The fact that Croatia is blowing up as one of the HOTTEST backpacker destinations in Europe shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The country offers the perfect blend of picture-perfect beaches, ancient architecture, tasty food (and booze), and dreamy cities. However, the rapid influx of foreign visitors has brought several predictable problems to the surface.

There are now an overwhelming amount of accommodation options to be found and some of them are ridiculously overpriced.  And honestly, downright offensive in quality (without sounding too pretentious, right?).

Don’t stress, though. I’ve created this guide on where to stay in Croatia to help you out. Whether you are looking to hit up the islands, medieval old towns, or bar hop in the big cities; this guide covers everything you need to know about where to stay in this truly epic country.

I’ve compiled the best towns to stay in Croatia depending on your budget and style. You’ll also  find the best places to stay and things to do in each. You’ll be an expert on Croatia in no time and all ready to lock in your trip!

So, without further ado – let’s dive in.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

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Where to Stay in Croatia – Top Picks

Need somewhere to stay but don’t have much time? Here are my top picks for the best places to stay in Croatia.

Split Inn Apartments – Split | Best Hotel in Croatia

Split Inn Apartments

Admittedly, I tend to stay at hotels the least while traveling. That said, the hotel-apartment hybrid vibe of Split Inn Apartments means that this place can hold its own against all of the sexy Airbnb flats in the city. Plus you are a stone’s throw away from the Old Town. It doesn’t get any more central than this.

Hostel Angelina Southern – Dubrovnik | Best Hostel in Croatia

Hostel Angelina Southern

Hostel Angelina has the perfect blend of atmosphere, location, and character. For travelers looking for more than the average dorm room sleeping experience, Hostel Angelina merits a visit.

Not convinced of this one? Here are some more amazing hostels in Croatia!

Ancora City Apartment – Pula | Best Airbnb in Croatia

Ancora City Apartment

Perfect place for a couple, a small family, or a group of three-four friends. The rooftop terrace is the place to knock back a glass or two of chilled Croatian wine after a day of wandering around the splendors of the former Roman empire. If you want my honest opinion, this Airbnb is worth the price.

Croatia Neighborhood Guide – Places to Stay in Croatia

Split Croatia


With history, beaches and stunning nature, but at a cheaper price, Split is the overall best place to visit.

For Families
For Families


Surrounded by National Parks, Korencia is the best place to stay for families.

For Couples
For Couples


Full of cobbled streets and quaint shops, it is a romantic setting for couples!



With hipster bars and coffee shops, Zagreb is one of the coolest places to stay in Croatia.



As the Capital City, Zagreb has the most options for budget travellers.

Most Unique
Most Unique

Vis Island

Quiet and secluded, Vis Island is one of the most unique places to visit in Croatia.

For Adventure
For Adventure


If you love adventure, then you’ll want to base yourself in Skradin.

For History
For History


Pula has been occupied, besieged, pillaged, flattened, and rebuilt. It’s ideal for history buffs!

If you find yourself backpacking through Europe and you’re keen on a unique adventure – why not visit Croatia? The country is a popular destination for backpackers, especially those who love nature and history.

To save you some stress, I’ve divided the country into the best areas, which should make it a bit easier for you to decide where to stay. If you’ve got enough time on your hands, why not visit all of them?

Croatia is a diverse country with plenty to offer visitors! In general, staying by the coast will be more expensive, especially in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik, which was made famous by the TV series, Game of Thrones. This historic town is surrounded by city walls. The cobbled streets are lined with restaurants and quaint boutique shops, and there are some nice secluded beaches to swim from nearby. This is why it’s my favourite place to visit for couples.

map of where to stay in croatia
1. Zagreb 2. Pula 3. Korencia 4. Skradin 5. Vis Island 6. Split 7. Dubrovnik (Locations in no particular order)

Zagreb is the capital city, and as such, has the largest concentration of places to stay. It’s also full of hipster coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. The Old Town is fascinating and insightful, and you can find some really affordable places to stay nearby.

Zagreb is my favourite place to stay on a budget, and it’s also the coolest place to stay because of its hipster scene. The capital is quickly becoming a hub for digital nomads in Croatia, and for good reason too!

For families, Korencia is easily one of the best destinations in Croatia! It is surrounded by National Parks and nature, which make for the perfect setting to spend quality time with the family.

