Are you in search of a good all-around laptop bag for traveling around with?

In today’s world, travel and tech go hand in hand. You might be traveling for work or pleasure, commute or an international journey, but no matter where you’re going, chances are you’ll take your laptop or tablet with you.

If you’re reading this review, you’re probably looking for the best travel laptop bag to protect your precious computer and tech.

We agree that you should travel with a laptop and take care of it! After all, working off a laptop gives loads of freedom to live and travel however you’d like. Plus, laptops make staying in contact with home a bit easier.

While looking through all of these laptop bags, you need to ask yourself: “which bag will work best for me and my needs?”

That’s where we come in with our detailed review of 15 of the best laptop bags for travel!

Quick Answer: What are the Best Laptop Bags for Travelers?

Nomatic Laptop Bag

Nomatic Messenger Bag

  • Price > $$
  • > Great ergonomics
  • > Tough
Best Overall Travel Laptop Bag Runner-up
Best Overall Travel Laptop Bag Runner-up

Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack

  • Price > $$$
  • > Lockable zippers
  • > Tablet compartment
best carry on laptop bag fjallraven kanken

Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack

  • Price > $
  • > Lockable main compartment
  • > Padded shoulder straps
Kodiak Kasilof Messenger 16

Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag.

  • Price > $$
  • > Weatherproof
  • > Thoughtful pockets

Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase

  • Price > $$
  • > Expandable for longer trips
  • > Rugged and Functional

Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack

  • Price > $$
  • > Carries 15″ laptop
  • > 2 exterior pockets
Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack - Women's

Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack

  • Price > $
  • > Flashlight-pen included!
  • > Multi-use
Estarer 17.3” Laptop Messenger Bag

Estarer 17.3” Laptop Messenger Bag

  • Price > $
  • > Fits larger laptops
  • > Small anti-theft pocket
Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack

Inateck Travel Carry-on 40L Laptop Backpack

  • Price > $
  • > Two laptop compartments
  • > Lockable zips

Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop 20L Pack

  • Price > $$$
  • > Rugged and durable
  • > Completely waterproof

How to Choose the Best Travel Laptop Bags

The Gregory Rhune has an absolutely perfect little laptop compartment.

When you think about it, there are many factors to consider when buying a laptop bag for traveling – which is why articles like this are so great of course!

You need to travel with a laptop, but is this mainly for commuting within your city, or traveling more broadly, nationally or internationally? And is this travel for work, school, or just plain travel? Do you need your laptop bag to be rugged or is it just for urban use?

Each will have an impact on the laptop bag you want to buy.

What Size Bag Do You Need?

There are some other obvious factors to take into account. You’ll need a bag that fits your particular travel laptop – and if you need to travel with more than one electronic device, you’ll need to make sure any bag you choose can comfortably fit another device.

The best travel laptop bags will include dedicated sleeves, pockets, and dedicated laptop compartments that fit your lifestyle! Also, remember there’s some great travel purses out there that you can combine with a laptop bag to keep your passport and wallet safe and organised.


Once you figure out what size and shape you want, you need to know how much extra stuff you want to carry. Is this bag for a short commute to school or work If so, you may only need a bag under 20 liters.

Are you traveling for longer periods? If so, you’re going to need space for clothes, adapters, and other miscellaneous kits. In this case, laptop backpacks might be better than a messenger bag. We have a best laptop backpacks post elsewhere on the site.

Type of Laptop Bag

There are a few different types of laptop bags in this article. We have reviewed classic messenger bags, urban backpacks, classic-style bags, and fully waterproof backpacks.

Some even switch from a messenger to a backpack for their laptops! Depending on your style and needs, you will need to decide what type of bag you want.


Consider how you like to pack and travel. Are you a simple soul who can survive on the minimum? If so, you’ll be happy with a minimalist bag with fewer compartments, a laptop sleeve, and not much else.

Someone who prefers to travel with more kit, or likes to be more organized, will undoubtedly want a laptop travel bag with several compartments, pockets, and organization features.


The question of cost is also an important one for many, and will also have an impact on how long you’re expecting this bag to last – just a couple of weeks to cover you during an unexpected trip, or do you want a bag durable enough to last you for years.

The Best Laptop Bags for Travelers

Below is our full list of the 15 top laptop bags for travel on the market! We have reviewed bags for all styles, uses, and budgets. Whether you need a bag to travel for business, pleasure, or simply to-and-from work, we’ve got you covered below!

