Picture a shimmering city cloaked in delicious warmth. Luxury buildings are surrounded by an endless turquoise ocean and you can discover a desert playground just a drive away! With the perfect blend of beachy paradise, historical medinas and an incredible urban environment, Dubai – the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates – checks every box.

Jet off on an unforgettable holiday, and with our itinerary in hand, you can’t go wrong!

Best Time To Go To Dubai

when to visit Dubai
These are the best times to visit Dubai!

Since it is smack dab in the middle of the Arabain desert, the weather of Dubai can be quite harsh, making it hard to decide when in fact is the best time to visit.

Dubai summers are oppressive, almost unbearable sometimes, and will often leave you trapped indoors. The best places to visit in Dubai in June, July and August will all have air conditioning and sometimes even artificial snow!

Dubai’s winter months are the most comfortable time of year and are comparable to summers elsewhere. Most of Dubai’s landmarks will be very busy though as this is peak tourist season. Plan a visit to during Dubai’s winter season but be ready to spend lots of cash.

The best months to backpack Dubai are hands-down during the spring and autumn. Dubai’s shoulder seasons are comfortable, not too hot, and not too busy with tourists. As such, these are the best times to visit Dubai’s beaches. Dubai in May starts to heat up again so take note.

 Average TemperaturesChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
January19°C/66°FLowBusy/Dubai Shopping Festival🙂
February20°C/68°FLowBusy/International Jazz Festival🙂
March23°C/73°FLowMedium/Art Dubai🙂
April26°C/79°FLowMedium/Festival of Taste🙂
May31°C/88°FNo chanceMedium😀
June33°C/91°FNo chanceCalm🙁
July35°C/95°FNo chanceCalm🙁
August36°C/97°FNo chanceCalm🙁
September33°C/91°FNo chanceCalm😐
December21°C/70°FLowBusy/Dubai International Film Festival🙂

Where To Stay In Dubai

where to stay in Dubai
These are the best places to stay in Dubai!

Finding the best places to stay in Dubai can be quite tough as you are spolied for choice. Whether you want beachy warmth, city vibes or old-school Arabia, Dubai has something for everyone.

The Dubai Marina is a fantastic spot right on the coastline with excellent restaurants, cityscape views and the Marina Walk, which is a great way to scope out your next landmark to visit. Downtown Dubai also has a fantastic blend of eateries, attractions and Dubai photo ops!

If you’re looking for a taste of history, head for one of Dubai’s historical areas including Deira or Al Fahidi, where you can find the fascinating and oh-so-good smelling Coffee Museum. You can also find the iconic and deeply impressive IMG Worlds of Adventure fun park in the City of Arabia medina.

Across the city lies Al Quoz, the bohemian art hub of Dubai with its beautifully designed buildings, cafes and street performances. Bur Dubai is another prime spot with a plethora of museums and historical buildings to discover in central Dubai.

One of the best and most unique places in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah, where seaside resorts and water sports reign supreme!

We have hand picked a few of our favourite accomodation options and listed them below. In case nothing takes your fancy though, we also have our epic Best Hostels in Dubai post.

Best Hostel in Dubai – Backpacker 16 Hostel

Dubai itinerary
Backpacker 16 Hostel is our pick for the best hostel in Dubai

Enjoy an amazing sense of community and fun at this superb Dubai hostel! With a prime location near the Dubai Marina and just 5 minutes away from the Dubai Internet City metro station, the Backpacker 16 Hostel makes the perfect spot if you’re backpacking through Dubai! With its warm atmosphere, well-decorated interior and wonderful staff, you’ll find a home-away-from-home right in the heart of Dubai.

Best Airbnb in Dubai – Bright Room in Shared Villa

Bright Room in Shared Villa
Bright Room in Shared Villa is our pick for the best Airbnb in Dubai!

Enjoy staying just outside of the hustle and bustle at this villa near the beach! It’s just footsteps from the sea and provides beach towels during your stay. Hang out in the large living space right outside your bedroom door that is decked out with large comfy sofas, coffee tables, books, board games and a massive TV with both cable and Netflix. Perfect for couples looking to have a lazy weekend stay.

