It’s time to hit the open road. You’re about to book your one way – or return – ticket and you’re ready to have a taste of a life different from your own.

The burning question is, where are you going?

Dotted across the globe are some truly beautiful places to visit: snow-dusted mountains so beautiful you might weep, or milk-crates-for-seats restaurants with the best noodle soup that you’ve ever tasted? There is adventure and relaxation abound.

The best place in the world to travel to will depend on your budget and your idea of the perfect getaway. Luckily, with a world so big, there is a perfect travel destination for everyone!

However you take your travel – shaken with glistening beaches or stirred with adventure – there is a destination that will inspire you to travel.

Here are the top 10 best places in the world to travel to. You won’t be able to stop yourself from booking that ticket at the end!

Sheer beauty awaits you!

The TOP 10 Best Places in the World!

Sometimes travel is about going to the edge of your comfort zone and writing your own manifesto. To that end, there is great value in heading out into the great unknown with nothing to your name but an adventurous spirit.

Sometimes travel can be about experiencing a culture different from yours. It can be about pushing yourself and taking on a new adventurous hobby. Simply finding the most delicious new recipes to bring home with you becomes intense excitement.

pham ngu lao street ho chi minh vietnam
Let the chaos commence!

And sometimes, travel is about recharging yourself and spending some time with no damn phone.

There are many ways to take on the best places in the world. You may only need a week or two, or you may find yourself on an extended sabbatical. However you decide to travel this world, there are places waiting to be explored.

Go forth, intrepid traveller! It is time to discover the best places in the world.

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    #1 Pakistan
    Best Place You HAVE to Travel to Before You Die

    What can you expect to find in the best destination in the world?

    • EPIC scenery
    • Delicious food
    • Friendly locals
    • A changed personal perspective of the world

    Pakistan serves all of this up in spades. The Karakoram mountains are some of the last untouched slices of paradise left on this planet. They leave the Himalayas in the (albeit still beautiful) dust. Anywhere with a destination called ‘Fairy Meadows’ is sure to be unbelievably beautiful.

    Along with the famous K2, there are other equally beautiful and more accessible mountain hikes such as Nanga Parbat! If you’ve got a good hiking tent, the whole landscape (and a couple of yaks) becomes yours to enjoy.

    girl sitting on a rock mountain view in pakistan
    Chilling in Pakistan.
    Photo: Samantha Shea

    Pakistani food is seriously underrated! It’s like the best dishes of South and Central Asia came together and had a beautiful love-food baby. If you have travelled in India, some of the food will be familiar, though with its own spin. Think delicious paratha for breakfast and copious amounts of ghee to be used in everything.

    Also, chai. Pakistan has a good claim to the best chai in the world.

    Couchsurfing is alive and well in Pakistan. Alongside this, the locals are incredibly hospitable! You’ll be hard pushed to repay them in every way you can.

    This ties into the last point. Travelling to Pakistan will change your perspective on the world. You will see that beauty and kindness is cross-cultural. The media narrative of a country is not always correct.

    Pakistan is the number one place you should travel to before you die.

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    #2 Mexico City
    The Best Place in The World to Travel Alone

    Mexico City ranks as one of my favourite places to travel to of all time. It is also the best place (in this humble author’s opinion) to travel alone.

    This is because you’re never truly alone in Mexico City. There are several hostels that you can find fellow backpacking friends at, but there is also a thriving Couchsurfing scene. If you learn a little Spanish, after backpacking Mexico, you are bound to leave with lifelong friends.

    The city boasts an incredible array of street food and fine dining. There is nothing like treating yourself and indulging in gorditas while you peruse one of the many markets in the city.

    chapultapec in mexico city
    Viva méxico!

    Mexico City has also long been a magnet for artists and creatives. You have to check out the Frida Kahlo Museum while you’re here! If you’ve been getting some travel blues or travel burnout, and need to re-energise the artistic vibe of Mexico City is the answer.

