We nomads are an interesting breed. We pack our entire life onto our backs, say goodbye to our stable lives at home and take to the world in search of connection… with ourselves, others, the world and of course, the most important connection of all, the Wi-Fi. 

Working and travelling is a WILD ride. It comes with some hella highs as you get to soak in all the goodness that wandering the globe offers. However, the life of a digital nomad isn’t always as smooth sailing as it may seem… we roamers need a few essentials to survive otherwise it can all become a bit of a nightmare. 

A digital nomad would be lost without stable Wi-Fi, a welcoming nomad community (especially for you lone roamers), a decent stream of oat milk flat whites and a shit load of EPIC activities to enjoy once you shut your lid. This life is the epitome of work hard, play hard. 

Lucky for you (and us!), The Broke Backpacker team are all rocking the digital nomad lifestyle and we are here to deliver to you the BEST digital nomad cities and hotspots across the world. 

Don’t worry, we’ve not only covered the places that everyone else talks about… but we’ve spilt the beans on our secret, smaller spots that aren’t yet on the radar. 

A laptop and a coconut next to the pool. Digital nomad.
“Can I have the wifi password, please?”
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

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What Makes a Good Digital Nomad Hotspot?

The digital nomad lifestyle is not always how it seems on Instagram. Any real digital nomad will tell you that the cliche image of a half-naked person with their laptop open, sipping a coconut on the beach is somewhat of a facade. 

Whilst working on the beach occasionally may seem dreamy, let’s face it, no work worth doing is getting done without the number one priority for digital nomads, strong wifi. 

Nic working on their laptop next to the pool with a coconut
Muahahaha, eat my cliche!
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

A good digital nomad hotspot needs other things too. I asked our team of real digital nomads what their priorities were when it came to finding the best places for digital nomads.

Here’s what we all value above coconuts, pretty beaches and avocado toast.

  • Strong, Reliable Wifi – To get work done! We can’t afford to lose wifi with online jobs.
  • Effective Working/Coworking Spaces – To increase work efficiency and build a routine.
  • Community – Because we are nomads, not total loners. Everyone needs community.
  • Cost of Living – This lifestyle is simply not sustainable unless you can support yourself.
  • Visas and Immigration Solutions – This depends on which country you choose to travel to and which country you hold a passport from. Do your own research here.
  • Location Accessibility – If you need to travel for any reason, you don’t want to have to trek through jungles or swim across oceans. Desert islands are not convenient.
  • Weather, Vibes and Work-Life Balance – Weekends exist; we deserve to enjoy them.

With all these important things to consider, all of a sudden, your options become somewhat limited. Finding the perfect place to settle as a digital nomad can be extremely challenging. 

The beauty of nomadism is having the choice. Often you will need to find your own priorities and sacrifice one or two luxuries (but not wifi). Luckily, The Broke Backpacker team are here to share our tried and tested favourite places, hotspots, cities and hidden gems for digital nomads.

As a team of globetrotting nomads, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bunch of people to provide these answers. We have put our heads together and come up with this list to help nomad newbies and veterans alike. Take notes, my friend, you’ll want to remember these! 

The Best Places In Southeast Asia For Digital Nomads

Travelling in Southeast Asia is like living the backpacker life on level one difficulty. It’s so warm, so incredibly diverse, so cheap and so full of backpackers. It’s also a fantastic region for digital nomads for the exact same reasons!

Here are some of our team’s favourite spots to work remotely in this magnificent part of the world…

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta is no shit the digital nomad DREAM. You know the cliche of a nomad working with their laptop at the beach sipping an iced coffee? Most of the time this is not the reality but in Koh Lanta… it can be. 

Cafes like Escape Cafe or Lym’s Bar will have you parked up on the beach with good wifi, incredible coffee and the opportunity to take a dip in the sea in between emails. 

Although I loved working a couple of hours at the beach-side cafes, the best coworking space in Koh Lanta is Kohub (unfortunately, not on the beach) – these guys run social events, have speedy Wi-Fi and have been attracting nomads to the island since 2014. 

