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Hello fellow adventurers! One of the most common questions I get from folks about to hit the road on a round the world trip is “what gear should I take backpacking?”. Here you will find a complete backpacking packing list of everything you could possibly need for a trip abroad.

I have changed and adapted my backpacking packing list over nine years of travel, please note some of this backpacking gear should only really be taken on more adventurous trips. There are lots of backpacking equipment dealers out there but I recommend saving yourself a lot of time and ordering most of your gear online.

Backpacking Packing List – Essentials checklist

Backpack: You can’t be a backpacker without a backpack! I myself am a big fan of Osprey packs, they are super comfortable, well designed, almost indestructible and come with a lifetime warranty… I suggest picking a backpacking in the fifty to seventy litres range. I myself have the Osprey backpack. If you want to go for something a little bit smaller, I recommend the Berghaus Freeflow; it’s super comfy and I’ve had mine for six years, it’s still in great condition. Picking the right travel backpack is very important; you are, after all, going to be pretty much living out of your pack…

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Day Pack (10-20 litres): A very worthwhile investment is a decent day pack, you can get something cheap but if you want something reliable, I would recommend choosing something by Berghaus, Osprey or Lowe Pro.

Compression Packing Cubes: The ultimate backpacker secret weapon in keeping your shit organised. Be sure to get a mesh laundry bag to keep your dirty laundry in, it stinks if you put it in one of the plastic ones.

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Dry bag: Well worth having to keep your electronics in… Mine has saved my gear on more than one occasion. A five litre dry-bag is normally big enough.

Hanging Toiletry bag: Hand’s down the easiest way to keep all your toiletries and meds in one place. I never really feel like I’ve moved into a place until I hang it up…

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Backpacking Packing List – Clothing checklist

Trekking trainers: Don’t go travelling around the world without some decent shoes! I personally swear by North Face Hedgehogs and have been wearing them for nearly a decade.

Technical sandals: If you’re going to be spending a lot of time trekking in the jungle, hanging out on the beach or sailing then it’s worth bringing a pair of good quality technical sandals; Teva and Merrel are the best.

Flip Flops: Definitely worth packing no matter where you are going.

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Sunhat: If you’re heading to the scorched plains of Backpackistan, you need to keep your head covered. My Barmah bush-hat has accompanied me on many adventures.

Buff: One of my favourite travel accessory, I wear one on my wrist at all times; it’s great for keeping the sun off or covering your mouth and nose to keep dust out. I also use it as an eye mask on long haul transport and in dorm rooms.

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Underwear: It can be surprisingly hard to find underwear that fits in Asia… Pack enough before you go backpacking!

Thin hiking trousers: Craghoppers make the best stuff and their Nosquito range is impregnated with mosquito repellant.  Check out this article for some of the best women’s hiking trousers.

Long sleeved mosquito repellent shirt: A life saver when trekking or hanging out in tropical climates.

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T-shirts / Tank tops x 4: Easy to find on the road, don’t stress too much about these.

Base Layer: Crucial for keeping warm, I swear by my Helley Hansen.

Lightweight technical fleece: Essential when you’re on buses or trains that have the AC turned to ‘freezing’.

Evening wear for going out: Again, I tend to stick to Craghoppers; they have some smart shirts which are also fairly practical.

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Indestructible sunglasses: I have probably destroyed over one hundred pairs of sunglasses… For a backpacking adventure, it’s worth investing in a decent pair of sunnies and I recommend Sungod; these are specifically built for travellers and are pretty much impossible to break. Best of all, you can design them yourself on the site.

backpacking packing list

Backpacking Packing List – Technology checklist

If you’re keen on becoming a digital nomad, it makes sense to invest in your gear. Buying a Macbook Pro was the single best investment I ever made. You’ll also need a camera; if you’re new to photography I suggest getting something by Lumix, it offer’s great bang for your buck and is ideal for taking quality travel photos. If you are interested in a career as a freelance photographer than you will need a better camera; I recommend the Nikon D5300. Don’t forget to get a decent camera bag as well as spare memory cards.

