Skateboarding is not a crime, but trying to travel with one macgyvered onto a crappy backpack should be. You might be able to roll your way through airport terminals without too much trouble, but to keep your skateboard attached through bus rides, baggage handlers, tight traffic, and crowded streets, you’ll need to break out the big guns. 

Whether you’re carving up city streets or cruising through a new town, your board is your ticket to freedom, unless the walk back from the pub to the hostel is uphill!

The best skateboard backpack needs to be as tough as your jeans, as versatile as a pair of éS Accel OG’s, and, of course, won’t blow all the money you’ve been saving for a fresh pair of trucks.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to those backpacks. We’re talking about bags that won’t just carry your board but will also help you take your set-up further afield. Bags that can handle being tossed around, getting a bit dirty, and still look cool enough to ride with you.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler on a shoestring budget, a dirty rotten skate rat, or just someone who loves to hit the road with their board in tow, you’re in the right place. Stay tuned as we roll through the best options out there.

The Best Skateboard Backpacks and Bags


Evolve – Backpack

  • Price ($) > 129
  • Dims (In) > 21 x 12 x 7
  • Capacity(L) > 30
  • Weight(lbs) > N/A

Simbow – Skateboard Backpack

  • Price ($) > 129
  • Dims (In) > 18 x 11 x 2
  • Capacity(L) > 30
  • Weight(lbs) > 1.85

Matador – Packable Duffel

  • Price ($) > 129
  • Dims (In) > 21 x 12 x 7
  • Capacity(L) > 30
  • Weight(lbs) > N/A

Abscalar – Foldable Skateboard Backpack

  • Price ($) > 29
  • Dims (In) > 17 x 11 x 2
  • Capacity(L) > N/A
  • Weight(lbs) > .1

Vans – Obstacle Skatepack

  • Price ($) > 74
  • Dims (In) > 18 x 11 x 6
  • Capacity(L) > 23
  • Weight(lbs) > .5

GoRide – Longboard Skateboard Backpack

  • Price ($) > 78
  • Dims (In) > 20 x 15 x 5
  • Capacity(L) > N/A
  • Weight(lbs) > 2.5

Nixon – Ransack Backpack

  • Price ($) > 45
  • Dims (In) > 20 x 12 x 6
  • Capacity(L) > 26
  • Weight(lbs) > 1.38

Osprey – Daylite Plus

  • Price ($) > 75
  • Dims (In) > 19 x 11 x 10
  • Capacity(L) > 20
  • Weight(lbs) > 1.25


  • Price ($) > 250
  • Dims (In) > 22 x 14 x 9
  • Capacity(L) > 45
  • Weight(lbs) > 3.9

Ronyes – Skateboard Backpack

  • Price ($) > 34
  • Dims (In) > 20 x 13 x 6
  • Capacity(L) > 30
  • Weight(lbs) > 2

Kodiak – Kobuk Leather Backpack

  • Price ($) > 199
  • Dims (In) > 21 x 13 x 11
  • Capacity(L) > 40
  • Weight(lbs) > 3.5

Osprey – Transporter Duffel 100

  • Price ($) > 400
  • Dims (In) > 33 x 18 x 12
  • Capacity(L) > 100
  • Weight(lbs) > 1.35

Stubble & Co – The Everyday Backpack

  • Price ($) > 155
  • Dims (In) > 18 x 12 x 6
  • Capacity(L) > 20
  • Weight(lbs) > 1.9
Got to put that skateboard somewhere once you come back to earth!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Finding a Skateboard Travel Bag

But before we get you on the mega ramp, we’ve got to go over the fundamentals. You wouldn’t try to kickflip before you could ollie, would you? Maybe in middle school, but not today!

When choosing the ideal skateboard travel bag, ask yourself, what kind of skater am I? Are you a day-to-day cruiser or in this for the long-haul, hopping flights and buses? For the daily grind, skateboard backpacks are your go-to. They’re compact, convenient, and perfect for carrying your board along with your daily essentials. Many of these bags are ideal everyday carry backpacks once you remove your board.

