It was July 2018, and I’d just arrived in New Delhi, India for the very first time.

After confidently getting on the metro and popping out into the universe of chaos that only those have been there can really comprehend, I made a grave mistake that would end up costing me hundreds of dollars, and a bit of my sanity.

Armed with everything BUT data connection, I hailed a rickshaw, and thus found myself a victim of an elaborate scam… that was only possible because of my lack of internet connection.

Getting a physical SIM isn’t always possible the moment you get off a flight, and roaming charges can be expensive and finicky. But luckily… travel technology has increased leaps and bounds in the years since, and it’s now possible to be connected from the second you arrive in your destination thanks to eSIMS.

A win for backpackers, and a rightful lose for scammers everywhere.

In this post, I’m going to get give you an honest AloSIM review, a new eSIM company that’s about to shake up the market and make your travel days so much easier.

Let’s get into it.

person trying to connect to an esim while sitting on a living room couch
Data connection loading…
Photo: Nic Hilditch-Short

Who The Fuck Are AloSim?

Okay, okay… I was thinking the same thing. In the wide world of international SIM cards, there are a lot of players these days, and if I had to guess, you probably haven’t heard of AloSim. A relatively new player to the eSIM game, AloSIm hit the ground running in 2022 with one goal – to make the process of buying and using electronic SIMS easy and affordable AF for us budget travelers.

And to be honest…they’ve absolutely nailed it. With connectivity in over 170 countries along with handy regional options, this is one of the best eSims on the market.

Based in Canada and run by CEO Justin Shimoon, of the existing company Affinity Click, these guys aren’t strangers to the digital communication scene. The same team is behind Hushed, an award-winning venture that’s provided temporary phone numbers to folks for years.

So while it may seem like AloSIM came out of nowhere compared to other top-performing eSIMS, rest assured that they have the industry experience you’d want to see.

All About eSim

But first, you may be wondering what eSIMS are all about… because they certainly weren’t around when I first hit the road as recently as 2017. So to catch those of you (like me) who are used to physical SIM cards, eSIMS are on a mission to revolutionize the data space for digital nomads, vacationers, and backpackers alike.

Instead of the usual jaunt of having to get yourself to the nearest “franchise” store as soon as you arrive in a new country (or resolve yourself to paying those seriously CRAZY roaming charges from your home carrier), eSIMS ensure you’re connected right off the bat. Like, from the second the plane wheels touch down, or for the overlanders among us, the minute we officially cross another border.

Holding a phone out to take a photo of some rice paddies in Bali, Indonesia.
Data everywhere, even out in rural ricefields.
Photo: Nic Hilditch-Short

Completely forgoing those tiny (and environmentally unfriendly) pieces of plastic we’re all used to, eSim technology is already inside your phone, and is something you’ll be able to activate and updated digitally. In the case of eSIM providers like AloSim, it quite literally took me 5 minutes to get online.

Unlike physical SIMs that force you to stick to one carrier, these handy technological innovations allow you to switch between networks with a quick tap. Run out of data and need to upgrade? No more rushing to the nearest corner store – with eSIMs, you can stay comfy in your hammock and top up right from there.

But with so many pros, you may be wondering, what’s the catch? And unfortunately, there are few…

One hella’ important thing to know about eSIMs is that they do NOT work with all phones. So before you go on and grab one, do check compatibility! For my fellow iPhone users out there, you’re good to go with an 11 or later. And for Android, it’s a bit more variable, with a much, much longer “in the clear” list. But luckily, aloSIM has put together a fantastic (and user-friendly) tool to determine if your phone is supported.

Another thing to keep in mind with both eSims AND regular Sims is this: your phone MUST be unlocked to use them. If you bought yours through a phone company (particularly in the US), note that it MAY very well be locked. To help you figure out what you’re working with, here’s yet another iconic guide AloSIM put together so you can check.