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Laptop: A Macbook Pro is the ultimate choice but it is damn expensive, a Macbook Air will do the job just as well; be sure to pack a external hard-drive to get around the relatively small drive space. For the love of god buy a laptop case to protect your baby. 

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USB flash drive: Endlessly helpful.

USB card reader: Essential if you’re into your photography.

World Travel Adapter: It’s worth splashing out a bit here and getting one that can charge a laptop and two USB devices at once, I have been using my Skross Travel Adapter for years.

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Smartphone: If you have a reaaaally good smartphone, you might not even need a camera.

Portable battery: Extremely useful for keeping your phone and camera charged whilst adventuring. I travel with two as I’m often trekking and away from power.

GoPro Hero 5: If you want an action cam, this is the one to go for…

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Backpacking Packing List – Adventure checklist

Head-torch: Super useful for caving, hiking and bathroom trips when the power’s gone out. 

Mosquito Net: I strongly recommend getting a box shaped net.

Cable ties: Always worth packing a couple, especially if you’re off on a motorbiking adventure.

Carabiners: I always pack a couple of these, simply clip them to your pack.

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Sleeping bag liner: Useful when the sheets are not so clean or you want to sleep under a blanket but it’s damn hot.

Small sewing kit: Fix you’re own shit, you’ll save some money.

Combination padlock: I used to frequently lose my room keys when staying in hostels, these days I just lock my room myself using my padlock, problem solved.

Pens and notebook: Don’t go travelling without it!

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Backpacking Packing List – Hiking Gear checklist

You may not need a lot of the gear below but if you’re planning an epic expedition and will be away from civilisation a lot it does make sense to invest in some of the below.

Warm gear: If you’re heading into the mountains, pick up a pair of water-resistant gloves, a hat with ear-flaps and a down jacket; I’ve been using my RAB Neutrino for years and it was a great investment.

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Water bottle: Hydration is pretty damn important whilst trekking, I recommend a Nalgene as it’s wide enough to clean easily.

UV steripen: The best option for purifying water.

Water purification tabs: A much cheaper option for purifying water.

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Multi-tool: I’ve been using my ultra lightweight Leatherman Skeletool for years, it’s the perfect companion for any backpacking adventure.

Portable Stove: I have a pocket-rocket which serves me well.

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Tent: If you’re camping, you’ll need a tent… Vango make some of the best value quality tents on the market and MSR make some of the best tents in the world.

Roll-mat and sleeping bag: Thermarest makes some very good, albeit, expensive stuff.

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Backpacking Packing List – Toiletries checklist

    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Shower gel
    • Cotton buds
    • Pack of tissues
    • Decent sunscreen (often expensive to buy abroad)
    • Deodorant
    • Nail clipper
    • Moisturiser (for sunburn)
    • Razor with replacement blades
    • Shaving gel
    • Earplugs
    • Condoms
    • Girly stuff (if applicable!)
    • Microfibre travel towel – significantly better than using scummy hostel towels. 

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Backpacking Packing List – Medical checklist

It’s always worth packing a small first-aid kit. On my travels I’ve been hospitalised three times, been in a couple of motorbike accidents and had more hangovers than I can count. My first aid kit saved my ass on more than one occasion…

I recommend picking up a pre-assembled first-aid kit and then pimping it out with all of the below. 

  • Personal medicines such as inhalers
  • Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Mosquito repellent (at least 40% deet)
  • Antihistamines
  • Bandages and gauze
  • Plasters in various sizes
  • Steri-strips
  • Throat lozenges
  • Condoms
  • Ciprofloxacin (the best thing to take for traveller’s diarrhoea)
  • Malaria pills if applicable

Backpacking Packing List – Documents checklist

It helps to be organised before you hit the road; I travel with all of the below in a plastic wallet, it may sound nerdy but when you’re at a politically charged border crossing you will get across a lot faster if you are organised.