Note: as with a lot of places on the island, these guys only open in high season. November-May. 

dani remote working from the jungle in thailand
Taken two minutes before a monkey jumped off the roof.
Photo: @danielle_wyatt

The cafe culture in Koh Lanta will also provide many other hot spots to whip ya laptop out for a few hours – check out Glasshouse, they are a funky cafe with a co-working space upstairs (they also sell good weed, if that’s your thing).

I’d recommend staying up the top of the island as it’s where most of the action happens. Hub of Joys Hostel is my top pick for where to stay as a digital nomad – they have a coworking space and a pool!

Koh Lanta is one of the best places for digital nomads with a mix of strong wifi, chill vibes, beautiful beaches, low prices and a thriving nomad community. It’s got enough development for a living but has retained its island charm. 12/10 would recommend for digital nomads in Thailand.

Lombok, Indonesia

Many people think of Lombok as Bali’s somewhat irrelevant little sister. As a middle child, I can relate to Lombok in a special sort of way and, to let you in on a secret, I much prefer Lombok to Bali.

Lombok has everything digital nomads could ask for, and pretty much everything that Bali boasts minus the traffic, crowds and cringe. I find myself settling in Kuta Lombok as a default setting of sorts when I am travelling in Indonesia or Southeast Asia.

Man on rocks in Indonesia looking out to sea
Serene beaches await… beyond this rock, I swear
Photo: @joemiddlehurst

Kuta Lombok is one of the best surf towns for digital nomads and it is the stunning surf that drags me back here time and again. There is a great sense of community in Kuta Lombok. There’s decent nightlife, a nice amount of cafes and coworking spaces and there are also other facilities like good gyms to get a healthy routine flowing. Oh, and the wifi is strong enough too! 

When compared to Bali, Lombok has cheaper prices but also a comparatively lower standard of luxury. Lombok’s connections to Bali (and its own airport) bolsters its position as one of the best places to work remotely in Southeast Asia. 

If you want to stay in Lombok as a digital nomad I recommend Dream Cowork Hotel. This hostel/hotel is ideal for remote workers and has fantastic on-site coworking facilities. Not only this but finding and connecting with other digital nomads in Indonesia is a breeze at Dream.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a city that I didn’t enjoy visiting on my first backpacking trip around Southeast Asia many moons ago. As a broke backpacker, 24/7 cities like Kuala Lumpur that provide all the modern comforts of home are the last kinda places you want to be.

However, digital nomadism changes travel and these kinds of cities are PERFECT for digital nomads. The wifi and infrastructure are top tier and there are a bunch of fantastic coworking spaces and cafes on each street corner.

Kuala Lumpur City Skyline with infinity pool
Not too shabby, eh?
Photo: @joemiddlehurst

Kuala Lumpur is also blessed with a phenomenal international airport that makes travel extremely convenient. In addition to this, there is a Malaysian digital nomad visa scheme that allows you to stay and work in the country for a period of up to 12 months. 

Kuala Lumpur has a fuck ton of ex-pats and digital nomads, so finding a community here shouldn’t be too hard. It also boasts some of the most luxurious and best-value long-term accommodation options in the world, there’s no doubt about that. During my previous stay in Kuala Lumpur, I pitched up in Lucentia Residences for the epic infinity pool overlooking the city.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai holds a special place in my heart and is perfect if you’re hustling away making that internet dollar. This gem of a city is hands down the best place for digital nomads (in my humble opinion).

If you want to perch up and do what we digital nomads do best… take up a spot in a busy cafe and order one coffee whilst doing five hours of work, I’ve got crackin’ news for ya! You’re never far from a trendy cafe with decent wifi and an endless supply of oat milk coffees in Chiang Mai.

A detailed temple and stupa with elephant statues in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai has more temples than 7/11s… and that’s saying something.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

There was a wicked coworking space called LifeSpace that became a second home, they had quiet rooms for working, a load of desks, ergonomic chairs and the entry cost ($6 USD) included a FREE drink with your day pass. Yes, friends, more coffee! 