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#1. Nomatic Messenger Bag – Best Overall Travel Laptop Bag

Nomatic Laptop Bag
This slim beauty is the top laptop bag for traveling

Nomatic has provided us with a simple travel laptop bag. This slim over-the-shoulder is perfect for toting your laptop and necessary accessories around in an urban environment, and we love traveling with it!

This sleek laptop travel bag holds everything you need in a slim 3.5 inches. The padded straps even unbuckles so your bag can disguise itself as a professional travel briefcase. Traveling is easy with the Nomatic Laptop Bag, as it can slip right over your suitcase with its trolley sleeve.

Also, you won’t be the one holding up the line at TSA, as the bag allows quick access to those items that need extra screening.

To learn more about this awesome shoulder bag, be sure to read our full review of the Nomatic Messenger Bag!

UPDATE for 2021: Nomatic no longer sells or does business in the European Union, which is an unfortunate development. Those living in the EU should consider the next bag instead…

  • Sleek & urban
  • Retractable key leash
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Waterproof
  • No additional tablet sleeve or pocket
  • No cross-strap for extra comfort

Is the Nomatic Laptop Bag for me?

If you want a functional laptop bag that organizes and totes your stuff with the highest degree of style, this is your bag! However, if you need a little more storage space or are looking for a backpack, check out our other recommendations.

#2. Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack – Best Overall Travel Laptop Bag Runner-up

best travel laptop bags for digital nomads tortuga setout
The Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack is designed to carry your laptop safely

Regardless if you’re a commuter flying about town on an electric bike or digital nomad, you’ll need a bit more storage space in your laptop bag for all those important cords, external keyboards, and laptop mounts you’re surely carrying around (just kidding, us digital nomads are often lovers of minimalism).

The Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack provides space for all your work necessities and a few comforts as well, so it’s a great bag for weekend trips. Beyond space, the Setout’s distinct advantage is a beautifully organized interior.

This is laptop backpack has pockets for days, so you’ll never have to dig through the bag looking for that important piece that you just know you packed.

  • 25L Capacity
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Tablet compartment
  • Lockable zippers
  • Only for urban use
  • Not an all-in-one travel bag

Is the Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack for me?

We’ve answered this question in-depth in our Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack Review, but here’s the gist. If you want a bag to organize all your tech and a little more, this bag is perfect. If you’re looking for absolute maximum capacity to carry everything at once, we recommend the traditional Tortuga Setout.

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#3. Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack – Best Carry-On Travel Laptop Bag

best carry on laptop bag fjallraven kanken
Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack

The combination of trendy styling, size, and resistance to dirt and water makes the Fjallraven Kanken a fine carry-on for traveling with a laptop.

Although one of the simpler laptop bags we’re covering, the double zip closure of the main compartment and its padded laptop sleeve, is lockable for peace of mind. This bag also includes several smaller pockets for keeping items organised, and useful black leather handles too.

Padded shoulder straps make this comfortable to carry while in the various queues you might well encounter at an airport.

  • Beautifully styled
  • Lockable main compartment
  • Smaller pockets for organisation
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Not fully waterproof
  • 18-liter capacity

Is the Fjallraven Kanken 15” Laptop Bag for me?

If you’d rather go for a briefcase-style bag rather than a backpack, the Timbuk2 Flight Classic Messenger Bag is a great option! This bag will last you for years, through sun and rain, and for commute and business trips!

This bag also comes in multiple colors including black, army, and a neon teal.

#4. Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag – Best Messenger-Style Laptop Bag


Kodiak Kasilof Messenger 16
Timbuk2 Flight Classic Messenger Bag – Medium

Enter the Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag. A large sling bag for daily use, which not only looks totally classy AF, but also fits with a variety of work and travel situations. This bag has tons of internal pockets for your pens, small items, and even a padded, firm place to store files. It fits a 15″ laptop.

There is a removable cross-body strap for carrying. The shoulder strap includes a super comfortable air-mesh strap pad. The flap corners fold into place for weatherproofing and the waterproof thermoplastic liner keeps water out.

  • Weatherproof material
  • Thoughtfully distributed internal pockets
  • Removable cross-body strap
  • No backpack straps
  • Leather is not the most weather resistant material

Is The Kodiak Messenger Bag for me?

This super snazzy, classy messenger satchel is a beauty. This bag will last you for years, through sun and rain, and for commute and business trips!

