The City of 100 Spires, Prague is the stunning capital city of the Czech Republic. It’s the largest city in the country and boasts over 600 years of diverse and fascinating history. It’s also a major political, cultural and economic center of Europe. With such a wealth of history under its belt, you’ll never be stuck for things to do in Prague.

Best known for its Old Town Square at the heart of its historic center, the city is packed with captivating architecture and a fascinating landscape. Colorful Baroque buildings and Gothic churches make up some of the beautiful landmarks you can look forward to seeing during your stay.

Another highlight of any trip to Prague is the array of hidden gems and quirky spots you can find off the beaten track. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular things to do in Prague, and some lesser-known gems, just for you.

Top Things to Do in Prague

These are some of the best ways to keep yourself busy in this magnificent destination.

1 – Find the Vltava River

Find the Vltava River
A slow cruise down the river is a great way to take in the timeless grandeur of Prague

As the longest river in the Czech Republic, Vltava is a brilliant sight to be found when exploring Prague. It runs through the city, offering views of Prague’s finest architecture. There are also many beautiful bridges crossing over the river.

The river offers glorious photo opportunities, and along the banks, there are many spots to stop and take in the charm.

Boat trips along the river are available throughout the day, and they’re a great way to view the city and enjoy some relaxing time on the water. Most of the boats are even able to serve you lunch or dinner as you leisurely cruise along.

2 – Wave to Sigmund Freud

Wave to Sigmund Freud
There’s plenty of opportunities to learn about the ‘colorful’ life of Freud in Prague. | source: axeiz (shutterstock)

If you take a slow stroll through Stare Mesto and look up, you’ll see “A Man Hanging Out”. This is a life-size statue of a 7-foot Sigmund Freud, hanging over the streets and holding on to a pole.

This statue was created by David ?erný, a Czech sculptor, in 1996. Due to its lifelike look, the statue has caused many confused passers-by to call it in a suicide attempt.

The statue has toured the globe, visiting London, Chicago, and Berlin among many other countries. Now, however, to see this captivating sculpture, along with more of ?erný’s work, you’ll have to visit Prague.

3 – Explore the Old Jewish Ghetto

Explore the Old Jewish Ghetto
An ever-important hub, Prague’s Jewish community has bared witness to the many highs and lows of their long history. | source: Jim Linwood (flickr)

A must-visit Prague neighborhood is the old Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov.

Wedged between the Old Town and the Vltava River, this district offers the chance to really understand the life of Jewish people during the Second World War. Journey back in time to the 13th century and explore the place where Jewish people were forced to settle into after being. ordered to vacate their homes.

The Jewish people were banned from living anywhere else and were unfortunately put through further hardship when many buildings were destroyed in the 19th century. Fortunately, however, many significant historical sites remain today, including six synagogues that are an absolute must-see.

Gain insight into the history of the city and enjoy some of the beautiful remaining structures.


Old Town

Old Town is the most centrally located neighbourhood in Prague. This is where most tourists stay for their first time in Prague, as the area concentrates many historical sights and restaurants.

Places to visit:
  • Look at the city from above on the rooftop of the Old Town Hall
  • Watch the show at every hour on the astronomical clock
  • Walk the Royal Route like ancient Czech Kings on their way to Prague’s castle

4 – Admire the Old Town Square

Admire the Old Town Square
The bizarre and beamusing astronomical clock is no to be missed

Say hello to the perfect place to admire Prague’s exquisite architecture and history! This is one of Prague’s best areas.

Despite the city’s tumultuous history of invasions, the Old Town Square has remained relatively intact since the 10th Century. The Square holds much of the city’s energy and street performers, merchants and musicians line the streets, guaranteeing you daily entertainment and fun during your visit.

Every hour, on the hour, you can also witness the changing of the Astronomical Clock. A rather amusing spectacle of dancing dolls that should be witnessed at least once in your life.

There’s also the opportunity to enter the Old Town Hall and view the clock from the inside! The hall’s grand decor combined with the insanely fascinating mechanism of the clock makes for a memorable afternoon in Prague.

5 – Get Lost in the Beauty of Prague Castle

Get Lost in the Beauty of Prague Castle
One of the most spectacular examples of medieval ingenuity and passion in all of Europe.

Prague Castle is, without a doubt, one of the best tourist attractions in the city! Europe may offer many castles, but Prague’s own medieval mansion offers its own unique appeal and attractions.

