Stunning colonial architecture, authentic Mexican street food carts, and vibrant homes are just a few of the best things that Meridia has to offer. I seriously LOVE this place.

Mexico itself is a super popular and fashionable backpacking destination choice, which means that many locations within the country go out of their way to accommodate for travelers.

Whether you’re a solo traveler or you’re with some of your favorite people, hostels are alwayd a great choice for travelers like you and me. And, good news, Merida is home to plenty of exceptional hostels and (bad news) many probably best avoided hostels.

I have created this epic guide to the best hostels in Merida to help you decide what the hell you’re doing. By using this list you can make sure your trip here is one that you remember forever – for the right reasons.

When traveling to a new destination, you’ll find that having safe accommodation to return to is very appreciated. Simply using this guide will help you to find the hostel that matches your preferred experience. All you have to do is pack and hop on the plane. Vamos!

Chichen Itza Mexico
Welcome to the Yucatan Peninsula’s BEST CITY!
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Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Merida

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    What to Expect from Hostels in Merida

    As I mentioned, Mexico is a popular traveling location. However, questions about safety in Mexico still come up. Because of this, certain areas to stay within Mexico have made a point to be extra hospitable for solo travelers.

    You’ll find that hostels are set up like hotels but with more of a family-run atmosphere. For those who love to meet new people, you might find that you actually enjoy hostels much more than hotels. I will always choose a good hostel over a hotel when solo traveling simply because of the people you get to meet.

    If you’re a female solo traveler, I suggest booking a hostel with either private rooms or female-only dorms. I’ve personally never had any bad experiences but having your own space will make you feel far safer. 

    Merida Mexico
    Latin American Street Signs are so iconic.

    Here is what you can expect to pay per night:

    • Private rooms – $25 – $45
    • Group rooms – $10 – $15

    Location is another huge factor. The hostels listed are either in the heart of Merida or just outside of the city center.

    If you stay outside of the city center, you’ll get to live much more like a local whereas the main center offers a great nightlife scene. Either way, Merida is very accessible by public transport, so you’ll never be too far from all the fun. 

    Hostelworld and have been used to select these hostels. These are the best sites for finding affordable accommodation, without a doubt.

    Finally, you’ll need to consider what you require in a hostel. Are you in need of a fast internet connection and quiet areas to work if you’re digital nomading in Mexico? Or, are you traveling as a couple and would prefer private rooms? Keep this in mind while browsing through the list. 

    The 5 Best Hostels in Merida

    Right, now you know just what to expect, all that is left to do is pick the hostel that you like the most.

    I’ve included a specific identifier for the best hostels in Merida to make your Mexican backpacking trip planning even more simple! 

    Best Overall Hostel in Merida – Che Nomadas Merida

    Che Nomadas Merida
    I love beanbags, hehe
    • $$
    • Swimming pool
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Breakfast available

    Situated in the most elegant part of the city, this whole hostel prioritizes community. It’s the best hostel in Merida for sure.

    The entire property is adorned with beautiful plants and has a real home away from home atmosphere that you’ll come to appreciate if you’ve been solo traveling for a while. Connect with people from all over the world and make every single day completely different from the next.

    However, the evening is when this hostel really comes alive as one of the best hostels in Mexico. Take part in karaoke nights, try your hand at their beer bong championships, and dress up for themed parties. I seriously doubt that you will ever be bored while here. 

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Daily activities 
    • Games room

    Wi-Fi runs throughout this entire hostel, so you’ll be able to remain in contact with your friends and family (or just stay up to date with social media).

    The staff are very friendly. They go out of their way to make your trip memorable and they have a wealth of knowledge on the surrounding area. From the best places to visit, where to go dancing, and recommended places to eat, one conversation and your itinerary for the day will be packed.

    The rooms at this hostel also continue to impress. Whether you’re traveling Mexico solo or as a group, you will have a place here. Choose from double bedrooms, private rooms, twin rooms, and family rooms. Breakfast is also available at a price but it is definitely worth the investment.

