If there is one thing that Europe does well, it’s cities. And whilst it does have some epic natural features too, the great classical and renaissance cities are what you just can’t get anywhere else in the world.

And they’ve been around for a while. In fact, many of its cities have buildings still standing for centuries, so it’s really like taking a trip through time. Just imagine exploring the Acropolis in Greece and then taking a break at Starbucks — it’s like moving from Sacred to Profane in just under 10 minutes.

But Europe is huge, so it can be tough to decide the ideal city for your travel style — but then again, maybe that’s why you came looking for some destination inspiration.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at some of the best cities in Europe to examine what truly makes them special. We’re also going to take a quick glance at prices and provide some top tips on where to stay.

Off we go!


Whilst not exactly an original choice, I had to start this list off with Paris. Perhaps the definitive classic European city, Paris still remains one of the most popular destinations on earth.

Designed and rebuilt by Baron Hausman in the 18th century, Paris came to set the highest standard for city design and its approach was widely imitated worldwide.

Paris is all about wide avenues and pavement cafes, peppered with a fuck ton of utterly astonishing monuments. The city’s museums are world-class (the Louvre being merely the tip of the iceberg) and some of the religious buildings are absolutely soul-stirring.

Travelling to Paris as a family
Family vacation in Paris: still a cliche!

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And the Eiffel Tower? The view from up there is insane! Rivalled only by the panorama from the gorgeous Sacre Coeur in Montmartre — which I highly recommend you to visit, too.

I have visited Paris about 10 times in my life as my girlfriend used to live there. Whilst the shine has worn off, I will never forget how much Paris blew my mind when I first visited as an 18-year-old boy.

What Should I Do There?

The classic tourist stuff is popular for good reason. Don’t miss the Louvre and, if Notre Dame is reopened by the time you read this, then by all means go! My personal pick for Paris is to make your way to the Père Lachaise Cemetery where Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Molière all lie in rest.

How Much Does It Cost?

The bad news is that Paris is expensive. Tickets for the museums generally range from $10 upwards and can add up — unless you’re under 26 and from the EU, in which case they’re free.

A beer in a cafe will usually set you back $7 and a metro ride is $1.50.

Where Should I Stay in Paris? — St Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord

With so many epic hostels in Paris, it wasn’t easy to pick a winner. St. Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord takes the prize, though, since it ticks all of the boxes I look for in a hostel. Friendly, helpful staff, not too big, not too small, clean, and overall a super fun vibe.

In addition to the free wifi throughout the hostel, guests also get 25% off food at the Belushi Bar & Restaurant downstairs.


Most lists like this will tell you that Barcelona is the essential city to visit when you’re backpacking Spain, but they are nothing but liars! And don’t get me wrong: Barcelona is awesome, but Granada is fucking underrated.

The region of Andalucia in Spain is like a dreamscape, and Granada is a Moorish-flavoured, Gypsy city that exudes magic at every twist and turn.  

Built into a rocky hillside, the steep city of Granada was once heavily populated by Spanish Gypsies. Their influence can still be felt, and a bohemian spirit lingers in the air.

Best Cities in Europe - Granada
How is this not one of the best cities in Europe??

The poster boy for Granada is the mighty Alhambra — a former fortress-slash-palace-slash-cathedral which is now recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Granada also boasts some of the finest tapas in all of Spain and is one of the last bastions of traditional “free tapas”. Oh, and it’s also one of the hottest cities in all of Europe.

What Should I Do There?

You would miss out if you skipped the Alhambra, but remember to book your ticket in advance, because there’s a chance you might be turned away.  There are also plenty of Flamenco Shows — try to find one inside a gipsy cave, which can also come with a meal!

You can visit and stay in the old Gypsy cave houses up at Albacin or explore the Arab quarter flavoured with the aroma of incense and marijuana.

If you have time, try to make a day trip to the very special cave town of Guadix. Although Granada is one of the best cities in Europe, Guadix is definitely one of the most unique towns on the planet.

How Much Does It Cost?

Spain is actually reasonably priced and Granada is amongst its share of affordable cities. You can get a small glass of wine or beer for around $2 and it will come with some Tapas. Tickets for the Alhambra start at $12 which is a great price for the sheer size of it.

