Stunning beaches, stretching in the sun, exploring the magnificent scenery – a yoga retreat in Koh Samui sounds right up my street!

It is a small island that packs a real punch with incredible temples, waterfalls, beaches, and nature sanctuaries. When you aren’t being taught how to twist your body into pretzel like shapes, you can head out to venture around the amazing sights and landscapes of the tropical setting.

Koh Samui is a truly outstanding place to join a yoga retreat where you can bask in the magic of the island while learning the ins and outs of the ancient practice and delving deep into the benefits and history of each position.

Get ready for some real wanderlust as you check out all these AMAZING yoga retreats in Koh Samui.

The beach and blue waters of Koh Samui in Thailand, Asia
A pretty amazing spot to downward dog.
Photo: @joemiddlehurst

Why Should You Consider a Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui?

Yoga retreats are a really outstanding way to dive into the world of yoga while being in a beautiful setting with lots of like minded people around. Not only will you get to stay in magical Koh Samui, you will get to explore!

During a retreat you will practice all kinds of styles of yoga like regular yoga, Power yoga, Nidra yoga, and so many more! That being said, they aren’t just about the practice of yoga, but more about creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

You will also be taught valuable tools and techniques to cultivate happiness and release stress. Mindfulness is key my friends.

a girl doing yoga in the mountains of utah
Stretching in the sun.
Photo: @amandaadraper

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life to get away and focus on you! Throw all your energy into learning about yoga and finding your zen, without the distractions of home.

Make new friends, discover a new incredible place and learn something new. Yoga retreats are a magnificent investment in yourself.

If you’re even slightly intrigued about the world of wellness, I say go for it. What do you have to lose?

What Can You Expect From a Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui?

Yoga is a huge priority on some retreats more than others.

At some retreats, you may find yourself conditioning your core and practicing headstands. Whereas other retreats teach foundational yoga to just release stress and tension in the body.

Your Koh Samui itinerary may look something like this; waking up early to practice yoga at sunrise, nourishing your body with a whole food breakfast, and spending the rest of the day exploring.

You’ll return in the evenings for one-to-one coaching or a moment of reflection. Mantra meditations, walking meditations, and fitness classes are also sprinkled into your day.

You can expect to meet a lot of new people during your time on a retreat – unless you opt for a private retreat. You will be hoisted into a journey of self-discovery surrounded by a bunch of strangers. But it’s not as scary as it seems, these strangers quickly become your support system as you embark on the journey together. 

Lastly, you can expect a whole bunch of fresh fruits and veggies! You will be fueled with meals and food that makes you feel good, nourishing your body and getting all the energy you need for your yoga sessions.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui for You

I have certainly been tempted into booking a yoga retreat in some random spot just cos of the beautiful pictures and amazing descriptions. But doing a little research about where you are going will make the world of difference.

Finding a yoga retreat in Koh Samui that is perfect for you will not only ensure a top-tier experience, but could also save you some coin along the way. You don’t want to end up somewhere you don’t want to be!

First thing to think about is the kind of yoga you are after. Do you want an intense retreat that focusses on the intricate ins and outs of each move? Or are you more of a beginner looking to do some light yoga sessions each day? You will find everything from easy going retreats to super intense and in-depth options.

Beautiful beach and reef

Along with yoga sessions you can dive into mindfulness and wellness activities. For those who are heading to a yoga retreat in Koh Samui alone, you will be able to truly explore the practice and new activities, but heading on a retreat with some friends will also be a super fun and interesting experience.


Koh Samui is home to some seriously gorgeous beaches, Buddhist temples, and breath taking waterfalls. It is super easy to get out and about – of course depending where your retreat is located. When you aren’t stretching it out, you can visit some of the best spots in Koh Samui.


It goes without saying that yoga will be a huge priority during your retreat. You will eat, sleep and breathe yoga throughout the duration of your stay.

Mindfulness practices will also be heavily incorporated in the retreats. It usually includes mantra meditations, walking meditations, or just simply reflecting by yourself. You will be encouraged to dive deep into your own thoughts and feelings – be prepared!