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    Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Merida – Hostick

    Hammock over the pool is risky
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Swimming pool
    • Travel desk

    Travelers from all across the world spend time at this hostel and when you see the facilities offered, you’ll understand why that is.

    This hostel in Merida has everything you would need as a solo traveler. Located right in the heart of Merida, you’ll be moments away from the best museums, bars, and markets.

    Whether you’re heading to Merida to explore the archaeological sites or simply enjoy a relaxed time, this hostel is in the perfect location for that. The vibes here will make you feel safe in Mexico. And with delicious cuisine on your doorstep, you really can’t go wrong.

    Why you’ll love this hostel:

    • Centrally located
    • Welcoming hosts
    • Private and shared rooms

    The hostel has a swimming pool, a games room, a rooftop lounge area, and multiple common areas where you can get to know other travelers. The rooms are pretty basic but definitely comfortable enough for a short trip. Group dorms are available for those who love to mingle. Or, if you’re the type that needs their own space, you can book a private room.

    Everything worth seeing is within walking distance, so you don’t need to worry about transport costs. Plus, the hostel offers breakfast so you can fuel your body before you begin your day of exploration. Does it get much better than that?

    Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Merida – Guaya Hostel

    Guaya Hostel
    • $$
    • Café
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Hot shower

    Balancing traveling and working isn’t always as glamorous as it appears online. Trust me, I know. From unreliable internet, unrelenting noise, and distractions, I have experienced it all when it comes to trying to get work done in new countries.

    However, staying at this hostel will make that digital nomad lifestyle a little easier (at least I hope it will).

    Rated among the top five hostels within the city, this hostel in Merida is a beautiful paradise that has a tranquil atmosphere. Which means you can get your work done in peace.

    This hostel is family-run and specifically states that it is not a party hostel. While you may have to sacrifice socializing, you’ll be able to complete your work in record time and spend more of your day experiencing Merida.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Family run atmosphere
    • Safe location
    • Private & group rooms available

    The hostel features an outdoor pool and is surrounded by nature. It has kind of an off-grid ambience but you won’t be too cut off from the main city center. The bus station is nearby and you’ll be just 10 minutes away from Downtown Merida.

    The staff are also praised for being very friendly and they are more than happy to just sit and hear your stories of traveling.

    As for the rooms, private rooms are available at an extra cost but mixed and female-only dorms are far cheaper. Each of the rooms have air-conditioning, so you’ll feel comfortable throughout the night even in the heat of Mexico’s summer.

    Best Cheap Hostel in Merida – Casona la Garra Charrúa

    Casona la Garra Charrua
    Cheap as chips mate
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Café
    • Outdoor swimming pool

    With group rooms for as little as $10, this is one of the best hostels in Merida if you’re not looking to break the bank on this trip.

    Located in the historical center, you’ll be 700m away from the main square and a short distance away from the bus terminal. 

    This entire hostel has a chill vibe where everybody just comes to have a good time while still remaining on a budget. You may be surprised to find an outdoor pool with various lounge areas and even a fitness center. Head there in the morning for a boost of feel-good endorphins before heading out on your day.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Chill vibe
    • Fitness center
    • Free breakfast

    There are many different room types to choose from. The most affordable being the group dorms. Female-only dorms are also available here. The bathrooms are shared but many reviews state that the hostel is very clean and of a high quality.

    Most importantly, the friendly staff are on hand to help you get the most out of your trip. They have all the best information on the hidden gems and great recommendations for restaurants where you can taste authentic Mexican cuisine. Get ready to taste the best tacos ever.

    Best Hostel for Couples in Merida – Hostal Boutique Casa Garza

    Hostal Boutique Casa Garza
    • $$
    • Unlimited Wi-Fi access
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Breakfast available

    If you and your partner are looking to live just like a local, this hostel is the place to be. 

    Located on ‘la calle de las flores’ which translates to ‘the street of the flowers’ could there be a more romantic location? I don’t think so. There is quite literally no excuse not to surprise your loved one with fresh flowers every morning! 