Where Should I Stay in Granada? – Historic space that captures the city

There are some fine stays in Granada which attract a lively, boho crowd. We rented out this beautiful Airbnb for about $50/night and recommend you do the same.

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the Granada of old the moment you step into this beautifully curated space. With castle and olive grove views, you feel swept up in the vibe the moment you arrive.


Often dismissed as Russia-lite, Ukraine is off the radar for a lot of travellers. The capital city of Kiev, however, is the perfect mix of Soviet-era wastelands, Tsarist era splendour and charming, peasant-folk traditions.

Kiev is, in my humble opinion, one of the absolute best cities in Europe.

Best Cities in Europe - Kiev
Look at this pretty thing!

Right now, the city is experiencing something of a golden age for underground raves and barely-legal, real Techno parties. There is a famous spot called Cxema that you can try, or you can just connect with locals and see in which beautiful techno dark cave you end up at.

Another benefit of visiting Kiev is that you can visit Chernobyl, the abandoned nuclear power station and “model” Soviet workers’ town. And that’s fucking cool, let me tell you!

What Should I Do There?

Be sure to take a stroll up to the Motherland Monument — a giant, steel Soviet sculpture which dominates the Skyline over the river. The Orthodox Churches are also pretty and worth a look.

And rave! If you’re into that.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best cities in Europe can be cheap, and that’s exactly the case with Kiev. Dirt cheap! Ukraine is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

We ate in local, traditional restaurants and filled our bellies for no more than $5. A hostel dorm can be as little as $4 and a local beer in a supermarket is under $1.

Where Should I Stay in Kiev? – DREAM House Hostel

DREAM House is one Kiev’s top hostels and you can find it in one of the city’s trendiest districts. Tucked away in Podil, this hostel has its own bar and café — with plenty more nearby. Free wifi, a great kitchen, and bikes available to rent. That’s my pick for the best hostel in Kiev!

Note: While we love Kiev, we do NOT recommend planning a trip to Ukraine right now due to the ongoing war.


When you think about the best cities in Europe, Romania is probably not the country that comes to your mind first.

However, Romania is a truly overlooked gem and quite possibly my 2nd favourite country in Europe. I wasn’t too fond of my stay in Bucharest, the capital, but I did love Brasov in the Transylvania region.

Best Cities in Europe - Brasov
Bring me Dracula.

Pretty little Brasov feels more like a pleasant town than a city and is quite a chilled out place. The old city walls are still standing, as well as some old Orthodox churches that will certainly take your breath away.

Best of all, the city is surrounded by mountains that you can easily hike up to visit the cheeky “Brasov” sign (modelled after Hollywood) and take in all the beautiful city views.

What Should I Do There?

Other than simply taking in the ambience and doing a hike, the next big thing to do is Brasov is to take a day trip to Bran Castle — one time home of Vlad The Impaler and the inspiration for “Dracula”. Note that Brasov offers something different to both the summer and winter visitor. Check out our when to visit Europe guide for more intel.

How Much Does It Cost?

Backpacking the Balkans is pretty cheap in general, and Romania is a delight to the budget backpacker. Prices in Brasov are very reasonable as long as you avoid any swanky/pretentious places. Hostel dorms are around $8 and coffee less than $1. 

Where Should I Stay in Brasov? – Centrum House Hostel

There aren’t too many good hostels in Brasov, but I stayed at Centrum House. As the name suggests, it is located bang in the centre and offers perfectly adequate dorms at a solid price.

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    Italy has no shortage of great cities. They’re the epicentre of the renaissance and the spiritual mecca of all things stylish — Italian cities exude beauty and splendour everywhere. And more often than not, they’re jam-packed with antiquity and religious sites, as well as some awesome museums.

    Best Cities in Europe - Lecce
    This is one of my favourite cities in Europe.

    Little Lecce is perhaps Italy’s best kept secret and a truly underrated gem. Imagine a bite-sized version of Florence — at half the price, with none of the crowds, and just about as dope.

    Lecce is the kind of city where a roman amphitheatre quietly minds its own business opposite of H&M, and where you can join a Sunday, catholic mass with a choice of at least 10 EPIC renaissance cathedrals.

    The food is also sublime and the little boutique trattorias do amazing, traditional plates of local cuisine for $8-10.

    What Should I Do There?

