Top 10 Mysterious places in India

The mysteries of India will bring your soul and imagination to life.

Not everyone can handle India, you will either love it with ever fibre of your being and be addicted to exploring more or detest it and never want to to return. I believe it comes down to what you focus on. If you are from the west, you have to open your mind and be willing to escape your comfort zone to truly connect with what makes India such a deeply special place.

mysterious places in india

India is full of mysterious places and stories spanning back over the centuries that are just beckoning to be explored. Some you may have heard of, but some are rare tourist places in India that will take a little more getting to. Often the road less travelled takes us to the most memorable places. Both on and off the beaten path, India is home to some of the top ten mysterious places in the world, that will leave you in awe.

Many of the ancient mysterious places can be found right here in India. India itself is enshrouded by fascinating stories, deep history and creepy paranormal activity. As we introduce you to the most mysterious places in India, it is hard to not let your imagination run too wild. When you visit these places, you will see that so much of what happens seems to go way beyond anything that could be explained by your own imagination…

1. A river that sucks people in –  Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi mysterious places in india

Would you risk swimming here??

This may actually be one of the most dangerous places in India. The Khooni Nadi river, also known as ‘the bloody river’, is one of the spookiest places you can visit. There are many terrifying accounts of people being sucked into the water, never to be seen again. Even if you’re not too quick to believe in the paranormal, this is definitely somewhere you do not want to go for a swim. In fact, it’s not somewhere you should really visit by yourself. It is spooky enough that the water has claimed so many lives, but the fact that bodies have never been recovered is really quite creepy. There are many unknown mysteries of India, unresolved stories, but ones where bodies are never found again are not to be taken lightly!


2. The abandoned village of Kuldhara – Rajasthan

abandoned village of Kuldhara mysterious places in india

Definitely a must visit for the fan of the creepy

Abandoned towns and villages have to be one of the most weird things about India. What you often find makes mysterious places in India so fascinating and indeed intriguing is that there is so much told and retold regarding the history. It all overlaps to a point where you can’t quite get to the bottom of what happened. There are actually many ruins in this region. These are often best explored with a motorbike and camping gear. Though, you would have to be made of tough stuff to sleep after hearing about all the paranormal activity surrounding Kuldhara. Legend has it that the last successful inhibitors, the Paliwals Brahmins left suddenly in the night, never to be seen again. They say they left a curse on the place. Since that time, anyone who has since tried to re-inhabit the area has been chased out by evil spirits. Check out this post to find out more about India’s ghost towns… 


3. A drowning church – Shettihalli

drowning church mysterious places in india

What a strange place!

Drowning Churches are quite a fascination across the world. Something about them captures the imagination. Shettihallli may not be the most secret place in India, but it is one of the more mysterious places to visit in India. However, rather than being spooky many people say that it is a deeply peaceful place to explore.  

It is sometimes referred to as the floating church, sometimes the drowning church. As you may have guessed this is due to the fact that waters around it rise and fall. Rather excitingly, if you are visiting during monsoon season, you should be able to explore by boat! India is of course a Hindu country, perhaps why this church was abandoned in the 1960’s. By contrast with so many Hindu temples, some may find this church is one of the more mysterious spiritual places in India.


 4. The Whispers of the dead on Dumas beach – Gujarat

Whispers of the dead on Dumas beach mysterious places in india

Goosebumps and how!

This will make the hairs on your neck stand up! We tend to associate beaches with relaxing in the sun. Not at Dumas beach in Gujarat! Many have reported the same haunting experience of walking down the beach and hearing whispers, but as they turn around, there is no one there.  More concerning, there have been reports of people going missing on this beach. Whatever you believe, these unexplained mysteries of India could genuinely be dangerous. So, however you decide to see this one for yourself, please plan it cautiously.


5. The Village that Slithers – Shetpal

Village that Slithers mysterious places in india

The slithering creepiness

In Shetpal, Maharashtra you will come across the village that slithers. Even just its name will have some people’s skin crawling. Snake worship runs deep for many Indians and dates back to ancient times. If you can hack it, it is definitely worth putting on your itinerary. What fascinates many about this place and makes it one of the most mysterious places in India is that there is a harmony between the snakes and people. Many would associate cobras with being aggressive and try to keep away from them. However, in this village it is mandatory to have a resting place in each home, should a cobra decide to live with you. Since adopting this relationship with the snakes they have found they have virtually no problems with them.


6. Mysterious amount of Twins – Kodinhi

Kodinhi twins mysterious places in india

Can you imagine something so weird?