Other backpacks are more skateboard travellers, robust enough to protect your precious deck from the rigors of travel. And if you prefer just tossing everything together and dragging it along for the ride, a large duffel can make that happen. 

Each type of skateboard has its own needs, from agile streetboards to lengthy longboards. Some skateboard bags are versatile chameleons compatible with all boards, while others are dedicated loyalists to certain styles. Shop for the best backpack for your skateboard specifically. Beyond your needs, consider these key details:

Fit & Comfort

The ideal skateboard bag must be just as comfortable carrying your skateboard as it is strapped up to your back while bombing hills. Striking a balance between being a protective cocoon for your board and a comfortable accessory for you is no easy feat.  Look for features like adjustable straps, breathable materials, and a design that distributes weight evenly.

When it’s time to roll, the bag should almost feel like a part of you – not bulky, but streamlined and ergonomic. Remember, looks are fun, but discomfort should never be a travel companion.


Skaters spend a lot of time outdoors; if you keep going long enough, the weather will eventually turn south.

Road dogs are no stranger to the whims of the weather. You can choose to stay off a wet ramp, but you can’t always leave the house knowing what weather today will bring. A quality skateboard bag must be ready to face any meteorological challenge.  

Opt for materials that boast water resistance or waterproof capabilities. Look for sealed or covered zippers and compartments that promise to keep your belongings dry and safe. Some bags are more about keeping your gear safe, others will keep those rust-prone bearings dry and stop your deck from warping in the rain.


Skateboarding is not a gentle sport, nor is the life of a skateboard bag. It must endure being tossed, dragged, and sometimes even used as an impromptu seat. Plus, our shoes are a testament to the damage griptape can do when it comes in contact with fabric!

High-quality materials, reinforced stitching, and robust zippers are non-negotiable features. Durability isn’t cheap, but your skateboard bag should always outlive your sneaks. Some cheap bags might handle a tough bounce off a handrail worse than your jewels!

Street Cred

Last but definitely not least, your skateboard bag needs to have style. There’s a reason there are hundreds of different designs adorning decks, wheels, and trucks around the globe; we all love to express ourselves through our skating, clothing, deck graphics and even our bag.

Your backpack is not just a functional item but part of your skateboarding identity. Whether you’re into sleek, minimal designs or bold, graphic prints, your bag should make a statement. It’s an extension of your skateboarding flair, visible even when you’re not performing tricks.

A skateboarder at MACBA in Barcelona, Spain
I need a way to get my board to Barca pronto!
Photo: Nic Hilditch-Short

The Best Skateboard Backpacks

To find the ultimate skateboard backpacks, our team delved deep into the world of skate gear, rigorously testing hundreds of bags to see the few that truly stood out. It wasn’t just a casual glance-over; we put these bags through their paces, examining every stitch, testing each strap, and scrutinizing every compartment.

Now, we’re excited to share the cream of the crop – backpacks that not only survived our intense scrutiny but shone brightly in their functionality, durability, and style. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, elf-the-shelf bags. They’re the ones who made it through the grind, proving their worth in the most demanding conditions.

Evolve – Backpack

Evolve Backpack
  • Price ($): 129
  • Dims (In): 21 x 12 x 7
  • Capacity(L): 30
  • Weight(lbs): N/A

This bag drops three horizontal bars on the skateboard edge of your gear hauler and reports for duty. Pack up the cavernous interior space, strap on your favorite set of wheels, and roll out of bed, ready to hit the road.

The pack stays ready for action by streamlining the process. You won’t need to spend the afternoon mapping out where you will store your odds & ends. Storage is spread across a large zippered compartment with enough exterior pockets to keep you sane. There’s a place for a laptop, a built-in cooler pocket, and three straps for your skateboard which keeps it much more secure than other bags.