If you’re looking for somewhere with history, idyllic beaches, and tons of nature, then you’ll love visiting Split. Its proximity to the nearby islands off the Adriatic coastline makes it the perfect place for ocean lovers. It’s also beautiful, in the same way that Debrovnik is, with cobbled streets and quaint coffee shops – but at a slightly lower price. For this reason, it’s my overall best place to stay.

Off the coast of Split is the Vis Island. It’s unconventional, and so fewer people stay here. If you’re looking for a unique and secluded vacation spot, this is the one.

Skradin is the adventure capital of Croatia, being close to the mountains and nature and surrounded by charming villages. Pula is a great place to visit if you love history.

The 8 Best Areas to Stay in Croatia

Now that you’ve been introduced to the best areas in Croatia to stay in, it’s time to look at my top recommendations for accommodation in Croatia. If you’re looking for an apartment, hotel, or hostel in Croatia, here are what I consider to be the best ones.

#1 Split – The Overall Best Place to Stay in Croatia

Split best place to stay in Croatia
Yup, you really can’t go wrong

What merits the best place to stay in any country is always a matter of personal preference. For Croatia, it was a toss-up between two cities: Dubrovnik and Split.

Split won this honor for several reasons. The city has a bit of everything and is the main jump-off point to many of the major Croatian islands found off the Adriatic coastline.

The Old Town is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved that you will find anywhere in Europe. If you dig epic Roman ruins, cobblestone streets, and beautiful coastal sunsets, Split is a must-visit city.

Be sure to climb the stairs of the Saint Domnius Catherdral for some of the best views of the city! 

Due to its popularity, Split offers the widest range of accommodation options of any Croatian city I visited. It’s all here: hostels, dope Airbnbs, and glitzy hotels catering to even the fanciest Russian oligarch. Croatia accommodation is never going to be cheap, but going the Airbnb or hostel route is probably the best budget option in a town like Split.

If you are planning on going to some of the islands, you will most likely need to stay in Split for a couple of nights (which is well worth it regardless).

While Old Town is absurdly beautiful, you can stay just outside for a fraction of the cost. Split is a very walkable city and my following recommendations still keep you within easy walking distance of Old Town and the port area.

Split Inn Apartments | Best Hotel in Split

Split Inn Apartments

I like the Split Inn Apartments as a sort of hybrid apartment-hotel room option. The rooms themselves are very tastefully put together and the location of the place is in the middle of everything. You won’t have a full-on kitchen set up, but there is a kettle for making coffee and a fridge to keep your beer cold.

Grand Hostel LerO | Best Hostel in Split

Grand Hostel LerO

The Grand Hostel LerO offers the best bang for your buck, both in terms of quality and location. It isn’t the cheapest hostel in Split, but for budget backpackers who don’t want to sleep in a total dive, it’s pretty classy. Be sure to hike up the adjacent Marjan Hill for awesome sunset views.

Apartment HMM | Best Airbnb in Split

Apartment HMM

Though I found this place pretty last minute it turned out to be one of the best places I stayed in all of Croatia. The apartment itself is small, but it has everything you need and everything inside is brand new. For couples, this place is pretty damn romantic (plus the owners leave you a couple of bottles of local wine).

Things to See and Do in Split:

  1. Take a boat tour over to Zlatni Rat Beach, one of the best beaches in Europe.
  2. Take a boat ride to Krka National Park.
  3. Try delicious olive oil from the ancient olive groves of Lun on the island of Pag.
  4. Take boat trips to the five islands off the coast of Split and Trogir.
  5. Explore Diocletian’s Palace and Saint Domnius Cathedral.
  6. Spend the day on Bacvice Beach.

#2 Korencia – The Best Place to Stay for Families in Croatia

backpacking croatia
Plitvice is popular for a reason.
Photo: Chris Lininger

Croatia is famous for its stunning waterfalls and national parks, and the best of the lot lies just beyond the small town of Korenica. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a truly magical place, despite the storm of tourists who seek to visit nearly every day of the year.

The national park is a great place for families with kids because most of the “must-see” parts of the park have meandering boardwalks, making it easy for your little explorers to take in the gorgeous waterfalls.

