewers. Their products are ethically sourced and fair trade certified, and a significant portion of their income goes towards protecting the natural world that inspired their gear.

Their sustainable commitment is worth spending a few extra bucks over, but their high-quality products make the choice even easier. No other outdoor company on the planet is more synonymous with an outdoor lifestyle than Patagonia.

What I’m saying is, they make loads of really, really good jackets.

With the right coat, there will never be a day not worth venturing outside. To properly prep for all seasons and all kinds of weather, upgrade your arsenal with the newest in comfort and performance technology packed into a Patagonia jacket.

These Patagonia jackets are great for men, women, and adventurers of all shapes and sizes. From lightweight jackets with a durable water repellent finish to super-insulated down jackets perfect for the mountains, Patagonia’s jackets cover all eventualities.

Broke Backpackers worldwide agree that even when you’re living on pennies a day, it’s worth investing in the right weather protection. Years of hiking, camping, and travelling through all sorts of foul weather and cold temperatures have resulted in this guide.

Jackets are cast to many roles. Even if you already have a high-quality raincoat, a full-time life outside requires several different options.

The best Patagonia jacket for activities and lifestyles of all shapes and sizes are somewhere on this list. Take a look at your schedule and your closet and find where you could use some help.

Quick Answers:

Best Patagonia Jacket For Backpackers
Best Patagonia Jacket For Backpackers

Men’s Houdini® Air Jacket

  • > $$$
  • > Weather-resistant
  • > Lightweight windbreaker
Best Patagonia Rain Jacket
Best Patagonia Rain Jacket

Men’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket

  • > $$
  • > Uses three layers
  • > Water-resistant
Best Patagonia Hiking Jacket
Best Patagonia Hiking Jacket

Men’s DAS® Light Hoody

  • > $$$$
  • > Lightweight insulation
  • > Warming layer combines with a weather-resistant exterior
Most Stylish Patagonia Jacket
Most Stylish Patagonia Jacket

Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Chore Coat

  • > $$
  • > Hemp combines with recycled polyester
  • > Four large frontal pockets
Best Patagonia Winter Jacket
Best Patagonia Winter Jacket

Men’s Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket

  • > $$$$$
  • > Comes with regular and insulated options
  • > 100% recycled Polyester and GORE-TEX material
Best Patagonia Vest Jacket
Best Patagonia Vest Jacket

Men’s Micro Puff® Vest

  • > $$$
  • > Iconic color scheme
  • > Moisture-wicking abilities
Best Patagonia Hoody
Best Patagonia Hoody

Men’s R1® Air Full-Zip Hoody

  • > $$
  • > Lightweight pockets
  • > Zip hoody design
Best Patagonia Summer Jacket
Best Patagonia Summer Jacket

Men’s Houdini Snap-T

  • > $$
  • > Affordable, all-encompassing, and lightweight
  • > Several pockets and protections
Best Patagonia Down Jacket
Best Patagonia Down Jacket

Men’s Micro Puff® Hoody

  • > $$$
  • > Best-in-class insulation and waterproofing technology
  • > Plenty of pockets

Best Patagonia Jackets Review and Round Up

Any one of the Patagonia jackets on our list will have you a step closer to the adventure of your dreams and if you look hard enough there’s the perfect jacket for you out there! I mean, Patagonia are one of the best jacket brands, so you’ll surely find the right one for you.

We combed through factors like fit, price, best use, materials, warmth, weight, water resistance, and every stitch and pocket on these suckers to come up with our nine favourites. 

Every single jacket on this list is suitable for men and women, and all of them excel in different niches while providing quality performance across the board. Patagonia is one of the best outdoor brands out there so you know with any of these jackets you’re getting value for money.

Whether you’re hoping to climb Kilimanjaro and need a super-insulated jacket or just need some help to get through a rainy commute with a lightweight jacket, let one of these Patagonia jackets make your day. 