Once I was hooked up and settled in, I felt this pack start to hang off my shoulders slightly – it’s oversized in many aspects. Still, especially after clipping on the hip belt, everything stays in place, even at high speeds on busy streets. The pack is built to accompany electric skateboards and longboards too, which you may have noticed – are not cheap machines. 

Anything protecting that kind of spend should have no trouble getting a beat-up Toy Machine from point A to point B. The real kicker of this skateboard bag is how it stores your skateboard mostly inside, not outside. It feels much more sure than having a few bits of twine holding everything in place, and don’t worry – everyone will still be able to see your sick set of wheels. 

It’s massive interior and superior opening system make it a great small travel backpack regardless of whether you’ve got your board with you or not.

  • The insulated pocket keeps Arizona Tea ice cold through long, hot rides
  • Designed to hold an electric skateboard, so any other manual boards should fit easily
  • Enough space for a full day of cruising
  • Wide straps can be uncomfortable on smaller shoulders
  • Tiny zippers slip through my fingers every so often
  • Box-shaped shell won’t condense down to fit tight spaces

Simbow – Skateboard Backpack

Simbow Skateboard Backpack
  • Price ($): 129
  • Dims (In): 18 x 11 x 2
  • Capacity(L): 30
  • Weight(lbs): 1.85

Simbow, son of Simbad, put all his money into designing the ultimate Skateboard Backpack, and because his father was a man of the people, he finished off his backpack with a shockingly low price. This skateboard backpack represents a real skateboarder’s budget, stowing your gear and setting you back less than a month’s pass for most skate parks.

The 30-liter backpack can stow some serious snacks for the road ahead, and the 100% polyester fabric will help it all hang loose without cranking up too much back sweat. With compartments for books, water bottles, laptops, and blah blah blah – wait, what’s that: A USB port? Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

Many cheaper backpacks just slap a ‘Jansport’ sticker on a cheap nylon sack and call it a day, but this budget backpack is trying to raise the bar. The backpack for college, business or travel helps you stay on your grind no matter where you get your daily cup of joe. 

Alongside the USB port that helps charge your phone, a headphone hole hides away your music and makes sure your dope beats don’t fall on deaf ears. An ergonomic design promises to spread this bag evenly across your back and helps keep you charged up through the longest, gnarliest days of the year. 

  • 100% polyester
  • Lots of dividers and compartmentalizing storage inside the backpack
  • Comes with a travel whistle
  • Not suitable for anyone under 12, which seems like a red flag
  • You can charge your phone on this backpack, but you’re SOL if caught out in the rain
  • Comes with a “auti-theft” pocket. There’s a 50% chance that it’s an anti-theft, but also a 50% chance it’s an auto-theft pocket.

Matador – Packable Duffel

Matador Packable Duffel
  • Price ($): 129
  • Dims (In): 21 x 12 x 7
  • Capacity(L): 30
  • Weight(lbs): N/A

When there ain’t room for both of us in this town, ride out with the Matador Duffle bag strapped up to the roof of your Uber. Matador, known for their mastery in creating ultralight, compressible, and durable travel gear, has hit another home run with this duffel. It embodies the essence of their brand – packable, compressible, and ultralight.

I’ll level with you – when I hear the words “Matador Duffel,”  I was hoping for a bit more than 30 Liters. At that capacity, they’d have to give a compelling pitch to convince me to cruise with one strap instead of two, but it won me over with its packability. The Matador Duffel will shrink down and stay ready to roll in the back of any closet. 

The impressive storage flexibility protected by a weatherproof bag lulled me in, and cruise I did – from gym sessions to impromptu shopping sprees and even collecting otherworldly souvenirs around the world. In all scenarios, the matador duffel helped me find exactly what I was looking for while allowing me to strap by board to the side.

Looking for a more solid bag in a similar style? Check out the best travel duffel bags for some more inspiration.