For the retreats that dive more into improving your health, you can try out float and infrared therapy.

Not only will movement be prioritized in yoga classes, you will be invited on nature walks to relax and unwind. For those that love a good workout, you can even try silent cycle classes!

I recommend to go on retreats with no expectations, allow yourself to try out each of the practices. You never know which ones will have a long-lasting impact.

a girl going a yoga handstand on a beach
Yoga in paradise
Photo: @amandaadraper


You’ll find that accommodations are going to be the main impact on the price of retreats in Koh Samui.

If you want to stay in a luxury retreat with a pool and oceanfront views, you will be paying a lot more than something a little more simple and basic. Before you start searching, know what kind of money you are willing to drop on your retreat experience.


To make your time at the retreats all the more memorable and interesting, many of the hosts include little perks. From spa treatments to special activities, you will have moments in-between the yoga and mindfulness to head out and enjoy the things to do in Koh Samui.


Most of the retreats in Koh Samui are around seven days long. This is just enough time to get the most out of the retreat and the location.

If you do choose one of the shorter retreats, you’ll find that while the price is more affordable, they don’t include as many activities – so it all evens out in the end.

The Top 10 Yoga Retreats in Koh Samui

That’s a little of the ins and outs you can expect from a yoga retreat in Koh Samui, now we can dive into the fun stuff.

Best Overall Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 7-Day Recharge Yoga Retreat

7 Day Recharge Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1552
  • Location: Chaweng Noi

Recharging is the name of the game at our first yoga retreat in Koh Samui.

You will be encouraged to recharge your body with whole foods, your energy through yoga classes, and your soul by connecting with nature. 

You can show up to this retreat and spend seven days in the beauty of Koh Samui, focusing on you and your personal goals. 

The friendly retreat wellness coach will guide you throughout the entire retreat, offering a helping hand whenever needed. You’ll learn new ways to cultivate happiness, and will also be confronted with your own issues head on in private coaching sessions (it’ll be worth it).

Affordable Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 4-Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat

4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat
  • Price: $495
  • Location: Chaweng Noi 

Even without thousands of dollars on hand, you can still have a transformative retreat experience.

At this particular retreat, the schedule is super flexible and you can show up on the day best suits you. Providing yoga classes by the ocean, delicious gourmet cuisine, and meditation classes, it’s not one to miss out on. 

Where you stay for the duration of your stay includes a beautiful infinity pool, spa and a café for luxuriating after a tough day of intense sessions. 

You’ll be located close to some of the best beaches in Thailand. Head with other guests for a sunset meditation or magnificent sunrise view.

Unique Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 6-Day Brain Health Yoga Retreat

6 Day Brain Health Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1275
  • Location: Laem Sor Beach 

We’ve all heard of that illusive mind and body connection. It’s sought after in the wellness world, and this retreat is the BEST option if that’s what you are seeking.

At this yoga retreat in Koh Samui you will learn all about how your brain is ruling your life – though that’s probably not a surprise. You can join in brain health sessions to help understand how to optimize your life for better brain function.

To increase your brain’s health, the retreat offers float therapy and infrared saunas. Along with a catered menu for top nutrition, your brain will be in tip top condition by the time you leave.

Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui for Solo Travelers – 4-Day Total Self Care Yoga Retreat

4 Day Total Self Care Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $608
  • Location: Na Mueang

After months of traveling you deserve a little me time. This self care yoga retreat in Koh Samui is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with yourself.

Located in the hidden gem of Na Mueang, at this retreat you will have the chance to totally detach from day to day hectic life, and unwind in tranquil surroundings. 

Enjoy days walking on the beach, indulging in self-care treatments, and, obviously, practicing yoga. You can even break a sweat in their silent cycle classes which are designed for you to tune into the sounds of nature as you work out your extra energy.

Meditation and breathwork are a big part of the retreat with mantra meditation, walking meditations, or simply taking that much needed moment to relax.