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    #1 – Best Patagonia Jacket For Backpackers – Men’s Houdini® Air Jacket

    Patagonia Mens Houdini Air Jacket

    Men’s Houdini® Air Jacket is our top pick for best patagonia jacket for backpackers

    • Best Uses: All-weather hiking
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 4 oz
    • Price: $$$

    Houdini isn’t the only one with a few tricks up their sleeve. You’ll be prepared for whatever nature throws at you in this water resistant, lightweight windbreaker. The Patagonia Houdini jacket is made out of over 60% recycled material built with a durable water repellent that is made to last. 

    The best part is, all the protection offered by this powerful shell still weighs practically nothing, meaning you can pack your rain gear everywhere the journey takes you. It’s possibly the most impressive lightweight Patagonia jacket on the market.

    An integrated stuff sack means you can easily stow this jacket away inside itself and clip it onto your waistband or bag.  It’ll be on call for any surprise rain clouds on the way and it’s essential on any travel packing list, wherever you’re headed!

    Patagonia took care of the details to finish off this product with a mono-colour look that fits any outfit. While this jacket isn’t warm enough to work on its own in colder weather (look elsewhere on the list for cold weather jackets), it excels at all sorts of protections to earn its place in your gear bag. 

    It’s not a jacket to wear in the mountains in wild weather for hours on end, though the water-resistant material will offer protection against a lot more than just a light drizzle with its durable water repellent shell.

    #2 – Best Patagonia Rain Jacket – Men’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket

    Patagonia Mens Torrentshell 3L Jacket

    Our pick for best patagonia rain jacket is Men’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket

    • Best Uses: Raincoat
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 14 oz
    • Price: $$

    Heavy-duty raincoats can often get sweaty, but Patagonia has looked to the Torrentshell to set a new standard for what a raincoat can do. 

    These tortoiseshell jackets get sweaty, but this one offers some breathability that simply doesn’t exist in most options on the market. The jacket uses three layers (3L!) to keep air circulation going inside the shell and keep the rain outside. 

    There are water-resistant jackets, and then there’s this jacket. That extra layer will get you through gales and serious downpours with a dry midsection. You can practically wear this thing kayaking, as the waterproofing goes all the way down to the coated zippered pockets.

    This extra water resistance and breathability combine with all the other perks you can expect out of a Patagonia jacket to offer up the best raincoat on the planet. 

    Like this waterproof jacket but looking for something a bit different? Check out the Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket instead if you’re on the hunt for hardshell jackets.

    Want something similar? Check out our list of the best Patagonia rain jackets and see what other waterproof jackets this awesome brand has to offer.

    #3 – Best Patagonia Hiking Jacket – Men’s DAS® Light Hoody

    Patagonia Mens DAS Light Hoody

    Meet the best patagonia hiking jacket: Men’s DAS® Light Hoody

    • Best Uses: A cold day in the mountains
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 11 oz
    • Price: $$$$

    Patagonia started off from early rock climbers noticing a lack of gear made for the mountains, so it should be no surprise that 60 years later their climbing and hiking coats provide one of a kind performance. 

    This Light hoody may carry on an old banner, but it’s full of new technologies. The jacket’s main fill is lightweight insulation similar to down material known as PlumaFill. Patagonia researchers swear this insulation offers up the best warmth to weight ratio of any jacket in their arsenal. 

    That warming layer combines with a weather-resistant exterior to perform as a comfortable outer layer in temperatures all the way down to freezing and as a robust middle layer in anything colder. If you’re looking through insulated jackets that work well for active sports, this is a superb option given its versatility.

    All of these benefits squeeze down into a stuff sack you can fit in one hand to create a wonderfully packable jacket that is ultralight and fully functional in colder weather. 

    #4 – Most Stylish Patagonia Jacket – Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Chore Coat

    Patagonia Mens Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore Coat

    Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Chore Coat is one of the most stylish patagonia jacket

    • Best Uses: Everyday
    • Waterproof? No
    • Weight: 38 oz
    • Price: $$

    This stylish jacket takes a break from the mountain-top and gets industrial. The hemp combines with recycled polyester and canvas to create a workhorse coat more than prepared for the rigours of daily wear or working outside. 

    Winter gardeners and four-season DIY’ers can feel comfortable on long days spent outdoors, and the four large frontal pockets warm your hands while making it easy to pack a snack. 