  • Provides a decent level of waterproofing for a >100$ backpack
  • Condenses down to fit into one hand
  • Flexible holding options can be a lifesaver on longer missions
  • This backpack can carry skateboards, but it wasn’t designed to carry skateboards
  • More duffel than backpack
  • The bag sacrifices some back support in favor of compatibility

Abscalar – Foldable Skateboard Backpack

Abscalar Foldable Skateboard Backpack
  • Price ($): 29
  • Dims (In): 17 x 11 x 2
  • Capacity(L): N/A
  • Weight(lbs): .1

Abscalar isn’t just any ol’ Amazon backpack brand. They’re another company out to prove that you don’t need to break the bank to find a technically advanced backpack. The bag can literally fold in half, functioning nicely as a school backpack and then stretching large to provide a space for all your gear. 

You’ll have to pay a price for this foldability – the bag’s extra features take up a lot of space that could have been used for storing boards. Because of the Abscalar’s folding aspect, it can only hold regular skateboards between 30” and 40”. It’s also missing some depth required to pack enough for a full day’s ride. 

But heck, nothing’s perfect, especially for 29$, and the pros far outweigh the cons in this skateboard backpack. Regardless of whether you tighten things up or rock the Abscalar fully expanded, you’ll be spurned on with the help of two exterior pockets. Skate tools, cell phones, battery packs, and zines have little places. 

  • Sort of like buying two different backpacks
  • Great price point
  • Fun zipper pocket on the outside, even with a skateboard attached
  • Not compatible with cruisers or longboards
  • Not a lot of storage when it’s folded up
  • Box-shaped shell won’t condense down to fit tight spaces

Vans – Obstacle Skatepack

Vans Obstacle Skatepack
  • Price ($): 74
  • Dims (In): 18 x 11 x 6
  • Capacity(L): 23
  • Weight(lbs): .5

Any backpack with the Vans logo on the front carries the skater mentality, but this Obstacle Pack is a genuine skateboard backpack with a prominent strap system front and center, perfect for carrying standard skateboards. What makes this pack pop, however, is how great it performs even without your skateboard attached. 

With a laptop compartment and 23 liters of storage protected by recycled polyester, this pack works just as well as a college backpack as it does on the streets. This pack features a large main compartment treated with anti-odor technology to ensure all-day freshness – a lifesaver after sweaty skate sessions or dodgeball.

All that value wrapped up in a jet-black exterior makes for a great daily carry. This Vans pack holds my gear and matches my style every single day of the week. I especially appreciate the waffle print back panel, which keeps my shirt fresh much longer than many other budget backpacks. It’s a super solid backpack with no bells and whistles, perfect for its price point. 

  • Packable skateboard straps hold your board when you need them and disappear when you don’t
  • A lined media pocket keeps your cell phone close by and hidden
  • You’ll get a lot of use out of the mesh water bottle holder
  • Would have liked to see Van’s use some ballistic nylon for more durability
  • Skateboard straps are relatively flimsy compared to some other holders on our list
  • 23 Liters won’t hold much more than a few packs of Sour Patch Kids and a beanie

GoRide – Longboard Skateboard Backpack

GoRide Longboard Skateboard Backpack
  • Price ($): 78
  • Dims (In): 20 x 15 x 5
  • Capacity(L): N/A
  • Weight(lbs): 2.5

Every backpack on our list will hold a regular skateboard, but few bags on the market can handle a big board like this bad boy. GoRide’s Skateboard Backpack is my go-to backpack for carrying my longboard, capable of carrying decks up to 38” tall and strapping up 20 lbs. 

I’ve had the chance to put this bag through its paces over the past few months, using it for my daily commutes and weekend sessions, and I’ve encountered many pleasant surprises. First off, the bag does a great job with the fundamentals. There’s a laptop compartment, plenty of storage space, and two water bottle holders. 

There were very few moments where I felt like it had to stay home. It didn’t matter if I was carrying my essentials or testing the limits of this bag for a full day out; the GoRide sat on my back like a champ. The best part is it doesn’t matter what kind of board you carry day to day. If you’re wanting a bag that can rock it with the best commuter packs and still not look out of place at the skatepark, this is a solid option.

