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Singapore, the little island hub of energy just off the coast of Malaysia, is a beautiful place to spend your time in with its perfect blend of futuristic designs and natural gardens and parks. Whether you have a short layover, on your way to another destination, or you are arriving determined to spend a vacation in this multicultural city, you are spoilt for choice on things to do.

So spoilt, in fact, that it can seem impossible to properly plan out your time in Singapore. There are so many things you can see and do, it can be quite overwhelming! That’s why we’ve put together this itinerary that will ensure you make the most of your time – however long or short that may be – and that you get to experience the best of the city.


Best Time To Visit Singapore

when to visit singapore

Merlion Park, Singapore

Singapore sits only 1 degree north of the equator: it is characterised by a hot and humid climate. Rainfall is very common and usually refreshing and won’t dampen too many traveling plans. Singapore is well prepared for rainy days.

 Average TemperaturesChance of RainCrowdsOverall Grade
January30°C/86°FHighBusy (New Years)🙁
February31°C/87°FLowBusy (Peak Season)🙂
March32°C/89°FAverageHigh (Singapore International Film Festival)😐
September31°C/87°FAverageBusy (Singapore Grand Prix)🙂


Where To Stay In Singapore

where to stay in singapore

Supertree Grove, Singapore

Singapore, although small, has many different areas for you to stay in. From bustling city centers to cultural hubs and even beach resorts, there’s a spot on this island for every kind of traveler!

Apart from Sentosa – a fantastic beach resort island just off the coast of Singapore – the districts are all quite close to each other. So wherever you stay, you won’t be far from the other great places on offer.

Places like Chinatown and Little India are fantastic for experiencing the many cultures available in Singapore. While Orchard Road is a hub of activity during the day, it turns into a shopping opportunities galore in the evening!

If you’re looking for the best place to experience Singapore’s nightlife, we suggest staying in Clarke Quay. It’s also the perfect place for travelers on a budget. Backpackers can find great accommodation and there are happy hour specials on food and drinks throughout the day.

Alternatively, enjoy fine-dining at some of Singapore’s best restaurants in the Civic District. Immerse yourself into the culture as well by visiting the many art museums in the area, and relax in some of the large green spaces – great for picnics! For more information, check out our guide on where to stay in Singapore!


Best Hostel in Singapore – Fisher BnB

Singapore itinerary

Our pick for the best hostel in Singapore.

Fisher BnB can be found within convenient distance from everything important in Singapore. Visitors can even walk to places such as Little India and Chinatown!

Offering ladies only, mixed and family dorm types, you can comfortably sleep with whichever group fits you best. With your comfortable bed, you’ll also get free WiFi and a scrumptious breakfast included in the rates.



Best Airbnb in Singapore – Attic Hideaway @ Heart of Town

Attic Hideaway at Heart of Town

Our pick for the best Airbnb in Singapore.

Walking distance to Singapore’s hottest neighbourhoods and attractions, this clean and contemporary attic hideaway is the best Airbnb in Singapore. With modern amenities and a full kitchen, this one-bedroom condo comfortably sleeps up four people and is perfect for anyone looking for a place to stay in the heart of the city.

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Best Budget Hotel in Singapore – Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay

Singapore Itinerary

Our pick for the best budget hotel in Singapore.

Located centrally in Clarke Quay, this hotel offers maximum comfort with budget-friendly rates.

The hotel is only 5 minutes walk from the Clarke Quay MRT Station, giving you easy access to public transport. Guests can also enjoy a 24-hour fitness center, including a large swimming pool overlooking Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Itinerary

Our pick for best luxury hotel in Singapore.

Situated in Marina Bay, this iconic hotel has become a Singaporean landmark. It has 20 dining options inside its walls, and its own private, world-class casino.

Enjoy luxury rooms, which all have floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you breathtaking views of Marina Bay and its surrounds. There is also an infinity rooftop pool and a spa inside the hotel.

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Singapore Itinerary

singapore itinerary

Welcome to our EPIC Singapore itinerary

Traveling in Singapore is made easy thanks to the MRT (or Mass Rapid Transit). It runs throughout the city and can connect you from one attraction to the next fast, efficiently and without hassle. Most of the major attractions are a short walk from the MRT stations. 