Chaing Mai is a buzzing city with loads of other digital nomads so finding your tribe won’t be a challenge. My favourite area to stay in Chiang Mai was Nimman, it’s a buzzing area full of night markets, live music, temples to visit and sweaty Muay Thai sessions.

During one of my stays in Chiang Mai, I pitched up at a hostel called The Socialer. It’s a hostel with a co-working space. Not the most social atmosphere but definitely one of the best places for digital nomads to get shit done in Chiang Mai.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This little gem in the middle of this coastal hugging country is a must-stop on a Vietnam trip. In a country of almost 100 million people, Hoi An is a perfect breather in this somewhat over-stimulating country – so digital nomads in Southeast Asia tend to extend their stay in this old town.

While you’re staying a little longer, Hub Coworking is the best place to get some serious work done. It has recently become a coliving space too. All the more reason…

Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu is hands down the best surf town for digital nomads to stay in Bali. Here you can truly live out your digital nomad dreams; lounging on a sun chair, laptop open, cocktail in hand. This is the epitome of Uluwatu’s digital nomad scene and it’s an absolute dream.

Uluwatu seamlessly blends the wellness and yoga vibes with the digital nomad lifestyle. Many coworking spaces double as a yoga studio. What better way to clear your mind for the day than a meditation class and moving your body? If you’re looking to become your healthiest (physically and mentally), you’ll want to base yourself in Uluwatu.

A person standing looking down over uluwatu beach viewpoint in Bali
Come and stay in the new cool kid Bali area
Photo: Ralph Cope

The town is filled with coworking spaces and cafes, many boasting stunning beach views. However, being a digital nomad while travelling can be challenging. It’s tough to work in hostels surrounded by travellers who have no responsibilities and aren’t working remotely like you (ugh, how dare they, right?). That’s why finding a digital nomad community is so crucial.

I met countless friends living the same lifestyle in Uluwatu. We shared work tips, commiserated on stressful days, lent advice, and celebrated each other’s wins, it was a game changer for me.

A great place to find other like-minded people is The Space, one of the best coworking spaces in Bali, a place that blends yoga, fitness, community and co-working into one beautiful creation. Or, you can check out Alchemy, a cafe/restaurant with designated co-working shared tables, a great way to make new friends and network.

The Best Places In Latin America For Digital Nomads

Welcome to level two, Latin America. In my opinion, Latin America is the next best thing to Southeast Asia for simplicity and convenience for digital nomads and backpackers. It’s cheap, cheerful and full of very sexy… coworking spaces.

Medellin, Columbia

To be honest with you, the digital nomad life in Medellin isn’t my favourite in Colombia. But we have to be really good friends for me to share that information. Medellin is, however, a damn good place to start.

The turnaround for Medellin has been phenomenal and it’s now one of the hottest cities for digital nomads in the world. Despite its troubled past, it’s a pretty safe place to exist and you’re very unlikely to have your fancy MacBook stolen (in most places). 

I couldn’t begin to exaggerate the amount of places you can find a phenomenal coffee to go with some good wifi. And because remote workers are flocking in droves to stay in Medellin, you’re bound to meet some cool people – obviously besides the locals who are generally awesome. 

Metro line in Medellin with art from Fernando Botero on a building
Coffee, coffee and more coffee
Photo: @Lauramcblonde

El Poblado is the hub of digital nomad life and you’re going to be able to find a huge community of people living just as you are, though personally I think it’s a bit overrated and expensive. Semilla Coworking Cafe in Laureles is one of the best places to set up shop. I actually prefer this neighbourhood more than El Poblado.

If you do want to be basic and want to stay in Medellin’s famous El Poblado though, check out Los Patios Hostel. This is one of the best hostels in Colombia, it’s mega. But most importantly it offers on-site coworking spaces for you to get the basics done.

Mexico City, Mexico

The first time I went backpacking in Mexico, I avoided Ciudad de México like the plague. However at this time, I was a broke vagabond who refused to wear shoes. 

Three years later, I had broken into the digital nomad world and with much more travel experience under my belt, Mexico City was all of a sudden way more appealing. 

