The capital of the Mexican state of the same name, Oaxaca is an exciting destination that’s for sure. Choc full of vibrant culture, textiles, strong mezcal and a literal ton of tasty cuisine, this is somewhere you won’t wanna miss on your Mexico trip.

However, it’s not all city-based stuff. Get out into nature nearby and you’ll discover waterfalls, ancient ruins, and a stunning stretch of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Where you stay in Oaxaca may dictate your experience though! So what do you want? A gourmet tour of local life, a quiet residential area, or somewhere you can easily explore the surrounding area?

Well, with our handy list of the best hostels in Oaxaca we’ve made it easy for you to choose the hostel that’s right for you. We’ve even put our choices into categories so you can easily decide on the perfect place.

So peep the top hostels in Oaxaca below!

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Oaxaca

Best Hostels in Oaxaca

Best Hostels in Oaxaca

If you head to Oaxaca on your backpacking Mexico trip, you’re definitely in for a treat if you plan it right! Make sure to inform yourself about the epic places and things to see so you’ll know exactly where to stay in Oaxaca. Choose your hostel according to the location of the hotspots you want to explore.

Best Overall Hostel in Oaxaca – Hostal Central

Hostal Central best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostal Central is our pick for best overall hostel in Oaxaca
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Luggage Storage
  • Common Room

Just two blocks over from the traditional market and park, staying RIGHT in the middle of the city at this Oaxaca backpackers hostel means soaking up a load of the city’s Oaxacan culture. It’s also set inside a renovated 19th-century house, complete with a chill courtyard.

This is the best overall hostel in Oaxaca, not only because of its heritage credentials but because it’s a great place to meet other travellers. There’s a big ol’ dining room here where you’ll get your fill of the tasty free breakfast on offer. Staff are super friendly, too. All good stuff.

Best Party Hostel in Oaxaca – Casa Angel Youth Hostel

Casa Angel Youth Hostel best hostels in Oaxaca
Casa Angel Youth Hostel is our pick for best party hostel in Oaxaca
  • $$
  • Bar
  • Free Breakfast
  • No Curfew

A top choice for backpackers in Oaxaca city, this is a very well maintained hostel that’s got a decent fun atmosphere. Loadsa people to chat to here, and loads of daily activities to get involved with here: stretch out with yoga in the mornings and get involved in the happy hours at night.

They have their own bar, which definitely helps earn this place the title of best party hostel in Oaxaca. Duh. The dorms here are also pretty high standard. Beds feel proper deluxe, everything’s clean and crisp – from the towels to the linen. Love us a clean party hostel.

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Oaxaca – Azul Cielo Hostal

Azul Cielo Hostal best hostels in Oaxaca
Azul Cielo Hostal is our pick for best hostel for solo travellers in Oaxaca
  • $$
  • Cafe
  • Free Bicycle Hire

Travelling alone can seem like a pretty daunting experience in Mexico, so at this super chill hostel – like an oasis in the middle of the city – it’s like the perfect place to come back to if you’re by yourself.

Being the best hostel for solo travellers in Oaxaca, there are a bunch of activities you can get involved with (including yoga) plus a load of very good free tours to go on, helping you to meet and mingle with your fellow backpacking buddies. The lush terrace here is a calm place to hang out with everyone (or by yourself).

Best Cheap Hostel in Oaxaca – Hostal Luz de Luna

Hostal Luz de Luna best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostal Luz de Luna is our pick for best cheap hostel in Oaxaca
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Hot Showers
  • Bar

You want cheap? You got it. Hostal Luz de Luna is definitely the best hostel in Oaxaca, and that’s mainly down to the value for money factor. Here your coin goes a long way, from the free breakfast and super central location to the communal kitchen (the market’s 2 mins away for all the ingredients you need).

The ambient atmosphere, sometimes a little quiet, makes for a decent place to chill out and get chatting to other peeps staying here if you’re a sociable type. Sure, it may be a lil’ basic but the rooms are comfy and it’s VERY AFFORDABLE.

Best Hostel for Couples in Oaxaca – Hostal Chocolate

Hostal Chocolate best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostal Chocolate is our pick for best hostel for couples in Oaxaca
  • $
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Free Breakfast

Hostal Chocolate… well the name sounds romantic enough, and this Oaxaca backpackers hostel definitely delivers. Set in a historic renovated building, this place is stylishly decorated (houseplants dotted about), as well as clean and very secure.

The romance continues over on the rooftop terrace – a nice place to hang with your partner. The best hostel for couples in Oaxaca not just for all that, but it’s also affordable which is great if you’re backpacking together on a tight budget. And as for location? Bars and restaurants are in walking distance.

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Oaxaca – Cielo Rojo Hostel

Cielo Rojo Hostel best hostels in Oaxaca
Cielo Rojo Hostel is our pick for best hostel for digital nomads in Oaxaca
  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Pool Table
  • Cafe

Cool, comfortable and clean, this top hostel in Oaxaca is run by a local couple who are friendly and definitely go the extra mile when it comes to service. If you’re travelling with a laptop as your companion and you need to get some work done, you can do that in the shade of the courtyard, on the roof terrace, or on one of the sofas in the lounge.

But it’s not just about space to work when it comes to being the best hostel for digital nomads in Oaxaca. This place bills itself as ‘young, cultural and environmentally friendly’ which is pretty cool in itself. Ideal place to work and chill. As a side note: it’s openly LGBTQ friendly.

Best Hostel with a Private Room in Oaxaca  – Hostel La Cochinilla

Hostel La Cochinilla best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostel La Cochinilla is our pick for best hostel with a private room in Oaxaca
  • $$$
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Free Breakfast
  • Tours/Travel Desk

Set in the middle of the city, in the chilled area of Jalatlaco, the surrounding streets of this place – one of the coolest hostels Oaxaca, we’d say – are all cobbled streets and brimming with culture. Definitely makes for a cool area to wander about.

