Florence is one of the most exquisite and stunning cities in Europe. Bursting with history, culture, art, and cuisine, this famous Italian city is a dream destination for travelers of all ages.

But there’s only one problem with Florence – it is NOT cheap. Finding affordable accommodation in Florence’s best neighborhoods is going to require a little savvy…

Which is why we put together this guide for where to stay in Florence!

Written by our expert travel writers, this article is designed to help YOU find the best place in Florence to stay.

We’ll share with you our top picks, hidden gems, and well-kept secrets.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly where the coolest areas to stay in Florence are and will be able to book your vacation with confidence and ease. We’ll even be covering some locations in Tuscany as well!

So let’s get to it. Here are our recommendations for the best neighborhoods in Florence!

Quick Tips – These are the Best Areas to Stay in Florence

In a Hurry? Here’s Where to Stay in Florence for One Night:



The Duomo is the center of the city and is the best place to stay in Florence if you’re short on time. From here, you can reasonably access all of the city’s top attractions.

Places to visit:
  • Stand in awe of the magnificent Duomo, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.
  • See an amazing collection of Italian Renaissance sculptures at Museo Nazionale del Bargello.
  • Tour the ornate and opulent Battistero di San Giovanni.

Where to Stay in Florence

Looking for a specific location? These are our highest recommendations for the best places to stay in Florence.

piazza in florences best neighborhoods
(U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Lindsey Maurice)

Best Hostel in Florence: Hostel Gallo d’Oro

Located at endge of Florence’s city center, Hostel Gallo d’Oro is our choice for the best hostel in Florence. A short walk to the Duomo and train station, this hostel is close to restaurants, bars, and the city’s top attractions and landmarks.

It also has comfortable beds and a free breakfast buffet.

Best Airbnb in Florence: Charming Room in Apartment

This ultra-cozy room is just the place you want to stay when you get to the city – it’s easily one of the best Airbnbs in Florence. It’s light and bright, making it feel spacious with a window overlooking the scenic neighborhood. Just what you would expect to see staying in an apartment in the city of Florence. Love to walk? Great! The museums, shops, and restaurants are just minutes away on foot.

Best Hotel in Florence: Alfieri9

Alfieri9 is our pick for the best hotel accommodation in Florence. This cosy three-star hotel is set at the centre of Santa Croce. It is within walking distance of restaurants, bars, and famous tourist attractions. Each room has modern amenities.

Guests can enjoy a range of features, including a terrace and free wifi.

Florence Neighborhood Guide

Florence is a small city that packs a big punch.

It is one of the most historically, culturally and artistically important cities in Italy, and is famously known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

There’s plenty to see and do here for curious travelers. From sampling incredible Italian cuisine and seeing exquisite architecture to dancing the night away and enjoying Florence after dark, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this central Italian city.

The city covers an area of 102 square kilometers. It can be easily navigated on foot, although you’ll likely have to dodge large groups of travelers in this popular tourist destination.

Florence is divided into five districts, each home to diverse and distinct neighborhoods. We recommend you visit at least three or four neighborhoods, depending on the purpose of your trip to get a good feel for the city.

Duomo is the historic center of Florence. It is home to the city’s major tourist attractions. Here you’ll find winding streets, charming cafes, and eternal beauty around every turn.

Head northwest of Duomo and pass through the neighborhoods of Santa Maria Novella and San Lorenzo. Characterized by their intricate architecture, grand churches, and lush parks, these neighborhoods are packed with interesting sites and exquisite landmarks.

Southwest of the Duomo is Santa Croce and Uffizi, where you’ll find one of the most amazing galleries in all of Europe. Enjoy a myriad of great bars and cafes, as well as museums, galleries and more!

Across the river are the neighborhoods of San Spirito/San Frediano, Pitti, and Piazzale Michelangelo. This is where you’ll find a great assortment of bars and restaurants, as well as some of the most amazing views of the city.

Still not sure which is the best area in Florence to stay in? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

5 Best Neighborhoods in Florence to Stay in

Let’s take a look, in more detail, at the 5 best neighborhoods to stay in Florence. Each is a little different than the last, so be sure to check out which is right for you!