#5. MYSTERY RANCH 3-Way Expandable Briefcase – Best Briefcase-Style Bag for Business Travelers

best messenger bag for laptop
MYSTERY RANCH 3-Way Expandable Briefcase

This briefcase laptop bag is both rugged and practical! We think this is one of the best laptop bags for business travel!

It has a zippered main compartment, a laptop compartment and multiple accessory pockets. The bag can hold a 15″ laptop and an expandable zipper provides 5 extra liters of storage if you need it.

It also includes fully cushioned backpack straps when not in use. Like a briefcase, it provides adequate space for a laptop or iPad, binder, and any smaller things you may need to carry.

  • Weatherproof material
  • Thoughtfully distributed internal pockets
  • TSA-friendly
  • Removable cross-body strap
  • Only 18 liters
  • Not much padding on the shoulder strap
  • No bottle carrier

Is the MYSTERY RANCH 3-Way Expandable Briefcase for me?

This is a go-to bag for everyday and weekend use. Like a briefcase, it’s very convenient for a 15″ laptop and everyday necessities. Expanded, it can be used for a three-day business trip and will deploy the backpack straps for help with added weight.

#6. Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase – Most Stylish Briefcase-Style Laptop Bag

Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase

Looking for a stylish and modern briefcase to carry your laptop? If so, look no further than the Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase! Topo makes top quality and versatile bags. This bag is designed to carry a standard 15 in. laptop plus essentials, so it’s also a great laptop bag for business travelers.

Its double-layer bottom provides water resistance and durability.

  • Multi-use
  • Carries 13″ laptop
  • Exterior zipped pocket
  • No water bottle pocket
  • Not big enough to be a full day bag (more like a purse)

Is the Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase for me?

This is a high-quality, rugged briefcase bag that is stylish too! The internal space comfortably holds a 13″ laptop, book, and pad. The external pockets are useful. If you need a bag for your laptop and essentials, this bag is a great choice. If you want a laptop bag for commute, the gym, and travel, then it’s probably not big enough! Overall, Topo quality is hard to beat.

#7. Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack – Women’s – Best Messenger Laptop Bag for Women

Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack - Women's
Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack – Women’s

This is stylish messenger is one of the best travel laptop bags for women (though men can use it too!). We love that it’s an all-in-one convertible backpack and cross body bag. It includes an anti-theft locking slider, anti-slashing fabric, and RFID-protected panel for added security and peace of mind.

There is a deep main zipper compartment with zipper locks. The padded internal laptop sleeve fits most 11 inch computers, and there’s an extra interior pocket for a phone and other bits.

It also has a front pocket as well as a back packet which doubles as storage for the straps when not in use. Bonus points for the included flashlight-pen!

  • Multi-use
  • Super secure
  • Flashlight-pen included!
  • Only fits up to a 11-inch laptop
  •  Tight squeeze for everything

Is the Sherpani Capo Convertible Pack Tote for me?

This is a go-to, multifunctional bag and backpack! There are a few things that can improve, but we like that it is a secure and stylish bag with a padded internal laptop sleeve and a nice array of exterior pockets. The biggest drawback, however, is that it only fits most 11 inch laptops. Get a bigger bag if you have a bigger laptop.

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    #8. Gulu Handmade Influencer Backpack – Best for Small Laptops

    Gulu Influencr Backpack
    Estarer 17.3” Laptop Messenger Bag is our top pick for the best for oversized laptops

    Gulu Made isn’t just a brand, it’s a credos. Every one of this brand’s backpacks comes from a factory in Uganda, handmade by local women who survived the brutal civil war That’s impressive enough, but this brand doesn’t just do good deeds, the products are absolute class and this piece is about all comfort!

    This no-frills backpack doesn’t reinvent the industry by any stretch. It just recrafts it with a handmade approach. That results in a form-fitting back cushion that helps work with your body to carry the load. At the top of the panel is chimney-style ventilation that keeps things breathable while you go about taking care of business. It has water bottle pockets (and while we are discussing H20 a good level of water resistance and is an all round excellent everyday backpack.

    • Simple designs
    • Ethically made
    • Good quality materials
    • Just one main compartment
    • Water resistant but not waterproof
    • 20 Liters is too small for some

    Is the Gulu Handmade backpack for me?

    The truth be told, if you require the use of a larger laptop then this is not the pack for you. When I tested it I was using my MacBook Pro 11″ but my girlfriend tested it using her older 14″ and it was not a comfortable fit.