Being the best hostel with a private room in Oaxaca, let’s talk about those, eh? They’re simply decorated, nicely sized (though not huge) and come with their own little private terraces. They also come in different sizes for different budgets – or if you’re travelling with a friend and you don’t want a dorm (we get you). Not cheap though.

Things DO go missing sometimes…

lock iconPsst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

More Best Hostels in Oaxaca

Not quite happy with the hostel options yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got even more epic hostels in Oaxaca picked out for you!

Iguana Hostel

Iguana Hostel best hostels in Oaxaca
Iguana Hostel
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Rooftop Terrace (One Of The Biggest In Mexico, Apparently)
  • Bar

A classic sorta typical hostel vibe, there’s loads of big hang out areas, the decor’s all colourful, the seating ranges from sunken sofas (if that’s what they’re called) to hammocks. The dorms are also spacious and the beds are pretty large.

Basically, if you’re looking for a real boho kinda backpacking vibe, then this youth hostel in Oaxaca is the place for you. Staff might not be the most professional in the world but we did say this is like, typical hostel territory. Basic-ish but fun.

Hostel De Las Americas

Hostel De Las Americas best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostel De Las Americas
  • $
  • Air Con
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Free Breakfast

You’ll find this Oaxaca backpackers hostel in one of the more wealthy areas of the city, close to a load of the top tourist sights, museums and restaurants. So it’s great if you wanna see that stuff.

Featuring friendly staff and a basic but decent free breakfast, this recommended hostel in Oaxaca also has strong Wi-fi AND air con, both of which make all the difference. The atmosphere is… lacking, maybe it’s too quiet for some. But if you don’t care, it’s a decent choice in a convenient area.

Hostal Mixteco Nava Nandoo

Hostal Mixteco Nava Nandoo best hostels in Oaxaca
Hostal Mixteco Nava Nandoo
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Book Exchange
  • Cafe

This top hostel in Oaxaca is crammed full of good points. It’s got courtyard with a fountain, a rooftop terrace with amazing city views, free snacks and water all day (YES), and they have a little doggie that runs around, which is cute if you like dogs.

It’s a family run place so it has a friendly, family sorta atmosphere so you’ll feel pretty welcome here. And secure, since the security is good, too. Rooms are only private but it’s more of a ‘hostal’ than a hostel, so good to share if you have a travelling buddy. Shared bathrooms though.

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What to Pack for your Oaxaca Hostel

Here’s some gear our editors take hostelling.

Universal Adapter

1. Universal Travel Adapter: Not every country has the same electrical plug style, so carry along a universal travel adapter. You’ll want one that covers varying voltage levels, has protection from power surges, a fried laptop is not fun, and enough ports so you don’t have to spend all day individually charging your devices.

Luggage Travel Lock

2. Padlock: Keep your stuff safe, guys. Unfortunately not all dorm lockers share the same security standard. You’ll want a lightweight lock that can fit all the various dorm lockers you’ll clip it to. Having a padlock that is flexible and can fit a variety of locker styles is the best way to make sure none of your belongings wander away while you are out.

Travel Pocket Soaps

3. Sea to Summit Travel Soap: Soap can be very useful on long travels, but it’s hard to carry around. It might get taken off you at the airport or leak in your backpack. This Sea to Summit Travel Soap is the perfect solution for every backpacker with a thought for hygiene. The dry soap is super handy, and it definitely won’t leak (there’s nothing to leak). One box contains 50 leaves of soap, making sure that you’ll be clean, even on longer adventures.

AR Towel

4. Active Roots Microfiber Towel: Having your own towel is a must when traveling since most hostels don’t provide them. Plus as a backpacker, use of a towel will extend further than just showers, it’s a minimalist yoga towel and a great beach blanket/towel combo! The Active Roots Microfiber Towel is really the best solution for backpacking.

Headphone Spltter

5. Headphone Splitter: Don’t be those awkward people sharing one earbud on the bus, as you show off your in-depth music knowledge to your new friend. A headphone splitter is a great item to bring traveling, it works fantastic on those long bus rides or easy dorm Netflix nights when you want to relax and connect with someone.

best toiletry bag for one bag travel

6. Active Roots Toiletry Bag: The Active Roots Toiletry bag keeps all of your bathroom essential items organized instead of flowing around your backpack. Having everything handy and accessible in one water-resistant bag is a bathroom lifesaver. This toiletry bag also helps from being that embarrassed person walking back to the dorm room, in a towel, to grab forgotten shampoo.

Why you should travel to Oaxaca

So that’s the end of our handy list of the top hostels in Oaxaca.

Now you know all about where to stay in this buzzing city. From backpacker hostels where the local market is practically on your doorstep, to more affluent areas filled with top sights, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the best hostels in Oaxaca are family run, meaning a warm and welcoming atmosphere – nothing better than hospitality when you’re in a city you don’t know!

Others are set in very Instagrammable old buildings that you won’t wanna leave!

And if you can’t decide on a hostel that’s right for you after all that, well, we don’t blame you.

But we do recommend Hostal Central if you can’t choose. It’s the best overall hostel in Oaxaca.

Hostal Central best hostels in Oaxaca

Travel Safety Tips for Oaxaca

So now just get ready for a super exciting (and uber tasty) time in Oaxaca!

Oaxaca may be relatively safe, but don’t forget to sort your travel insurance! We’ve put together a roundup of Travel Insurance for backpackers – check it out here, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads now, our favourite travel insurance provider.

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More Epic Hostels in Mexico and North America

Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Oaxaca.

Planning an epic trip all across Mexico or even North America itself?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

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Over to you

By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Oaxaca has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

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