I switched between a longboard and a standard board depending on my mood and destination, and the GoRide backpack adapted seamlessly to both, keeping my board secure and snug without any awkward adjustments or compromises. Just be sure you’re cool with its distinctive style, and watch how you pack it for the best experience.

  • Adjustable board storage allows you to change your backpack to fit your board length
  • Super spacious laptop compartment with easy access
  • Sternum and hip belt to help carry larger loads
  • The techy vibe doesn’t fit in some skate scenes
  • The top of your wheels can smack into the back of your head
  • The company hasn’t specified it’s volume, but I wasn’t able to pack two days worth of gear in there

Nixon – Ransack Backpack

Nixon Ransack Backpack
  • Price ($): 45
  • Dims (In): 20 x 12 x 6
  • Capacity(L): 26
  • Weight(lbs): 1.38

The Nixon Ransack Backpack is one of the brand’s larger bags, capable of stowing a 15” laptop and hooking up to all sorts of skateboards thanks to the adjustable straps. Nixon designed the bag for everyday use, so they kept a monotone exterior instead of any flash.

Between the 26 liters and the muted look, you can bring this bag with you just about anywhere. In fact, with it’s interior storage we rate it as one of our top laptop travel bags for those with a skateboard in tow.

What I like most about the Nixon Ransack is their detailed work on this pack’s exterior. A lot of the budget skateboard packs we’ve looked at have been throwing a water bottle pocket and a zipper outside and calling it a day, but the Ransack has lovely cushions, a solid gear attachment, and a side entry sleeve to make the most out of your available space. 

Besides those key details, it’s really just another backpack. Nixon isn’t out to reinvent the industry with this one, which you’ve got to respect. There’s a time and a place for innovation, but something has to take you there first. This backpack is built for the grind.

Sweetening the deal are the recycled materials used on this dependable option. Ocean plastic gets a second life and helps you skate without telling the world all about it. That’s a rare find in the modern backpack game, and when you do find a gem like this one, we recommend you hold on for dear life and let it ride. 

  • Made of polyester recycled from ocean use
  • Sneaky wallet and phone exterior pocket make sure you won’t break anything if you smash your hips
  • External gear attachment elevates this backpack’s storage capability
  • Nixon hardware is known to be fickle
  • Fabric and color can be a bit different in real life than what you see on the pictures
  • The bag can feel a bit too much like a military pack for some skaters liking

Osprey – Daylite Plus

Osprey Daylite Plus
  • Price ($): 75
  • Dims (In): 19 x 11 x 10
  • Capacity(L): 20
  • Weight(lbs): 1.25

While Osprey backpacks don’t typically come with built-in handling for your deck, there is simply no list of the best backpacks that would be complete without mentioning this bag icon. Osprey makes the world’s best backpacks, and their Daylite series brings the bags down into the double-figure price range, perfect for a casual daily rider. 

The Osprey Daylite Plus is not built for skateboarding, but don’t count it out. The beaver tail exterior attachment allows you to strap a deck horizontally, and the bag has many other features that will help you ride. Osprey blended a few backcountry perks with dependable everyday traits to create a tremendous day-to-day backpack that can hold its weight. 

I like to shove my Daylite Plus inside a larger bag for when it’s needed. Its malleable back support system allows the pack to be greatly reduced in size, and a primitive sternum + hip belt system helps the bag hold well against your body when the time comes for deployment.   

  • Five pockets in addition to a roomy main compartment
  • Protected by incredibly durable and recycled materials on the outside
  • Comes with a lifelong warranty
  • Not made to work with skateboards
  • 20 Liters is a bit too light for some days
  • Looks and wears like a backcountry bag but doesn’t have a backcountry set of features


  • Price ($): 250
  • Dims (In): 22 x 14 x 9
  • Capacity(L): 45
  • Weight(lbs): 3.9

This beast of a backpack is a good choice for just about anything. The 45 liters of storage will allow you to practically pack up the entire skate shop and take it mobile; an incredibly durable smattering of exterior features will have the bag bouncing off bumps & bruises better than you can, and there are tons of hooks and straps that will hold most skateboards. 