Another negative of eSIMS is that they’re sometimes more expensive than physical, local data cards depending on the country. Even so, I really think they’re still worth it, particularly at the beginning of your trip so that you’ll be connected from moment one, which can be especially important when landing in scam-prone airports as I unfortunately found out.

AloSim Review

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly an eSIM veteran over here. As a budget traveler, I’d had it drilled into my head that local Sims are ALWAYS cheaper, and had taken a bit of an octogenarian approach to the technology.

But I finally took the leap recently while on the road in Indonesia, during a time when I truly needed a SIM – my local card had run out, and the small, less-visited island I’m writing this from didn’t have many top-up options.

So trust me when I say I was truly impressed with AloSIM from the jump. Now let’s dive into exactly how this epic eSim really keeps you connected.

How Does It Work?

One of the best things about AloSIM is that it works with hundreds of local carriers around the globe. So as you move about from country to country, it keeps you tethered to the fastest carriers. And while it doesn’t work EVERYWHERE, 170+ nations is pretty close right?

As AloSIM connects to the speediest data options, the cool thing is you can keep your physical SIM card right in its usual space – where you can switch back to it at any time you’d like.

Using the Website/App

One thing I particularly loved about AloSIM’s site is that it’s designed with user experience in mind. Every question you could possibly have is answered, and they make sure you don’t have to rely on Google or YouTube to figure something out.

If you’re feeling it, you can also do it all on their app, which is the easiest way to top up data or modify plans.

person holding a phone with the aloSIM app open with the website open on their laptop
The AloSIM app and website.

…But back to their site!

As soon as you land on the homepage, you’ll be able to pop over to their “shop for eSim” page where you can choose between 170+ countries or 11 specific regions. Each destination has a few different packages to get you started – everything from 1 GB to 30 GB and for a few locales, even more.

Once you’ve made your selection and are ready to get connected, you’ll just need to create an account, and then you can pay and activate your shiny new travel eSIM. I found the QR code they provided super useful – I just scanned it with my phone and then I was able to get online in less than 5 minutes.

The website (or app) is also where you’ll go to top up when the time comes. The one thing to keep in mind is to MAKE SURE that you don’t delete your SIM! You can switch it off at any time, but you’ll need to store it in your phone to use it again.

What Destinations Are Covered?

Get hyped because AloSIM covers almost the entire WORLD! With over 170 countries on their roster, I think it’s better I get into the places you won’t be able to connect.

As an off the beaten path traveler through and through, I was hella’ impressed to see they cover countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. You can even use AloSim while backpacking in Iran, which most eSIMS do not support due to sanctions. Pretty damn inclusive if you ask me.

Nic stood by the water edge in front of the Doha skyscrapers
Speedy data in Doha.
Photo: Nic Hilditch-Short

Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Chad and Libya are a few examples of their exclusions. But most likely – you won’t be heading there anyway. If you’re looking for a sim in India, you might be a little disappointed as this one is left off the list – but their telecommunication procedures are admittedly wild, to say the least.

Another cool feature is that you can also purchase a regional SIM that will work in more than one country. While they don’t yet have a “whole world” option, you’ll find the following super handy for multi-country trips:

  • AsiaChina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh
  • Asia 5 Pack – Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
  • Eastern Europe – Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Serbia
  • Europe – 34 countries$
  • French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe
  • Mediterranean – France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey
  • North AmericaCanada, USA, Mexico
  • Scandinavia – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • South America – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay
  • UK, Ireland, and Scotland
  • Western Europe – France, Italy, Portugal, Spain

What Does AloSim Cost?

Unsurprisingly, the cost of AloSim varies a LOT depending on where in the world you’re going to be using it.

