Malaysia should be your next travel destination – Here’s why

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Cool art on the streets of Melaka

Malaysia should be your next travel destination – Here’s why

For many, Malaysia is the ultimate travel destination; the place that meets the old and new, traditions and customs from various places in Asia. This makes it the perfect backpacking destination for many and truly passionate travellers have it at the top of their bucket lists. From the secluded Tropical Spice Gardens in Penang to peaceful quiet resorts, below you will find them all. Let’s see why you should make room for it on your list as well.

An incredible blend or culinary delights and cultural attractions

If you’re tired of visiting new places and never eating something truly special on your vacation, then give Malaysia a try. This is a true culinary delight, with narrow streets filled with street food and intriguing local foods. Love anchovies? Then you will certainly love to hear that Malaysians love those too. As a snack. A fried one. Some hot sambal sauce will wonderfully complement those. Visit Malacca for a true transition city, where, guess what? Tastes and flavours from the British, Dutch and Portuguese blend with local ingredients resulting in some amazingly flavourful culinary delights. You might want to know that Malacca is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The cultural mix is a truly astounding one, like nowhere else around the world. And you will certainly have to try the food in Kuala Lumpur; it is equally delicious and intricate. Try both street food and fancy restaurants. Your taste buds will certainly thank you.

Why visit Malaysia?

Why visit Malaysia? This is why!

A true delight for English tea lovers

Cameron Highlands is the originating place of some of the best white tea ever manufactured. Named after the British colonial William Cameron, the tea here has an extraordinary quality. Also, the scenery is a truly breath-taking one. After all, under your eyes is Malaysia largest tea plantation. Go get your Malaysia e visa and go visit this incredible place, located in the heart of Malaysia, in the Pahang state. The Forrest Trail should be also part of your incursion here, as the mossy trees make every traveller’s delight. This will offer you the opportunity of exploring the wildlife and the natural beauty of the moss-covered trail and forest. A perfect hiking location, this area of the Cameron Highlands will certainly tickle your fancy if you’re a passionate hiker. The highest peak in the area goes above 2,000 meters and the trail entrance is free of charges. However, there are several operators that organize guided tours. If you want to find out more about this location, a guided tour would be worth the money. 

Kinabalu National Park a natural jewel of Malaysia

The Kinabalu National Park is the first national parks established in this amazing country and, unsurprisingly, it is also part of the UNESCO world heritage. It was designated as one of the most important biological sites in the world, with more than 100 mammal species, approximately 400 species of birds and an impressive flora. The park is situated in the western part of Sabah. If you are a nature enthusiast, you certainly want to make place for this destination on your next trip to Malaysia. 

The Iban People – Borneo natives that still stick to their traditions

Known as a tribe of skilled hunters, the Iban people are still preserving their traditions and culture as it was centuries ago. In the past days, the tribe was feared for their warrior skills, but things have changed in the present. While trying to preserve as much as possible their old customs and traditions, these people live a relatively modern life, all their houses being properly equipped for a decent and comfortable living. In the past the Iban People were of animist religion. This, however, changed, and in the present, the vast majority of them being of Christian and Muslim religion. Some choose to be observant of the both, especially during the religious ceremonies and festivals. The customs blend beautifully with the percussion-oriented music, and the unique dancing manner of the Iban People, commonly known as ngajat; this will make every tourist’s delight as it is so much different than other customs and traditions in the Asian world.  

George Town, the Malaysian city with the biggest concentration of Chinese

The capital of Penang, used to be an important trading location for the British. The city itself is a mesmerizing location, as it is an extraordinary mix of Asian and European architectural and cultural influences. The eclectic architecture and the friendly locals make this destination a truly amazing experience for all tourists. If you feel adventurous enough, Penang also has some incredible spice gardens, hidden in a secluded spot on the island. The Tropical Spice Gardens are professionally tended and this will make your incursion here a highly informative and relaxing one. The heat and noise of the city will be unlikely to bother you here, as the location is hidden in the heart of the tropical forest. If you want to remember your incursion here, you must know that there are some souvenir shops around as well. Maybe invest in a cookbook with traditional courses. 

The Pulau Gemia private resort

Why Visit Malaysia?

Pulau Gemia resort.


 If you have 70 euros to spend on a night, we advise considering to visit the private island resort of Pulau Gemia. The crystal-clear waters are populated by turtles, rays and sharks and the quiet and peaceful beaches will certainly help you unwind quite easily. The charge per night is far from being a fortune, and the resort administrators frequently organize kayak incursions in the surrounding waters and islands. If you go kayaking, make sure to visit the neighbouring island of Kapas, which will make a sensory delight. The white sands here have a flour-like texture: puffy and fine.  

If you still aren’t convinced that Malaysia is one of those destinations that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, then maybe the increasing number of tourists and experts who claim that this is the perfect destination for backpacking encounters will convince you. 

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