The castle is actually set in its own complex, which offers lush gardens and gorgeous views of the city. The complex has over 1000 years of history inside its walls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest coherent castle complex in the world.

The breathtaking architecture displays the history of years of prestige and power as a residence of Czech rulers and the current president today. The castle does get quite busy and crowded, so we suggest visiting early on in the day so you can enjoy the views comfortably.

6 – Take in the Views from Petrin Hill

Take in the Views from Petrin Hill
source: David Ionut (shutterstock)

If you’re looking for outdoor things to do in Prague, this is one of the best options.

Often referred to as the ‘Eiffel Tower of Prague’, Petrin Hill is found close to the city center. You can choose between a comfortable 30-minute stroll to reach the top, or take the railway funicular. The former is obviously the free option, the funicular can be taken with a general public transport ticket.

At the top of the hill, you’ll find the lookout point. Climb the 299 steps to the peak and enjoy the most amazing views of Prague from above. Also at the hill is the mirror maze, the Strahov Monastery & Brewery, the Czech Ethnographic museum, and many peaceful gardens.

7 – Devour a Pork Knuckle

Devour a Pork Knuckle
This decidedly unvegan treat has astood the test of time. | source: BlueOrange Studio (shutterstock)

Attention meat lovers, Vep?ove Koleno is about to become your new favorite meat dish!

A historic dish that has widely become known as a must-try in Prague, Pork Knuckle is often sought out by travelers visiting the city. While it can be found to be a bit more on the pricier side of things, there are some great restaurants that serve the meal at a reasonable price.

This large chunk of pork knee is very popular in Czech (and German) cuisine. Look forward to a plate of a beer-marinated piece of pork, served with pickled vegetables and dark Czech bread. Don’t be alarmed at the drooling faces of fellow tourists and onlookers!

8 – Travel Back in Time in Mala Strana

Travel Back in Time in Mala Strana
Prague is blessd with many streets and throughfare that seem to be visually unchange in hundreds of years. | source: Roman Boed (flickr)

Also known as Lesser Town, the Mala Strana area is home to some of the top attractions in Prague.

Built between the 17th and 18th Centuries, the cobblestoned streets and the spectacular facades of centuries-old buildings immediately transport you to another time. Walking around this neighborhood is one of the best things you can do in Prague – even if only to fully take in the history and ambiance of the city.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to stepping off the beaten path and exploring the secret wonders of the area, tucked away on side streets.

9 – Take a Swig of a World-Famous Czech Beer

Take a Swig of a World-Famous Czech Beer
Prague gives a good showing of the ever-competitive European beer exporting nations

The people of the Czech Republic are world-renowned for their love of fine beer. Perhaps that’s why they have the highest per capita consumption of beer. Once you’ve tasted one of their brews you’ll understand!

There are many beer-related activities throughout the city. The most interesting is perhaps the beer museum. A visit here offers travelers a journey into the history of beer in the Czech Republic.

Exhibitions show how beer is brewed and showcases how the process has changed over the years. The museum also offers beer tasting, so you can try out the golden brew for yourself.

10 – Indulge in Some Pickled Cheese

Indulge in Some Pickled Cheese
A  mouth-watering treat for fans of anything salty and savory | source: Lucie Rezna (shutterstock)

Traveling foodies are going to go crazy for this one!

It may sound strange, but pickled cheese is surprisingly delectable. It’s much like your average camembert cheese and is served with bread, peppers, and onions.

This Czech delicacy is a perfect pairing with your ice-cold pivo in the pub. The dish is essentially a soft Camembert-like cheese, submerged and pickled in oil, spices, and garlic and served with a generous portion of chili peppers and Czech fried bread.

A word to the wise, this dish is known to be creamy and delicious, however potently spicy.

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Unusual Things to Do in Prague

To really feel the authenticity of the city, we suggest seeking out some of these unique things to do in Prague.

11 – Unwind in a Beer Bath

Unwind in a Beer Bath
The typical spar day is given a boozy twist

Yes, you definitely read that heading correctly… You can book yourself in for a unique beer spa treatment using high-quality products and unlimited beer!

It’s clear that beer is love in the Czech Republic, and the liquid is used for more than just drinking. At this day spa, you can book in for a treatment that includes a 30-minute beer soak, followed by a 30-minute lay-down on a heated bed.