Best Budget Hotel in Dubai – Maisan Hotel

Dubai itinerary
Maisan Hotel is our pick for the best budget hotel in Dubai

The Maisan Hotel has all the makings of a fantastic Dubai getaway. With an amazing fitness center, a stunning sun terrace and a delicious continental breakfast served every morning, the Maisan checks all the boxes. You can also enjoy nearby attractions like the Nakheel Harbor, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Parks and Resorts. The hotel also happens to be pet-friendly, need we say more?

Best Luxury Hotel in Dubai – Raffles Dubai

Dubai itinerary
Raffles Dubai is our pick for the best luxury hotel in Dubai!

Find yourself at the height of luxury in this pyramid-inspired hotel in Bur Dubai. The hotel boasts an incredible spa and outdoor pool as well as amazing on-site eateries, including the Raffles Salon (which serves traditional afternoon tea). As proof that Dubai does nothing by halves, the stunning decor, private balcony and butler service are what awaits you at this incredible hotel, which makes quite the landmark on Dubai’s skyline!

Dubai Trip Itinerary

dubai itinerary
Welcome to our EPIC Dubai itinerary

If you’re looking for the best things to see, places to eat and Dubai-standard activities to partake in, our top-notch itinerary has everything and more. Whether you’re spending 2 days in Dubai or looking for a mammoth Dubai itinerary (4 days or more), we’ve got you covered. Enjoy Dubai’s architectural feats or indoor snow parks, and every attraction in between! There are so many things to do and see in Dubai that you will struggle to fit it all in!

Day 1 Itinerary in Dubai

Dubai Frame | Dubai Garden Glow | Museum of Illusions | Burj Khalifa | Dubai Water Canal

Stop 1 – Dubai Frame

  • Why it’s awesome – The Dubai Frame is the largest picture frame on the planet!
  • Cost – Dhs 50 ($14) for adults, Dhs 20 ($6) for children over the age of 3, and free entry for infants and visitors with disabilities.
  • Food recommendation – Zam Zam Mandi is the place to go for some top-shelf authentic Mandi, accompanied by some sweet Arabian tea and excellent service!

Begin your visit to the city with one of the top places in Dubai, the iconic Dubai Frame that overlooks the entire city.

Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame, Dubai

The frame forms a doorway of sorts between Dubai’s storied past, its vibrant present and the city’s bright future. On one side, visitors can see the modern Emirates Towers and Burj Khalifa, while ancient Deira and Karama can be seen on the other.

The frame has become a true emblem of the city and sits at the top of many travel wish lists (and features in many an Instagram post)!

Day 1/Stop 2 – Dubai Garden Glow

  • Why it’s awesome – This illuminating venue has a heart for the environment with many exhibits being eco-friendly.
  • Cost – Dhs 65 ($18) and children under 3 enter for free.
  • Food recommendation – Feast is where you need to be if great food, a lovely atmosphere and an international menu sounds like a good time. Be sure to try their delicious pasta or one of the incredible ‘signature dishes’!

Experience this unique celebration of light where artists from across the globe have contributed incredible creations.

Walk through the parks many shimmering zones as you admire giant floating jellyfish moving with the music over Zabeel Lake, or admire the sight of a mini sparkling Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow | source: Kirill Neiezhmakov (Shutterstock.com)

You can explore the stunning Glow Park, the largest glow-in-the-dark garden in the world, where millions of energy-saving bulbs and endless sculptures of recycled luminous fabric fill the pathways with light!

Then, head to the Art Park, which is made of recyclable bottles, ceramic dishes and CDs, all designed into incredible artworks.

Finish your visit to Dubai Garden Glow with a walk round My Dubai, a glittering recreation of Dubai, in a park which feels like it was plucked out of a fairytale (especially with a life-size replica of Cinderella’s glowing carriage)!