Long Stay Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 15-Day Boost Your Energy Retreat

15 Day Boost Your Energy Retreat
  • Price: $913
  • Location: Lamai Beach 

Tap into your potential at one of the best yoga retreats in Koh Samui. You’ll want to prepare yourself for 15 days of detaching from distractions, and pushing your body to its limits. 

During this retreat, there are up to 14 yoga classes, 10 cardio sessions, and 10 strength and conditioning classes. After hours of working your body to its limits, you can take a moment of relaxation with gentle meditation and mindful practices.

At the end of the day, restore your muscles and brave an ice bath. This isn’t one for the faint hearted!

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Best Yoga Retreat for Friends in Koh Samui – 7-Day Escape Yoga Retreat

7 Day Escape Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1543
  • Location: Chaweng Noi

Its not very often you are given the chance to have a life changing time with your friends. On this retreat, you can escape modern life with your besties and head to tropical paradise for a magical experience.

With your own support system by your side, you can dive into the world of wellness and adventure together, taking on challenges as you go.

After a day of yoga classes and sound healing ceremonies, you can return to your private room or enjoy lounging by the pool. When you aren’t in class, you can explore the amazing must-see sights and nature landscapes of Koh Samui.

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 7-Day Beginner Yoga Retreat

7 Day Beginner Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1611
  • Location: Vikasa

Joining a yoga retreat in Koh Samui is a great way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the practice in a supportive, hands-on environment.

This particular retreat is perfect as you will have the luxury of personal coaching, foundational yoga classes, and meditation sessions. There will even be some private yoga sessions for you to ask lots of questions and get personalised feedback.

It’s not just yoga that you will get personal sessions for. There will also be one-to-one coaching sessions that will provide you with an abundance of tools and techniques to bring into your everyday life.

Invest in taking care of yourself, and learn valuable self-care techniques. Self-care is much more than just face masks and bubble baths!

Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui Near the Beach – 7-Day Balance Yoga Retreat

7 Day Balance Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1543
  • Location: Vikasa

Balance means something different to everyone, and at this retreat you will find a personal way to make your life as balanced as it can possible be. Lose your need for rigid schedules and tight timelines by working through your limitations and making your work life balance work for you.

At this retreat, you won’t only level up your yoga ability, you will level up your entire life! You’ll be able to tackle those difficult yoga poses with some intense core conditioning, and tackle your inner critic.

When you aren’t challenging yourself, you can spend your time hiking to waterfalls, lounging on beaches, and bringing alignment to your body through meditative sessions.

Best Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui for Couples – 7-Day Immersive Yoga Retreat

7 Day Immersive Yoga Retreat
  • Price: $1580
  • Location: Chaweng Noi

Strengthen your body, your mind and your connection with this yoga retreat in Koh Samui. Ideal for couples, it gives you the chance to learn something and do something new with your loved one.

All skill levels are welcome at this retreat. As well as yoga sessions you can join sound healing, meditation classes and lots of activities that will allow you to learn about yourself, and your partner.

Most Beautiful Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui – 7-Day Move Retreat

7 Day Move Retreat
  • Price: $1345
  • Location: Vikasa

Delve into the world of yoga, self improvement and self development with this retreat in Koh Samui.

Located right by the beach and near some of the best jungles in Thailand, it is a chance to explore the magical nature of the island while taking the time to explore your own mentality and personal goals. 

Your day will consist of yoga practices, movement classes, and meditation. But you will also have the opportunity to join excursions around the magnificent sights of Koh Samui.

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Final Thoughts on Yoga Retreats in Koh Samui

Who knew such a small island could have so many great yoga retreats?

From spending time reflecting, to surrounding yourself with a supportive soul tribe, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to yoga retreats in Koh Samui. For beginners or total yoga fanatics, there is a retreat to suit the style of retreat you are after.

If you are still umming and ahhing, check out the 7-Day Recharge Yoga Retreat. It not only focuses on yoga and meditation, but also offers personal coaching sessions for a truly transformative experience.

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!