Home to the epic dome at Santa Maria del Fiore, which is the tourist center of the city. Lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants surround this landmark.

San Marco, Florence

San Marco

A more residential area that is a bit farther away but is also cheaper. Still plenty of activities and restaurants around.

San Spirito San Frediano, Florence

San Spirito/San Frediano

Located on the other side of the Arno River, this neighborhood is full of cool bars and local haunts. Students and locals love to come here and sit in the piazzas.

Basilica of Santa Croce

Santa Croce

A tucked-away area very close to the Duomo but equally as interesting. Packed with activities, bars, and restaurants. Also, closer to the Arno.

Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella

A well-connected part of the city that is close to all of Florence’s main attractions. Busy and bustling.

1. Duomo – Where to Stay in Florence for First-Timers

Duomo is the historic and geographic center of Florence. It is the most famous neighborhood in the city and is where you’ll find iconic landmarks, including the Duomo, Museo Nazionale del Bargello, and Giotto’s Campanile.

If you’re visiting Florence for the first time, there’s no better place to stay than the Duomo.

Duomo is a neighborhood that bursts with life and excitement. It’s made up of winding cobblestone streets, grand piazzas, and charming cafes and shops can be found around every turn.

Experience Duomo’s eternal beauty by wandering throughout the district soaking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Florence.

Duomo, Florence

Things to See and Do in Duomo

– Stand in awe of the magnificent Duomo, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.

– Climb to the top of the dome and enjoy incredible views out over the city.

– Savor delicious sandwiches, paninis and more at I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti.

– See an amazing collection of Italian Renaissance sculptures at Museo Nazionale del Bargello.

– Bite into an awesome slice of homemade pizza at Gustarium.

– Tour the ornate and opulent Battistero di San Giovanni.

– Relax with a cappuccino at Il Vinile.

– Enjoy fun cocktails and microbrews at the Mayday Club.

– Explore the grand and extraordinary Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele.

Best Hostel in Duomo: Academy Hostel

Charming and cozy, Academy Hostel is one of the best hostels in Florence. It is centrally located in the Duomo neighborhood and is close to landmarks, restaurants, bars and beyond! This home away from home has a relaxing environment, modern décor, and, best of all, no bunk beds!

Best Airbnb in Duomo: Charming Room in Apartment

This ultra-cozy room is just the place you want to stay when you get to Florence. It’s light and bright, making it feel spacious with a window overlooking the scenic neighborhood. Just what you would expect to see staying in an apartment in the city of Florence. Love to walk? Great! The museums, shops, and restaurants are just minutes away on foot.

Best Hotel in Duomo: Hotel Villani

Hotel Villani is our best recommendation for where to stay in the Duomo district.

At the centre of the city, this hotel is close to entertainment, shopping and nightlife districts. It features an outdoor terrace and a concierge service. Each room has a comfortable bed and free wifi.

Best Hotel in Duomo: Florence Dome Hotel

Florence Dome Hotel is located in the heart of the city. It is a charming three-star hotel that is surrounded by museums and plenty of bars and restaurants.

The rooms are clean, comfortable and have private bathrooms. This hotel also has a range of amenities, including a coffee bar and a relaxing library.

2. San Marco – Where to Stay in Florence on a Budget

San Marco is a residential neighborhood a short walk from the city centre. It is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas of the Florence. Here you’ll find everything from classic art and historic landmarks to modern museums and innovative restaurants.

In addition to being a cultural hotspot, San Marco is where you’ll find a high concentration of budget accommodations.

San Marco attracts a constant flow of backpackers, students and digital nomads, and is our recommendation for where to stay in Florence on a budget.

San Marco, Florence

Things to See and Do in San Marco

– Browse the largest collection of sacred art in the city at the Museo di San Marco.

– Enjoy a mouthwatering piece of pizza or plate of pasta at Trattoria Pizzeria San Gallo.

– See Michelangelo’s infamous David sculpture at the Accademia Gallery, the site of Europe’s first drawing school.

– Sip a classic apertivo at Kitsch Devx Firenze.