Day 1 Itinerary in Singapore

Arab Street | Little India | Chinatown | Gardens by the Bay | Biodomes | Supertree Grove Skywalk


Stop 1 – Arab Street

  • Why it’s awesome: An immensely cultural experience. Immerse yourself into the heart of Singapore’s Islamic community!
  • Cost: Free to explore – only spend what you wish on the delicious food and exciting shops.
  • Food recommendation: Arguably the best breakfast spot in the area, All Things Delicious will serve you a filling and nutritious meal.

Start your first day early by taking the MRT and hopping off at Bugis station, making your way to Arab Street. Here, you will find a hub of Islamic culture. From fantastic food options to quaint boutiques, you will find fabrics and souvenirs and enjoy a hearty breakfast to start your day of exploring properly!

There are many stores that offer products not found in your local supermarket. There is also the Trippies and Little Children’s Museum, which shows life as a young child in Singapore during the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Arab Street Singapore

Arab Street, Singapore

Once you’ve tasted and shopped your way down the street, be sure to visit Sultan Mosque. It opens every Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm (and again from 2pm to 4pm). Fridays are only open from 2:30 pm to 4pm.

Insider Tip: When visiting the mosque, as with most temples in Singapore, be sure to show the appropriate respect and ensure that you are correctly clothed – otherwise, you will not be let in.


Day 1/Stop 2 – Little India

  • Why it’s awesome: A bright and colorful neighborhood full of Indian culture, from shopping and food to friendly faces!
  • Cost: Again free unless you give in to the shopping temptation.
  • Food recommendation: Find a host of food stalls in Tekka Centre, serving up the very best of Indian cuisine.

Next, take the MRT, or enjoy a short 20 to 30 minutes walk to Little India. Here, you will find an array of Indian-inspired shops, restaurants, and places of interest. Wind your way down the busy, colorfully decorated streets and experience the sights, sounds and delicious smells along your way!

In addition to the many food options – think everything from rotis to mutton curries – you’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities, such as Mustafa Centre, a 24-hour shopping center. There’s also the Tekka Centre which has the widest arrange of Indian food stalls, as well as many small product stalls, selling everything from religious paraphernalia to jewelry and clothes.

Little India

Little India, Singapore

Browse through the Little India Arcade and pick up Indian-inspired souvenirs to take home with you. Make a stop at the Jothi Store & Flower Shop, too, and you’ll find ethnic products spread over 5 floors.

Little India also has a collection of temples which you can visit. A definite not-to-be-missed is Sri Veeramakaliamman, the most beautiful temple in the area according to popular opinions. You can also visit the Indian Heritage Center, a four-storey building blending Indian history and heritage with modern architecture – entrance costs $5.


Day 1/Stop 3 – Chinatown

  • Why it’s awesome: A great place to find lots of shopping, with many temples and museums to explore!
  • Cost: Free to explore.
  • Food recommendation: Get your lunch from Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle – the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant!

Now that you’ve gone through the Islamic and the Indian communities in Singapore, the next obvious stop is Chinatown! Much as the name suggests, it’s a hub of Chinese culture mixed with Singaporean life.

There is, again, an abundance of things for you to do. There are many temples here, which you can visit during opening hours. The most noteworthy of the temples being the Buddha Relic Temple which displays Buddhism and religious relics.

China Town

China Town, Singapore

The biggest attractions, though, are the many shopping malls. Shopping in Chinatown is an experience few would want to miss! Find everything from clothes to home decor, and gifts to take back home.

Start at the Chinatown Complex Market (home of Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle) and make your way through hawker stalls galore. You’ll be able to find many curious and gifts at different stalls. Then, navigate down the streets of Chinatown and explore the many boutique stores on offer as well. You really can shop ‘til you drop here!

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Day 1/Stop 4 – Gardens by the Bay

  • Why it’s awesome: A natural oasis in the busy and bustling bay area, enjoy a relaxing walk by the lake and view the many species of wildlife!
  • Cost: Free.
  • Food recommendation: Don’t leave without trying artisanal coffee and perhaps a gourmet sandwich from Cafe Crema.

The Gardens by the Bay is a large space in Marina Bay that has been designed as a natural oasis in the middle of the busy bay area. This futuristic botanical garden attracts many tourists and locals alike! It’s free to enter and explore most of the Gardens.

The Garden is a hub of ecological growth, and it is full of resources and educational information. Not only is it the perfect spot to go and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by nature, but it’s a great way to learn about plants, flowers, and wildlife from all over the world!