If you visit in the winter, be sure to bring warm clothes! It was about -8 degrees C when I visited recently.

For families wanting to explore the national park, basing yourself in Korenica is the obvious choice. Here you have access to grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, and multiple fine accommodation options.

Being a small town, Korenica has a surprising number of places to stay. In the summer, many places book out months in advance, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make a booking if you plan on visiting during the busy season. Note that Korenica is a roughly five-minute drive to the national park entrance.

B and B Villa Angy | Best Hotel in Korenica

B and B Villa Angy

Apart from a few uninspiring “big box” hotels in Korenica, there are few proper hotels. Villa Angy is a guest house-hotel hybrid with plenty of charm. The red carpet inside the rooms is a little weird, but apart from that, this place has everything you need. It’s worth noting that the food is exceptionally good. For families, you’ll want to go with the large apartment room.

Guest House Rustico | Best Guest House in Korenica

Guest House Rustico

Clean, affordable, charming…this is Guest House Rustico. It’s not actually in the town of Korenica but rather a couple of miles outside. Trust me, by staying outside of Korenica you are not missing anything. Plus, once you get beyond the city lights, the star viewing is incredible.

Apartment “Phoenix” No. 12 | Best Airbnb in Korenica

Apartment "Phoenix" No. 12

This Airbnb in Korenica is awesome. When I walked in I was surprised by how big and well outfitted the place was. The two bedrooms are plenty comfortable, the heat works well in winter, and if you have kids who don’t want to share the same room, one can sleep on the couch in the living room. This apartment is within walking distance of everything in town. Hopefully, the neighborhood kids won’t be setting off absurd amounts of fireworks during your stay as they were when I visited.

Things to See and Do in Korencia:

  1. Explore the abandoned military airbase tour at Zeljava Air Base.
  2. See the incredible lakes of Kozjak.
  3. Spend the day at Plitvice Lakes National Park.
  4. See the stunning waterfalls of Sastavci.
  5. Explore the Una National Park.
  6. Take a day trip to Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

#3 Dubrovnik – The Best Place to Stay for Couples in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia is just one of those places, and staying in Dubrovnik is an experience unto itself. Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, there is no denying it: Dubrovnik is pretty darn dreamy. The walled city of Old Town is loaded with historical treasures, cafes, and marbled streets, making it super easy on the eyes.

I spent hours with my wife roaming the streets at night taking photographs and drinking hot wine as the street lights bathed us in their dim flickering glow. It was perfect.

You can catch one of the most epic sunsets of your life up Mount Srd, the best hike near Dubrovnik. And the apple pie served at the cable car cafe is well worth the extortionate price!

If you are prepared to pay a pretty penny, taking a stroll around the top of the citadel walls is a solid option as well. Throw in the epic sandy beaches to the north or south and you, my friend, have yourself one perfect destination to share with your partner.

Visiting Dubrovnik in the summer means you’ll be battling with crowds, but choosing the right place to stay will ensure that you have a peaceful, romantic place to go back to at the end of the day.

Say it with me now: Where should I stay in Croatia at least once?—Dubrovnik Old Town. Like Split, if you don’t stay in the actual Old Town area you will save money. If you stay more in the commercial center, however, you will need to bus it/take a taxi as the Old Town is a bit of a distance away.

Staying in Dubrovnik Old Town is special. There are many quiet side streets off the main square street where you can easily escape the hordes of buffet-scented cruise ship people.

Hotel Dubrovnik | Best Hotel in Dubrovnik

Hotel Dubrovnik

Generally speaking, hotels in Croatia are on the more pricy end of the accommodation spectrum. Of the many mid range hotels in Dubrovnik, this place offers the best value. Hotel Dubrovnik is the place to stay if your primary goal is to be at the beach. Breakfast is included and the beach is 250 feet away. A bottle of rose will be waiting for you in the room too FYI.

Hostel Angelina Southern | Best Hostel in Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina Southern

Located in a fabulous 400-year-old building in the heart of Old Town, Hostel Angelina is easily the best hostel in Dubrovnik. If you are a couple keen on achieving a balance between a happening hostel scene and a private space to hibernate in, Hostel Angelina offers a large 3-bed private room that will give you the best of both worlds. Book this one well in advance as the private rooms go quickly.

