Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Interlaken is naturally surrounded by stunning scenery including a load of mountains and – of course – lakes. It’s too easy to see why people flock to Interlaken – a resort town for hundreds of years.

And it’s not just about chilling out in the natural scenery, either. It’s all about the outdoors and adrenaline rushes here: you can paraglide, kayak, hike, do all sorts of activities all year round. The town itself has a name for itself as the adventure capital of Switzerland.

But are there even any hostels to stay at in Interlaken? Sure there may be loads of old hotels from the 19th century, but what about budget stuff? Can you stay in this notoriously expensive country cheaply?

Yes! You can! And we’ve made life even easier for you by creating a handy list of the best budget hotels (arranged by category, too!) so you can find the hostel that suits you the most.

So let’s have a look at what the hostel scene of this stunning place is saying!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Interlaken

Best Hostels in Interlaken

Looking out from the Schilthorn over to the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau of the Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland.
Check this view!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

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Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof – Best Overall Hostel in Interlaken

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof best hostels in Interlaken
Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is our pick for best overall hostel in Interlaken

It’s not exactly a villa that this Interlaken backpackers hostel is set in, it’s a huge chalet nestled in the mountains. Yep, this cool hostel in Interlaken prides itself on being low budget but full of class. What does that mean?

Well, we’ll tell you. It means it’s super clean. It means amazing facilities. It means a fun, friendly atmosphere. It means they want you to feel like you’re staying in an ‘upmarket hotel’ (we quote). They have speciality coffees. Laundry is FREE. Tips on hiking etc. are a given. Easily the best overall hostel in Interlaken.

Balmers Hostel – Best Party Hostel in Interlaken

Balmers Hostel best hostels in Interlaken
Balmers Hostel is our pick for best party hostel in Interlaken

Want somewhere to party among the mountains of Interlaken? Then you should check yourself into this place. Yep, it’s got a fun atmosphere, attracts a load of friendly people and they have a bar SLASH club where you drink and party into the early hours.

Sure, it’s the best party hostel in Interlaken, but gone are the days of dirty party hostels. This place is CLEAN. REALLY CLEAN. What else might tickle your fancy about this place? Hot tub, for one, where you can chill and beer it up. And it’s all set between two glacial lakes. That’s quite literally Interlaken.

Lake Lodge Iseltwald – Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Interlaken

Lake Lodge Iseltwald best hostels in Interlaken
Lake Lodge Iseltwald is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Interlaken

Solo travellers rejoice! This the place for you. Especially if you’re a sociable backpacker who wants to make friends and chat to a load of different people from all over the world. Yep, it’s the best hostel for solo travellers in Interlaken, that’s for sure.

A comfortable lodge surrounded by breathtaking scenery always makes for a good icebreaker. The staff here are also very warm and welcoming (always good when you’re by yourself). And when you’ve made friends? Have a hike and then head to the private beach after. Done.

Adventure Hostel Interlaken – Best Hostel for Couples in Interlaken

Adventure Hostel Interlaken best hostels in Interlaken
Adventure Hostel Interlaken is our pick for best hostel for couples in Interlaken

If you want an adventure with your partner (I mean, the clue’s in the name, isn’t it) then you should stay at this best hostel for couples in Interlaken. For starters, it’s in a cool old villa built in 1901. Heritage buildings and couples backpacking always seem to go together.

So other than the building (complete with high ceilings and all that jazz), it’s a couple mins walk outta town, sure, but the rooms are massive and you get a MASSIVE and delicious breakfast included in the price. Good views, too. Even the dorms have good views – one of Switzerlands epic hostels.

Youth Hostel Interlaken – Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Interlaken

Youth Hostel Interlaken best hostels in Interlaken
Youth Hostel Interlaken is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Interlaken

This youth hostel in Interlaken is actually one of the more chic hostels you could be choosing in this beautiful region. The interiors are literally like something from an arthouse film or a design magazine. It’s all minimalism, clean lines, open fireplaces, and sultry lighting.

But it’s not only one of the coolest hostels in Interlaken, it’s also probably the best hostel for digital nomads in Interlaken too – there’s plenty of space to spread around and get some work done whilst feeling like a Bond villain or actual rich person. The price is high, however.

Alplodge – Best Hostel with a Private Room in Interlaken

Alplodge best hostels in Interlaken
Alplodge is our pick for best hostel with a private room in Interlaken

Private room, eh? This top hostel in Interlaken really does have a great selection of pretty dang cool private rooms. Well, not cool, but very nice. They’re warm, have big beds and windows that look out over the town – and they’ve got en-suite bathrooms, too.