  • Flight, train and bus tickets
  • Address of your first hostel (even if it’s fake).
  • Valid Passport
  • Laminated copy of your passport
  • Debit Cards x 2
  • Credit Card
  • Dollars or Euros
  • RFID Blocking Money Belt
  • Some one dollar bills for tips
  • Driver’s licence
  • Student ID
  • half a dozen passport photos for visas on arrival (you normally need two per visa).
  • Insurance information, home contact details, health information as part of a laminated card.


Travel Insurance

Whatever you do, don’t hit the road without travel insurance. I’ve ended up claiming on my travel insurance three times on my travels and every time, if I didn’t have insurance, I would have been fucked without it.

I recommend getting your travel insurance through World Nomads


Did I forget something? Is there any super special gear you always take backpacking?

For more travel gear inspiration, check out my buddy Gianni’s ultralight packing list and for the ladies, this excellent travel packing list for women by Two Scots Abroad.

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  • Emma Mann says:

    Digital copies of your preferred travel guides can be loaded onto your tablet. Save the weight, don’t take the book!

  • Serena says:

    Hi Will.

    Really good post you have there. One thing I would like to add is this Cocoon Grid It Organiser my boyfriend got for his Christmas present. It keeps all your techy electrical things together in one place and they never fall out. We have the one which stores his MacBook air, his kindle, charging cables, adaptor plugs, spare batteries and pens.
    You can mix and match. You should have a look as you have quite a bit of gadgets there.


  • TJ says:

    Bandanas (2), shemagh scarf, Paracord, pharaoh rod (metal match). What does your pack weigh? Mine is currently 35lbs. Id prefer 30 but doesn’t seem possible to lose anything.

  • vignesh says:

    for the more adventurous ones, hammocks and a good tent.
    travelled 4 months in SEA, and quite possibly spent a month in the tent to reduce accommodation expenses.

  • Indy says:


  • Epic list Will! I wish we bought a GSP device when we started travelling. I thought it was a bit overkill but it would have saved the day a few times in India!

  • Chase says:

    All this goes in one bag that you have on you all the time? it all fits?

    • Will Hatton says:

      Nah, I tailor what I take based on what kind of trip it is…

      • Juan Carlos Deveze Garcia says:

        But i dont get it, what do you do to all the stuff, i mean, you are backpacking, if you have sleeping bags to go hiking and then you go to a city and you dont need it, you throw it away?

        sorry my english sucks haha love your blog, i click on every sponsor you have ;)

  • Jorge says:

    very nice post. thanks for sharing! will definitively check it before I travel next time.

  • Freya says:

    I love your bio. I from Venezuela

  • Mark says:

    Hello Will,It’s a good list for easy living.I have just done a 4 month motorcycle trip around most of S/East Asia and as far as electronics go,all I took was a $15 cell phone.My total pack weight was 18kg and did trip in the wet season.Lots of fun.I feel that too much gear and all the electronics you suggest,makes the trip to easy,(comforts of home)might as well stay home.It is fun getting lost,you do finish up in some cool places,you might never have,discovered.

  • fredwingg says:

    I agree that toiletries is the most important things we should carry with us whenever we plan to travel somewhere. If you’re going on a short trip and you don’t have any check-in baggage, you need to make sure that any toiletries you bring don’t fall foul of the 100 ml/3 oz limit.

    • Will Hatton says:

      This is especially relevant for women (who tend generally to carry more cosmetics type stuff) and first time travellers. The number of newly bought toiletries I have seen confiscated at airport security, by now, would number in the high hundreds of litres. Check it in or keep it under 100ml for hand luggage. I can only imagine where all that product ends up.

  • Simon owens says:

    Will, great list of gear…but how much does your kit generally weigh? Seems like it could be damn heavy!!!

  • Claudia says:

    Hi there,Im heading to south east asia for about 5 months end of november, i was just wondering the vaccinations you recommend which I should get done as hospitals try hook you up with things that are not really needed.

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