    This is a city for fans of classical and renaissance architecture. The Duomos are simply stunning and the Piazzas are lovely spots to people-watch in the sun.

    Lecce is also well situated for day trips to the towns of Gallipoli and Otranto.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Italy isn’t always the cheapest country to visit, but the prices in Lecce are pretty reasonable. We stayed in a beautiful private Airbnb for $50 per night and were eating for about $30 for two (and we were splurging).

    If you’re on a Broke Backpacker budget, the supermarkets do cheap local produce and Italian wine/beer is very affordable — you can drink a bottle in the square and just watch the world go by.

    Where Should I Stay in Lecce? – Open Space in Centro

    There isn’t really a thriving backpacker scene in Lecce and besides that, its the kind of city best enjoyed by booking your own, private apartment in the old town and getting a flavour of local life. This one has a balcony with gorgeous views — perfect for morning coffee, and sunset aperitifs (or spliffs, whatever you might be into).


    Come to Amsterdam for its unique cultural scene and the bike rides along the canals. Smell the tulips, check out some Van Gogh and Rembrandt paintings, and dive head straight into the Red Light for some proper debauchery.

    cost of travel to Amsterdam
    View from Anne Frank House Museum.

    For me, the perfect trip to Amsterdam can involve a little bit of both. The city is charming and the museums are fine. However, it would be a travesty not to roll up a joint in one of the space cafes and tour the backpacker-flavoured, late-night bars.

    Amsterdam is an essential element of any European backpacking trip!

    What Should I Do There?

    The Anne Frank House museum is well worth a look — book in advance to avoid waiting outside. My personal favourite neighbourhood is Jordaan and you should definitely spend a few hours taking in the vibe there.

    If you do decide to head for the Red Light District, then I will leave that one up to your imagination. The night is young; the possibilities endless.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Amsterdam is not cheap. At all. Hostel dorms start at $12 and tend to be pretty awful. Nice, private accommodation will set you back $100 at least. 

    The Red Light District also has a way of draining a travellers’ finances — my tip is to bring a set amount of cash with you and leave your bank card back in your digs so you can’t be led astray.

    Where Should I Stay in Amsterdam? – First-Class Houseboat Studio


    For a quirky place to stay in Amsterdam, what could be better than renting your very own private houseboat? This cool Airbnb is a houseboat on the outside and a studio apartment with modern trimmings on the inside. Huge sliding windows, and everything you need to spend a few blissful days gently bobbing on the water.


    Sarajevo is the Ottoman tinged capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the heart of the Balkans. The city was a one time regional capital of the former Soviet Republic of Yugoslavia and bore the brunt of the bloody and terrible dissolution — the heartbreaking “Siege of Sarajevo” dominated international news throughout 1995.

    Balkan excellence.

    The spectre of the Balkan war does haunt the city and Sarajevo is often referred to in quasi tragic terms. The shell holes still mark the pavements and the natives who survived the siege all have stories to tell. If you can get them to open up, that is.

    And whilst Sarajevo does offer a lot to the “dark tourist”, the city’s not all doom and gloom. The old town is a charming, shisha scented warren of Slavic folklore and Turkish coffee houses, and the hike up to the Trebtant (the mountain overlooking the city) is a wonderful afternoon escape.

    What Should I Do There?

    My absolute highest recommendation is to join some form of Siege of Sarajevo themed walking tour. The Siege Tunnels near the airport are also a fascinating lesson in human resilience and ingenuity.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Bosnia is a very cheap country to visit for those with foreign currency. Good quality hostel dorms generally cost $8 and the price of food is also low — I ate in one of the city’s nicest restaurants for $10 and managed to fill a bag with fresh groceries for $5.

    Where Should I Stay in Sarajevo? – The Good Place Hostel

    This hostel in Sarajevo is perfectly positioned close to all the most interesting parts of the city. It’s newly renovated and located on one of the main pedestrian streets, with banks, markets, and shops on all sides. Comfortable dorm rooms are available, with shared bathrooms and modern facilities.


    The Greek Islands are perhaps the most sought-after tourist destinations on earth. Mykonos is a party island for pretty young things, Zante is a boozed-up binge and Crete is lovely for those seeking a family experience.

    Santorini, however, might be the most instagrammable island on earth and just oozes Mediterranean splendour. And while it might be hard to avoid the crowds here, I still consider it one of the best cities in Europe.