Insider Tip: Look out for the new additions to the park, some colorful characters from Disney’s colorful repertoire.

Day 1/Stop 3 – Museum of Illusions

  • Why it’s awesome – Visitors are encouraged to interact with exhibits and take tons of pictures, which you will definitely want to do.
  • Cost – Dhs 80 ($22) for adults, Dhs 70 ($19) for senior citizens and Dhs 60 ($16) for children.
  • Food recommendation – Take in the chilled out atmosphere at the Arabian Tea House Cafe. Enjoy tasty cuisine from a diverse menu in their quaint courtyard. Don’t forget to try the Moroccan tea!

Enjoy an incredible trip through mind-bending illusions and fascinating tricks of the light at the Dubai Museum of Illusions.

With more than 80 uncredible exhibits that take you through a visual, sensory and educational world to trick your brain, entertain and make you think. Play with perception at the Chair Illusion or enjoy the unbelievable sight of the Split Nose face-changing mirror (where your face is spliced with a person on the other side).

Enjoy the novelty of the Ames Room, where a trick of perception makes one person giant and the other tiny. For the videographer in you, check out the Color Room for some exceedingly awesome illusion of color and shadow!

Don’t miss out on the hilarious Maple exhibit where a fascinating mirror trick lets you have dinner with yourself. The incredible museum is also home to the world’s first Zoetrope exhibit where you can step into a movie stars shoes as you become part of an animated sequence!

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Day 1/Stop 4 – Burj Khalifa

  • Why it’s awesome – It is home to the world’s highest restaurant!
  • Cost – Dhs 135 ($37) for adults, Dhs 101 ($28) for children and free for toddlers under 4 years old for a tour round At The Top; you can book tickets here.
  • Food recommendation – Enjoy incredible views and food to match at Atmosphere, the restaurant nestled at the top of the Burj Khalifa. It makes the perfect stop for afternoon tea or a prime spot to watch the sun set over the Dubai skyline.

You can’t visit Dubai, the city known for its incredible architecture, without checking out the Burj Khalifa!

As the world’s tallest building with numerous awards for its feats of height, the spectacular skyscraper makes for an incredible sight! It is also the home to a pretty amazing fountain illuminated by 6600 lights, 50 colored projectors, which illuminate the tower as spouts of water shoot through the air.

The Dubai Fountain puts on quite the show to the sound of classical and contemporary music, and holds the crown as the second largest choreographed fountain in the world!

Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Burj Khalifa also has an amazing observation platform with a view to match. Literally, At The Top on the 124th floor is decked out with an electronic telescope and an augmented reality device where visitors can view the surrounding landscape in real-time.

You can also admire the impressive skyscraper from a spot in the lush park surrounding it, which is designed in the shape of a Hymenocallis, a fitting desert plant. The park also has a water feature at its center with a series of pools and a serene water jet fountain!

Insider Tip: the best time to visit the Burj Khalifa is to watch the sunset but between 4 pm and 6 pm, it is also prime time so reservations are more expensive.

Day 1/Stop 5 – Dubai Water Canal

  • Why it’s awesome – The bridge created a new island in Dubai when it was created.
  • Cost – It’s free!
  • Food recommendation – For gorgeous views and top-notch Asian cuisine, as you sip on drinks with incredible names like ‘Gangnam Style’, Namu is the perfect place to go!

Take a stroll along the beautiful Dubai Water Canal as it winds along from Old Dubai, through Business Bay and meets the sea on Dubai’s coastline.

Dubai Water Canal
Dubai Water Canal, Dubai | source: Sumesh Jagdish Makhija (wikimedia commons)

Take in the sight of the canal’s unbelievable automated waterfall, which falls back like a curtain as boats pass under it! There is also the stunning pedestrian bridge adorned with a shimmering blue arc draped lights, which illuminate the water below you. The pedestrian bridge is suspended by cables and makes for an amazing photo spot!

You can also explore further along Dubai’s landscape as you follow the Dubai saltwater creek, which winds like a ribbon across the city. The gorgeous canal with its cloak of lights makes for one of the best places to visit in Dubai at night!

