Some of the happiest people in the backpack industry work for Peak Design. They laugh, they joke, they steal things – they’re having a really, really good time over there. That kind of positivity has paid off with a healthy smattering of the most impressive backpacks in the business.

Peak Design is fueled by the mindset that no two trips are the same, which is totally true. Nothing is ever the same, even if we’re just talking about walking down to the corner store. You need gear with more options, versatility and useability to prepare for that. And even more importantly, we’ve got to do it without causing undue harm. 

Sustainability is Peak Design’s specialty. This company is out to help you do more while using less natural resources, allowing you to reach new heights without leaving a massive carbon footprint in your wake… and we’re all about that here at The Broke Backpacker.

If you’re looking for your next great piece of travel equipment, chances are Peak Design has something that will seamlessly slide into your life and help you take your adventures further.  So, let’s take a closer look at what they’ve been cooking up. 

peak design travel backpack
Peak Design products come with the seal of approval of Mr Catingsworth!

Everyday Backpack

  • Size (In) > 19 x 13 x 7
  • Weight (Lbs) > 4.43
  • Capacity (L) > 20
  • Price ($) > 280

Everyday Backpack Zip

  • Size (In) > 19 x 11 x 6
  • Weight (Lbs) > 3.42
  • Capacity (L) > 20
  • Price ($) > 190

Everyday Messenger

  • Size (In) > 16 x 14 x 12
  • Weight (Lbs) > 2.67
  • Capacity (L) > 13
  • Price ($) > 230

Travel Pack

  • Size (In) > 22 x 13 x 9.5
  • Weight (Lbs) > 4
  • Capacity (L) > 35
  • Price ($) > 299

Travel Duffelpack 65L

  • Size (In) > 26 x 15 x 12
  • Weight (Lbs) > 3.9
  • Capacity (L) > 65
  • Price ($) > 219

Travel Duffel

  • Size (In) > 22 x 14 x 10
  • Weight (Lbs) > 2
  • Capacity (L) > 35
  • Price ($) > 139

Everyday Totepack

  • Size (In) > 18 x 15 x 6
  • Weight (Lbs) > 2.76
  • Capacity (L) > 25
  • Price ($) > 180

Packable Tote

  • Size (In) > 16.5 x 16.1 x 4.7
  • Weight (Lbs) > .2
  • Capacity (L) > 12
  • Price ($) > 20

Wash Pouch

  • Size (In) > 10.2 x 6 x 4.4
  • Weight (Lbs) > .5
  • Capacity (L) >
  • Price ($) > 59

The Best Peak Design Products

Peak Design Products are the real deal. They protect each one of their bags with a 400D weatherproof shell that professional and amateur photographers have trusted for decades. They even take protection further on the bottom of their bags, adding a 900D robust layer of protection between your bag and the gravel road. 

Because Peak Design is a camera equipment company first, they also load their bags with nifty pockets and easy ways to access gear, but you don’t have to be a photographer to find value here. Having said that, they do make some of the best camera bags in the business.

Have some fun with the organization options, and pack your bags exactly how you’d like for your next trip. No matter which Peak Design model is strapped to your shoulders, you can head off knowing that rain, sun, sleet, or shine, no other backpack on Earth is better equipped to keep your valuables safe.  

Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Pack 30L
  • Size (In) – 19 x 13 x 7
  • Weight (Lbs) – 4.43
  • Capacity (L) – 20
  • Price ($) – 280

We’ll start off our deep dive with the brand’s staple backpack. From Monday-Friday, Long Weekends at the Lake, and even as a stellar carry-on option for long trips, this Everyday backpack stands on business. 

Peak Designs came at this bag from a photographer’s perspective, slipping in easy access points and a grand protection scheme to keep the elements away from your gear. Magnetic pieces seal the bag’s main compartment, and weatherproof zippers reinforce both openings. 

The real magic of the magnetic seals is the bag’s ability to grow with your load. The bag can expand up a few liters to ensure you’ll never have to leave the house without your raincoat, and an additional front pocket sneaks on that last bit of value to help you walk out the door in style.