The Hexad Duffel is no day-to-day minion, it’s a bonafide traveling companion. You can carry this bag while dashing through the snow and getting caught in a downpour, and nothing will break through the ballistic nylon and army coating. Built for 3-5 day trips, the bag can fit a skateboard, two cameras, and enough clothes for a week if you’re willing to wear the same pair of pants. If not, it makes for the perfect weekend bag for travelers and skaters alike.

The duffel can serve as your mobile repair shop with two separate interior compartments with their own perks – and easy access. Every square inch of this hefty duffel has been thought about and designed with efficiency in mind. 

Accidentally, the HEXad Duffel is one of the greatest skateboarding travel backpacks on the planet. On each side of the duffel sits a robust strap system. You can clip a skateboard on each side of this backpack and even throw on a third to get to the shoot with a backup deck.

  • Content creating specialist
  • Sneaky access to several stowaway pockets
  • Packs the straps to stow a skateboard on each side
  • Works better as a duffel bag than as a backpack
  • A bit intense to carry your skateboard across town to the park
  • Made for cameras and expensive equipment first, not a lot of skateboard-specific features

Ronyes – Skateboard Backpack

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack
  • Price ($): 34
  • Dims (In): 20 x 13 x 6
  • Capacity(L): 30
  • Weight(lbs): 2

You pick a sport, and I guarantee the Ronyes Backpack will be ready to play. This pack is ready to take on everything from skateboarding to Rugby, and the water-resistant features hint at a future on the swim team. No matter the sport you’re into, ergonomic shoulder straps will help you hang tough ahead and behind.

Now be warned: this backpack might make it a maximum of a few seasons of heavy use. I convinced my daughter to squeeze a soccer ball alongside her skateboard with this bag for a few months, but the zippers eventually succumbed to the challenge. Still, it outlasted the 30 dollars I paid, and we had some great times along the way. 

Kids outgrow everything in a year anyway, so when shopping for someone whose interests might completely change in a year or two, this backpack will help bridge the gap. It’s got enough storage to try anything once. 

  • Sport first backpack but provides storage for a 17” laptop
  • USB charging capability will help you charge your phone without taking it out of your bag
  • You can rotate between a mesh exterior pocket and skateboard clips
  • Zippers feel flimsy
  • Laptop compartment doesn’t provide tons of protection
  • I wouldn’t trust the water resistance

Kodiak – Kobuk Leather Backpack

Kodiak Kobuk Leather Backpack
  • Price ($): 199
  • Dims (In): 21 x 13 x 11
  • Capacity(L): 40
  • Weight(lbs): 3.5

Everything works better with Kobuk Leather. Their backpack model is one of the company’s most high-tech forays yet, providing a whole new use case for classic top-grain leather. This bag might take on a bear and win, although I wouldn’t try that at home. 

Unfortunately, this leather backpack doesn’t boast many skateboard-specific features, with a few more dedicated straps and lashes, this would be a one-of-a-kind bag that might threaten for the top of this list. Even without a proper storage spot, the backpack has enough value for consideration on your next skate trip. 

It sits right between a day bag and an overnighter, fitting well on RyanAir and not being overkill to bring to school. Thanks to the roll-top opening, the bag works like a leather bike commuter. 

Inside, the backpack feels like a black hole. There’s tons of space for activities and a cushy padded laptop sleeve, a legendary edition to a classic leather bag.  Remember, fads will come and go, but leather lasts forever and this has got to be one of the most stylish travel bags out there.