Old Town Apartment | Best Airbnb in Dubrovnik

Old Town Apartment

Holy hell there are a TON of Airbnbs in Dubrovnik. That was my first thought when I started planning this portion of the trip. The actual Airbnb apartment I stayed in is no longer listed on Airbnb but this selection is in the same building and has a very similar vibe. Spoil yourself and your partner and enjoy a few nights in one of the most romantic cities you two will ever stay in.

Things to See and Do in Dubrovnik:

  1. Take a day trip to the beautiful town of Kotor in Montenegro.
  2. Walk along the iconic city walls.
  3. Enjoy a relaxing meal at the Above 5 Rooftop Terrace restaurant.
  4. Take a Game of Thrones tour and see the real-life movie set.
  5. Swim in the Dead Sea by Lokrum Island.
  6. Embark on an incredible Elaphite Islands Tour.
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#4 Zagreb – The Coolest Place to Stay in Croatia

coolest place to stay in croatia zagreb

While Dubrovnik was a close contender for the coolest place to stay category, it’s slightly too curated of a place to have that authentic cool vibe if you know what I mean. Zagreb is Croatia’s gritty capital and as in most capital cities in Europe, there is always some tattooed, coffee-soaked hipster enclave to be found if you know where to look.

In and around Martieva Street is a good place to start if you want to get stuck right into wine bars, coffee shops, and organic food restaurants. The Old Town area of Zagreb is also super iconic and full of architectural masterpieces like St. Mark’s Church and my personal non-masterpiece favorite, the Museum of Broken Relationships (I back-peddled from the last section haven’t I?). 

Unlike most of the Dalmatian Coast (which certainly is one of the best areas to stay in Croatia), Zagreb offers some very affordable accommodation options, and lodging in Zagreb is plentiful.

If you have been traveling in the south of Croatia for many days and you require a rough shake back into reality, Zagreb is the place to scratch that itch.

Lower Town is a lively and historic district that makes up half of central Zagreb. It is characterized by its grand streets and avenues, its spacious green parks, and its stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture. In and around Old Town was the part of town I enjoyed staying in the most. 

DTA Zagreb | Best Hotel in Zagreb

DTA Zagreb

Awesome location, great prices, and a modern vibe; pretty much everything most travelers need to feel comfortable in a new city. This place is a steal of a deal considering how close to everything it is.

Hostel Bureau | Best Hostel in Zagreb

Hostel Bureau

This centrally located hostel sits just three minutes from Zagreb’s main square in a quiet residential area. It’s been recently renovated and features all-modern amenities, as well as 24 hour service. Guests can enjoy a games room, free wifi, and comfortable beds.

Rakuscha Apartment | Best Airbnb in Zagreb

Rakuscha Apartment

Sleeping up to four guests, this apartment is ideal for couples or groups deciding where to stay in Zagreb. It’s stylish and modern throughout and features open-plan design. The apartment has one double bedroom and a sofa bed, as well as wifi and a flatscreen TV. It’s just 15 minutes from the Old Town, so you can easily get around and explore.

Things to See and Do in Zagreb:

  1. Take a day tour to visit the amphitheater of Istria.
  2. Visit the Neanderthal Museum and learn about a time long ago.
  3. See the unique Museum of Broken Relationships.
  4. Spend the evening wining and dining on Tkal?i?eva Street.
  5. Take some snaps at the Museum of Illusions.
  6. Shop for fresh produce at the Dolac Market.

#5 Zagreb – Where to Stay in Croatia On a Budget

where to stay in croatia on a budget zagreb

Alas, Zagreb has made my list again. Capital cities generally offer every type of accommodation range and Zagreb is no different.

You may have gathered by now: Southern Croatia and the islands found off the coast are the most expensive places to visit in Croatia. Zagreb is a great place to just be, get some work done, or simply walk about and explore.

There are also plenty of historical attractions that don’t cost anything to see. Be sure to hit up the above-mentioned Old Town for a taste of gorgeous old-world architecture.

While your first thought maybe that a European capital city is going to be very expensive, due to the plethora of accommodation options, it is not too difficult to find a cheap place to lay your head.

If you are visiting Croatia on a tight budget, it’s easy to find cheap groceries so you can cook your meals.