– Visit the Basilica della Santissima Anunziata – Chiesa di Santa Maria della Scala and marvel at the architectural detail.

– Drink a classic cocktail or cappuccino on the terrace of Brunellesco.

– Explore the Museo degli Innocenti and see a wonderful collection of Tuscan art.

Best Hostel in San Marco: Hostel Gallo d’Oro

Located at the heart of Florence, Hostel Gallo d’Oro is our top choice for where to stay in San Marco. A short walk to the Duomo and train station, this hostel is close to restaurants, bars, and the city’s top attractions.

It also has comfortable beds and a free breakfast buffet.

Best Airbnb in San Marco: Beautiful and Modern Private Room

With everything you get staying in this room, it’s incredibly shocking how little you will pay. The bed is like on a cloud, and the room has a pretty big window giving you the stunning views of the courtyard and authentic experience of staying in Florence. And the room has so much space you can get a practice of yoga in while you are visiting if that’s your thing.

Best Hotel in San Marco: Loggia Fiorentina

Loggia Fiorentina is well-situated in the centre of Florence. It is close to the city’s main tourist attractions and is near to restaurants, bars and museums.

Rooms are outfitted with private bathrooms, a workspace and free wireless internet access. There is a stylish bar, and breakfast is served each morning.

Best Hotel in San Marco: Arizona Hotel

This three-star hotel is a great base for your time in the city – and is one of our best recommendations for where to stay in San Marco.

It has an in-house bar, 24-hour room service, and on-site currency exchange. The rooms are modern and have a refrigerator, minibar and flat-screen TV.

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3. San Spirito/San Frediano – Where to Stay in Florence for Nightlife

Located Oltrarano – on the other side of the river – San Spirito and San Frediano are two neighborhoods that combine to make for one of the most fun and best places in Florence to stay.

They boast a vibrant and artistic atmosphere and it’s here that you’ll find the best nightlife in the city. Whether you want to enjoy sunset cocktails or dance the night away, there’s something for travellers of all ages, styles and budgets in San Spirito/San Frediano.

But there’s more to this district than just wild after dark fun. San Spirito/San Frediano is also home to a myriad of architectural gems, historic landmarks and interesting museums.

San Spirito San Frediano, Florence
source: Jesus Barroso (Shutterstock)

Things to See and Do in San Spirito/San Frediano

– Take a stroll through the charming Piazza Santo Spirito, which is home to bars, bistros, cafes, shops and a delightful local market.

– Grab a drink at Volume, a cosy Florentine pub.

– Pop inside the Basilica di Santo Spirito and see an elaborate interior designed by Brunelleschi.

– Enjoy urbane cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere at Rasputin.

– Wander the winding streets and alleyways of atmospheric San Frediano.

– Listen to great music as you enjoy refreshing drinks at NOF Club.

– Marvel at the detail of Santa Maria del Carmine, an elegant and intricate church.

– Relax with a pint at The Gate Pub.

– Tease your taste buds and indulge in delicious Italian fare at IO osteria personale.

Best Hostel in San Spirito/San Frediano: Hostel Santa Monaca

Hostel Santa Monaca is one of the oldest hostels in Florence. Built in a historic church, this hostel is bursting with charm and appeal. It is a few minutes walk from the city’s most famous museums and monuments, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby.

Best Airbnb in San Spirito/San Frediano: Private Room in the Heart of Florence

This romantic room is just on the water with to die for stunning views! There’s nothing more dreamy than waking up with a balcony to catch the sunrise on while you stay here. The 1800’s building in the center of Florence is just a few steps from the local nightlife with pubs and breweries only on the street next to the apartment. That’s right – drink all the vino you want because you don’t need to travel far to make it in bed.

Best Hotel in San Spirito/San Frediano: Relais Il Cestello

Charming, quaint and centrally located are just a few of the reasons we recommend this San Spirito hotel. It is close to famous landmarks, excellent museums, and delicious restaurants.

Comprised of 10 recently refurbished rooms, this three-star hotel has comfortable rooms, a valet service, and on-site café and bar.