    Best Cities in Europe - Santorini
    Epic sunsets in Oia, Santorini.

    Its white buildings and blue domes shine in the evening sun and make for some of the best holiday snaps you’ll ever get. Santorini is also a lovely place to take some long strolls and then dive into a local bar or restaurant for a hearty moussaka.

    Whatever you decide to do, I heartily recommend that you don’t visit in the summer — it’s just not worth the hordes of tourists. Try to visit during early Spring or at the back end of Autumn.

    What Should I Do There?

    Santorini is a lazy place — or, better, it’s a great place to be lazy at. The things to do here include watching the magical sunset at Oia and visiting the site of the “real” Atlantis.

    Your Santorini itinerary will probably not include much more than this and a few good meals & drinks, but you can try, though!

    Do bring a camera and get snapping.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The bad news is that Santorini is not cheap. Food and drink prices have risen and are higher than on other islands. And accommodation also gets very pricey.

    There are not many hostels and dorms cost around $30. If you go for a nice Airbnb, expect it to cost well over $100 a night.

    Where Should I Stay in Santorini? – Charming rustic flat on the cliffs

    Situated in the heart of Santorini’s most famous village, and complemented by ocean and bay views, this place is a steal for the price. Rustic Mediterranean decor completes the vibe, and a whole host of amenities are provided.


    The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, now welcomes millions of visitors each year who come here to witness the country’s unique geological wonders.

    For me, Reyjkavik is one of the best cities in Europe. One where you can experience the uniqueness of Nordic culture, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the majestic Northern Lights.

    Best Cities in Europe - Reykjavik
    Cute as.

    The city itself is generally not viewed as an attraction in its own right, and often acts merely as a crash pad. However, it’s utterly charming and totally unique!

    Reykjavik is a city that kind of feels like a town: walkable, friendly, and very few buildings exceed 3 storeys. Reykjavik also manages to somehow feel ancient and futuristic both at once, with white wooden houses jostled next to funky, contemporary Scandaniavian architecture.

    There are quite a few decent museums in Reykjavik and the Cathedral is also worth a look. If you have the money to spare, there are also plenty of lovely and welcoming bars where you can grab a beer (or a few).

    What Should I Do There?

    The perfect Reykjavik itinerary usually includes a lot of walking around town and a lot of nature sightings.

    Be sure to spend a day exploring the city on foot. I also advocate walking out of the centre into the gorgeous residential neighbourhoods to admire the pretty houses.

    You can also take a “Golden Circle Tour” which takes in Iceland’s top geological and cultural sites — they leave Reykjavik early in the morning and drop you back at dinner time.

    Another popular option is to take a Northern Lights tour: you jump on a bus and they drive away from the city’s light pollution and hope the nordic, natural wonder make an appearance.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Wowza, Iceland is expensive — I hope you are sitting down for this.

    Even a short, frugal trip will probably set you back around $500. Hostel pods start at $30 and a dinner for 2 will set you back at least $50. The 2 aforementioned tours are around $100 per piece per person and even the bus from the airport is painfully pricey at $20.

    A few ways you can use to save up here is to sleep in your car (or campervan) or go dumpster diving.

    Where Should I Stay in Reykjavik? – Galaxy Pod Hostel

    Galaxy Pod Hostel best hostels in Reykjavik

    One of the best hostels in Reykjavik, Galaxy Pod Hostel provides all the facilities you would expect from a top hostel, and has a sociable vibe, but allows plenty of privacy come bedtime.

    The pods offer a good night’s sleep, warmth and protection from the chilly nights, and excellent value.


    The eternal city of Rome, founded by a wolf (or something), built by successive emperors and then rebuilt by successive Popes. Rome is definitely one of the best cities in Europe — heck, it’s one of the greatest cities in the entire world.

    Best Cities in Europe - Rome
    The mighty Colosseum.

    It’s been a seat of global influence for thousands of years, and a centre of human creativity for almost as long. The roads buzz with scooter traffic and its streets are awash with sick-ass Roman monuments. And cool-ass Romans just going about their day.

    Rome just oozes life!

    What Should I Do There?

    There is almost too much to do in Rome. You’ve got infinite Roman sites to check out, you’ve got the Colosseum and the Forum, the Vatican.