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    Day 2 Itinerary in Dubai

    Dubai Marina | Dubai Miracle Garden | Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo | Ski Dubai | City Walk

    Stop 1 – Dubai Marina

    • Why it’s awesome – It is the home to some incredible Dubai architecture including the unbelievable Cayan Tower, which twists at 90 degrees.
    • Cost – It’s free!
    • Food recommendation – For a start to your day, Sloane’s is the ultimate Dubai Marina breakfast spot, with an incredible view thrown in as well!

    Begin your second day in Dubai at the lapping water of the Dubai Marina, one of the best places to visit in Dubai for free!

    This stunning canal was built along the Persian Gulf shoreline and you may even be able to spot some incredible sea life as you enjoy the view!

    Dubai Marina
    Dubai Marina, Dubai

    The sun-kissed promenade is well worth the fantastic views of the bay, where you can experience the perfect blend of beach and vibrant urban activity.

    You can take a leisurely stroll down the immaculate Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk where top-quality boutiques and unbelievable restaurants are the order of the day, then find the Marina’s gorgeous beach waiting for you at the end of it!

    Day 2/Stop 2 – Dubai Miracle Garden

    • Why it’s awesome – The Miracle Garden has the Dubai Butterfly Garden inside, which is the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary, with over 15 000 butterflies from 26 species!
    • Cost – Dhs 50 ($14) for adults, Dhs 40 ($11) for children under 12 years old, free for children under 2 years old and people with disabilities.
    • Food recommendation – For some tasty and healthy eats, head for Zest! You can grab a smoothie and a sandwich as your refuel for more amazing sightseeing.

    If you’re looking for a Dubai attraction that may literally take your breath away, the Miracle Garden is the answer.

    Explore the giant park with what seems like an endless collection of flowers. Colors cascade across the garden with floral animals and incredible sculptures covered in blossoms create a dreamlike landscape!

    Dubai Miracle Garden
    Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai

    You can wander at the Lost Paradise, a village of bungalows and houses, which are engulfed flowers of every color. This burst of color on Dubai’s landscape is also the home to a giant model of the Emirates A830, which is painted with a splash of blossoms, while an incredible floral clock stops time as you explore this flower-strewn wonderland!

    As if this place could get more fantastic, there is an 18 m high Mickey Mouse who gazes over the garden’s visitors! The park just happened to be launched on Valentine’s Day and aptly has the iconic Heart’s Passage, where larger-than-life hearts create an amazing walkway that feels everlasting.

    Floral animals graze in front of a glorious floral castle in this dreamy park, which is truly a ‘must-see’ in Dubai!

    Insider tip: make sure you keep an eye out for the new addition of colorful characters from Disney’s famous movies.

    Day 2/Stop 3 – Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

    • Why it’s awesome – You can enjoy a unique, close-up look at the lives of some incredible aquatic creatures with the aquarium’s fully immersive VRZOO!
    • Cost – Depending on your ticket, you can pay from Dhs 145 ($39) for a general ticket up to Dhs 630 ($172) to include the Shark Encounter; you can book your tickets here.
    • Food recommendation – Head to the Taqado Mexican Kitchen for some delicious Mexican cuisine with fresh and tasty options (and you should definitely try the BBQ burrito)!

    Dive into Dubai’s natural side at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where aquatic creatures and incredible underwater sights abound!

    Enter the world of sharks, where you can free dive or hop into a cage for the ultimate shark encounter. Then, get a behind-the-scenes look as you watch baby sharks have feeding time and get a peek into the life of these vastly misunderstood creatures.

    Say goodbye to the sharks and get ready to be royally entertained by King Croc, an incredible (and lengthy) saltwater crocodile. At 40 years old, the King is one of the largest known crocodiles in the world and his majesty is unmissable on a trip to the aquarium!

    Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
    Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai | source: Ankur PFollow (flickr)

    The aquarium’s massive 10 million liter tank is filled with creatures of the deep and some of the most unbelievable marine life. Enjoy a look at the largest group of sand tiger sharks in the world and meander through an indigo tunnel where you can admire some of the aquarium’s 33 000 aquatic animals.

    Add a slice of Dubai’s desert to your experience with a visit to the Night Creatures exhibit, which is home to a menagerie of animals, including Arabian toads, fruit bats, giant camel spiders, scorpions, veiled chameleons, Cheesman’s gerbils and (prepare yourself) hedgehogs!

    Don’t forget to jump aboard one of the aquarium’s stellar glass-bottomed boats for a ride over the underwater wonderland, where over 140 incredible species reside!

    Day 2 /Stop 4 – Ski Dubai

    • Why it’s awesome – The ski park is a snowy oasis beneath one of Dubai’s biggest malls.
    • Cost – Prices vary but the penguin encounter is Dhs 230 ($63); get full-day-ski-pass here.
    • Food recommendation – Dig into some traditional Spanish gastronomy with a twist and a fiesta atmosphere at Salero Tapas and Bodega. Definitely give the paella a try!

    For the ultimate meeting of 2 worlds, why not take a trip to Ski Dubai, a snowy oasis in the middle of the desert!

    Hidden like a treasure in the Mall of the Emirates (which is already one of the most important places in Dubai) awaits this indoor playground for kids, adults and skiing newbies. In fact, it’s the perfect place to learn with less pressure than a real mountain, and trainers to help you find your feet. Then again, if you’re a pro at snow sports, it’s got some real doozies for you to enjoy.

    ski dubai
    Ski Dubai, Dubai | source: Todd vanGoethem (flickr)

    You can stick to more traditional activities like skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, or take a ski lift out of your comfort zone with zip lining, tubing, or an old-fashioned snowball fight! The Snow Park is a winner with giant zorbing on offer as well as exploring an ice cave or getting an adrenaline rush on the Mountain Thriller ride.

    You can even feel like you’re in the Arctic Circle as you watch a colony of penguins waddle around their snowy home!

    Day 2/Stop 5 – City Walk

    • Why it’s awesome – Some of the world’s most famous urban artists were invited to fill the walls of City Walk with color, including murals and smaller designs.
    • Cost – Entrance is free to the City Walk, but The Green Planet tickets go for Dhs 99 ($27) or more depending on the package.
    • Food recommendation – Keep the surprises coming at the Cocoa Kitchen where everything from savory to sweet is infused with cocoa.

    Feel the heartbeat of Dubai as you hit the jam-packed streets of the City Walk, an unmissable part of any Dubai city tour itinerary!

    Enjoy the sights along the boulevard of eateries, bars, boutique stores and quirky landmarks, including an old-school postbox and phonebooth nestled amongst the buildings. Visit the larger-than-life, famous characters of Mattel Play! Town.

    City Walk
    City Walk, Dubai

    Then, find yourself in the lush and fascinating rainforest (in a desert!) at The Green Planet! You can stroll through the incredible indoor park and experience over 3000 plants and animals, including snakes, birds and, pop culture icon, the sloth. Butterflies and stunning flowers take center stage as you explore this forested wonderland.

    There’s no end to the epic attractions and landmarks you’ll see on a trip down Dubai’s incredible street with just about everything on it!


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    Dubai Itinerary: 3 Days or More

    Palm Jumeirah | Al Qudra Lakes | Wild Wadi Waterpark | Global Village | Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach | Evening Desert Safari Tour

    Whether you’re looking for incredible places to visit in Dubai in 5 days or spending a weekend in Dubai, you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve covered our 2-day itinerary and are looking for more, take a look at these beyond-amazing options for 3 days in Dubai (or more)!

    Palm Jumeirah

    • It is an incredible architectural feat.
    • It was built to resemble a stylised palm tree surrounded by a circle.
    • It is the home to some truly spectacular beaches in Dubai!