Best Hotel in San Spirito/San Frediano: Horto Convento

Hotel Convento is a stunning four-star hotel in Florence with an excellent location. It’s close to restaurants, bars, and several popular tourist attractions.

It has a garden, terrace and free wifi. Each of its 35 rooms has a private bathroom and is equipped with modern amenities.

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4. Santa Croce – Coolest Place to Stay in Florence

Santa Croce is one of Florence’s best-kept secrets. It is situated close to Duomo and the city centre but is still far enough away enough that it retains its authentic charm and feel.

A great base for culture vultures, Santa Croce is home to a myriad of museums, art galleries, and landmarks. Here you can enjoy a relaxing day of exploring the city without the hoards of tourists.

But there’s more to Santa Croce than architecture and art. This downtown neighbourhood is packed with bars, restaurants, clubs and cafes that attract tourists and locals every night of the week.

It is a hub for young people and is the best neighborhood to stay in Florence if you’re looking for energy.

Santa Croce, Florence

Things to See and Do in Santa Croce

– See incredible architecture, ornate interiors and colourful stained glass at the Basilica di Santa Croce.

– Dine on fresh and delicious Italian dishes at Adagio.

– Enjoy a cocktail or cappuccino in Piazza Santa Croce and indulge in a little people watching.

– Explore Pazzi Chapel, one of the first buildings completed in the Renaissance style.

– Sample great food and good drinks – and enjoy cheap prices – at the lively Beer House Club.

– Sip modern cocktails at Bitter Bar, a hip speakeasy at the heart of Florence.

– Visit Museo dell’Opera di Santa Croce, a massive gothic church which houses the remains of Michelangelo and Galileo, among others notable Europeans.

Best Hostel in Santa Croce: Backpackers Florence Central

Centrally located and full of charm, Backpackers Florence Central is our favourite hostel in Santa Croce. Situated in the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce, this hostel is within walking distance of the Duomo, Uffizi, and the Ponte Vecchio.

It has free wifi, linens and duvets, and neverending hot showers.

Best Airbnb in Santa Croce: Historic Loft in Prime Location

About 100 mt from Santa Croce, 150 mt from Museum Bargello and other monuments you’ll find this cute Loft you can have all to yourself. Whether you are looking for a chill time or social time, this place is located centrally to everything. It’s in a touristy area, but hey embrace it, you’re a tourist here, right?

Best Hotel in Santa Croce: Alfieri9

Alfieri9 is a cosy three-star hotel at the heart of Santa Croce. It is located within walking distance of train stations, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions.

Each room has modern amenities. Guests can enjoy a range of features, including a terrace, free wifi, and a dry cleaning service.

Best Hotel in Santa Croce: Hotel Privilege

Hotel Privilege is classic, comfortable and bursting with charm. It was recently refurbished and features a variety of modern amenities.

Set in the centre of Santa Croce, this hotel is close to many bars, cafes, and is a short walk from the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, which are among the top places to visit in Florence.

5. Santa Maria Novella – Where to Stay in Florence for Families

Santa Maria Novella is often the first neighborhood travelers see upon arriving in Florence. It is home to the city’s main train station and is one of the most well-connected districts in the city.

This area is characterized by its constant hustle and bustle, and its energetic and vibrant atmosphere. It has grand squares, extraordinary architecture, and a myriad of interesting cultural and historic attractions.

Santa Maria Novella is also where you’ll find Parco Delle Cascine, an expansive park and green space.

This neighborhood seamlessly blends its lush landscapes and incredible landmarks and is our best recommendation for where to stay in Florence for families.

Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Things to See and Do in Santa Maria Novella

– Wander through the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella.

– Take a Free Tour of Florence and see the city’s most famous tourist attractions.

– Excite your senses and eat incredible food at Chianineria – Trattoria dall’Oste.

– See the incredible Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

– Pack a picnic and enjoy an afternoon in verdant and tranquil Parco Delle Cascine

– Visit the Chiesa di Ognissanti, a small but important Italian Renaissance church where Botticelli is buried.

– Dine on delicious Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza and steak at the family-friendly Ristorante Braceria Santa Maria Novella.

– Browse interesting works of modern art at Museo Novecento.