    Still, if you are happy with a smaller travel laptop pack then this one is hard to beat. Its the best laptop backpack for those with small laptops.

    #9 Stubble & Co Roll Top – Best Laptop Bag For Daytrips

    Stubble & Co Roll Top

    This awesome laptop backpack has fairly recently come to our attention but has impressed us very much. The Stubble & Co Roll Top backpack superbly combines functionality with performance all in a part recycled, eco-friendly package.

    This lightweight backpack is durable and very comfortable and intended for all weather conditions making it perfect to wear on your bike. Custom built with cycling and the outdoors in mind, the Roll Top features sealed seams, water-resistant zips, reflective logos and considered compartments. It’s also very well priced.

    • Great laptop compartments
    • Organizational pockets
    • Cool and stylish
    • Eco friendly
    • Pockets might not meet the needs of some
    • Roll top is not for everyone
    • Lacks protection from scanning technology

    Is the Stubble & Co Roll Top Backpack for me?

    Yes it is! Ok, so this pack is stylish, practical, is built to a high spec and as far as day-sized backpacks go, is very tough to beat.

    #10. Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack – Best Laptop Bag for Traveling with Laptop and Tablet

    Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack
    Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack

    The Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack offers two laptop compartments, each of which has the standard protection and padded sections you have come to expect from a dedicated laptop bag.

    Double zips mean these compartments are lockable if you’re looking for extra peace of mind, while an additional rain cover means all your tech will be protected even in the worst of downpours.

    Additional features include a very handy change pocket and an anti-theft pocket on the back panel. What’s more, this travel laptop bag has a great range of carrying options, with shoulder straps, side handle, and band to slip over the extended handle of a wheeled backpack too!

    • Two laptop compartments
    • Organizational pockets
    • Lockable zips
    • Rain cover
    • Pockets might not meet the needs of some
    • 40 liters too large for some
    • Square shape
    • Lacks protection from scanning technology

    Is the Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack for me?

    We can see that the Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack might not be for everyone with its square shape. But anyone looking for a larger travel bag for a laptop will like the fact this offering from Inateck has a capacity of 40 liters, in addition to its two padded laptop compartments meaning a latop and all your other digital nomad essentials will fit nicely.

    #11. Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop 20L Pack – Best Waterproof Laptop Bag

    Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop 20L Pack

    The best part about this backpack is that it is completely waterproof. If you live and work somewhere it rains a lot, then this is one of the best laptop bags for you! This laptop bag holds a standard 15 in. laptop and has an additional internal sleeve for documents as well as a stretch-mesh pocket for the accessories and doodads.

    It has a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. A 1-handed release buckles hold the top lid closed and offer easy access with a zippered top flkat for extra security. I do wish there was a water bottle holder, however.

    • Dedicated 15-inch laptop and iPad area
    • Rugged and durable
    • Completely waterproof
    • No water bottle pocket
    • Color can wear out easily

    Is the Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop 20L Pack for me?

    This multi-functional, waterproof laptop bag. This bag is for you if you have to deal with traveling and commuting in the rain. It’s also quite sleek and stylish, and useful for multiple situations.

    #12. Pacsafe MetroSafe LS350 ECONYL Daypack – Best Travel Laptop Bag for Safety

    Pacsafe MetroSafe LS350 ECONYL Daypack
    Pacsafe MetroSafe LS350 ECONYL Daypack

    The Pacsafe Slingsafe LS350 is one of the best travel laptop bags with anti-theft functionality. Plus, it has plenty of space for your books and docs, and a padded sleeve for your 13 in. laptop, all in a go-anywhere, protective design. If you need to keep your laptop safe, then this may be the bag for you.

    This laptop bag comes with lots of safety features, such as RFIDsafe blocking material to prevent your credit card and other chip data from being swiped. There are cut-resistant achor straps for securing valuables and an internal attachment point for your keys an wallet.

    At only 15 liters, however, it’s much more suited to safe city excursions rather as a soiltary travel bag.

    • Strong securing points for valuables
    • RFIDsafe blocking material
    • Cut-resistant material
    • Fits laptops only up to 13″
    • Quite a small capacity at only 15 liters

    Is the Pacsafe MetroSafe LS350 for me?

    Don’t worry about traveling with your laptop thanks to this Anti-Theft Pacsafe Daypack. This backpack is for you if you prioritize security above all else! It is a small backpack, however, and may not be for you if you need more than 15 liters of space.