    Aah, the Palm Jumeirah. Is it shaped like a palm? Is it a man-made island off the coast of Dubai? Is it exceedingly cool? The answer to every question is yes, so the Palm Jumeirah easily earns its spot on any itinerary.

    The stunning island paradise extends into the shimmering Persian Gulf and is part of a family of Palm Islands including the Palm Jebel Ali and Plam Deira. Ride the uber fast monorail from the mainland and bask in the sandy paradise.

    You’ll also find an array of exciting activities amongst the fronds of the magnificent Palm. Spend a few fun-filled hours at the Aquaventure Waterpark at the palatial, rose-colored Atlantis hotel.

    Palm Jumeirah
    Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

    You can also meander through The Lost Chambers Aquarium, where you can get into a spot of snorkeling or dive through refreshing lagoons, the home to a world of marine life!

    We’re not done yet, see the island from the waves as you take a speedboat tour around its waterways or hop on a kayak as you explore the Palm’s crescent. You can even play Aquaman for the day with Hydro Water Sports where you can soar above the water on a water spout.

    Take your trip to the Palm Jumeirah to new heights with a helicopter tour or a session of tandem skydiving, where the views are breathtaking and the thrill is real!

    Al Qudra Lakes

    • You can spot an array of reptiles, birds and mammals.
    • It is the perfect place for star-gazing because of its low light pollution.
    • You can enjoy the reserve’s sights from one of the world’s longest cycling tracks.

    Take a trip just out of the city as you journey to the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, the home of Al Qudra Lakes.

    These man-made wetlands are a glorious escape from Dubai’s urban hub where 10 km of lakes make for an unbelievable sight. The reserve is the safe haven to 19 animal species including elegant flamingos and other incredible birdlife.

    Al Qudra Lakes
    Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai | source: JSPhotography2016 (wikimedia commons)

    It is also the home to the amazing Saruq Al Hadid Archaeological Site withall kinds of artifacts including bronze, copper and iron items as well as gold jewelry, beads and pottery. Make this an oasis of tranquility as you hike through the park, watch the sunset or pitch your tent for a night of camping under the stars!

    For a spot of nature-watching just outside of the city, visit the Al Qudra Lakes, one of the best places to see in Dubai with family.

    Wild Wadi Waterpark

    • Home to Breaker’s Bay, the biggest wave pool in the Middle East.
    • Created the Burj Surj, a double-bowled slide which is the first of its kind in the area.
    • The park was featured in 3 seasons of The Amazing Race.

    Take your thrill factor the maximum at the incredible Wild Wadi Waterpark where having fun and cooling off are top priority!

    The theme park is based on the tales of Juha, a character from Arabian folklore who accompanies each heart-fluttering or jaw-dropping water slide. You can even learn to surf on one of the park’s artificial surfing machines, FlowRider.

    Wild Wadi Waterpark
    Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai | source: Studio Sarah Lou (flickr)

    The park is among impressive company with neighboring, Burj Al Arab, but with its unbelievable 18 m high waterfall, it fits right in! Wild Wadi is also home to a list of incredible rides including the Jumeirah Sceirah (the highest free-fall water slide with the biggest drop outside of the Americas).

    Up the ante even more with the Tantrum Alley slide, which just happens to include 3 tornados!

    Global Village

    • The park has some sensational themed rides including the Athen’s Slingshot or the Honolo-loop.
    • The stunning Wheel of the World displays incredible live scenes, shows and Dubai scenery on its LED screen, and the views from one of its gondolas are incredible.
    • Performers from across the world share their traditional dances and music in a variety of cultural shows!

    Take a trip around the world from this incredible corner of Dubai. With exhibits, attractions and cuisine representing 90 cultures from across the globe, Dubai’s Global Village makes for a world-class day out.

    The lively festival takes place along a number of pavilions where cuisine and entertainment from the representing countries are at your fingertips. Enjoy a meander through the park as you enjoy attractions from the floating market to the Heritage Village.