You’ll also get unlimited beer to drink during your treatment, so it’s a double win. This is one of the more costly things to do in Prague. However, it’s unique and unusual to win a spot on our to-do list in the city.

Plus, bottomless beer makes it worth the price if you’re an enthusiastic beer-drinker.

12 – Savor a Medieval Dinner with a Show

Savor a Medieval Dinner with a Show
An authentic and immersive way to enjoy Prague’s rich history.

Step back in time with a dinner feast at the Medieval Tavern in Old Town Prague. Set in a restored 15th-century building, the tavern brings to life everything that once was a medieval tradition.

Take a seat at one of the dark wooden tables, just as they would have back in the times of kings and knights. The room is lit by candles and the smells and sounds are mesmerizing. During your 5-course meal, made up of some modern dietary choices, you’ll be treated to a show.

Performers such as jokers, fortune tellers, jugglers, and dancers will entertain you with their talents and amusing abilities.

13 – Gawk Over the Second-Ugliest Tower in the World

Gawk Over the Second-Ugliest Tower in the World
source: Cybjorg (wikimedia commons)

Most of Prague is covered in exquisite buildings and impressive architecture, so it seems strange to mention an ugly landmark. However, the Zizkov TV tower displays an entertaining contrast to some of the city’s more aesthetically pleasing buildings.

This signal tower was built between 1985 and 1992. It’s the tallest tower in Prague and offers a viewing platform to enjoy city views from. The tower itself stands out from the rest of the city, and a strange sight is definitely the ten statue babies that seem to be climbing up the tower.

Inside the TV tower is a restaurant and cafe, and taking the lift to the top is guaranteed to be a highlight of your day!

Safety in Prague

Prague is a relatively safe city to explore. The rate of violence is low and it’s generally safe to walk around, even after dark. However, as with many tourist destinations worldwide, pickpocketing is an issue and is something that all travelers should be on the lookout for.

When exploring the city, keep your valuables well out of reach especially when in crowded and public places. It’s best to carry your belongings and bags in front of you and close to your body. At night, avoid any dark and seedy alleyways or quiet spots inhabited by vagrants.

If possible, leave important documents and larger sums of money locked in a safe at your hotel. Rather carry a photocopy of your passport and small sums of spending money on you whilst you are out and about.  You may also want to invest in travel insurance, just to be on the safe side. Have a look at the Japan Safety Guide before you fly and always get travel insurance. Check out our roundup of the best travel insurance.

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Things to do in Prague at Night

Whether you’re looking for a real party or a more relaxed evening, here are a few top things to do after the sun goes down.

14 – Tackle a Pub Crawl Through the City

Tackle a Pub Crawl Through the City
The pub crawl might be a travel staple, but Prague is famous for its energetic and eclectic nights out!

Prague has some fantastic pubs, bars, and clubs. If you’re traveling alone, or just not familiar with your surroundings, a great way to enjoy the nightlife is with a pub crawl.

This will put you in a group of lively individuals, and will usually include a local who will show you the best places to party in Prague. Depending on which pub crawl you decide to do, there may even be free drinks included.

One thing is sure, you’ll be walking away with many new friends and tons of memories. It’s probably a good idea you have nothing planned for the next day as you might need a day to fully recover!

15 – Experience the Prague Hybernia Theatre

Experience the Prague Hybernia Theatre
Some of the world’s finest composers, conductors, and dancers have honed their craft in Prague

In this refurbished theatre you can experience world-famous ballet and musicals brought to you by top dancers and soloists from the Prague National Theatre. From Swan Lake to Tarzan, there is a list of impressive shows that play throughout the year at this theater.

There are also performances of Romeo & Juliet and the Nutcracker. All performed in glorious ways. Tickets to the theater must be bought in advance and can be purchased online, they’re also not as expensive as one may think.

This is a great place to enjoy a culturally-rich evening out in Prague.

16 – Take a Paddle Boat Down the River

Take a Paddle Boat Down the River
source: Peter K Burian (wikimedia commons)

Nighttime offers the perfect setting to rent a paddleboat and take a trip down the Vltava River. The city is abuzz at night, and from the water, it’s a majestic sight. The happy sounds and colorful lights accompany you as you peacefully travel down the river.