As a self-proclaimed city hater, I ended up staying a full month in Mexico City. Although this metropolis is huge with almost 9 million people, it’s beautifully broken down into “bite-size chunks” neighbourhoods. Coyoacán, Roma and Polanco are the best to set up base; you get different flavours in different areas. 

Laura smiling in front of bars on a door in Frida Kahlo's house, Casa Azul in Mexico City
Just popped over to Frida Kahlo’s after work.
Photo: @Lauramcblonde

The cost of living in Mexico City is extremely reasonable and the quality is pretty damn good. The internet connection works way better than the vast majority of the rest of the country and there are endless cafes and coworking spaces. The only issue is it’s becoming a city that’s a little too popular with remote workers in North America

After I finished my work hours, I could head off to explore the beautiful parks, delve into endless incredible museums, become an art connoisseur at world-class art galleries, and then head back to my super nice, reasonably priced Airbnb via sensory overload on the Metro. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca City sure is one of the best places for digital nomads, but that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. Oaxaca is also a HUGE state with some towns in the mountains that still have zero access to wifi. If, like me, you’re not a city dweller, I would choose your base wisely. 

I can speak on behalf of the Oaxacan coast, home to some of the best beach towns in Mexico. From Puerto Escondido to Barra de la Cruz, the coast is a hot spot for young people wanting to stay active and work remotely. So much so, that I ended up staying three months!

two friends on a beach in mexico holding a lizard that has a Sombrero on
beach nomad > city nomad
Photo: @amandaadraper

The code that makes this place a digital nomad haven is: Community, cheap food, great accommodation options, and activities. I was paying around $250 USD a month for a room near the beach in Mazunte, Oaxaca which is SO good compared to other towns I’ve based myself.

I found Oaxaca helped me to sustain a healthy lifestyle – to work and play often. Plus, with a plethora of cute cafes and workspaces to choose from you will have plenty of options of where to base yourself. The one thing I will add is the importance of getting a good international eSim. Throughout my stay, I often found random power cuts to last up to two or three hours. 

The Future of the SIM Card is HERE!
mockup of a person holding a smartphone in white background with Holafly logo

A new country, a new contract, a new piece of plastic – booooring. Instead, buy an eSIM!

An eSIM works just like an app: you buy it, you download it, and BOOM! You’re connected the minute you land. It’s that easy.

Is your phone eSIM ready? Read about how e-Sims work or click below to see one of the top eSIM providers on the market and ditch the plastic.

Grab an eSIM!

Antigua, Guatemala

Many people immediately think of Costa Rica when they flirt with the idea of working remotely in Central America. Whilst Costa Rica is a cool country for digital nomads, it’s so damn expensive! I found that Antigua in Guatemala was in fact the place to be for the perfect balance.

Antigua is an extraordinarily photogenic, authentic, and pretty little city situated in the foreground of a stunning volcanic backdrop. Antigua is the one place where I met the most digital nomads in Central America during my many months of backpacking through the region.

Volcano in Antigua Guatemala with cross in the foreground
How’s that for a daily view?
Photo: @joemiddlehurst

There are a bunch of fantastic facilities in Antigua despite its relatively small size. The top coworking space has got to be Impact Hub. One of the best things about this place is that Guatemalan coffee is world famous, so you already know productivity is gonna be tip top.

The best place to stay in Antigua for digital nomads is probably Selina. I don’t love Selina hostels, but there’s no denying their effectiveness and convenience for digital nomads. I mean, there’s a coworking space IN the hostel for crying out loud. You’ll face no difficulties meeting other nomads here; I’m sure.

The Best Cities In Europe For Digital Nomads

Welcome to level three, Europe. Travelling in Europe is not so difficult, but it can be kinda pricey. For this reason, I’ve excluded some of the obvious cities in Europe that digital nomads flock to. Paris, Berlin and London are all super nice places but the cost of living in other European cities is much more realistic.

Tallinn, Estonia

If you’re looking for a somewhat hidden gem in Europe then look no further than Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn is a small city perched along the Baltic Coast and boasts a fairytale vibe in a neat little affordable package. 