    There are also some stunning shows on offer including incredible stunts and Circus Circus. Then, find yourself an unbelievable ride to go on at Carnaval! Enjoy the rhythmic vibe of the Global Village as you traverse the streets of what could be described as an open-air museum!

    Global Village
    Global Village, Dubai | source: Slayym (wikimedia commons)

    The village is also a paradise for lovers of street food with an adventurous palette. Take a walk down Kiosk Street or Cultural Square and find yourself some not-so-local cuisine. You can also discover some delicious flavors at every pavilion as you eat your way across the world.

    Give Canadian poutine a try, which is a mouthwatering mixture of crispy French fries covered in cheese curd, gravy and toppings of your choice. Check out the Flaming Pumpkin for a refreshing drink on your travels and then, if you needed any more convincing, get yourself a shot of something tasty the Chocolate Injection!

    Insider Tip: the village runs from November to April each year so be sure to book your ticket then if you’d like to visit the Global Village!

    Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach

    • Its creators granted the hotel an unheard of 7 stars.
    • The hotel can only be accessed by a private bridge, making it even more impressive.
    • The best way to see the unbelievable interior of the Burj Al Arab is by booking an afternoon tea.

    Pay a visit to one of the tallest hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab, which sits on an artificial island just off Jumeirah Beach. Made in the likeness of the sail of a ship, the hotel has become a truly iconic Dubai landmark with a reputation in luxury!

    Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach
    Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach, Dubai | source: Mark Lehmkuhler (flickr)

    You can admire the impressive Burj Al Arab as you bask in the sandy haven of Kite Beach. Walk along the pristine white sand or engage in one of the many ocean activities including kitesurfing, beach tennis, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, volleyball, kayaking and swimming. Aptly named for everything this beach has to offer, the gorgeous piece of Dubai is situated in gorgeous Jumeirah.

    There are also plenty of food trucks and beachside eateries for you to partake in!

    Evening Desert Safari Tour

    • ride on camels
    • surf down the massive dunes
    • explore and learn more about the desert
    Evening Desert Safari Tour

    Booking this 4×4 desert tour to end your stay in Dubai is definitely worth it. Seeing the desert on the back of a camel is a one-of-a-time experience which can only be topped by testing out your sandboarding skills. There’s no need for transportation, you’ll be picked up right at your hotel. At the end of the trip, you’ll also get a tasty BBQ to fill your empty stomach!

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    Staying Safe in Dubai

    So how safe is Dubai? Well Dubai is considered to be one of the safest cities in the United Arab Emirates. It is also known as one of the safest middle-eastern destinations for women and travelers in general. However, it is still wise to take precautions and know the country you’re visiting while traveling abroad.

    It is recommended that travelers, and especially women, dress fairly modestly in public, and bathing suits are only allowed on the beach and at hotel pools. While women are generally safe in Dubai, It is also a good idea to avoid situations which can place you in a more vulnerable position. If traveling alone, ask to be seated in the family section and try to sit in the women’s section at the front of the train.

    There can also be unpredictable driving behavior so keep an eye out for reckless driving. Pickpocketing is fairly rare in Dubai, but pay attention to your surroundings (as is always wise when traveling), especially around tourist hub, Jumeirah Beach.

    While Dubai is fairly cosmopolitan in many ways, they remain highly conservative, so try to avoid PDA because if someone is offended by it, you can get charged/fined. It is also forbidden to eat in public during the daylight hours of Ramadan, however, most hotels provide a screen in their restaurants so foreign guests can eat during the day.

    Dubai is considered to be friendly and safe for the most part, but make sure you check out all the rules and tips for traveling there before you go.

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    Dubai Tour Itinerary – Day Trips

    Dubai has no shortage of excellent day trips. Whether you’re looking for an ocean experience filled with dolphin-spotting and snorkeling or a desert adventure with exhilarating thrill-rides, take a look at our list of options for what to do in Dubai for 5 days or more!

    Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Spend the morning searching for splashes of green oases, gazelles and camels as you float above the Arabian Desert in a hot air balloon!