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Inside the Gardens, you will find lush greenery and a variety of wildlife. Take a walk past Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, taking in the beauty of nature around you! Spend some time in the Serene Garden, a Japanese-inspired zen garden. Enter the World of Plants and learn all about the many types of plants located in the Gardens.

Then, check out the Sun Pavilion, a desert-inspired space with over 1000 desert plants! Afterwards, make your way to the Heritage Gardens and learn about the diverse history and culture of Singapore – told through plants, of course! You also don’t want to miss the Canyon, a large collection of sculptured rocks that lay across a 400-meter dragon’s tail.

Insider tip: The Gardens is also home to more than 40 unique art sculptures! Find them along your walk through the Gardens.


Day 1/Stop 5 – The Gardens’ Biodomes

  • Why it’s awesome: See the world’s highest indoor waterfall and explore flower species from across the globe!
  • Cost: $21 per adult per dome.
  • Food recommendation: Have your pick of Mediterranean dishes from Pollen, located inside the Flower Dome.

Once you’re done checking out the main Gardens, make sure you stop off at the Biodomes! These are Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. Both of the greenhouses are made from a complex design of glass and a steel grid. They are the world’s largest columnless greenhouses!

The Gardens Biodomes

The Garden’s Biodome, Singapore | source: John Tillemans (Wikicommons)

The Cloud Forest dome houses a 35-meter tall mountain, which is covered in lush, tropical vegetation. It’s from the top of this mountain that you will be able to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall!

The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world! This dome showcases flowers and plants that are found in the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. Find African Baobab trees, desert succulents, an olive grove and more.


Day 1/Stop 6 – Supertree Grove Skywalk & Garden Rhapsody Light and Music Show

  • Why it’s awesome: 16-storey high manmade tree-like structures, with a show unlike any other!
  • Cost: $6 for the skywalk, the show is free.
  • Food recommendation: Dinner is served at Indochine, a restaurant inside the tallest Supertree. Book a table to enjoy a meal before the show, or simply hang out with a cocktail at the rooftop bar.

Finally, visit the Supertree Grove, where the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” takes place. The man-made Supertrees are solar-powered structures that act as vertical gardens – with tropical flowers, various ferns, and other plant life found growing along their steel frameworks. You can view 12 of the 18 Super Trees found in the Gardens!

Supertree Grove Skywalk

Supertree Grove Skywalk, Singapore

The Supertrees also act as air venting ducts, rainwater collectors and solar power generators! Aside from their useful functions, though, they are also a sight to behold and provide an amazing show of light and sounds through the Gardens each night.

Take a trip up the 16-story high supertrees and experience the exhilarating skywalk for just $6 per person. Then, settle into a comfy spot on the grass and wait for the 8 pm Lights and Music Show, which shows off the beauty of the Supertree Grove!


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Fisher BnB
Fisher BnB can be found within convenient distance from everything important in Singapore. Visitors can even walk to places such as Little India and Chinatown!
  • $$
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Breakfast


Day 2 Itinerary in Singapore

Sentosa | Madame Tussauds | Merlion | Palawan | Skyline Luge | Night Safari

Stop 1 – Sentosa Island

  • Why it’s awesome: Man-made beaches, water parks, roller coaster rides and so much more bring crowds of people to this man-made island!
  • Cost: You can take the Sentosa Express for $3 and this will cover your travel fees and entrance to the island.
  • Food recommendation: Whether you prefer sweet or savory breakfast, Breadtalk has delicious and freshly-baked goods.

After spending your first day engaging in the cultural side of Singapore, take this second day to bring out your fun side – Sentosa Island being “The State of Fun”.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore

There are many ways to get from the main island to Sentosa. You can choose to walk across the bridge joining the two, take a taxi cab, or drive yourself if you have a rental car. The cheapest, easiest and quickest way, though, would be to take the MRT to the Sentosa Station at VivoCity Level 3, Lobby L, and from there take the Sentosa Express.

Sentosa is full of fun and playful things to do. Whether you’re looking for a bustling day heaped with adventure or a more chilled day seeing the sights and lazing on the beach, you’ll find your perfect fit here! Once you have reached the island, there are a few stops you should definitely make, which we’ve mentioned below.


Day 2/Stop 2 –  Madame Tussauds

  • Why it’s awesome: View the lifelike wax figures of celebrities, as well as unique experiences such as a virtual F1 race!
  • Cost: Ranging from $28 to $76 depending on the experiences you choose.
  • Food recommendation: Bever Cafe is a self-service restaurant, open all day, serving everything from sandwiches to curries.