Estonia feels very young, fresh and forward-thinking. All the while, at its heart, is the capital – one of the best preserved Medieval cities in the world. Tallinn is a beautiful city which manages to perfectly blend old-world charm with a modern outlook.

Estonia itself offers an “e-residence” visa to digital nomads and on the whole, is overall very welcoming to our kind. It’s even created a burgeoning digital nomad community.

Nic standing in the main square in Tallinn, Estonia.
A nomadic fairytale.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Tallinn is a very affordable city and one of the best cheap digital nomad locations on the continent if you’re looking for a low cost of living. Living in Tallinn as a digital nomad is pretty sweet.

Whilst winters here are harsh and bloody cold, summers are generally mild and there’s plenty of unspoilt coastline to explore in your downtime. For British blood like me (where anything above 20 degrees begins to melt me), it’s the perfect spot to perch up.

Athens, Greece

Imagine opening up your laptop for a day’s work with views overlooking the Acropolis… well, that’s exactly what I did during my time visiting Athens.

The capital of Greece offers a different pace of life with both grungy and exciting areas to explore. It’s also home to nearby beaches and isolated islands for when you want to get away from it all. There’s an array of cool places to visit in Athens.

Athens is a perfect mix of Mediterranean lifestyle with a big city vibe. It’s rough around the edges and there’s an air of chaos that’s often missing in large modern Western European cities. Athens has recently become one of my new favourite digital nomad hotspots

Nic sitting on a wall covered in graffiti overlooking Athens, Greece below and a mountain behind it. They have extra ordinarily muscular calves!
I think I fit in pretty well here, what’d you think?
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Sure, Athen’s isn’t for everyone and it’s an acquired taste. It’s hot, busy, loud and covered in graffiti and the rooftop bars look out over a sprawl that resembles Beirut more than Santorini, but it’s got a charm of its own. 

If you’re down then Athens is ready to show you a good time. It’s one of the most affordable capitals in Europe with top Wifi and co-working joints popping up all over the city. All this, plus the fact it’s fucking cool, makes it one of the best cities for digital nomads in Europe. 

Canary Islands, Spain

Ok, I know it’s not a city, but hear me out on this one. Far away from Europe’s rat race is everyone’s favourite escape: Las Islas Bonitas. When Europe turns gloomy, dark, cold, and damp, these little islands offer the perfect paradise for snowbirds.

Since the age of the digital nomads began, islands like Tenerife, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote are hosting better than ever. Offering good weather along with some reasonably priced accommodation and a very relaxed way of living, there are few places better to spend the winter these days. 

Two people walking towards el teide moutain in tenerife on a sunny day
Work, hike, beach, repeat.
Photo: @Lauramcblonde

Spain is also hosting a digital nomad visa in this modern world which is great for people who are very stable as the minimum income to acquire this is pretty ridiculous, to be honest. If you’re the lucky holder of a European passport then you’re in even more luck. Just rock up and enjoy.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has to be one of the coolest places in Europe for digital nomads. Whilst it is a bit crowded nowadays and the local youngsters are getting priced out a bit, I understand why so many people hopped on the trend.

Portugal introduced a digital nomad visa that allows you to stay for a year as long as you meet all the requirements. For many people, this has been a blessing: working remotely while chilling in one of Europe’s best capitals. Not only that, but Portugal is cheap to base yourself in compared to other Western European countries. 

Setset over Lisbon skyline
Life is sweet in Lisbon.
Photo: @Amandaadraper

Lisbon is great for digital nomads in Portugal. Some of my other favourite locations in the country include Lagos in the Algarve, Peniche and most importantly… Ericeira.

Ericeira is specifically good if you are an aspiring surfer or already know the waves. Ericeria has many surf camps that run year-long. I found the community to be encouraging to the lifestyle for a good work-life balance. Every weekend, I found cool things to do, from underground techno parties to skate parks by the ocean.