  • Peak Design has a pre-owned section that will help you save big bucks on this bag
  • Available in a larger 30 Liter bag
  • Side access openings are cavernous
  • Internal dividers are great features, but they add almost a pound of weight
  • Backpack’s new version reduces the ease of access to the side pockets
  • Hip belt sold separately

Everyday Backpack Zip

Everyday Backpack Zip
  • Size (In) – 19 x 11 x 6
  • Weight (Lbs) – 3.42
  • Capacity (L) – 20
  • Price ($) – 190

If you don’t believe in magnetism, have no fear – Peak Designs has plenty of other styles of daily carry backpacks. This slick zippered unit might actually work better for some use cases. The zipper runs through both side access pockets and the main compartment, making a 270-degree opening more expansive than some suitcases. 

The Everyday zip comes in two sizes, 15 and 20 Liters, and it’s generally a slightly smaller and less feature-rich choice than the magnetically sealed Everyday Flagship pack. Don’t get scared off by its simplicity, though. The zippered pack is virtually identical to its magnetic companion, it’s just lacking the front stash pocket and magnetic expandability. 

There are great reasons for the zippered version over the magnetic option, mainly in the security department. You can hook the zippers of this bag onto each other and make it impossible to open this backpack sneakily. These security details and heavy-duty Peak Design materials will help you walk with confidence down almost any street in the world. As the name suggests, this is one of the best everyday backpacks on the market.

  • Side access points have mesh zippered pockets in the lid
  • Two shelf system inside the pack keeps things organized
  • Easy access laptop compartment is combined with a stash pocket and tablet storage out back
  • 15-liter version only has space for a 13” laptop and no tablet storage
  • Those shelves take up a bit of space that could be reserved for snacks
  • Zippered backpack comes with one fewer external pockets than the other Everyday bag

Everyday Messenger

Everyday Messenger
  • Size (In) – 16 x 14 x 12
  • Weight (Lbs) – 2.67
  • Capacity (L) – 13
  • Price ($) – 230

Taking all the value of the Everyday backpack and turning into something that you can carry with one strap was a wild task. Peak Designs hit the lab with legendary photographer Trey Ratcliff to make it happen, and the dream team paid dividends with this epic messenger bag

As one of the newest Peak Design backpack family members, this messenger bag is locked and loaded with some of the company’s most significant innovations yet. They wrapped their Everyday bag’s ‘maglatch’ closure around this entire messenger, allowing the bag to grow and shrink in capacity by three liters… just like my stomach after Christmas dinner!

Underneath the waterproof, magnetic hood, Peak Design flipped their same storage shelf system for a horizontal closet. These dividers provide a place for lenses, drones, and laptops, all without getting in the way of each other.

  • Multiple MagLatches allow you to grow and shrink your messenger
  • More technically advanced features on this messenger bag’s strap than most bags have in the entire build
  • Two bottom lash straps are great for oversized gear
  • I would have loved them to squeeze 20 Liters of storage onto this pack
  • Only comes in black and grey colors, unlike the rest of PD’s gear
  • The material is quite rigid compared to most messenger bags

Travel Pack

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L
  • Size (In) – 22 x 13 x 9.5
  • Weight (Lbs) – 4
  • Capacity (L) – 35
  • Price ($) – 299

Bigger and beefier, Peak Design’s overnight pack is one of the most rugged travel bags on the planet. The Travel Pack gets its bones through its variable capacity system – without buying any additional upgrades, you can compress and expand this backpack to change your storage capacity by 10 liters. 

It’s this shrinkability and compression strap system that helps you pack everything you need and still skirt baggage restrictions to take your gear right to the plane. Beyond this sweet perk, it’s clear that every zipper and pocket on this bag was designed with intention and purpose.

You’ll find multiple ways to access the laptop compartment and plenty of sneaky exterior pockets that help you get through long trips wearing a single backpack without letting the road wreck your organization. 