    #13. MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault Pack – Best Laptop Bag for Computer and Tablet

    best durable laptop backpack mystery ranch urban assault
    MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault Pack

    This laptop bag does it all. Use it for rugged travel or your day-to-day commute! I can’t think of a more perfect bag. It’s minimalist yet offers lots of storage, even for an 18-liter bag. There are small, inside pockets, and it can easily fit a 13″ laptop plus a tablet/reader.  The quality is bombproof and will handle any drops.

    • 2 Internal zippered pockets
    • The sleeve fits up to a 15-inch laptop
    • YKK Zippers
    • Comfortable Straps
    • Only 18 Liter Bag
    • No Water Bottle Pocket

    Is the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Backpack for me?

    Don’t worry again about traveling with your laptop thanks to this bomb proof backpack! It’s durable and stylish all in one. While on the smaller side, it still helps you organize your essentials. This is a great bag, but only 18 liters. If you need a laptop bag for travel, consider a bigger sized pack.

    #14. K&F Concept DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag – Perfect Bag for Laptop and Camera

    K&F Concept DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag
    K&F Concept DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag is our top pick for the best bag for traveling with laptop and camera

    This laptop travel bag is surprisingly lightweight given the specific protection it gives to both camera gear and a laptop, weighing in at 1.2kg.

    It can hold two cameras, five lenses, those photographic extras all semi-professional cameramen require, and a laptop up to 13.3”!

    It’s made from a tough nylon material which provides additional protection from tears, bumps, and light rain too. The interior dividers can be modified to your taste, with the main compartment opening flat to 180° for easy camera and laptop access.

    There’s a space to hang a lighter weight tripod on the exterior side of the bag, and a waist belt in addition to padded shoulder straps to ensure all your expensive kit stays exactly where it should on your back.

    • Dedicated camera and laptop bag
    • Capacity for a large amount of camera equipment
    • Tough nylon material
    • Internal dividers can be personalised
    • Not a briefcase-style bag
    • Only fits laptops up to 13.3”
    • Just one colour available
    • Not fully waterproof

    Is the K&F Concept DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag for me?

    If you’re an active amateur or semi-professional photographer, you’ve got more than just a laptop to carry around with you as you travel. With this equipment being so expensive to buy and replace, you don’t want to risk using a bag that isn’t dedicated to the job. Instead, hit order on the K&F Concept, you won’t regret it!

    #15. Kroser 15.6” Laptop Briefcase Bag – Best Laptop Bag for Business Travelers

    Kroser 15.6” laptop briefcase bag
    Kroser 15.6” laptop briefcase bag is our top pick for the best briefcase-style laptop bag

    Made from water-repelling canvas this Kroser briefcase-style laptop bag can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches.

    Although it lacks the shoulder straps you’ll find on a backpack, it has both carry handles and a single shoulder strap for a choice of carrying options.

    The main compartment is TSA-friendly, meaning it meets the needs of US airport security, while there are two other small compartments for notepads, paper, and pens. This laptop bag is good for business travelers.

    Perhaps the best feature of the Kroser 15.6” laptop briefcase bag is its RFID pockets, which protect your electronic data on credit cards and passports from being scanned and then stolen.

    • Made from water repellent canvas
    • Carry handles and single shoulder strap
    • TSA-friendly
    • RFID protection pocket
    • Won’t fit larger laptops
    • Not fully waterproof
    • Weight of just over 1 kg
    • No backpack straps

    Is the Kroser 15.6” laptop briefcase bag for me?

    If you’d rather go for a briefcase-style bag rather than a dedicated business backpack, the Kroser 15.6” laptop bag is a good option. In addition to the main compartment that will take an average-sized laptop, there’s the additional space supplied by further compartments, as well as RFID protection for your electronic data too!

    #16. REI Co-op Ruckpack 28 Recycled Daypack – Best Budget Laptop Backpack

    REI Co-op Ruckpack 28 Recycled Daypack

    This heavy-duty travel laptop bag will hold not only a laptop up to 15” in size in a padded pocket, but also an interior pocket for organization and is even designed to be overstuffed! Though only 28 L in size there are also exterior pockets as well as one dedicated for your water botttle.

    Designed to most airline check-in restrictions, you’ll be breezing through airports in no time. What’s more, the back panel is lined with mesh to keep wearers cool, while adjustable shoulder straps keep everything sitting right.