Madame Tussauds, Singapore opened its doors in 2014 and is one of 19 attractions across the globe. This famous wax museum is full of life-size wax models of famous people! From celebrities to presidents, these wax figures are extremely life-like and look exactly like their human twins.

Once inside, there are a number of things that you can explore. However, when purchasing your ticket, you’ll decide which of the many things you want to see and do. Start off in the Party room, mingling with A-list celebrities. This is the perfect time to snap a selfie with Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman!

Make your way over to the Sports section and attempt a somewhat stiff high-five with your favorite athlete stars! And don’t miss out on the History & Leaders area, where you can stand with some of the world’s greatest leaders throughout history – or at least, their wax figurine lookalikes.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, Singapore | source: PatTag2659 (Wikicommons)

The Film & TV room gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some high and famous stars from your screens. Fulfill your musical fantasies in the music room and get to share a stage with stars such as Madonna and Brad Pitt!

You can then take a 30-minute journey through Singapore’s history. A group of actors will lead you through around 200 years worth of culture and heritage. This can only be followed by a Spirit of Singapore boat ride, which takes you down tunnels filled with magical gardens and lights. The boat ride will deliver you to the IFA awards room, giving great photo ops and an interactive dance activity!

Before you go, be sure to try out the F1 experience. Sit in a life-size Formula 1 race car and take part in a virtual race, putting you on the track with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel! Finally, delight in a Marvel 4D experience, going on an adventure with your favorite superhero and feeling like you’re part of the action!


Day 2/Stop 3 –  Sentosa Merlion

  • Why it’s awesome: View a piece of Singaporean legend – and get in some fantastic holiday snapshots!
  • Cost: $13.
  • Food recommendation: Merlion Cafe is close by and ready to fill your hungry tummy with a scrumptious meal and great coffee.

The Merlion is a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion. It has a great story behind it, which you will learn all about when you visit the Sentosa Merlion. But the short story is that the Merlion is said to protect the islands of Singapore.

Merlions are such a big part of Singapore culture that you can even find them on the currency! There are many Merlion statues around Singapore, but the largest and most interesting is the one on Sentosa Island. This specific one is 15 storeys tall, and you can walk around inside the statue!

Sentosa Merlion

Sentosa Merlion, Singapore

Inside, you’ll find interactive games, videos and other informational activities which give you the history of the Merlion. Climb up to the mouth and get a birds-eye view of Sentosa.

Insider tip: Wondering how they came up with the Merlion? Singapore was originally named Singapura, meaning “lion city” and it used to be mainly a port and fishing city. So they took their lion and added ‘mer’ – meaning sea.


Day 2/Stop 4 –  Palawan Beach

  • Why it’s awesome: Get to stand right at the tip of the Asian continent. Experience a fantastic view from the view towers!
  • Cost: Free.
  • Food nearby: Grab a bite to eat from the local food court, or simply enjoy a cocktail on the beach at FOC Sentosa.

This beach is essentially Sentosa’s fun family beach. Great to bring kids to as there are safe, family-friendly spots to chill and adventures to be had. But it’s not just for families with kids, couples and even solo travelers are bound to find something fun here!

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach, Singapore | source: Marcin Stolarek (Shutterstock)

Stop in at the Animal & Bird Encounters and get to meet and interact with the island’s inhabitants. From monkeys to reptiles and birds, there are daily shows that take place and you should be just in time for the Parrot Encounter show at 3pm.

From Palawan beach, take a short walk across the rope bridge to reach the very bottom tip of Asia – a small islet. Here you can climb one of the two view towers and stand on the decks to overlook the seemingly endless Singapore China Sea! Watch as the ships float by on the water and get a good view of the beach as well.


Day 2/Stop 5 –  Skyline Luge

  • Why it’s awesome: A breathtaking ride both up and down the luge tracks.
  • Cost: $18 per person for two luges and Skyrides!
  • Food recommendation: Stop in at Bikini Bar for a drink on the beach and munch on some bar snacks if you’re feeling peckish after all this adventuring.

Said to be one of the activities you absolutely shouldn’t miss, the luge and Skyride is the best way to end your Sentosa visit! Take a seated Skyride up to the top of the luge track, where you can then zoom down the track in a luge.