This is a great family-friendly activity and it’s affordable, too. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the feeling of swiftly paddling down the river. The city lights reflecting off the river make this a great romantic activity as well, with the right person.

Where To Stay In Prague

Best Hostel in Prague – The Roadhouse Prague

The Roadhouse Prague, best hostels in prague

The Roadhouse Prague is a new hostel that opened up in August 2017, but has already won the favours of hundreds of guests and is now known as one of the best addresses in the city. It offers bunk beds in mixed dorm rooms, fitted with privacy curtains, lockable under bed storage and individual power outlets.

If you love hostels, you should check out our list of the coolest hostels in Prague!

Best Airbnb in Prague – Studio in the center of Old Town

Studio in the center of Old Town

Start exploring in the heart of Prague while still on your budget. This home is in the best location for solo and couple travelers looking to hit everything at once in the city.

You will be facing the beautiful courtyard to enjoy a glass of wine that also has quick access to the Astronomical clock, which is a 5-minute walk. So like we said, if you’re into hitting all the sweet tourist spots, then this is the home for you.

And if it’s summer, the owner may even offer to take you paddle boarding. On the nights you aren’t at the Dlouha, well known for its restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife, there’s a selection of books you can choose from to read while you are snuggleing up in the loft bedroom overlooking the city.

Best Budget Hotel in Prague – Hotel Inos

Hotel Inos, best budget hostel in prague

Hotel Inos offers spacious rooms located 10 minutes away from the Old Town by tram. Each room features a private bathroom, a flat screen TV and a free wifi connection. Some rooms also have a balcony. In the morning, a buffet breakfast with traditional Czech items is served to guests.

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Prague – Hotel Savoy

Hotel Savoy, best mid-range hotel in prague

The Hotel Savoy offers luxurious accommodation at a mid-range price in the heart of Prague. The spacious and comfortable rooms include a private bathroom with a bathtub, air conditioning, a flat screen TV and soundproofing. The hotel also features a spa and wellness centre, as well as a restaurant serving Czech and international dishes.

Romantic Things to Do in Prague

Enjoy these things to do in Prague for couples and feel the love in this magnificent city.

17 – Stroll Around Wallenstein Garden

Stroll Around Wallenstein Garden
source: Jorge Franganillo (flickr)

One of the most beautiful parks in Prague is the Wallenstein Garden. Situated near the base of the Prague Castle, this Baroque masterpiece is perfect for a romantic stroll. This 17th-century parliament courtyard is a popular place for some tranquil time.

See some incredibly beautiful statues, koi ponds, and their famous white peacocks. Don’t forget to capture some perfect Instagrammable shots here. There are occasional concerts that play in the gardens as well, adding to the atmosphere.

18 – Spoil Your Love with a Vintage Ride

Spoil Your Love with a Vintage Ride
This quirky day out will provide heaps of memories and photo ops!

A bit more expensive, but worth it for a special occasion, Prague has some gorgeous vintage cars available to take you on a ride.

See all the most romantic spots in the city as you cuddle up on the back seat and let your driver do the work. This offers the opportunity to sightsee while enjoying each other’s company. Since you aren’t driving, you can also add a bottle of champagne and toast to your travels together.

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Best Free Things to Do in Prague

Prague is an affordable city if you spend your money wisely. For those traveling on a budget, there are many things you can do during your trip that will cost absolutely nothing.

19 – Stroll across Charles Bridge

Stroll across Charles Bridge
A great place to take in dusk and dawn views of the city. | source: Karel Macalik (flickr)

No visit to Prague is complete without a walk across the famous Charles Bridge!

This bridge was constructed between the 14th and 15th centuries and was the only way to cross the Vltava River until 1841. As you enjoy your stroll, you’ll be amazed at the medieval architecture around you, and will be blown away by the floods, sieges, and renovations this masterpiece has survived over the years.

Try to go early though, as many other travelers and tourists will have the same idea, and by mid-morning, it can get crowded.

20 – Watch the Changing of the Guard

Watch the Changing of the Guard
No-one does pop and circumstance quite likte the European militaries. | source: Besenbinder (wikimedia commons)

Every day at 12:00, the Changing of the Guard takes place in the first courtyard of the Prague Castle. This is a formal changeover carried out with a fanfare and banner exchange.

Interesting points to note include the guards smartly dressed in unique uniforms, light blue for summer and dark blue for winter. Another interesting point is the guards’ height. They are all required to be 1.78 and 1.88 meters tall in order to serve the Czech president.