    This jacket is part of Patagonia’s workwear series, designed to get dirty without taking damage. No matter where you’re headed that day, throwing this jacket on as an outer layer will get you there, ready to roll. 

    While the Hemp doesn’t provide the water resistance that many other Patagonia’s coats offer, this stylish jacket takes on a different role as a champion of the day-to-day. 

    #5 – Best Patagonia Winter Jacket – Men’s Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket

    Patagonia Mens Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket

    Our top pick for best patagonia winter jacket is Men’s Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket

    • Best Uses: Winter sports
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 38 oz
    • Price: $$$$$

    Patagonia has its hands in every extreme sport on the market, this Powder Bowl Jacket is its top skiing and snowboarding option. The coat comes with regular and insulated options which will keep you warm in sub-zero snowstorms. 

    This jacket isn’t just ready for ski mountains; it’s built for powder days. The exterior is 100% recycled Polyester and GORE-TEX material that stops flurries from penetrating your session. It’s got the warmth to get you on top of the mountain for first tracks and the durability to keep you dry until the last run of the afternoon. 

    All pockets and the hood come with insulation materials that help keep your extremities warm, and the jacket features a pit-zippered layer that opens up if you get too toasty.

    Anyone dealing with snow on a regular basis should never leave the house without this Powder Bowl Jacket in the car. 

    Looking for a winter jacket specifically? Check out the best Patagonia winter jackets for more options. If you need something a bit more heavyweight, have a look at the Patagonia Triolet jacket instead.

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    #6 – Best Patagonia Vest Jacket – Men’s Micro Puff® Vest

    Patagonia Mens Micro Puff Vest

    Men’s Micro Puff® Vest is one of the best patagonia vest jacket

    • Best Uses: Watching the leaves fall
    • Waterproof? No
    • Weight: 5 oz
    • Price: $$$

    To properly engage your core, you’ve got first to protect it from the elements. This Micro Puff provides PlumaFill synthetic insulation seen in Patagonia’s most winterproof coats and uses them to create a vest style lightweight jacket that stays warm where it counts. 

    Whether as an underlayer on particularly brutal days or as an outer attache for fall days, you’ll be sure to find several uses for your Micro Puff Vest. The iconic colour scheme works with every outfit, and the featherlight down weighs next to nothing. 

    These features make the vest a perfect mid-layer. You can store it in your day bag until you get above the treeline and whip it out in a heartbeat when it’s time to bulk up.

    It’s no rain layer, but it has moisture-wicking abilities that will help prevent sweat build-up. The zipper runs through your chest up to a turtleneck enclosure that really makes a difference when you meet a blustery day. Its cruelty-free padding offers a great alternative to down jackets filled with feathers. Instead insulated jackets filled with synthetic materials are often more water-resistant.

    Best as part of a larger ensemble, there aren’t many cold-weather days that this protective vest isn’t suitable for, especially when combined with other layers.  

    #7 – Best Patagonia Hoody – Men’s R1® Air Full-Zip Hoody

    Patagonia Mens R1 Air Full Zip Hoody

    Men’s R1® Air Full-Zip Hoody is our top pick for best patagonia hoody

    • Best Uses: Outdoor Winter Workouts
    • Waterproof? No
    • Weight: 13 oz
    • Price: $$

    If you don’t want any slack part of your closet, you can invest in this high-performance jacket that redefines what an everyday hoodie can do. Most modern hoodies are 100% cotton layers that crumble at the first gust of wind, but not this beast!

    Patagonia is bucking the trend by revealing this R1 Air hoody in winter 2022. It was the first upgrade to their flagship fleece hoodies in decades, and it has delivered a new era of possibilities for four-season outdoor recreation. 

    This hoodie is built differently. Recycled polyester and fleece materials and layers allow a zigzag texture that wicks moisture and stops sweat in its tracks. The fleece type jacket is built for comfort while moving, making it a favourite outer layer for winter runners, climbers, and outdoor sports. 

    While it’s not quite warm enough for winter weather, lightweight pockets, wind protection, and the zip hoody design make it a great everyday jacket that will keep you warm on your commute or during your exercise. 