Enjoy a birds-eye view of the Singapore skyline as you slowly reach the luge track in your 4-seater Skyride seat. Once at the top, get into your luge and choose from their 4 tracks to go down.

Skyline Luge

Skyline Luge, Singapore | source: Terence Ong (Wikicommons)

The tracks are all around 1.6 miles long and all have tunnels, twists and turns to make the ride down as exhilarating as possible! The greatest care has been put into making sure the luges are safe, and they are equipped with safe brakes and steering.

The company’s saying is ‘Once Is Never Enough’ and that seems true for the majority of their customers! Luckily, tickets are sold in pairs so you know you’ve got at least 2 rides to go.


Day 2/Stop 6 –  Night Safari

  • Why it’s awesome: Meet creatures of the night as you navigate through the wild enclosure with only nocturnal animals around!
  • Cost: $33 per adult for the Safari experience.
  • Food recommendation: Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant has an Asian or Indian buffet each night, starting at 5:30 pm.

Make your way back to the main island in time to catch a Night Safari experience. Taking public transport will end up in at least an hour of travel time, so you want to leave Sentosa no later than 4:30 pm, especially if you want to have dinner before your safari trip.

The safari departs from the Singapore Zoo, and there are sideshows you can attend before and after your guided tour. There is a fire dancing show, which takes place every day (except for Wednesdays) at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm.

Night Safari

Night Safari, Singapore | source: pelican (Flickr)

There’s also a Creatures of the Night show which you can watch, showing the many nocturnal creatures that inhabit the zoo, these shows can be seen every day provided the weather is good, at 7:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm. The shows are included in your Safari ticket price.

The main event, however, is the guided tram ride, that will take you through all 6 geographical zones! The guide will provide live commentary as you go, giving you information on all the animals you see. You can, if you prefer, take a self-guided walking tour instead. This will take you along trails where you can see animals such as leopards, wallabies, tigers and even hyenas!

Before you go, you can stop in at the gift shop and find many souvenirs to take home with you. Whether you want a plush version of your favorite night-dwelling animal or a simple keyring to carry around with you.

Gardens Neighborhood, Cape Town

You should always have emergency cash hidden on you – pick up this awesome security belt with its hidden pocket before you travel, it’s perfect for hiding money, a passport photocopy.



Day 3 and Beyond

Treetop Walk | River Cruise | Universal Studios | Marine Life Park | Esplanade Center

If you’re lucky enough to be spending more than 2 days in Singapore, here are a few more ideas on how you can spend your time.


Treetop Walk at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve

  • Walk through the treetops of the Reservoir Park using this one-way bridge!
  • Round trip through MacRitchie Reservoir Park will take 3 – 5 hours depending on your walking pace.
  • Free Entrance.

Visit the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and get to walk next to the high treetops. Right in the center of Singapore, the Nature Reserve spans over 2000 hectares of forest cover, with some of the world’s richest forests in terms of biodiversity!

It’s in this reserve that visitors are offered the opportunity to walk across a suspension bridge, nestled in the treetop canopies. This suspension bridge was built to help forest canopy researchers reach the canopies in order to study them.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve

Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Singapore | source: Aleksandra Pachecka (Shutterstock)

The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a popular starting point for those who are eager to do the Treetop walk. Entrance to the bridge is at the ranger station, and the bridge only allows for one-way traffic. The bridge itself is only around 850 feet long, with the highest point being around 82 feet!

This walk is perfect for avid bird-watchers, or general nature lovers who wish to get a higher view of the park and hiking trails. The bridge is open from 9am to 5pm, but is closed on Mondays (unless it’s a public holiday).


River Cruise

  • See Singapore from the water!
  • Cost is $19 per adult.
  • Duration: 40 minutes

Why not enjoy a leisurely cruise alone Singapore’s waterfront. Departing from Clarke Quay, you can enjoy exploring the streets a bit while you wait for your boat. Once you’re aboard the boat, you will then travel down the river to view the other quays, the Boat Quay and Robertson Quay, as well as many other landmarks along the way!

All through your trip, the captain of your boat will enlighten you on the history of the places you are floating by. Your captain will also know the importance of stopping long enough for you to get those perfect holiday photos! You’ll want to have your cameras ready because you’re sure to want to take some of the memories home with you. From the water, you’ll also get a clearer view of some of these amazing landmarks.  