21 – Marvel at the Lennon Wall

Marvel at the Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall was created after an artist painted John Lennon’s face on a wall in Mala Strana. Over time, more graffiti was added and the wall has become a colorful attraction for many visitors.

In the past years, the wall has been whitewashed, covering the graffiti that covered the wall. But it didn’t take long for more images to be added and, eventually, the authorities gave up.

Insider Tip: Tourists will sometimes visit the wall to add their own artwork to it, but recently, Prague officials have decided to monitor this and it will only be allowed on certain days.

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Universal Travel Adapter

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Books to Read in Prague

Below are 5 books and guides to add to your Prague reading list:

The Backpacker Bible – Get it for free! Learn how to ditch your desk and travel the world on just $10 a day whilst building a life of long-term travel with an online income. To inspire and help the next generation of Broke Backpackers, you can now grab ‘How to Travel the World on $10 a Day’ for free! Get your copy here. 

Lonely Planet Prague & the Czech Republic – Everything you need to know and then some about backpacking Prague and the rest of the country.

Prague Travel Tips – An American’s Guide to her Adopted City – Krysti Brice has lived in Prague for over two decades and has put together this great guide on the city.

Rick Steves Prague & the Czech Republic – The famous travel show host and writer has an excellent guide full of useful tips and recommendations.

Things to Do in Prague with Kids

Families with young children can enjoy these fabulous Prague activities for a wonderful bonding vacation.

22 – Delight in Mini Monuments at Czech Repubrick

Delight in Mini Monuments at Czech Repubrick
Some of us never got over our love for lego, a must see for people that still hold a soft spot in their heart for everything LEGO. | source: brickset (flickr)

Take the kids to this fascinating Lego museum, full of miniature Czech monuments constructed from these tiny building blocks.

The museum is open every day, from 10 am to 8 pm and entrance tickets can be bought online. This is a great way to teach children more about Prague and its buildings, in a way that will excite and interest them.

This is fun for the whole family, and the museum is sure to be a favorite when kids are reliving their holiday memories.

23 – Watch a Puppet Show

Watch a Puppet Show
A mainstay of the cities entertainment offering for hundreds of years, this is what delighted the masses well before the dawn fof the cinematic age. | source: James G. Milles (flickr)

This is one of the best things to do in Prague on a rainy day, especially with kids in toe.

The citizens of Prague are extremely passionate about puppets and performing puppet shows. This love affair dates back to the 12th century as entertainment for royal feasts and ceremonies.

Puppet shows in Prague are best enjoyed at the National Marionette and Children’s Theatre. Popular performances here will guarantee an epic and unforgettable day out for you and the kids, together.

There is also the option for kids to make their very own puppets that they can take home with them!

More of the Best Things to Do in Prague

Still have some time left in your Prague itinerary? Here are some more ideas of places to see and things to do.

24 – Dare to Visit the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

Dare to Visit the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments
Grapple with the past as you’re omfronted with real tools and intruments that were applied in a despicable manner. | source: M.Peinado (flickr)

Located next to Charles Bridge, this excursion is a gruesome, yet strangely interesting museum. Explore three floors of more than 100 instruments and devices used to inflict the worst possible pain imaginable. Or worse, rip and shred limbs and other body parts.

These torture devices were used mostly on suspected witches, women who talked a lot (!), political rebels, and enemies of the state. The museum showcases some of the darker periods of human history, but in a way that is suitable and fun for even a young audience.

25 – Cool Off at the Ice Pub

Prague ice bar things to do
Chill out with a cold drink in this icey marvel.

Ice, ice baby! This epic pub experience is the perfect way to chill out on holiday. Literally!

Everything from the glasses, walls, tables and the bar are completely made out of ice. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your thermal layers as the bar will provide a thick goat and gloves upon your arrival to keep you from minus 7-degree frostbite.

Enjoy a (really) cool beer or cocktail, and experience this unique and fascinating point of interest. The pub is open every day and operates with 30-minute visiting time slots. Book in advance or show up and wait for your turn. You’ll have to pay to enter, but it includes a cocktail!

26 – Overindulge in a Trdelnik

Overindulge in a Trdelnik
This is not something to be skipped out on if you have a sweet tooth. Indulge!