All of the below recommendations are under $30/night! As mentioned Zagreb is a cool city no matter where you stay. As a general rule, the farther you stay away from Old Town/ the Main Square area, the cheaper accommodation will be. The best area for budget travelers that is both cheap and convenient is the area around the bus station.

Houzzz21 | Best Cheap Hotel in Zagreb


This Zagreb guest house offers a variety of rooms, ranging from simple doubles to larger suites with kitchens. The accommodation is contemporary and bright throughout, and offers free wifi. Top city attractions are all within easy reach of the guest house, as well as a variety of restaurants.

Hostel Chic Zagreb | Best Cheap Hostel in Zagreb

Hostel Chic Zagreb

For $15 you can score yourself a bed in a clean, comfy 8 person dorm room. The 6 person dorm only costs a few bucks more if you want to narrow your odds of being stuck in a room with a snorer. Fine location next to the train station. Bring your food to cook in the modest, but usable kitchen. overall, it’s one of the coolest hostels in Zagreb.

Apartment Nicola Tesla | Best Cheap Airbnb in Zagreb

Apartment Nicola Tesla

Besides being named after one of the greatest engineers in history, this Zagreb Airbnb is right next to the main square and within walking distance of Old Town, shops, and just about everything else. Airbnb’s this cheap don’t stay vacant for long, so be sure to be on your booking game when it becomes available.

Things to See and Do in Zagreb:

  1. Visit Zagreb’s historical Gornji Grad–Medveš?ak district, also known as Upper Town.
  2. See the incredible waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke
  3. Take a trip to see the iconic Ljubljana and Bled.
  4. Learn about communism and the Croatian War history at the WWII tunnels.
  5. Take a visit to the Medieval Castle and Tito’s birthplace.
  6. Marvel at the amazing architecture of St. Mark’s Church.
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#6 Vis Island – The Most Unique Place to Stay in Croatia

unique place to stay in croatia vis

Vis is not the most off-the-beaten-path destination in Croatia, but of all the islands, it is one that fewer people spend the night on. Most folks just come to visit for the day and are on the last ferry back to Split before dinner time. Especially if you visit Vis in the winter, you will find a sleepy island with plenty to explore and few other travelers to share it with.

The best part about Vis is that it is small, yet big enough to merit a few days of hiking and exploring. There is limited public transport, so the best way to get around is either by renting a small scooter or by hitchhiking.

Check out the cave where the former leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito hid out during World War 2. Visit the tiny stone chapel atop the barren Mt. Hum or relax on Stiniva Beach (after hiking down to it).

Vis still very much has its authentic Adriatic vibe and its residents even speak a different language than official Croatian. If drinking pricey cocktails, spending lots of money, and rubbing elbows with Russian yachties does not sound like your idea of a good time, skip the other islands and head to Vis.

The apartments and hotels around the ferry port area are easily accessed without having a vehicle. If you plan on bringing or renting a means of transport on Vis, you can choose to stay in a more rural area, though I recommend staying reasonably close to the port so you have easy access to food, bars, and other activities.

Bella Vista Suites | Best Hotel in Vis

Bella Vista Suites

The Bella Vista Suites guest house is one of the best places to stay in Vis. They offer a pool, free wifi, and a bike hire so you can easily explore the city. Rooms are simply furnished with everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay, and are full of natural light. Beaches, restaurants, and Fort George are all within easy walking distance.

Apartments and Rooms Vis | Best Guest House in Vis

Apartments and Rooms Vis

Sorry guys, there are no hostels on Vis! There are however a few decent gust houses that won’t break the bank. The very uncreatively named Apartments and Rooms Vis is situated right near the Ferry Port and only a five-minute walk to the closest beach. Bear in mind that in the wintertime, many of the shops are closed so it isn’t a crazy idea to do your grocery shopping in Split before making the ferry crossing.

Corner Of Joy Seaview | Best Airbnb in Vis

Corner of Joy Seaview

This small but quite comfortable flat is where I spent Christmas. You are not toes-in-the-sand-close to the sea, but close enough for a decent view of the port. This place is up on a small hill away from the “hustle” of the ferry terminal area, which I appreciated. You can reach restaurants and the supermarket in just a couple of minutes. Balcony Rosè at sunset? Hell yes.