  • Compacts to get onto the plan, expands to squeeze in souvenirs
  • 45 Liter travel bag is the only Peak Design bag with hip belt included
  • Enough storage freedom to hit the road for months bringing nothing else
  • Weighs 4.5 pounds when empty
  • Would love a 40 Liter model, 45 is a bit much fully packed and 30 is not quite enough for one bag travel
  • Fully expanded 45 Liter pack might not qualify as a carry-on for some airlines

Travel Duffelpack 65L

Travel Duffelpack 65L
  • Size (In) – 26 x 15 x 12
  • Weight (Lbs) – 3.9
  • Capacity (L) – 65
  • Price ($) – 219

If 45 Liters isn’t quite enough backpack for you, Peak Designs went even bigger on this hybrid bag. This monstrosity zips open like a damn body bag to expose a massive amount of storage space. The carrying handles spread across the entire bag to help you hold onto the heavy load with ease.

Don’t worry – you won’t always have to walk around dragging this Peak Design Duffelpack at max capacity. You can shrink the bag down to a sensible 45 Liters until it’s time to fill ‘er up. When you stuff things to the brim, hip belts, and a durable shoulder system help you stay on top of the extra weight. 

Incredibly enough, the full-sized zipper still doesn’t sacrifice the waterproofing that Peak Designs puts into all of their packs, which adds up to a 65 liter,  carbon neutral, fully weatherproof, absolute beast of a backpack. 

  • Weighs about the same as the much smaller Travel Pack
  • 20 Liters of variable storage size
  • Plenty of grab handles scattered across the outside of this duffelpack help carryability
  • The main compartment is one large black hole
  • No matter what kind of strap system they build, 65 liters is hard to carry
  • Interior zippers can scratch screens

Travel Duffel

Travel Duffel
  • Size (In) – 22 x 14 x 10
  • Weight (Lbs) – 2
  • Capacity (L) – 35
  • Price ($) – 139

Available in 35 Liter and 65 Liter storage capacities, this Travel Duffel is a great way to get the Peak Design build quality with the typical Peak Design price. Hurry up and get your order in before the company realizes they are selling this duffel bag for over 150$ less than their 35-liter travel bag, even though it still protects your gear with the same recycled 600D nylon shell. 

You can even reconfigure the duffel grips to carry this bag like a backpack, although we wouldn’t recommend that for long distances, especially if you opt for the larger pack. However you hold it, you’ll be within easy reach of the side pockets that run along the length of this bag. Each pocket has additional rubber mesh dividers to make the most of the space.

The shape of the bag is held up by two lightweight aluminum rods that prevent the bag from feeling like a banana if it’s not packed out. If packed full, you can take advantage of the main compartment’s fabric hooks and additional mesh pockets to optimize your storage. While this duffel bag isn’t as advanced as the duffelpack, it’s a straight winner thanks to the price point and one of our favourite duffel bags on the market.

  • Peak Design’s most affordable bag
  • 35 L version is carry-on approved across the globe
  • Identical materials to the company’s more expensive backpacks
  • Magnetic handles don’t live up to the promises
  • Could use better shoulder straps
  • Not much interior storage options

Everyday Totepack

Peak Design Everyday Tote Bag
  • Size (In) – 18 x 15 x 6
  • Weight (Lbs) – 2.76
  • Capacity (L) – 25
  • Price ($) – 180

Peak Design dubbed its new Totebag “a backpack with the soul of a tote,” nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative, just like this bag. Most tote bags only provide one access point, usually through a wide top opening, but this bag comes from camera specialists, so you’ll have three different ways to get to your equipment.

Inside those access points is space for a laptop and tablet as well as Peak Design’s classic divider system, which feels at home in the 20-25 liter range. The totepack zigs where the minimalist exterior Everyday Magnetic bag zags, adding a host of exterior features for extra carrying capacity. Hook an oversized coat right up to the side of the bag and be on your way. 

The bag gets its name from the solid carrying handles up top. You can easily stow away your shoulder straps and swing this bag to and fro on one hand. And, of course, it’s all wrapped up in Peak Design’s hardcore exterior to finish off a pretty special bag. 