    One of my personal favourite things to do in Rome is to go window shopping for Papal and Priest robes and then pick up a “Hunky Priest” calendar from the street side vendors.

    The Vatican museum has one of the most impressive collections of art in the world. The Sistine Chapel is crowded but still worth a look. 

    If you want to visit the Colosseum (which you should), you’ll be better off if you book ahead and pay a little extra to skip the line.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Hmm, Rome isn’t exactly cheap but it is on the side of still good value and is worth the expenditure. I struggled to find a proper good, cheap hostel, so I ended up booking a bargain room near the station for about $25.

    If you stick to the takeaway pizza and pasta places, you can get a decent meal for around $5. Eating out and drinking in bars can get pricey, but it’s worth the experience. 

    Where Should I Stay in Rome? – Centralissimo Flat Campo dei Fiori

    Centralissimo Flat Campo dei Fiori

    It’s on the edge of one of the city’s most popular squares: Campo de’ Fiori. You’ll find few spots with such a great location for roaming around, eating out and hitting the bars! The place has a fridge and little kitchen so you can also self cater to save some brass.


    In case you ain’t heard of it, Tallinn is the capital of the Baltic nation of Estonia. It’s situated in the northern tip of Eastern Europe and is a captivating mix of Soviet-chic with a lick of Nordic flair. 

    The old town is UNESCO listed and a good base for your stay. The cobbled streets and old churches should keep you busy for a day or so. But what makes Tallinn truly special is its pioneering spirit of innovation.

    Estonia launched e-citizenship a few years ago in an attempt to become a nation of the future. It has attracted digital nomads (and some tax exiles) from around the globe giving the neighbourhoods a hip, cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial feel.

    Best Cities in Europe - Talinn
    A walk around town.

    Another bonus of taking a trip here is that you can easily take a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Helsinki is a very expensive place to stay — especially compared to where you just came from — but you can also take a day trip to get a taste of Finland before heading home.

    What Should I Do There?

    Fans of Soviet architecture and industrial desolation will be in their element in Tallinn. Another popular activity is to head to one of Tallinn’s legal firing ranges and shoot a few rounds from an AK47 — but that’s on you.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Tallinn is good value for your money. There are definitely cheaper other Eastern European destinations, but it’s still really cheap for Western standards. 

    Where Should I Stay in Tallinn? – Viru Backpackers

    Viru Backpackers is a small hostel located right in the heart of Old Town. It boasts great views of Viru Street and is within walking distance of the neighbourhood’s top attractions.

    Comprised of 10 recently renovated rooms, this hostel has a small but full-kitchen for guests to use.


    Portugal’s hilly capital city is quite lovely. It’s gained quite a lot of popularity over the last years — and for good reason.

    With a sublime year-round climate, a leisurely pace of life and Latin flair at every twist and turn, this city’s pure gold.

    One great thing about Lisbon is the sheer wealth of different neighbourhoods to base yourself in and explore. Bairro Alto, Alfama, Madragoa… there’s so much to explore here!

    The colourful hills of lisbon.
    Photo: @monteiro.online

    Lisbon also has kind of its own version of the Golden Gate Bridge and its own take on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

    Foodies will love Lisbon, whether it is fatty and filling pastéis for brunch or the famous salted cod for dinner. Oh, and Lisbon also has a ton of cosy, hole in the wall bars which make for awesome nights on the tiles.

    What Should I Do There?

    If you are looking to drink and make merry, then Bairro Alto should probably be top of the list. Simply head for whatever bar is playing the best music and see where the night takes you.

    During the day, getting lost in the cobblestone streets of its iconic neighbourhoods is one of the best things you can do. Head over to Alfama, Graça… explore the infinite viewpoints over the seven hills and pay a visit to the castle if you’re feeling like a king.

    Sightseers should head to classical Sintra and the exquisite Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. Oh, and the lovely mosaic tiles that line many of the buildings in Lisbon are simply beautiful — but don’t worry, you’ll see those too.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Though prices have risen a bit over the years, Lisbon is well priced for what it offers and is far cheaper than other European capitals. Hostels in Lisbon cost as little as $8 and you can find beer in a cheap bar for as low as $1.

    If you eat local, you’ll have no trouble eating for $10. You can go higher as well, as there is plenty of great eats in town — if you head for the Time Out market, a popular place with a huge variety of yummy things, $10-15 will also get you sorted there.