Things to See and Do in Vis Island:

  1. Take a day trip to Hvar Town and the Blue Cave
  2. Enjoy some of the secluded beaches nearby such as Srebrna Bay
  3. Hike to the top of Mount Hum and enjoy the amazing views.
  4. Wander around the Fort George.
  5. Swim in the crystal clear waters of Prirovo Vis Beach

first aid iconCroatia is a very fun place and one could easily get carried away while visiting. It’s important to remember that no country is perfect though.

Read our safety guide for safety guide for Croatia before planning your trip so you will be extra prepared when you arrive.

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#7 Skradin – The Best Place to Stay in Croatia for Adventure

where to stay in croatia for adventure
You definitely won’t be disappointed

The town of Skradin itself is nothing too special. What makes it an awesome adventure base is its proximity to Krka National Park (epic waterfalls) and the Dinaric Alps (where Croatia’s tallest peak lives). Skradin sits on the Krka River (flows into the national park) and though most definitely a small town, you can find a few bars, cafes, and other small shops in Skradin.

If you base yourself here for a day or two you can hit up the national park and climb Mount Dinara without having to commute back to Split each time. The drive from Skradin to Mt. Dinara is a little less than 2 hours one way, so start early if you plan of reaching the summit and driving back in a day.

You can also opt to sleep closer to Mount Dinara if you plan to hike it, though there are not many accommodation options out that way save for a few random hotels and Airbnb’s in the middle of nowhere near Knin (which might be a good thing for you).

During the summer, the national park will be busy, so you may decide that a half-day is enough for you to see what you want to do in the park. If you leave Split in the late morning, you can spend all afternoon at the park before returning to your place in Skradin.

Accommodation options that make the most sense are the guesthouses and Airbnbs. I appreciated that I saw no evidence of chain hotels. Need to be close to goods and services? Opt to stay in town.

Guesthouse Miranda Krka NP | Best Hotel in Skradin

Guesthouse Miranda Krka NP

More of a guesthouse than a traditional hotel, Guesthouse Miranda is the spot to be if you want to be close to the famous waterfalls within the national park. The hotel is roughly 3 miles from the Skradin town centre so bear that in mind when booking. My honest opinion is that you won’t be missing much by not staying in the actual town.

Guest Accommodation Zura | Best Guesthouse in Skradin

Guest Accommodation Zura

Once again, a Croatian town void of any hostel scene. Guesthouses are plentiful, however. Guest Accommodation Zura is a no-frills spot offering clean rooms close to the town centre. Some rooms even have small kitchenettes so you can do a spot of cooking or at least make coffee. All rooms have wifi and AC (which you will need during the summer).

Vila Marija 1 | Best Airbnb in Skradin

Vila Marija 1

This Airbnb is basic and tidy, but if you are looking for a cheap place in town to crash, look no further. The owner is super nice and brought us a massive plate of cookies when I checked in. There is a convenient bar/cafe located directly downstairs when you need to pop in for a drink or a morning coffee. By boat, the national park is 20 minutes away from the flat. The wifi was a bit slow but functional.

Things to See and Do in Skradin:

  1. Spend the day in Krka National Park and witness the impressive waterfalls.
  2. Enjoy some delicious wine at the Bibich Winery.
  3. Climb the Fortress of Turina and Fortress of Rog.
  4. Learn about the history of the vehicle at The Museum of Historical Vehicles and Industrial Heritage

#8 Pula – Best Place to Stay in Croatia for Roman History Nerds

best place to stay in croatia for history pula

Like many other places in Croatia, Pula has quite the storied past. Pula has been occupied, besieged, pillaged, flattened, and rebuilt many times over the centuries. The Romans, Ostrogoths, and Venetians, as well as the Allied Forces during World War II, have each occupied and governed the city. Incredibly, through all of this turmoil and change, much of the stunning Roman ruins remain intact. 

Pula is home to one of the best-preserved Roman-built gladiator arenas to be found anywhere on earth. The Arena is the only remaining Roman amphitheater to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC – 68 AD and is among the world’s six largest surviving Roman arenas.

If that doesn’t tickle your Roman history fancy, nothing will. The Arena is not the only Roman-era highlight to be found in Pula. The Temple of Augustus and the Arch of Sergii are also worth a look.

