21 Unbelievable Gifts for Climbers and Rock Hounds in 2020

Rock climbers have a tendency to be very passionate about climbing things. Like big rocks. So you think getting them a rock climbing gift would be easy.


There’s tons of rock climbing gear out there, and not all of it is great. The last thing you want to do is get your rock climber a gift they won’t actually use. With climbing gear, equipment and accessories available from a huge variety of stores, it can be intimidating when trying to find the perfect climbing gift.

So to help you out, we’ve put together this ultimate list of gifts for rock climbers!

This guide of gift ideas for rock climbers will help you easily find a gift for someone how loves to rock climb. With 21 awesome ideas, you’ll be able to easily find something cool (and that they’ll actually like!)

Here is our definitive list of the top rock climbing gifts…


The Raddest Gifts for Climbers


#1 Security Travel Belt with Hidden Money Wallet

gifts for backpackers

Hand’s down, this is a must-have for any nomad, backpacker, hiker, adventurer or regular traveller. This is my favourite travel accessory and is vital for keeping my cash and Rizla papers safe when I am backpacking. I never travel without it.

Buy it for the adventurer in your life and they are sure to be pretty stoked that they have the perfect way to hide their emergency money.

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#2 Water Bottle

Active Roots Water Bottle

Water bottle: Every backpacker should hit the road with a water bottle – it’ll save you money and help reduce your plastic footprint on our amazing planet. For every Active Roots water bottle sold, we donate 10% to PlasticOceans.org – an awesome initiative aimed at educating people on the risk of single use plastic and helping to clean up our oceans. Active Roots 25 OZ Travel Bottles are tough, lightweight and maintain the temperature of your beverage – so you can enjoy a cold red bull, or a hot coffee, no matter where you are.

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#3 Active Roots DayPack

active roots daypack

It’s always worth having a daypack with you whenever you travel but often NOT worth carrying something bulky around. The Active Roots adventure daypack is hands down the best foldable day pack around, it comes with a water bottle holder, folds down super small yet provides plenty of space for your day-venture and is tough and sturdy.

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#4 Hippy Dippy Yoga Pants

elephant pants gift

Slip into your adventure in style with these bohemian elephant pants, suitable for raves, yoga, chilling out on the beach and endless Instagram selfies. Best of all, a percentage of all sales goes towards supporting the endangered Asian elephant at the Laos conservation centre! 🙂

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#5 Scratch Map

Scratch map gift

What’s cooler than a map? A scratch map is an ideal gift for backpackers who have just returned from their adventures and want to keep track of where they have been in the world… It can also do wonders for post travel blues.

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#6 Chalk Bag

Chakl bag gift for climbers

Looking for the perfect gifts for rock climbers in your life? A chalk bag is a must-have item for any climber, and the huge range of styles, colours and fabrics available at affordable prices make them one of the go-to great climber gifts.

Evolv hand-craft their chalk bags with a range of fun patterns that will make any climber’s chalk bag stand out from the crowd. The company provides all technical features attended to ensuring these chalk bags combine style and quality – so this gift will make your friend very happy!

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#7 Climbing Chalk

chalk Gifts for Climbers


If you’re buying your friend a chalk bag, they’re going to need some climbing chalk to go in it! Friction Labs chalk is some of the best quality chalk you can get, providing better performance and drier hands for less chalk – ideal for sending long routes on sunny days!

Chalk is hands-down one the most useful climbing gifts ideas and an important piece of climber equipment. Although it doesn’t seem like much, they’ll definitely be grateful to add this great climber gift to their stash.

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#8 Foldable Hat

Foldable Hat

This crush-resistant foldable hat can fit in your back pocket! Great for outdoor activities, it comes in four colors and has quick-dry, ultra-breathable material and tuck-flap brim design.

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#9 Parachute Hammock

Hammock for backpackers

Hammocks make an excellent gift for travellers, campers, hikers and outdoorsy folks who want to watch the stars and save some money on accommodation costs, whilst they drift off.