    Where Should I Stay in Lisbon? – Lookout Lisbon! Hostel

    This hostel is situated in one of the best areas to stay in Lisbon for nightlife. It is close to some of the liveliest bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs in the city. You’ll get comfortable beds and a delicious and satisfying breakfast — and they claim to have the friendliest staff in town!

    Brugge (Bruges)

    “It feels like I’m dreaming, but I know I’m awake” is how Bruges has been described (at least on film) — and it’s not entirely far off.

    The Belgian city of Bruges is like a little “chocolate box” town that is permanently UNESCO listed on account of its old town, much of which originally dates back to the medieval period.

    Best Cities in Europe - Bruges

    Now, Bruges isn’t usually considered one of the best cities in Europe, but trust me: it is one of the definitive weekend-break spots in the continent.

    And for all ages, too! Charmed by the old squares, baroque churches and lovely townhouses, you’ll find here an extremely lovely place to wander around.

    There are also some fine, fine pubs in Bruges that sell strong and tasty Belgian beer by the pitcher. Just remember to order a side of fries to soak up all that booze!

    What Should I Do There?

    For a truly off the beaten path Brugge experience, head to the Crown Plaza Hotel and ask if they will let you see the underground cathedral.

    More typical picks are to tour the Belfry and do some chocolate tastings. Indulging in Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer should definitely be on your list if you do plan to explore Bruges.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    This city is quite popular with tourists and it definitely isn’t cheap. Hostel dorms start at $30 and you can expect to pay $60 upwards for even a basic hotel room. Eating out will cost you $25 per person and those beers do add up.

    Where Should I Stay in Bruges? – St Christophers Inn Bauhaus Hostel

    St Christophers Inn Bauhaus Hostel, Bruges

    Perfectly situated in a complex of six UNESCO World Heritage-listed step-gable Brugean houses, St Christophers Inn is surrounded by Bruges’ historical center. There are free walking tours and Belgian beer tasting every day! How come that does not make it the best hostel in town?


    Wait?! Are we on the right continent? Well, half of Istanbul is, so I have to sneak it into the list as well as one of the best cities in Europe — and what a way to wrap this one out.

    Istanbul was once the seat of 3 different empires (The Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman) and is quite literally where East meets West.

    Separated by the great Bosphorous river, most of the headline sites are on the European side. But it is still worth taking a ferry or crossing the bridge to Asia for a look around and for pure novelty.

    Best Cities in Europe - Istanbul
    A new world.

    Istanbul mixed some fine Roman ruins, some absolutely bloody marvels of European architecture (The Hagia Sophia for one) with the hustle and bustle of a modern megacity.

    There is also a pumping nightlife scene and Istanbul has an array of bars and clubs ranging from hipster bars, glamorous clubs, and underground Psytrance parties.

    What Should I Do There?

    You have to visit the Blue Mosque. Try to swing by near prayer time so you can listen to the haunting call to Prayer. If you can catch a Whirling Dervish show, then this will also be an experience never to forget.

    Be sure to check out the Grand Bazaar to try some tea and practice your haggling game and do sample a delicious kebab from a street-side vendor.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Prices in Istanbul do vary. Hostels range from $12-20 and meals can be bought for as little as $5 if you get away from the tourist areas. 

    Where Should I Stay in Istanbul? – Jumba Hostel

    best hostel in istanbul

    A unique hostel in Istanbul with a novel business model: Jumba is owned and completely run by three sisters and that’s it. They are very good at what they do and really create a charming and intimate space (the decor is tasty!). It’s located in the Cukurcuma neighborhood near Galata.

    Final Thoughts on The Best Cities in Europe

    There you have it, folks: the best cities in Europe. At least according to my humble experience of travelling a little bit all over it!

    As I write this, I’m thrilled to look back and think about all of the awesome places I’ve been over the years — and all of the adventures I’ve had in each of those places.

    Each of these cities is special to me and I would gladly return to each of them tomorrow if the chance arose. I hope that this post inspires you to take a trip and I hope you love whichever city you pick as much as I do.

    If you’re more of a winter person, I definitely recommend checking out or guide on the best European winter destinations.

    And let me know if you have any favourite European city that didn’t make the list. See you on the next one!