    Admittedly, this hostel doesn’t have a booming communal vibe but it offers a spacious and clean place to return to in the evening. The hostel actually has more of an overwhelmingly calm atmosphere and is beautifully decorated. Lounge in hammocks by the pool or cook a meal together in the shared kitchen.

    Spend your days walking around the city and enjoying the incredible views. In the evenings, support the local community and try out one of the restaurants for a dinner date night together.

    Why you’ll love this hotel:

    • Hot showers
    • Games room
    • Secluded area

    If you’re stuck for things to do in Merida (which I doubt you will be), simply contact the staff. They will get in touch with their trusted tour agency which will give you a full itinerary of the must-see locations. 

    As for the rooms, they are comfortable and spacious. There are many group dorms available but you will likely want to select the twin or double rooms as they offer more privacy. Just try to book these rooms in advance since these rooms get filled pretty quickly.

    They even have a delightful breakfast which includes vegan options!

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    Other Hostels in Merida

    If you do anything while you’re heading through Mexico, viva la vida. Don’t let something as silly as someone’s opinion about the top 5 hostels in Merida stop you there.

    Here are some more colourful, musical numbers to explore in this stunning city.

    Casa Encuentro De Joaquin Garcia H

    Casa Encuentro De Joaquin Garcia H
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Tours travel desk
    • Relaxed atmosphere

    Located in a local neighborhood near the heart of Merida, this hostel has a vibe that I can only describe as ‘cozy.’

    Featuring a refreshing swimming pool, relaxing outdoor areas, and drinks and food available, you really couldn’t ask for much more in a hostel. There is a spacious shared kitchen area where you can cook yourself your favorite dishes and spend time chatting with fellow travelers. 

    The aspect I love the most about this hostel is that there is no pressure to socialize but plenty of opportunities to do so if you wish. The rooms are also very spacious with both private rooms or group dorms available.

    Hostal Barrio Vivo

    Hostal Barrio Vivo
    I can’t believe this didn’t make it into my top 5!
    • $$
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Swimming pool
    • Breakfast included

    When looking for the best hostels in Merida, Hostel Barrio Vivo is a top contender. When the hostel’s mission is to” offer you the best hostel experience”, you know that you are in for a great time. 

    The group dorms are decked out with modern amenities. They have comfy wooden bunk beds, ensuite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and private showers. A delicious breakfast is also included so you can spend the morning chatting with other travelers while consuming a filling meal.

    The staff are also on hand to make sure that you have a trip of a lifetime. Just ask for recommendations and they will be more than happy to help.

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    Casona Hostel Boutique

    Casona Hostel Boutique
    • $$
    • Wi-Fi
    • Fitness centre
    • Jacuzzi

    This accommodation is designed for you to have a quiet area to return to after a long day exploring the town. Visiting Merida can be tiring, so this is the perfect chill spot.

    Outside, you’ll find a large pool with a bar and sun lounges. You can even spend time in a hammock catching up with friends or topping up your tan.

    Inside, you’ll find a unique gym featuring a punching bag (sometimes a few punches are needed to negate the stresses of traveling), and for an additional cost, you can even hop in the jacuzzi. 

    There are plenty of opportunities to make some new friends. Spend some time in the large dining area and cook up a meal or head to the group rooms and get to know your roommates!

    Merida Hostels FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hostels in Merida. If you have your own questions, drop them in the comments below!

    Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Merida!

    Mexican travel insurance is essential, guys. Protect yourself so that you can relax when traveling through Mexico!

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    Final Thoughts on Hostels in Merida

    Hostels in Merida are some of the best that I have seen. From fitness centers, swimming pools, jacuzzis, and themed parties, the hostels certainly exceeded my expectations. But who needs all the razzle-dazzle?

    Well… me, sometimes.

    But most importantly, hostels in Mexico need to be located in safe destinations. Feeling secure throughout your trip is the most important thing.

    While there are many hostels on this list that are worth your time, Che Nomadas Merida is the best of the best. There is always something going on at this hostel. From beer bong tournaments to karaoke nights, it would be difficult to not have a great time while staying here. 

    I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Check out reviews, make your own decisions, and most importantly… get yo’ ass to Merida!

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