    • Capable of carrying laptops up to 15”
    • Plenty of additional pockets
    • Breathable
    • Too small to suit all kinds of travelers
    • A tablet sleeve would be a nice bonus

    Is the REI Co-op Ruckpack 28 Recycled Daypack for me?

    While lacking in a tablet sleeve, the comfort of this pack combined with its budget price for such a sturdy beast is certainly nothing to ignore. The wealth of additional pockets and rather smart-casual stylish look only go further to accentuate this a budget pack suitable for most travelers.

    #17. The Roll Top Stubble & Co – Best Hipster Laptop Backpack

    The Roll Top is a great hipster-style 20L bag perfect for carrying around your laptop as well as having heaps of room for your other accessories. What really makes it stand out for a day pack is that the laptop compartment is in a separate pocket on the back of the bag. This both makes it mega secure (especially for a roll top) and also saves the massive main compartment for everything else.

    Internally the main compartment is one massive space with a selection of pockets and organisers attached to the other side of the laptop compartment/ back panel. This works well giving you some level of organisation whilst also being super roomy.

    • Capable of carrying laptops up to 16”
    • Roll top makes it expandable
    • Durable and weather resistant material
    • Could do with more internal organisation
    • Would like an internal zip as well as the roll top

    Is Stubble & Co The Roll Top for me?

    If you’re looking for something that is both stylish, functional and also super robust, the Roll Top is the perfect choice for a laptop bag. We love that it’s got that classic hipster feel whilst actually being super practical too. The black exterior also keeps water out well, is durable enough for everyday use and is smart enough for the office.

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    Best Laptop Bags for Travelers
    NameVolume (Litres)Weight (KG)Dimensions (CM)Laptop Size (inch)Price (USD)
    Nomatic Messenger Bag151.7230.48 x 41.91 x 13.9715259.99
    Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack251.2746.99 x 30.48 x 17.1515120
    Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Laptop Pack180.7740 x 27.94 x 1615155
    Kodiak Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag40.64 x 30.48 x 10.1615269
    MYSTERY RANCH 3-Way Expandable Briefcase180.8636.83 x 22.86 x 17.7815199
    Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase1316 x 11 x 4.5 in15189
    Sherpani Cabo Convertible Pack – Women’s110.6235.56 x 33.02 x 10.161174.95
    Gulu Handmade Influencer Backpack200.7745.72 x 30.48 x 15.24129
    Stubble & Co Roll Top200.930 x 44 x 1516145
    Inateck Travel Carry-on 40 litre Laptop Backpack401.6554.99 x 34.01 x 161755.19
    Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop 20L Pack21
    1 lb. 13.3 oz
    24.8 x 9.84 x 5.9 in15140
    Pacsafe MetroSafe LS350 ECONYL Daypack150.6641.91 x 29.46 x12.4513139.95
    MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault Pack211.2758.42 x 34.29 x 25.415139
    K&F Concept DSLR Camera and Laptop Bag20.4127 x 15.01 x 4313.378.99
    Kroser 15.6” Laptop Briefcase Bag0.9641.91 x 12.7 x 30.4815.632.99
    REI Co-op Ruckpack 28 Recycled Daypack281 lb. 12 oz19.5 x 11 x 9 in1599.95

    FAQ about the Best Travel Laptop Bags

    Still have some questions? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

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      Final Thoughts on the Best Laptop Bags for Travelers

      We’ve worked hard to sort the wheat from the chaff so that you can see the best laptop bags on the market! From large, small, stylish, messenger-style, and functional, we’re confident you’ll find a keeper among our picks!

      To summarize: we think that the Nomatic Messenger Bag is currently the best that money can buy. It’s versatile, tough, and does what it’s supposed to do (protect your gear).

      That being said, there are plenty of other specialized bags out there for you to consider. The waterproof Arc’teryx Granville Pack is great for those more demanding adventures. The Tortuga Setout is probably more appropriate for those traveling long term. Finally, the Kroser 15.6” Laptop Briefcase Bag is great for those who travel frequently for business,

      Whether you’re looking for a laptop bag for travel, work, or everything in between, this list has you covered!

      Although you should be able to use almost all of the bags on this list as a carry-on, some airlines still like to make a fuss over an inch or two. In this case, it pays to know the airline’s own carry-on regulations. Use this convenient list of airlines and their cabin policies as a reference, if needed.

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