As Dubrovnik and Split are the popular coastal towns in the south, it’s Zadar and Pula which are popular in the north. Tourist traffic picks up here in the summer, so you’ll need to be strategic when selecting where to stay in Pula.

Pula is somewhat sprawling so you need to be a bit strategic regarding where you intend on staying based on what you want to do. Obviously, budget is a factor as well. Since so many of the attractions of Pula are in or around Old Town, it makes the most sense to sleep there.

Pula City Center Accommodation | Best Hotel in Pula

Pula City Center Accommodation

A great option for those traveling by car as you can utilize the free on-site parking. The rooms themselves are modern and clean, though they should have the exterior architect/designer stop building stuff as the building is pretty ugly. All of the important sites including the beach are walkable from this hotel.

Crazy House Hostel Pula | Best Hostel in Pula

Crazy House Hostel Pula

Alright, I’m back on the proper hostel train. Crazy House is a fun backpackers hostel in Pula located in the heart of the best part of town. Dorms go for roughly $25 during peak season. Getting your Roman history rocks off is easy as the famous arena is only a three-minute walk away.

Ancora City Apartment | Best Airbnb in Pula

Ancora City Apartment

Perfect place for a couple, a small family, or a group of three-four friends. The rooftop terrace is the place to knock back a glass or two of chilled Croatian wine after a day of wandering around the splendors of the former Roman empire. If you want my honest opinion, this Airbnb is worth the price.

Things to See and Do in Pula:

  1. Check out the ancient ruins of Amphitheatre de Pula
  2. See amazing sea life at Aquarium Pula.
  3. Marvel at the iconic Temple Of Augustus.
  4. Wander at the jaw-dropping Arco dei Sergi.
  5. Try some traditional Croatian meals at Backyard Restaurant.
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It looks exactly like a normal belt except for a SECRET interior pocket perfectly designed to hide a wad of cash, a passport photocopy or anything else you may wish to hide. Never get caught with your pants down again! (Unless you want to…)

Hide Yo’ Money!

What To Pack For Croatia

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

Ear Plugs

Snoring dorm-mates can ruin your nights rest and seriously damage the hostel experience. This is why I always travel with a pack of decent ear plugs.

Keep your laundry organized and stink free
Keep your laundry organized and stink free

Hanging Laundry Bag

Trust us, this is an absolute game changer. Super compact, a hanging mesh laundry bag stops your dirty clothes from stinking, you don’t know how much you need one of these… so just get it, thank us later.

Stay Dry With a Micro Towel
Stay Dry With a Micro Towel

Sea To Summit Micro Towel

Hostel towels are scummy and take forever to dry. Microfibre towels dry quickly, are compact, lightweight, and can be used as a blanket or yoga mat if need be.

Make Some New Buddies…
Make Some New Buddies…

Monopoly Deal

Forget about Poker! Monopoly Deal is the single best travel card game that we have ever played. Works with 2-5 players and guarantees happy days.

Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!
Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!

Grayl Geopress Water Bottle

Always travel with a water bottle! They save you money and reduce your plastic footprint on our planet. The Grayl Geopress acts as a purifier AND temperature regulator. Boom!

Check out my definitive Hotel Packing list for even more top packing tips!

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Croatia

There’s one thing that’s essential if you want to prepare yourself properly while staying in Croatia: good travel insurance.

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

Click the button below to learn more about SafetyWing’s setup or read our insider review for the full tasty scoop.

Final Thoughts on Where To Stay in Croatia

Croatia’s cities, islands, and countryside are among some of the most visually and culturally appealing locations one can visit in Europe. From the white marble streets of Dubrovnik to the art-smattered hipster dens of Zagreb, some of the top places to stay in Croatia are now at your fingertips.

I enjoyed the vastly different spaces I slept in throughout my trip. On the coast, things are fancier, newer and generally cost more. The interior of the country felt forgotten about and offers a glimpse of what non-touristy/post-Yugoslavia Croatia really feels like.

Wherever you plan to go on your trip, you have a tidy list of the best places to stay in Croatia. You’re welcome!

If I had to pick one single favorite place, seriously stay in that Jacuzzi flat in Zadar— as that amigos is Croatia accommodation at its finest. Even the saltiest backpacker deserves a little epic rooftop jacuzzi action now and then.

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