This is by far one of the strangest and most mysterious places in South India! It is so mysterious it actually caught the attention of an international science team who went to investigate it.

Fascinatingly, they couldn’t actually get to the bottom of why this one village has more than 500 twinned siblings! The locals say this phenomenon dates back to 1949. Some have theorised it to be linked to a chemical found in the local water. This however has not been conclusive and has been dismissed by various doctors and scientists. The villagers really embrace the phenomenon and tend to honour it by intentionally dressing identically. This really is one of the most mysterious places in India and definitely worth heading to if you are exploring the south of India.


7. Jamali-Kamali Masjid – Delhi

mosque in india

Explore at your own peril! – Credit: Wikipedia

Taking photos of temples in India is one thing, knowing the story behind them is another. At a glance many wouldn’t even know that Jamali-Kamali is indeed a mosque and tomb. It’s important to connect with where you explore. Some mysterious places in India are easier to get to. Jamali-Kamali is easy to get to for those visiting Delhi; it is open most days and free to visit. What is less easy is hanging on to your senses as you walk amongst the dense haunted atmosphere. There are many reports of unexplained noises and movements and just general freak-factor as you walk around the spooky 16th century mosque and tomb. For more kick ass places to explore, check out this awesome guide to Delhi


8. Reaching Nirvana – The Ganges

The ganges ghost stories mysterious places in india

Ganges- the ultimate mystery!

Most seasoned travellers have heard of the Ganges. It may even seem a little too obvious to mention, so you may be wondering why it has made it into our top ten mysterious places in India. Quite simply, the Ganges are enshrined in mystery and if you miss out on the depth and significance of the Ganges, you miss out on India. It is the most sacred place of worship in India. Many Indians go to Varanasi in particular as a pilgrimage. Walk along the banks, be still and watch the cremations and ceremonies that take place every day as locals strive to reach Nirvana. Listen to the locals stories about spirits and the afterlife. Walk with them join their journeys and truly connect with one of the most mysterious places in India.


9. Hauntings and bizarre behaviour – Alwar

Haunted Alwar strange little town mysterious places in india

So beautiful yet so haunting…

Unusual things in India almost become the norm as you get to grips with the culture. Paradoxical, I know. There are several forts in and around Alwar that have been reported as haunted, many Indians actually claim Bhangarh Fort to THE most haunted in India!

The tiny town of Alwar fascinated me. I have to say it is without a doubt one of the strangest places in India. At first, It seems like a perfectly average little town, I thought it would have been a non-event of a place to visit when we first arrived, oh how wrong I was!

When you’re thinking of places to visit in India, try to find at least a few that are off the beaten track, they often have a way of becoming some of the most memorable places. Some mysterious places in India just can’t be put into words, but you can certainly start to get an idea, by reading about our bizarre time in Alwar here.


10. Mass Bird Suicide – Jatinga, Assam

Bird death festival mysterious places in india

Experience the bizarre phenomena!

One of the weirdest stories in India that turns out to be true, and takes place every year between September and November is in the northeast of India. Well, it’s mostly true, many scientist have tried to explain and quantify it, but they still can’t get to the bottom of it. This makes it one of the top unsolved mysteries of India. No amount of trying to rationalise it detracts from how ominous it is when the intense event takes place. Do what you can to make this one of the places in India you get to and see it for yourself.

As the sun begins to set and hundreds of birds begin falling from the sky. It is such a remarkable happening that they have now developed a festival around the phenomenon. Many locals believe it is due to evil spirits and they are eager to share their own stories about it. The atmosphere is truly intense and it is hard to not get freaked out by it. Go to Jatinga … I dare you.


Top ten mysterious places in India
Haunted PlacesLocation
River that sucks people inKhooni Nadi
Abandoned village of Kuldhara Rajasthan
Drowning church Shettihalli
Whispers of the dead Dumas beachGujarat
Village that SlithersShetpal
Mysterious amount of TwinsKodinhi
Jamali-Kamali Masjid Delhi
Reaching Nirvana The Ganges
Hauntings and bizarre behaviourAlwar
Mass Bird SuicideJatinga, Assam


So, these are our top ten mysterious places in India, but as you may imagine there are many more. India is truly one of the most mysterious countries in the world. However, no matter how much of a ghostbuster you are, please do approach and explore these places with care. People have gone missing and although it can be exciting to explore these places, some of them do pose very real threats.

We would love to hear about any mysterious places you have have read about or even visited in India; please drop us a comment below.


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