    Begin your balloon ride by watching the sunrise and marvel at the stunning Peregrine falcon as falconers put on a show from the ballon. Keep an eye on the rich red sand as you look out for dunes, date farms and incredible animals like the Arabian oryx as they move through their desert home.

    Then, finish off your morning adventure with a gourmet breakfast of smoked salmon, fruit platters and a feast of other Arabian dishes!

    Scuba Diving in Fujairah

    Scuba Diving in Fujairah

    Get a taste of the aquatic world of scuba diving on a day trip to the gorgeous Fujairah, one of the best places to visit near Dubai!

    Depart from Dubai, then sail to the dive location where you will get a handy theory instruction session and no-pressure practice time. Then, descend into a colorful world of beautiful reefs, shimmering fish and exquisite marine life. This is the perfect way to find your fins with scuba diving and the experience is unforgettable!

    After your underwater adventure, dig into a BBQ buffet as you reminisce about your time under the sea!

    Al Ain Garden City Tour

    Al Jahili Fort, UAE

    Cross the Hajar Mountains to discover an oasis in the desert landscape, filled with palm tree-lined streets and incredible historical monuments.

    Enjoy the sights of an ever-changing landscape as you journey to the stunning Unesco site of Al Ain Garden City. Then, visit the renovated Old Palace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the former ruler of Abu Dhabi and founding president of the UAE!

    Journey to the award-winning Al Jahili Fort, the oldest national museum in the UAE where you can experience storied artifacts from the region’s past. Next, find yourself in the Al Ain Oasis heritage site where you can get a glimpse into the city’s fascinating past!

    Enjoy a photo session at the local camel market, which is the largest in the region, before you dig into a delicious lunch. Journey to your final stop for the day at the foot of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain for a look at the bubbling hot springs and maybe another photo op?

    Red Dunes and Camel Rock Safari

    Red Dunes and Camel Rock Safari

    Play the action star as you head out to the red dunes of the desert in a 4×4!

    Learn fascinating trivia about Fossil Rock (or Jebel Maleihah), a UAE desert staple which is packed with marine fossils. It also makes for the perfect place to spot gazelle and mountain deer, along with a truly amazing view. You can also jump on a quad bike for a nearby ride before the next leg of your journey!

    Then, take in the breathtaking sight of Camel Rock, which bears an incredible resemblance to an actual straw-chewing camel. It is the home to a spectacular monolith where you can spot a multitude of fossils as you watch the shifting sand dunes around them. If you’re feeling adventurous, head out on a sandboarding ride.

    For a spot of luxury amongst the desert playground, enjoy a visit to Al Khayma camp where you can enjoy Arabian coffee, dates and sweet treats. Finish off your spectacular desert trip with an evening camel ride followed by a buffet of BBQ and desserts!

    Sea Safari to Musandam

    Sea Safari to Musandam

    Make your Dubai trip even more memorable with a safari of a different kind – an adventure of the underwater persuasion!

    Why not head out on a full-day tour to stunning Musandam and the Gulf of Oman in an iconic dhow boat? It might even give you a glimpse of some epic places you can visit in Oman!

    Travel along the rugged coastline as the peaks of the Hajar Mountain surround you. Sail along the indigo water as you discover secluded caves and bays with pebbled beaches.

    Make the most of this sea safari as you snorkel and swim in untouched coves and sheltered bays where incredible marine life and multicolored coral awaits! Keep an eye out for dolphins and sea turtles and you explore this underwater paradise.

    Then, finish the day off with a buffet lunch atop silk cushions as you breathe in the breathtaking view!

    A Conclusion to Dubai

    Find yourself in sun-kissed Dubai where fantastic shopping, desert-defying activities and beaches fill the incredible city. Take your sense of adventure, your sunglasses and this itinerary to guarantee a trip you’ll never forget!

    Insider Tip: If you don’t want to spend hours in the car, driving from one hot spot to the next, you should check out this helicopter tour. Instead of exploring the city from below, you can simply fly over Dubai and have an amazing adventure that not many people get to experience.

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