I would recommend that you check out all of these places in Portugal and find the vibe that suits you. My kinda vibe is found at either the LX Factory Hostel (my favourite place to stay in Lisbon) or Boardriders Quiksilver Ericeira. Boardriders often hold skate competitions and even girls-only group skates!

Best Places For Digital Nomads From Around The World

Seeing as you’ve made it this far, the team have thrown in a couple more places that you might not expect. They don’t fit into the usual Southeast Asia, Latin America and European spots we nomads usually flock to. So, if you’re looking for somewhere unique… we’ve got ya covered.

Goa, India 

While the trippy, hippy mecca of Goa is still primarily known as a ravers paradise, this is changing fast and India’s most accessible destination is rapidly transforming into South Asia’s premier digital nomad hub. Over the last half-decade, Goa’s Wi-Fi has gotten faster and more stable, the ubiquitous 10 rupee chai has given way to proper coffee and perhaps best of all, AC has landed.

There are now pleasant coffee shops, co-working spaces and decent villas in Goa, all the way from Anjuna up to Arambol, and inland as far out as Panjim if you prefer city vibes to the beaches.

There are some lush resorts in Goa these days.

The crowd in Goa is changing too. The hippies and acid-freaks who thronged the trance parties for decades are basically being pushed out by a wave of gentrification – one which really accelerated during COVID when the remote workers of Mumbai and Bangalore finally “discovered” Goa.

There are still some drawbacks though. Power cuts remain frequent, the summer monsoon means Goa is a seasonal destination, and the general surreal vibe and sticky heat of the place can sometimes make it seem almost impossible to get too much work done!

Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

As our list primarily focuses on tropical and/or more “flat” destinations, let me come at you with the highest elevation digital nomad hotspot out there – the majestic Karakoram Mountains of Hunza Valley. 

I know you’re thinking “What the heck is Hunza Valley?!” So let me explain. This 2500 m hamlet, sandwiched high up in the mountains near China, is quite literally the most underrated mountain region in the entire world. 

I would know – I’ve called it home while working remotely for more than three years now. And as shocked as you might find this at first – there is actually some pretty excellent fibre optic cable WiFi to support all your nomad needs. 

samantha hiking in the mountains in hunza valley with a lake below
Welcome to my office
Photo: Samantha Shea

While the valley is vast, Central Hunza (Aliabad and Karimabad) is where you want to base yourself. It’s here where you’ll find coworking spaces (shoutout to the Kado Digital Hub which has the best views you can imagine from a workplace) and numerous cute cafes with WiFi, comfort foods and your favourite coffees.

Most digital nomads have no idea Hunza exists, but this liberal mountain paradise should absolutely be the very first choice of any hiking enthusiast. The trails here are higher and emptier than anything you’ll find in the rest of Asia, or the world for that matter. 

If you’re looking for a solid set-up with excellent WiFi, book your stay at Hostel Nomads. As far as cafes go, Mountain Cup, Cafe de Hunza and Odyssey are all solid options to choose from. 

The Best Digital Nomad Coworking Spaces Around The World

We also asked the team for their favourite coworking spaces they’ve visited across the globe. They shared some goodies… I wish I had this list when I first hit the road! Take notes, peeps.

Tribal – Bali, Indonesia

Tribal Coworking Hostel in Pererenan, Bali could be one of the best places in the world for digital nomads. This epic hostel was designed by digital nomads, for digital nomads. It has everything one would need to thrive.

The supportive, engaging and inspiring community at Tribal is elite and I always find myself returning to this hostel for this reason. 

As the first purpose-built hostel in Bali for digital nomads, Tribal boasts some seriously firey facilities that make that remote work life so so sweet. I’ve already mentioned the awesome, inclusive community at Tribal but I just had to mention it again because it really is special. 

Nic working on their laptop on a cargo net at a hostel with a swimming pool in the background.
The coolest hostel known to nomads.
Image: Nic Hilditch-Short

Life in this digital nomad hostel is productive and cost-effective but also somewhat luxurious. Tribal has some of the comfiest dorm beds I’ve ever stayed in, the wifi never fails me and the pool gets sun ALL DAY long. There’s also a bunch of awesome staff on-site who cater to your every need.