Just in case you haven’t eaten enough, there is a delicious sweet pastry made from rolled dough with your name all over it!

Grilled and topped with sugar and a walnut mix, or ice cream, this sweet pastry is what dreams are made of in Prague. Once you’ve tried it you’ll know why it’s one of the most popular street food choices in the city.

You can find these delicious delights at many of the street vendors that line the city streets.

27 – Visit an Absintherie

Visit an Absintherie
The liqour so potent it was outlawed across Europe for decades, renownend and decryed for its halicinatory properties. | source: Dominic Milton Trott (flickr)

A must-see and do for a truly Bohemian experience in Prague!

An absintherie is simply a bar dedicated to serving Absinthe. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the alcoholic beverage, though. This tour is perfect for people wanting to explore and test their alcohol knowledge and drinking experience (responsibly) as well.

You will learn to appreciate the history of Absinthe and savor the taste of each sample provided. This is a bit pricier than trying the drink from a regular bar, but the experience is entirely different and will add a new level of interest to your night out.

28 – See the Upside Down Sculpture

See the Upside Down Sculpture
source: a.canvas.of.light (flickr)

For a weird and unique experience, this is a potentially interesting choice.

This bizarre work of art that can be found hanging from the ceiling of the Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace in Wenceslas Square. Created by a provocative Prague-born artist, David Cerny, this sculpture depicts King Wenceslas seemingly riding a dead horse.

The views surrounding the statue are mixed, but one thing’s for sure – it’s an interesting piece of work.

Insider Tip: Combine a visit to this statue along with more of David Cerny’s work on an artistic walk through the city.

29 – See the Spanish Synagogue

See the Spanish Synagogue
source: Andrei Avantgardian (flickr)

Found in the Jewish Quarter, Prague’s Spanish Synagogue is a spectacular sight and a popular attraction in the city.

This tourist spot is a spectacular idea for anyone who appreciates beauty and history. This synagogue is famous for its beautifully decorated interior.

The building itself is covered in gold leaf and elaborate and detailed tile work that will leave you in awe. The interior of the synagogue was designed by architects A. Baum and B. Munzberg while the exterior was done by Vojt?ch Ignátz Ullmann.

30 – Learn about Communism

Learn about Communism
Prague was the stage for numerous acts of intrigue, espionage and atrocity during the cold war.

The Czech Republic’s Cold War period was one of awe and dread. The communist museum in Prague highlights some of the political turmoil The Czech Republic, along with most of Europe, experienced from 1948-1989.

The museum is a stark reminder of the country’s history and offers some interesting insights into the life in Communist-era Czechoslovakia. Inside, you will find photographs, films and scriptures documenting the state-sponsored terrorism that took place.

There’s also a real nuclear bunker hidden under the city with the Nuclear Bunker Museum. As well as many mock-ups showing Communist-era spaces like a classroom and an interrogation room.

31 – Stroll Through Stromovka Park

Stroll Through Stromovka Park
A great place to enjoy some fresh air and green space without really leaving the city.

Once a royal hunting preserve, today Stromovka is Prague’s largest park. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some downtime in between city exploring.

There are several pretty lakes and various rare trees found on the grounds. Take a stroll through the park, join in the many joggers, or sit and have a tranquil picnic lunch. It’s a good place to bring the whole family and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Prague’s Planetarium is found on the outskirts of the park as well, which makes for a great visit while you’re there.

Day Trips From Prague

If you’re spending more than three days in Prague, you’re going to need to plan a few more activities. Day trips are a great way to fluff out your Prague itinerary and ensure an incredibly exciting holiday!

Here are a few of our favorite day trips!

Karlovy Vary and Moser Crystal Factory Full-Day Tour

Karlovy Vary is one of the most important spa towns in the Czech Republic. For centuries, the rich and famous of Europe have been traveling to Karlovy Vary for the healing powers of the water.

Karlovy Vary and Moser Crystal Factory Full-Day Tour

You’ll then visit the Moser Crystal Factory to see how world-famous Czech crystals are made. After an informative tour of the factory, you’ll get the rest of the day to explore the town as you please.

Enjoy beautiful architecture and remarkable buildings, as well as taking the time to walk the cobbled streets and indulge in a cup of coffee at one of the quaint cafes!

Cesky Krumlov Full-Day Trip From Prague

During this ten-hour day trip, you’ll have wifi onboard your transport to make sure you can stay connected all day long.