Best Hostel in Santa Maria Novella: New Hostel Florence

Less than a 10-minute walk from the city’s main train station, the New Hostel Florence is well-connected throughout the region. There’s also a great variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops nearby.

This hostel has comfortable rooms, a relaxing common room, and a fully-equipped kitchen. There’s also free coffee and tea.

Best Airbnb in Santa Maria Novella: Quaint Home near Duomo

Make yourself right at home with the family in this beautiful Loft. It gives you a homey feeling as soon as you walk through the door with the cozy couches and living space that is perfect for kids. The decor is something your grandparents would choose, which gives off that nostalgic feeling while you are in Italy! You’ll be about 50mt from Duomo, which is the spot you want to be in Florence.

Best Hotel in Santa Maria Novella: Porta Faenza

Conveniently located at the centre of Florence, Porta Faenza is our best recommendation for where to stay in Santa Maria Novella. This three-star hotel has a coffee bar, on-site restaurants and a stylish lounge bar.

The rooms are comfortable and spacious, perfect for accommodating families of all sizes.

Best Hotel in Santa Maria Novella: Mia Cara

Mia Cara is a great three-star hotel in Florence. It is strategically located at the centre of the city and is within walking distance of Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi and the Duomo.

There is also a great variety of restaurants and shops nearby. It has comfortable rooms, a daily breakfast and a relaxing in-house spa.

BONUS: Where to Stay in Tuscany!

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region, which is one of the most romanticized places in the entire world. People dream of visiting this portion of Italy to drink wine, laze about in medieval towns, and find love. Hate on Eat, Pray, Love or Under the Tuscan Sun all you want, but Tuscany really deserves the recognition.

If you’re getting tired of Florence (gasp!), then why not arrange a trip to the Tuscan countryside for a few days? You’ve deserved a little rest and relaxation in the countryside, my fellow traveler!

You certainly won’t be lack of things to do in Tuscany – there are plenty of wineries to tour, hilltop castles to discover, and even a beach or two to lounge on. Some of Italy’s most famous landmarks, like the Tower of Pisa, are also in this region, so take note Instagram fiends.

To help you plan your trip to Tuscany, we’re going to do a miniature guide for it; right here, right now. We’ll talk about the best places to stay in Tuscany, the forms of accommodation (a Tuscan vineyard, perhaps?)…you get the idea. As an added bonus, we’ll also talk about some of the best villages to stay in Tuscany and maybe even drop a winery or two. So stay tuned.

sunset in tuscany italy

Quick Tips – These are the Best Areas to Stay in Tuscany

  • Siena – Best Place to Stay in Tuscany
  • Pisa – Where to Stay in Tuscany without a Car
  • San Gimignano – Where to Stay in Tuscany for Wine
where to stay in tuscany

Siena – Best Place to Stay in Tuscany

For those who think that Florence is too mainstream or too touristy, Siena is like a dream come true. Siena is far less busy, far less established, and far less notorious among the tourist masses. For Italians, Siena is the real Tuscany, and that’s saying something.

Siena very easy to reach from Florence – it’s only an hour and a half away by both train and car. Granted, if you wanted to explore the areas around Florence, you’ll probably need to choose the latter.

Siena is smack dab in the middle of wine country and is surrounded by excellent wineries. Directly to the east of the town is prime chianti territory and further south around Montepulciano and Montalcino you’ll find superlative drops like brunello and sangiovese. (These are also two of the best villages to stay in Tuscany.)

Siena itself is a medieval masterpiece and exhibits quintessential Tuscan architecture. The buildings around the Palazzo Pubblico and Piazza del Campo are excellent examples. The town Duomo is extremely impressive as well.

So if you’re looking for the best place to stay in Tuscany, look no further than Siena. It’s interesting, gorgeous, authentic, and, if you visit during palio, a blast.

sienna best places to stay in tuscany

Top Things to See and Do in Siena

– See the epic palio competition in August.

– Watch a game of calcio fiorentino.

– Make day trips out to the countryside. Some of the best villages in Tuscany to stay in are:

– Drink chianti fresh from the region.

– Climb the Torre del Mangia.