The healthy and diverse food available at Tribal makes it so easy to keep your body and mind on point and its location is extremely accessible (oh, and it’s right next to Pererenan Beach). Once you’ve worked your ass off all day, you can indulge in some of the finest cocktails in the Canggu area afterwards; you know, work hard play hard and all that. 

Tribal Coworking Hostel is one of the best digital nomad hotspots in Bali, which in itself is a booming digital nomad hotspot. That’s digital nomad hotspot-ception for ya.

Bean Coffee – Liverpool, UK

My go-to spot in Northwest England – I love this place. They have a growing chain across the UK now and they are all some of the best places for digital nomads to graft out some work – but I’m obviously biased for staying in Liverpool.

It’s not a “coworking” cafe, but it has all the perfect ingredients: great coffee, friendly staff, fast wifi and co-working spaces with plugs, and obviously it resides in a pretty legendary city. If I’m working anywhere in Liverpool (and I work here quite a lot), I’m working at Bean Coffee.

Windy Bay Coworking – Taghazout, Morocco

I came across this coworking cafe during a short trip to Morocco, and I was blown away… I found Tagazout to be one of the best surf towns for digital nomads, but the place that really sealed the deal for me was Windy Bay Coworking Cafe. 

Windy Bay is situated on the main strip of Taghazout Beach. Along with other colourful buildings, surf hostels, and camels roaming the area. I stumbled upon it while looking for dinner, and I had one of the BEST traditional Moroccan dishes (Kefta).

a laptop at a coworking space with the view of the ocean in morocco
How’s that for a view?
Photo: @amandaadraper

Not only do they have three stories of working, eating, and enjoying the ocean view. They also have an AC floor and private rooms to hold meetings. The high-speed wifi helped me stay productive, and the ocean view encouraged me to finish my work to get my surf on. It’s got to be the best Taghazout hostel for sure.

They offer daily, weekly, and monthly memberships for many travellers. I highly recommend this cute coworking space for anyone passing by Taghazout.  

Wrkhub By Tutmak – Ubud, Bali

I’ve spent quite some time staying in Ubud over the last couple of years, and there is ONE spot I go back to whenever I need to get stuff done.

Tutmak is a pretty unassuming Warung down by one of the main streets near the market. Downstairs is their cafe, but you climb up the stairs at the very back and you’ll arrive at their dedicated working area, Wrkhub.

It’s not a fancy place, far from it, but it checks many of the boxes I usually look out for when out for work: affordable rates, decent coffee and food, and not jam-packed with distracting Russian models.

They start late but are open until 10 pm which is very convenient if you prefer late sessions or have the sleep schedule of a nightclub bouncer.

There’s a plethora of seating options to choose from chairs to pillows in tatamis and bean bags. If you’re lucky, you’ll see monkeys wandering around the neighbouring rooftops.

They used to give out a free coffee with the half/full day rate, but I didn’t see it announced this time. I still asked for it and got it, so it must be a secret menu kinda thing – request it like you’ve been before. 😉

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

Some good travel insurance is one thing you CANNOT be cutting costs on as a digital nomad. Getting some solid insurance is not just good for your peace of mind, but it can save your skin… and your job!

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Final Thoughts on the Best Places For Digital Nomads

Ok, so that’s a wrap, folks. I hope you’ve found some inspiration from this fine selection of digital nomad hubs around the world. Whether you’re into beaches, cities or mountains – we’ve covered an array of different hot spots and cities to suit any nomad.

The digital nomad life is pretty damn epic but it comes with a few requirements. You’ll want to make sure you base yourself somewhere with decent wifi, community and things to do outside of work. I hope one of the thriving nomad spots our team has talked about tickled your fancy.

If you’re planning to work from your accommodation, my top tip is to check the reviews for comments on the wifi and whether other nomads have worked here before. Even in cities with great wifi, you can find places with a dodgy connection.

Happy nomading, fellow globetrotter!

will hatton working on his laptop computer with mountain backdrop
See you out there!
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