Hammocks are sexy, lightweight, fun to sleep in and offer you a ton of options for where to spend the night. There’s a lot of hammock options out there but if you don’t want to spend so much, I recommend getting a parachute hammock; they are super light, strong and durable.

Active Roots hammocks are some of the best value parachute hammocks on the market and 10% of Active Root’s profits go towards supporting noble causes such as the Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

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#10 Multitool

tools for climbers


I’ve been using my Leatherman Skeletool for nearly a decade now and it’s still the first thing I pack for every adventure.

A decent multitool can solve pretty much any problem and when you’re on a challenging route, there’s no knowing what can happen… Any climber or adventurer will appreciate this awesome gift.

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#11 Climbing Hold Mug

Mug gift for climbers

Help the climber in your life train even in their downtime with this climbing hold mug, adding an extra challenge to their morning cup of tea.

These climbing hold mugs have an 8 oz capacity perfect for a warming brew before a hard day’s climbing, with a carabineer handle – perfect for attaching to hiking bags and belt loops for easy access.

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#12 Grip strength trainer

handgrip for Climbers


Success in climbing is all in the finger strength, so help the climber in your life a grip strength trainer to help them get stronger on the wall.

This Gripmaster Hand Exerciser activates each finger individually to improve hand, wrist and forearm strength and flexibility, making it one of the most useful items to ever give a rock climbers. Better still, the device is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or bag, so can even be taken to the crag or bouldering wall for a pre-climbing finger warm up!

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#13 Microfibre Quick Drying TowelGift ideas for climbers

When hitting the road, a microfibre towel is a necessity. No matter if you are camping, hiking, climbing or partying hard, you should always have a super fast drying towel to keep you clean on the road.

The Active Roots microfibre travel towel is one of the best value towels around, comes in multiple funky colours and, best of all, a percentage of all profits made by Active Roots go back to noble causes such as supporting Luang Prabang’s elephant sanctuary.

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#14 Solar Lantern

lantern for Climbers


There’s nothing worse than being out at a crag without a light when the sun goes down.

A device like this collapsible solar lantern is one of the most ideal gifts for rock climbers because it provides a convenient and eco-friendly light source to help them get down from the crag safely in the dark.

The Bright Outdoors solar lantern is reasonably priced, and flattens down so it’s small enough to fit in any daypack – perfect for long days out in the wilderness!

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#15 The Backpacker Bible

Books for climbers

Nine years of travel tested tips, tricks and know-how! Everything your Amigo needs to know to ditch their desk, hit the road and earn money as they travel around the world. Actionable advice and steps on planning, finances, where to go, making friends, staying safe, picking up work and building an online income – this is the bible for long term travel.

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#16 Climbing Tee Apparel

Tshirt for climbers


Deck the climber in your life out with some climbing-friendly apparel like this funky Prana top designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, which makes it the perfect gift for climbers.

With all those top-notch climbing products, sometimes it is easy to forget the basics, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good, classic T-shirt?

Prana design their clothing with lightweight fabric ideal for sports from climbing to yoga, and will help any climber look fashionable and stay cool while crushing on the rock too!

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#17 Rock rings

rock rings Gifts for climbers


Rock rings are a great portable training device to help climbers improve their upper body and finger strength.They can be hung from a pull-up bar, or any fixed, stable point, allowing them to be transported from home to the gym, to anywhere in between!

These Metolius rock rings are available in a range of colours and make one of the greatest gifts for rock climbers on the go – they’re small enough to pack inside a gear bag for anyone wanting to get some extra training in before they next get back on the wall!

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#18 Head Torch

GearLight Head Torch

Nobody plans to climb in the dark but even the most experienced climbers sometimes get caught out and if you’re on the rock, you need both hands. I never travel without a headtorch – it’s a vital piece of kit which can save your life and help you explore even the darkest nooks and crannies.

There’s a ton of head torches on the market but the best one is the GearLight Head Torch – It makes some of the best head torches in the business. It’s got an awesome beam distance of up to 400m, the battery lasts up to 18 hours & it includes an easy to use push button, so no matter how many layers you’re wearing, it’ll be easy to turn on & off.