Europe (34 Countries)

  • 1 GB $5.00 – 7 Days
  • 2 GB $8.00 – 15 Days
  • 3 GB $13.00 – 30 Days
  • 5 GB $20.00 – 30 Days
  • 10 GB $37.00 – 30 Days


  • 1 GB $5.00 – 7 Days
  • 2 GB $9.50 – 15 Days
  • 3 GB $15.00 – 30 Days
  • 5 GB $20.00 – 30 Days
  • 10 GB $37.00 – 30 Days
  • 50 GB $100.00 – 90 Days
  • 100 GB $185.00 – 180 Days

North America

  • 1 GB $8.00 – 7 Days
  • 3 GB $21.00 – 30 Days
  • 5 GB $32.50 – 30 Days
  • 10 GB $50.00 – 30 Days

Now – that’s priced pretty fairly considering what you get. But if you’re like me and always seeking discounts, I’ve got something you might just like. To get a sweet cut off your AloSIM purchase, you can use our code, THEBROKEBACKPACKER, at checkout to make the price just a little bit more budget-friendly.

Does AloSim Offer Local Numbers?

Nope, they do not.

But, most of the AloSim packages DO offer FREE international phone number that customers can use to call and text all over the world.

But honestly – most travellers don’t even find this that much of an issue since these days we rarely make PHONE calls and generally use WhatsApp anyway. You’ll also find that Facetime Audio, Facebook Messenger calling, and all other social media calling apps work perfectly with nothing but data.

What’s unique about AloSIM compared to other companies though is their sister company – Hushed – is all about providing local phone numbers. So you can always grab one over there, starting at just $2.99 USD!

Pros and Cons of Using AloSim

What’s an AloSim review without some pros and cons? I think you can tell by now I’m firmly in the “get an AloSim camp” but in case I need to convince you further… why don’t you use our code THEBROKEBACKPACKER for the cheapest possible price? 😉


Covers 170+ countries

International phone number

Affordable prices

Hotspot capabilities

You can top up easily without buying a new SIM

Great live chat customer support



No local number

Doesn’t have a global plan option

Might not always be cheaper than physical SIMs

Connection sometimes didn’t work when the same local SIM company had no issues


Alternatives To AloSim

Now, it’s 2024 – the eSim community is large and growing, which means AloSim has got some competitors. But how do they really measure up? Let’s look into a couple:

screenshot of the yesim esim app


GigSky eSIM – who’s been operating since 2010 – has quite similar prices to AloSim. Almost identical, really. Where things differ though is how many countries they cover. GigSky boasts coverage in 200 nations, which is pretty wild considering there are officially over 197. Like AloSim, they only offer data services – which means no local numbers. They also have an in-air option, but with an offer of 100 MB only, most airlines’ Wifi packages give far better value.


Another newcomer to the eSim market, YeSim operates in over 120 countries. While their prices are nearly the same as Alo’s, what sets them apart is they give out cheeky local phone numbers! Like I said, you don’t usually NEED a local number, but in some countries, you actually might to be able to sign up for ride-share apps and the like.

FAQ’s About AloSim

Here are a few commonly asked questions about AloSim…

Final Thoughts on AloSim

Frequently debating whether I should get a local sim or international eSim, you can call me impressed by all that AloSIM has to offer. The website is fantastic, the purchase and activation process was seamless, and I even got some work done thanks to its hotspot abilities.

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve started to have a mini panic attack thinking I’d lost a SIM… a fear that’s completely erased thanks to the magic of eSIM. While you may think that AloSIMs prices aren’t always the cheapest, remember that they give you the HUGE luxury of connectivity from the second you arrive at your destination. And that’s a peace of mind this budget backpacker is willing to pay for.

I’ve hoped I’ve convinced you that this company is worth your purchase, but just as another reminder: you get to start out with a sweet discount. Just pop in the code THEBROKEBACKPACKER at checkout, and you’re good to go!

Happy travels fellow wanderer – and here’s to making them a bit more conveniently connected thanks to AloSIM 🙂

girl sitting on a swing on a beach with a laptop living the digital nomad life
Hotspot connectivity anywhere thanks to AloSIM 🙂
Photo: Samantha Shea

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