– Visit Siena’s gorgeous Duomo.

– Walk around the meticulously preserved Palazzo Pubblico.

– Drop by the Duomo’s personal Piccolomini Library.

– See the excellent collection of Renaissance art at Siena’s Pinacoteca.

Best Hostel in Siena – Siena Hostel Guidoriccio

Actually, this hostel is not even located in Siena but on the outskirts of the city in the countryside. That means you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet and convenient views of the hills. Luckily, there is a bus stop nearby, which will take you to the city center. Best of all, there’s a free breakfast!

Best Hotel in Siena – Hotel Athena

An excellent hotel that manages to be both rustic and modern at the same time. Offers pristine amenities, free breakfast, and an authentic Tuscan experience. The hotel is located on the edge of Siena and overlooks the hills yet it still only 10 minutes away from the Duomo. Throw in a complimentary breakfast and outstanding local cooking and you have one of the best places to stay in Tuscany.

Best Airbnb in the Siena – Little Heaven on the Hills

Do you dream of having your own Tuscan farmhouse? Fantasize about walking through groves of olive trees that you planted and nurtured yourself?

While those things do, in fact, take time to cultivate, you can imagine having them by staying at this Airbnb!

This Airbnb, the so-called Little Heaven on the Hills, is a wonderful little getaway. It’s a cozy, studio-style hut made of brick that is located on the outskirts of the city. It’s surrounded by fields of olive and fruit trees, which are great to frolic through.

So frolic away people! How often do you get the chance to have your own rustic cabin in the Tuscan countryside?!

Pisa – Where to Stay in Tuscany without a Car

Pisa is one of the most popular day trips from Florence (1-hour trip). Most people just come here to see some leaning tower and then leave. What these day trippers don’t know is that Pisa is one of the best cities to base yourself in.

Pisa is within a stone’s throw of several amazing Tuscan destinations, like Lucca, Viareggio, Livorno, and the Alpi Apuane. A lot of these places are accessible by public transport as well, which makes Pisa the one best places to stay in Tuscany without a car!

Pisa itself ain’t too shabby either. The Leaning Tower is, of course, the most popular attraction in Pisa but there’s a lot more to this city than just a poor example of structural planning.

The Piazza that hosts the tower is actually astounding and should be given more attention as a whole than the tower. The nearby mausoleum of Camposanto Monumentale is crazy beautiful. The food is on par with Florence and the nightlife is pretty energetic, if not a little limited.

If you’re looking for a quick Tuscan getaway but want don’t want to bother with a car, then head to Pisa and the surrounding province. It’s a pretty neat town and the stuff nearby is even better.

where to stay in tuscany without a car pisa

Top Things to See and Do in Pisa

– Visit the Leaning Tower.

– But also walk around the entire Piazza del Duomo, which includes the Catedral and Baptistry.

– Seriously, take a tour of the Camposanto Monumentale.

– Grab an amazing taliere at I Porci Comodi.

– Drink with the students at Piazza delle Vettovaglie.

– Wander through the woods of Parco naturale Migliarino San Rossore.

– Find the hidden Palazzo della Sapienza.

– Take a beach trip to Viareggio.

– See the first palace of the Medicis at Dolmenweb.

– Walk on the Arno with a lover.

Best Hostel in Pisa – Hostel Pisa Tower

This hostel, located right next to the Leaning Tower, is probably the most convenient hostel in Pisa to stay at. Its excellent location means you can visit the best attractions in the city without traveling too far. When you tire of being a tourist, just head back to the lodge and relax in the solarium or play a (calm?) game of ping pong.

Best Hotel in Pisa – Le Quattro Stagioni

This property feels like part-hotel, part-guesthouse, and part-apartment. What do we mean by that?

Each guest has there own room complete with all of the amenities you’d expect from a hotel. The design is very personable though, like that you’d see if you were staying in someone’s flat. Finally, there’s a shared lounge area for guests to mingle and enjoy their meals together. (Does that all make sense now?)

Crucially, this hotel is a stellar deal though and one of the most affordable lodges in Pisa. It’s located a bit far away but, luckily, Pisa isn’t too big.