The hostel comes complete with rooftop terrace and common room, meaning you’ll still be able to meet and mingle with people before retiring to your palace of a room. Fancy adventuring? The staff can arrange pretty much everything/anything for you. And a free breakfast sets you up for those adventures.

Funny Farm – Best Cheap Hostel in Interlaken

Funny Farm best hostels in Interlaken
Funny Farm is our pick for best cheap hostel in Interlaken

HUGE. Like a resort for backpackers. It’s got a swimming pool and tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts (probably all the same ‘court’ tbh), space for bonfires and barbecues, a big garden, and if you like late nights there’s a bar and a nightclub. And if you eat food, there’s a restaurant, too.

However, we can’t find anything funny about this place. Nothing funny or farm about it, in fact. However, it is – for an expensive region in an expensive country – probably the best cheap hostel in Interlaken.

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More Best Hostels In Interlaken

Are you looking to stay in specific neighborhood? Check out our guide to Interlaken’s best areas to stay.

Happy Inn Lodge

Happy Inn Lodge best hostels in Interlaken
Happy Inn Lodge

Happy Inn by name, Happy Inn by nature, this top hostel in Interlaken is a great spot for backpackers who want a relaxed but fun vibe. You can definitely find that here. There’s also a bar downstairs, meaning there’s a good place to party if you need it, too.

Other than that this place has a great location – close to the West train station (very handy) – making it a pretty good Interlaken backpackers hostel to explore the area from. Kitchen lacks stove though (does have a microwave and rice cooker). But a solid choice, we’d say.

Downtownhostel Interlaken

Downtownhostel Interlaken best hostels in Interlaken
Downtownhostel Interlaken

Need a convenient location? Here’s an Interlaken backpackers hostel that might suit you, then. This one is right by the West train station and actually, it’s like… an old-school train station hotel that’s been renovated and now plays hosts to lovely backpackers like yourself.

One of the coolest hostels in Interlaken, this place has a load of nicely designed dorms, fresh furniture and a general sense of tastefulness about it. Isn’t that nice? But if you’re looking for a party hostel in Interlaken, then you’ll love the actual nightclub in the actual basement of this place. The nightclub is threateningly called Hangover.

The Tent Village

The Tent Village best hostels in Interlaken
The Tent Village

This is a summertime (June to September) only place – otherwise, you’ll freeze to death. But yes, as you might be guessing already, this is what it says it is: a tent village. Or THE tent village. And it’s set among literally incredible scenery just on the outskirts of town.

Whilst it’s not exactly a budget hostel in Interlaken, there’s a bit of sophistication to the camping. There’s actual beds in the tents, chairs and a desk (for real), and real toilets onsite as well as a bar. A real bar. It’s like glamping at a festival. A popup hostel, y’know. But also with a hot tub and pool included. What the actual F!

What to Pack for your Interlaken Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

Ear Plugs

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Keep your laundry organized and stink free
Keep your laundry organized and stink free

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Stay Dry With a Micro Towel
Stay Dry With a Micro Towel

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Make Some New Buddies…
Make Some New Buddies…

Monopoly Deal

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Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!
Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!

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Check out our definitive Hostel Packing list for our top packing tips!

Why you should travel to Interlaken

That’s that – our handy list of the best hostels in Interlaken!

And surprisingly: you can stay in this incredible location pretty cheaply! It’s affordable even to backpackers on a budget.

So you’ll be able to soak up the majestic scenery and do all the adrenaline pumping stuff you want!

The hostels here are all pretty nice and range from stylish and set in heritage buildings to what is basically glamping. They’re all pretty cool!

So if you can’t decide on the hostel that’s right for you, we can really understand! It’s a hard choice.

But don’t sweat! We recommend Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof, our top pick for the best overall hostel in Interlaken.

Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof best hostels in Interlaken
Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof

FAQ about Hostels in Interlaken

Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Interlaken.

How much does a hostel cost in Interlaken?

On average, hostel prices are always changing ESPECIALLY in Europe, but you can generally expect price starts from $43 and $45+ per night.

What are the best hostels in Interlaken for couples?

The Adventure Hostel Interlaken is an epic hostel for couples who want an adventure. It has massive rooms, delicious breakfasts, and good views.

What is the best hostel in Interlaken near the airport?

The airport is far from Interlaken, so it is better to find the best place in a great location. I recommend Lake Lodge Iseltwald, the best hostel for solo travellers in Interlaken.

Travel Safety Tips for Interlaken

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

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More Epic Hostels in Switzerland and Europe

Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Interlaken.

Planning an epic trip all across Switzerland or even Europe itself?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Interlaken has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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