  • First backpack made by the company that was designed by a woman
  • Peak Design’s best everyday backpack
  • One exterior pocket has just enough space for the essentials
  • Five liters away from being a great travel pack in addition to a daily option
  • Heavier than you might expect for such a small backpack
  • I don’t how the backpack straps feel

Packable Tote

Packable Tote
  • Size (In) – 16.5 x 16.1 x 4.7
  • Weight (Lbs) – .2
  • Capacity (L) – 12
  • Price ($) – 20

Every great company needs to finish off their offerings with a packable option. Peak Design’s smallest bag is a perfect way to arrive in a new place, whip out a bag without unpacking, and hit the grocery store. Like everything Peak designs does, this tote bag doesn’t simply exist. It changes the game.

Sure, it might look like a simple contraption, and that’s because it is: this bag is one strap and one material that come together to work as a quick and easy carry-all. Peak Designs’ consistent commitment to detail work makes it different from the competition. 

The bag sports a handy zipper to help keep spills from seeping into the bag and leftovers from creeping out. When not in use, the entire bag, zipper included, scrunches down to the size of a deck of cards and stores itself inside an included stuff sack. When unfurled, that stuff sack becomes a pocket that can hold onto your cell phone or other smaller sized items.

  • One of the only tote bags in the game with a full zipper
  • 100% recycled ripstop nylon
  • Still covered by the same lifetime guarantee as Peak Design’s more robust bags
  • Some larger cell phones won’t fit in the cell phone pocket
  • The only bag on our list that doesn’t feature Peak Design’s maximum waterproofing
  • About two steps up from a reusable plastic bag

Wash Pouch

Wash Pouch
  • Size (In) – 10.2 x 6 x 4.4
  • Weight (Lbs) – .5
  • Capacity (L) –
  • Price ($) – 59

We’ve looked at a whole lot of high-tech, ahead-of-the-curve gear from Peak Designs today, but we saved the best for last. The humble toiletry bag is one of the most critical aspects of your kit. Peak Designs lets us get a ‘peek’ (see what I did there!) at what it looks like when a toiletry bag is perfected. 

The malleable bag slides right into your luggage, zipping up and taking a beating without taking it out on your contact solution. The pouch is weatherproof – which is just as important to ensure your shampoo doesn’t leak out of the bag as it is to ensure nothing gets in. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Many broke backpackers start out hauling toothpaste in a plastic bag, but as you start to log the miles and experience your first Moroccan belly, you begin to appreciate the beauty of traveling with a fully stocked bathroom cabinet inside of your bag. Peak Design has your back with an extraordinary, well-thought-out wash pouch. 

Plus, finally, many places around the world are banning plastic bags, so that option will soon be out!

  • Comes with the same zippers and nylon shell that all Peak Design’s bags are made from
  • Splits open into two seperate wide containers with a toothbrush specific pocket in the middle
  • Pockets are very easy to clean
  • Do we really need a waterproof toiletry bag if your backpack is already waterproof?
  • The outside is a bit rigid
  • Costs as much as Call of Duty

Final Thoughts On Peak Design Travel Gear

tbbteam peak design everyday backpack
The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design.

If you’ve made it this far, I can’t thank you enough for stopping to read this. You have no idea how cool it is to spend time geeking out over amazing equipment with you guys, and I appreciate you stopping by. 

We could go on all day about the brand’s long lines of bag accessories, tripods, camera gear, and tech pouches, but we’ll leave with one last testament to the quality of these goods:

Every single product we’ve covered today, plus every single Peak Design product we didn’t have space to look over, is covered by a lifetime warranty policy. When we say everything, we mean everything, not just the hyper-expensive products at the top:  Your wash pouch, your packable tote bag, even the packing cubes, it’s all guaranteed for life. 

It’s one thing to make a backpack out of recycled bottles, it’s another ball game to make one that lasts.

Peak Design’s quality and sustainability scores, plus their gear’s kick-ass technical specs, add up to one of the most awesome choices in travel equipment. Just take your time to pick exactly which one of their backpacks is perfect for you because it could be the last bag you ever have to buy!