Best Airbnb in the Pisa – Casa d’Orsola

Another Cosy, apartment built in a more typical Italian style, with wooden rafters, white-washed walls, and terracotta floors. This apartment is also located quite close to the Tower (10 minutes walk) and the markets as well. Great for couples looking for a more private and intimate Tuscan experience.

San Gimignano – Where to Stay in Tuscany for Wine

There is a lot of competition for the best village in Tuscany to stay in and, for that matter, the best village for wine lovers. While we love the likes of Volterra or Colle di Val d’Elsa, there’s just something about San Gimignano that makes our hearts flutter. Maybe it’s the medieval towers, maybe it’s the pastoral hills around the city…then again, it’s probably the wine.

San Gimignano is surrounded by excellent wineries. While it produces many of the most famous wines in Tuscany, like sangiovese, in addition to some international varietals, like cabs, San Gimignano is most famous for its white varietal, the vernaccia di San Gimignano. You can get your hands on this drop at a local wine bar in the town or by touring the vineyards, preferably by bicycle.

When you finish with the wine tours, walk that buzz off in the streets of San Gimignano itself. You’ll get to see lots of medieval Tuscan architecture and some Renaissance art as well. Just avoid walking along the palisades of the town or climbing the towns while tipsy.

Better yet – just sleep at the source and find some accommodation at a Tuscan vineyard! That’d be perfect.

Tuscany Italy San Gimignano Historic Center

Top Things to See and Do in San Gimignano

– Stay at a Tuscan agriturismo.

– Study the town’s 14 remaining towers.

– Visit the many wineries on the edges of the town.

– Climb one of the towers or many viewpoints for awesome views of the Tuscan countryside.

– Wander around the medieval alleys.

– Sample the Tuscan sangiovese and vernaccia di San Gimignano, the local specialty.

– Break into the fortification of La Rocca di Staggia.

– Go for a walk on the outskirts of the city.

– Just chill out.

Best Hostel in San Gimignano – Palazzo Buonaccorsi

A guesthouse that has maintained most of its traditional Italian features, including tile floors, beamed ceilings, and wooden furniture. Even the intricate beds still look like they are straight out of an old Italian movie! For an old-school town like San Gimignano, this is one of the most appropriate places to stay in Tuscany.

Best Hotel in San Gimignano – Torraccia di Chiusi Agriturismo Relais

Tuscan farmhouses, or agriturismi, are an increasingly popular way of staying in the region. By doing so, you’ll have immediate access to organic products – e.g. food and wine – and be able to contribute to the local community.

Torraccia di Chiusi is one such Tuscan farmhouse near the town of San Gimignano. This lodge offers homemade products to guests, like jams and sweets, and even more at dinner time. The setting itself is quite bucolic too, as you’ll be staying in traditional buildings surrounded by groves of local flora.

Let’s not get it twisted though – you’ll still have lots of modern amenities. There’s a pool on-site and even jacuzzis! It’s the best of both worlds.

Best Airbnb in the San Gimignano – Casa Alberto

This is the real deal – a Tuscan home that has been lovingly preserved and converted to suit your needs. This is a lodge that comes complete with a private garden, a wonderful house, and an even more extraordinary host that actually cares about his guests. This Airbnb gets rave reviews from its clients and is arguably one of the best ways to experience San Gimignano.

Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Florence

Florence is an incredible city – around every corner, it is bursting with culture, art and excitement. With its amazing food and incredible sights, Florence is certainly a city that is worth your time and your travel dollars.

To recap; our pick for the best area in Florence to stay in is Santa Croce. Here you’ll find a great mix of architectural gems and historical attractions, as well as out-of-this-world restaurants and vibrant bars and clubs.

best places in Florence to stay the duomo

Our recommendation for the best hotel accommodation in Florence is Alfieri9. Charming and cosy, this hotel is close to the centre of the city and offers a great range of modern amenities. You won’t find a better base for your time in Florence.

If you’re on a budget, our vote for best hostel goes to Hostel Gallo d’Oro.

Do you have a better idea of where to stay in Florence? With kids or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!

Buon Viaggio!

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