  • Every leather bag looks slightly different
  • Even beyond the durable leather, this bag is finished with Robust clasps and zippers
  • Will last longer than any skateboard
  • Even when this bag is empty, it’s heavy and bulky
  • You should consider building your style around this backpack because it doesn’t work the other way
  • Very few skateboard-specific features

Osprey – Transporter Duffel 100

Osprey Transporter Duffel 100
  • Price ($): 400
  • Dims (In): 33 x 18 x 12
  • Capacity(L): 100
  • Weight(lbs): 1.35

Like Jason Statham, the Osprey Transporter is about delivering the goods under any condition. The waterproof powerhouse can stand rain, sleet, and skitching to roll with you wherever the road takes you. An IPX7 waterproof rating means you could literally submerge this thing and your bearings will come out dry. This is a top travel duffel you can rely on whatever gets thrown at it.

The Transporter is a killer long-term backpack for traveling with a skateboard. It’s long enough to store a 33-inch skateboard, and you can fill out the remaining 97 liters however you see fit. There aren’t any skateboard straps on this duffel bag’s exterior, although two strap systems are a few steps away from being rigged into a true hauler. 

Besides, there’s no need to strap your boards outside when you’ve got 100 liters of storage to work with underneath the hood. Osprey left enough room for gobs of gear, and twin grab handles + backpack straps will help you drag everything you need with you when you’re traveling with a skateboard.

  • Most weatherproof backpack on our list
  • You can unclip the shoulder straps, remove them, or tighten them down and use them to store a skateboard
  • Bottom half of the duffel bag is supported by an extra layer of ripstop
  • You could skateboard for a year at that price
  • No matter what kinds of straps you pack, there’s no way to make carrying 100 liters feel fun
  • Box-shaped shell won’t condense down to fit tight spaces

Stubble & Co – The Everyday Backpack

Stubble and Co The Everyday Backpack
  • Price ($): 155
  • Dims (In): 18 x 12 x 6
  • Capacity(L): 20
  • Weight(lbs): 1.9

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this particular cut, and we’re here to quell the rumors. Yes, it’s true: Stubble & Co’s Everyday Backpack is exactly what it sounds like. A day-to-day beast that’s at home in the streets, at school, or on an airplane and won’t break the bank either. 

Stubble & Co’s style is on full display across the recycled materials, with a space-edge cut across the top that fits like a jetpack. The bag’s unique waterproof fabrics and recycled PET are great for you, decent for the environment, and easy on the eyes. 

Unfortunately, there is no built-in skateboard storage. This backpack is a skateboard backpack in high vibration only. One slick zip is the only thing marking the outside of this pack, opening up into a handy stash pocket for cell phones and bus passes. Inside, a 16” laptop compartment and three layers of dividers keep your stuff from knocking no matter how hard the house is rocking. 

  • A great combination of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials
  • Cushy backrest makes the bag feel lighter than it is
  • A classic example of a minimalist powerhouse
  • Zippers can feel a bit stiff
  • Not enough backpack for overnight trips
  • Not many skateboard-specific features
When not in use a skateboard needs to be kept somewhere!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Final Thoughts

Tons of backpacks have tried to provide unique value for skateboarding. Some have succeeded, while others have crashed harder than Jake Brown. The backpacks on our list might not all be perfect tens, but that’s because there are very few, if any, instances of perfection in this world.

Each time a backpack tries to focus on one particular aspect, it must sacrifice some value elsewhere. But here’s the good news: while there may not be a perfect backpack for everyone, there’s bound to be an ideal backpack for you.

Whether you want something ultra high performance, stylish, or an affordable nylon sack with a way to store your skateboard, one of the backpacks on our list will help you lift yourself and reach new heights. 

Skate or Die, but never compromise on your travel gear. If you ever want to get past trying to smash a half-inch ollie in your cul-de-sac and shred with the big dogs, you’ll have to suffer bruises, break some bones, and take your skateboard wherever you go. 

Take a good, honest look at each option, list situations you expect to bring this backpack into and trust your gut. It’s what got you here in the first place. Let us know where these backpacks fail and where they help usher in a new golden age of staying in the comments below. Now, get off the internet, and go skate!!