Audy Scala

Audy Scala

Audy, a mermaid at heart, spends her time in the back of a pickup truck, naked on a beach or venturing into psychedelic realms. Leaving home at 17, she hitchhiked fearlessly, hot-wired cars, and explored mystical mountaintops. Now, pursuing a scuba instructor path in Bali, she finds happiness amidst manta rays. She dreams of driving buses across continents and sailing the world.
Travel Expertise: Hitchhiking, Learning languages, Scuba/freediving, Solo Female Backpacking, Spontaneous flights across the world, Mexico/Central America
Currently Based In: Bali, Indonesia
Favourite Destination: Mexico


- Eating the world's most poisonous fruit (by accident) in Mexico
- Driving a hotwired car across Baja California
- Becoming a scuba instructor in Bali
- Living in a nudist community
- Working with a coral reef restoration and sea turtle conservation project
- Busking in Costa Rica

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