River Cruise

River Cruise, Singapore

You’ll go past attractions such as the Sentosa Merlion, the Esplanade and the Marina Bay Sands Resort. Getting a good look at these places is sometimes much easier from the water, further away than if you were to explore them on foot – and no foot traffic to compete with!

While on the boat, be sure to look out for the bronze statues dotted along the waterfront. You’ll find statues of children playing, olden-day cart-and-horses and other historical moments. Each statue is there to tell a story of Singaporean life long ago. There are also statues of animals exclusive to Singapore, such as the  Kucinta cats.


Universal Studios

  • Singapore’s first and only theme park!
  • 24 rides and shows in 7 themed zones.
  • Fun for the whole family.

Situated on Sentosa Island, Singapore’s Universal Studios is a magical place to be. With 7 zones, all themed differently, you can enjoy a wide range of rides, sights, and attractions!

This theme park is a great hit for many visitors. Because of this, it gets quite busy and crowded, which means long queues and waiting times. This is why we suggest you plan this activity as the main part of your day.

If you have kids with you (or even if you don’t), you’ll love the meet and greet opportunities. Shake hands with the big names like the minions from Despicable me, Sesame Street characters, Autobots and even Jurassic Park dinos!

Universal Studios

Universal Studios, Singapore

There are many shows available each day as well, such as the 4D Adventure with Shrek which is a hit with all Shrek lovers. As you walk through the park, you’ll come across many street shows as well. Look out for the Cruisers and the Madagascar Boogie!

If you need a slightly more adventurous experience, check out the bigger, faster and slightly scarier rides. These include a 3D Transformers battle ride, the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and the Battlestar Galactica!

One thing that no one visiting the park should miss, is the Lights, Camera, Action Show, directed by Steven Spielberg! The show is a magnificent display of special effects, shown to the audience inside a boathouse.


Marine Life Park – S.E.A Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark

  • Aquarium with over 100,000 marine animals!
  • Enjoy high-speed water slides and lazy river floating at the waterpark.
  • Entrance to both attractions costs $56.

Start your day with a visit to the aquarium. There are more than 100, 000 animals that call the aquarium home, made up of over 1000 different species! These are spread across 50 habitats which can be viewed and visited while you are there.

At the aquarium, you can take advantage of the special experiences, such as walking with marine animals and swimming with the sharks! Or simply enjoy watching the many sharks, fish and other marine life from the outside.

Marine Life Park

Marine Life Park, Singapore

Once you’re done at the aquarium, head right next door and make sure you have your swimwear on. The Adventure Cove Waterpark is a thrilling place to be for the young and old! Enjoy the many different water slides on offer, like the Riptide Rocket and the Tidal Twister!

There is also the Big Bucket Treehouse and the Wet Maze, slightly less terrifying but equally as fun – and wet! Don’t miss out on wading in Ray Bay, as stingrays swim past your legs. And if you’re into snorkeling, the Rainbow Reef is your place to be.

Before you leave, try out Bluewater Bay, where you can practice your surfing skills in the giant wave pool! And finally, create the perfect end to your day by taking a tube down Adventure River. You’ll float by many different habitats and scenes, best of all being the underwater tunnel with sea life swimming above and around you!


Visit the Esplanade Center

  • Take a guided tour through the center.
  • Free performances!
  • Food, drink, shops and more inside the center.

The Esplanade center is a large and busy art center, offering guests nearly 3000 performances each year. It is a non-profit center, run by a dedicated team of art professionals who have kept the center going for the past 16 years!

If you’d like to view all that the center has to offer, and a bit behind the scenes, take a guided tour for just $15 per person! Or go up to the third floor and get lost in the vast shelves of music, art and theatre books in the center’s library.

Esplanade Center

Esplanade Center, Singapore

You can watch a free performance every day on the waterfront, giving you a taste of the magic that happens inside. If you’d like to purchase tickets to performances in the concert hall or theatre, you can do so online or at the center’s ticket box.

There are a number of shops available in the center’s ‘mall’, where you are able to shop as your heart desire. Stop off at one of the many eateries for a bite to eat. From Asian cuisine to delectable ice creams and crafts beers, you can find it all inside!

Want more ideas of fun things to do in Singapore? Check out “24 best places to visit in Singapore” and “Backpacking Singapore Travel Guide“!

Don’t forget to pack a good book!

Fodor’s Singapore 25 Best: This is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city.


Staying Safe in Singapore

Singapore has very strict laws and takes a zero-tolerance approach to those who disobey them! For the most part, there is no great risk for travelers to Singapore, and even solo travelers have found it a pleasant experience.