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#19 Alex Honnold: Alone on the Wall

Books to read for climbers

One of the best rock climbers in the world, Alex Honnold recounts some of his most astonishing climbing achievements in his book Alone on the Wall, packed full of stories to inspire and amaze fellow climbers and non-climbers alike!

Honnold’s book would make a great addition to gifts for rock climbers, as someone who has pushed through some of the most dangerous and extreme boundaries of climbing this is a must-read for any outdoors enthusiast.

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#20 Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes gifts


One of the best gifts for rock climbers – Climbing shoes are a more costly investment but are an essential accessory for every climber.

It’s always best to do some research on what type of shoe will be most suitable – are they a boulderer, sports climber, or do they enjoy spending long days on trad routes?

The style and size of shoes will all differ, so doing a little detective work on their preference and current climbing shoe size before buying is a good idea. The best rock climbing gear is not complete without a good pair of shoes after all.

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#21 Handcream

handcream for Climbers

You can instantly tell a climber apart from the crowd by examining their hands for rough calluses, cuts and scrapes, and dry hands. That’s why handcream makes one of the best gifts for mountain climbers, helping them get their fingers back up to full working order before another day at the crag.

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve was developed by climbers, for climbers over 10 years ago, providing powerful healing for dry and chapped hands without softening those hard-earned calluses too much! As climbing accessories go, this is definitely one of the best rock climbing gifts!

Gifts for rock climbers don’t need to be expensive – this climbing salve is very affordable, but will come in very useful!

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#22 Pocket Blanket

Matador Pocket Blanket

This lightweight, waterproof, super compact pocket blanket is a must for all adventures. Doubling up as an emergency poncho, this picnic blanket is worth its weight in gold when chilling, or camping, on the beach.

This tear-resistant blanket has rustproof metal ground stakes and sand pocket corners to keep blanket secure on beaches. 

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#23 Grayl Geopress

Grayls Geopress Water Bottle

Want to save the world and stay hydrated? Single-use plastic bottles are a huge threat to the oceans and planet – Be a part of the solution and invest in a filter water bottle.

The Grayl Geopress water bottle is the ONLY all-in-one filter water bottle setup you’ll need. We use it on our own adventures to purify often nasty looking water and it does a beautiful job – we have yet to get sick! This is what the whole Broke Backpacker team uses- in mountains, cities, jungles – we love it – it’s a total game changer.

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#24 Sungod Custom Sunglasses

gifts for backpackers

The ultimate in adventure sunnies, these sunglasses are pretty much bulletproof and are very affordable. Best of all, you can design your own pair online out of thousands of possible combinations making these ones of the best gifts for backpackers around! Want more info, check out our in-depth review on these epic sunglasses.

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#25 Zipper Scarf

AR Zipper Scarf

Don’t lose your money to a pickpocket! There are tons of ways to store valuables and goods while travelling but a travel scarf has to be the least obtrusive and the most classy.

The Active Roots Zipper Scarf is your run-of-the-mill infinity scarf but with a hidden pocket that’s big and sturdy enough for a night’s cash, your phone, a passport and (hell with it) some snacks too!

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#26 AR Toilerty Bag 

AR Toiletry Bag


Another backpacker favorite for staying organized is a hanging toiletry bag. It’s extremely helpful to have all of your accessories neatly gathered in one bag that you can hang for easy accessibility, especially when counter space isn’t plentiful or even available. A well-organized bag is worth having whether you’re tree whilst camping or a hook in the wall – it helps to have quick access to all your stuff.

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#27 World Nomads Travel Insurance

If you’re constantly on the road like myself, insurance is the gift that keeps on giving… I’ve had to claim three times on my insurance over the last nine years of travelling and each time I’ve been thankful I had it sorted. One of the best gifts for backpackers too tight to buy their own insurance!


Final thoughts on the Best Gifts for Rock Climbers

What will you get your favourite climber? Did this list help you get any good rock climbing gift ideas? Whatever gift you choose, I can guarantee they’ll be out and crushing on the wall with it in no time!

This list of the best gifts for mountain climbers is designed to help you find that special someone a gift – so what are you waiting for! Thanks for reading 🙂


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