Your tour guide will give you the rundown on the history of the town as you take in the attractions and monuments along the way. You’ll then stop at a tavern for lunch to enjoy a true Czech meal.

Cesky Krumlov Full-Day Trip From Prague

After lunch, you’ll have time to explore the town on your own and get some time to browse through the gift shop.

After some free time, you’ll visit the second largest Chateau in the Czech Republic, explore its expansive gardens and admire its revolving auditorium!

Prague Kutna Hora and Bone Chapel Tour

This seven-hour tour takes you to one of the most popular destinations in the Czech Republic. It’s located about one-hour outside of Prague, in central Bohemia. On this tour, you’ll explore the historic buildings of Kutna Hora before visiting the spooky Macabre Bone Chapel!

Prague Kutna Hora and Bone Chapel Tour

You’ll see the Italian court in all its splendor and then visit the Hradek Castle. You’ll then get the chance to marvel at Bohemias oldest Cistercian monastery.

Your guide will inform you along the way about the history of each landmark and tell you about the Hussite war, which shaped the Czech Republic significantly!

3 Day Itinerary in Prague

For those trying to plan a 3-day Prague itinerary, here are some suggestions that will help you make the most of your time in the city.

Day 1 – City Sightseeing

Start your first day in Prague by exploring the Jewish Ghetto. The district is easy to access from anywhere in the city, and a walking tour of the neighborhood is best.

Begin at the Jewish cemetery, make your way down the colorful streets and on to the Jewish Museum Learn about the lives of Jews back in darker times. While here, be sure to visit the Spanish Synagogue and view the stunning building, both inside and out.

City Sightseeing
source: Jorge Franganillo (flickr)

Next, head to the Mala Strana area to experience the Bohemian feel. Pop into the Franz Kafka Museum, stop off in the Wallenstein Garden and enjoy some of the fine dining.

End of the tour at the John Lennon Wall and take some colorful photos. If you’re able to, you can also write a note on the wall to the late John Lennon. The perfect end to your day would be a paddleboat on the river.

Day 2 – Medieval Adventure

Today, start your city explorations with an early trip up to Petrin tower. You can choose to walk up or take the funicular. See the city from the highest point, marveling at the views and enjoying the air before making your way back down.

Before you leave Petrin Hill, make a stop at the Strahov Monastery and take some time to view the impressive library inside. You can stop for brunch here, or check out the monastery’s very own Brewery.

Medieval Adventure
Prauge’s own brutalist etowed d’eiffle. | source: moniqca (flickr)

From Petrin hill, you take a 21-minute tram ride to Prague Castle, or simply walk which will take the same amount of time. Try to arrive in time for the guard change, before you enter the complex. Spend your afternoon investigating the narrow streets of the castle complex, view the St Vitus Cathedral, and take in all the sights.

Once you’re all adventured out, book your seat at the Medieval Tavern for an entertaining dinner and show. Enjoy a buffet meal and plenty of drinks to complete your day in Prague.

Day 3 – All Things Beer

On your last day, we suggest getting up early to cross the Charles Bridge and enjoy the views before it gets too crowded. From there, make your way to Old Town for some more sightseeing. Be sure to check out the Man Hanging Out statue.

After you’ve learned all about the Old Town, the Original Beer Spa is an 8-minute walk. Here you can relax in a cool beer bath before laying on a heated bed. Splurge if you like and add a short but rejuvenating massage to the trip.

All Things Beer
source: Erwan Martin (flickr)

The Beer Museum is next up on today’s itinerary. This is just a 10-minute walk from the spa. Learn all about the history of beer in the Czech Republic and see how it’s made before tasting some of the different beers. And once that’s done, the obvious next stop is the Ice Pub, which is a short 5-minute walk away.

Enjoy this cool experience and another beer or two before finally joining up for a pub crawl through Prague. Hopefully you’re only leaving later the next day, otherwise, try not to go too crazy on the drinks at each bar.

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From roaming around old streets and admiring brilliantly designed architecture to breathing in the fresh air on a hike up to the top of the city, there’s a list of unmissable things to do in Prague. There is so much to see and experience in this city that you could spend a week here and still not get to all of it.

Prague is a delightful place, packed to the brim with good food, fascinating culture, and unique activities. You can be sure that your visit to this enchanting city will be anything but dull!

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