We’ve created a Singapore safety guide for some of the (crazy) things you need to look out for, but here are a few common things you need to guard yourself against.

Pick-pocketing: It almost goes without saying that when walking in the streets you should keep your valuables close to you and out of reach of long fingers.

Scams and fraud: from fake taxi cabs charging you more than their worth, to men posing as female prostitutes in order to obtain money and gifts from other men with the promise of sexual favors later on. Many of these scams are easy to avoid if you know what you are looking for.

Breaking the law: certain offenses – such as possession of cannabis – can be punishable by the death penalty. As a foreigner, you want to make sure that you are accustomed to the stricter laws and ensure you obey them while you are visiting.

Don’t forget to sort your travel insurance! We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads now, our favourite travel insurance provider.

Day Trips From Singapore

If you’d prefer not to have to plan your own trip, you can easily book one of these tours or activities and have it all sorted for you. 


Jurong Bird Park: Lunch with Parrots

Jurong Bird Park

Spend a day inside the Jurong Bird Park and enjoy interacting with the lively parrots!

On arriving at the park, you’ll be shown to your table, spread with a feast fit for a king. The delectable food is made from local produce and is sure to fill you up good and proper! Expect only the best of Asian cuisine for this lunch.

While you are eating, the birds will come out to give you a show. Put your hands together for Ippy, a scarlet macaw who will perform acrobatic acts for you! Michael, the resident green-winged macaw will impress you with his problem-solving, and an Amazon parrot will come out for a lively chat!

Check Tour Price


Private Customizable Tour with a Local Host

Private Customizable Tour with a Local Host

Choose your own Singapore adventure with this tour. Book a guide exclusively for your group, pick and choose where you want to go, what you want to see, and how long you want the tour to be.

These tours are guided by English-speaking locals. They know all the ins and outs of the city and can show you the ultimate way to enjoy your stay! Explore Singapore in a way only a local would know how.

The tour will take you past some of the best places to eat, as well as sights and attractions not to be missed! The cost of food and activities are not, however, included in the tour price.

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Singapore War and History Tour with Lunch

Singapore War and History Tour with Lunch

Learn all about Singapore’s war history with an interactive tour. Starting in the morning with a walk along Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, with an amazing view of the city!

Make your way to the “Garden of Fame”, visit the Lookout Tower, and learn all about the industrial revolution of Singapore! Then pay your respects at the Kranji War Memorial, before heading to a local lunch spot to refuel.

After lunch, move on to Bright Hill Temple, and then find yourself crossing over to Eastern Singapore where you can view the Selarang Barracks from a distance! On your way back, drive past the Changi Air Base and then stop for some photos at Changi Beach.

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Iconic Sights and Food Bike Tour

Iconic Sights and Food Bike Tour

What better way to experience Singapore than hopping on a bicycle and exploring the most iconic sights and attractions, as well as stopping for some delicious food?

This tour gives you exactly that! With a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, you’ll board the bicycle, strap on your helmet – slip on a poncho as well if the weather is a bit wet – and make your way around Singapore.

Your guide will show you the best places to visit and explain why. He/she will also stop off at authentic Singaporean eateries, and help you choose the best foods from the menu! Included in the tour are the bicycle rental, helmet, specified food, and drinks.

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FunVee Singapore 1-Day City Hopper

FunVee Singapore 1-Day City Hopper

The FunVee bus is available for you to explore Singapore at your own pace, but with some guidance as well.

The bus travels through all the mention-worthy neighborhoods, so you’ll get to explore Chinatown and Orchard Road as well as many others, all in one day! You can hop on and hop off at the many stops, so there’s no need to rush your explorations.

The bus ticket is valid for one day and includes all the most important stops! See busy Arab street, and then stroll around the botanical gardens. This ticket means you don’t have to stress about public transport to get you around the city.

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Now, armed with this valuable information and priceless itinerary, we hope your next visit to Singapore will be a magnificent one! Remember to pack clothes that will help you dress respectably enough to enter the temples, but will still keep you cool in the city’s extreme humid conditions.

Be sure to take lots of photos, Singapore is a city filled with sights you won’t often see anywhere else in the world! Enjoy the many cultural experiences, from religious buildings to food and even crafts – take it all in and embrace the journey. And, of course, don’t be afraid to try new things while you’re there, it’s all part of the adventure!

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