    Looking for something similar but a bit different, check out the Patagonia R1 Air Zip out as well. We have also done a Patagonia better sweater review that you may like.

    #8 – Best Patagonia Summer Jacket – Men’s Houdini Snap-T

    Patagonia Mens Houdini Snap T Pullover

    Meet the best patagonia summer jacket: Men’s Houdini Snap-T

    • Best Uses: Daily
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 4 oz
    • Price: $$

    Affordable, all-encompassing, and lightweight, this jacket is all you’ll need for cool summer nights spent on top of mountains. The jacket slides right into any outfit and gives you instant wind and drizzle protection. 

    Several pockets and protections make it a favourite for summer hikes that start early and end high. The completely recycled material stays light, and the chest pocket doubles as a stuff sack that allows the entire coat to fit inside a day bag easily. 

    The coat takes a similar look to Patagonia’s signature fleece line, but it feels completely different. Designers stripped out the warmth of the fleece and added on nylon’s water-resistant coating to give a whole new life to the Snap-T. 

    #9 – Best Patagonia Down Jacket – Men’s Micro Puff® Hoody

    Patagonia Mens Micro Puff Hoody

    Our pick for best patagonia down jacket is Men’s Micro Puff® Hoody

    • Best Uses: Hiking
    • Waterproof? Yes
    • Weight: 9 oz
    • Price: $$$

    If you’re looking for one coat that combines a bit of everything Patagonia has to offer, allow me to introduce you to the Micro Puff Hoody. This jacket features technologies used in winter coats, lightweight designs offered up by ultralight models and adds a bit of its own flavour to function as a middle layer ready for all sorts of occasions. This insulated jacket is a rare find that covers almost every base.

    This hoodie is covered in synthetic insulation from the cuffs to the hood to warm well above its incredibly lightweight design. It uses best-in-class insulation and waterproofing technology to justify its higher price time and time again. 

    Plenty of pockets fill out the coat, as well as Patagonia’s signature logo and colour schemes. It may look a bit puffy to the casual eye, but the technology packed inside will make you look and feel like a cosy marshmallow in cold weather! 

    Whether you face extreme elements once a winter or deal with them every other week, this Micro Puff hoody will make your next excursion warmer. 

    Looking for a good insulated jacket? Check out our rundown of the best down jackets for travelling.

    best patagonia jackets
    NameWeightBest UseWaterproof?Price
    Men’s Houdini® Air Jacket4.1 ozFitness RunningYes$169
    Men’s Torrentshell 3L Jacket13.9 ozMultisportYes$149
    Men’s DAS® Light Hoody11.3 ozMultisportYes$329
    Men’s Iron Forge Hemp® Canvas Chore Coat38.4 ozCasualNo$149
    Men’s Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket38.2 ozWinter sportsYes$479
    Men’s Micro Puff® Vest5.7 ozCasual, hikingNo$199
    Men’s R1® Air Full-Zip Hoody12.9 ozMultisportNo$159
    Men’s Houdini Snap-T4 ozMultisportYes$99
    Men’s Micro Puff® Hoody9.3 ozHikingYes$299

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      Final Thoughts

      There you have it. From winter wonders to lightweight options ready to keep you dry year-round, we’ve laid out the best Patagonia has to offer. 

      If your next jacket comes from this list, you can expect high-quality protection from the elements for decades, no matter where the road takes you. Patagonia is universally accepted as one of the best brands for the outdoor lifestyle, so to be considered one of the best jackets Patagonia has to offer is an extreme honour. 

      These coats have no equals. 

      Broke Backpackers on all sorts of paths agree that the Men’s Houdini® Air Jacket makes any trip better. We love it because of its extreme weather protection and incredibly lightweight. 

      If you plan on spending severe time outside no matter what the weather report says, this Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket has got your back. 

      And finally, not every jacket has to change the world. For a little bit of everything, this Micro Puff® Hoody does a great job as a daily jacket in a variety of conditions. 

      There are very few itineraries that wouldn’t benefit from packing a Patagonia jacket. Take one of these with you on your next adventure, and let us know how you fared in the comments below. 

      Need something even warmer? Check out the range of Ororo heated jackets for something even cosier!

      Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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