    There is also something humbling about walking through a city that has been around since 1325. Where today stands the modernist architecture, the slums, the taqueria, the art museum there once was an Aztec Empire.

    Mexico City ranks as the best city to travel alone because you are surrounded by history and amazing places to stay. You are humbled by the footsteps of those that came before and envigorated to continue your own journey.

    #3 Canada
    The Best Place to Travel to With Kids

    Canada has endless options to keep your kids entertained – and tired out! It is a beautiful country to visit with a wide variety of great places to stay.

    In a country so big, there are lots of options for a vacation. You could go to Toronto and enjoy the must-sees such as the CN Tower. The Ontario Science Museum also has hands-on exhibits and hours of play and education – and not just for the kids!

    A person skiing down a mountain in banf canada
    Snow time!

    Then there are the Canadian Rockies. Nothing says a family holiday like a road trip to the mountains. You might try staying the night at one of the famous lakes such as Emerald Lake near Yoho. Or you might head straight to Banf.

    Banf is like Canada’s answer to New Zealand’s Queenstown. It is an adventure paradise with a focus on some epic skiing and snow sports. And when the day is done, you can top it off with a good hot chocolate.

    #4 Colombia
    The Best Place to Travel to Party in The World

    Colombia is synonymous with a good fiesta. The passionate music, the salsa, the late-night culture (and yes, the drugs) make it the best place in the world to party!

    Medellin is no longer the murder capital of the world. It is now an incredibly welcoming city – especially for LGBTQ travellers.

    There is such a range of things to do on your night out in Medellin, it’s hard to know where to start! Most people party it up in the El Poblado neighbourhood; there’s reggaeton and salsa – but also a wide range of world-class DJs, and even swanky cocktail bars.

    A statue of Jesus looks down on dancers in colombia
    Time to party!

    The beaches of Colombia are famously beautiful. While they are a little more laid back than the city, they still know how to party! Also, all the best hostels in Colombia will have you partying till dawn – no matter which city you’re staying in.

    And we all know, at the end of a long night of dancing away, we need a good feed. Luckily, Colombia is full of some of the world’s best street food. At all hours of the night, you can find empanadas, churros, and arepas.

    #5 South Island New Zealand
    The Most Beautiful Place to Travel to in The World

    Well, I won’t even try to hide my bias here; I have lived on the South Island (the best island in New Zealand) for around a year. It is hands down the most beautiful place in the world to travel to.

    New Zealand is famous for being the iconic filming location of Lord of the Rings. And, when you travel around New Zealand, you do feel like you’ve fallen into a fantasy world.

    The South Island is like New Zealand on steroids. Firstly, subtropical jungles line wild coastlines; they brush up against mountains that look so beautiful you suspect they’re fake. You can see sperm whales in Kaikoura one day, and the next day be hiking at the foot of giant glacial lakes.

    Roys Peak Track, New Zealand
    Oh, New Zealand, you are beautiful.

    The South Island is also kind to the hitchhiker. Kiwis have this incredible culture of lending a hand and having a chat with just about anyone! You’ll find yourself with friends of friends all across the island.

    So even when you are awestruck by the 8th wonder of the world (Milford Sounds), or you get back from rock climbing in the Remarkable Mountains, you never feel like nature is the only magical thing about the Island. It’s the people.

    #6 Southeast Asia
    Best Cheap Place to Travel in The World

    Southeast Asia is THE region to travel to on a budget. From the moment you touch down your senses are alive with the electricity of being somewhere new. It’s humid, a little chaotic, and it smells like something good is cooking for dinner.

    Travel to Southeast Asia has become synonymous with first time backpacking – and it’s easy to see why. You have an epic and diverse array of places to explore on a budget.

    A man walks in front of jungle and a temple in southeast asia
    A whole new world.

    You can find dorm beds for five dollars, and delicious noodles for even less. One week you might be learning to scuba dive in Phuket, and the next week you’re travelling on to Cambodia and through to Vietnam barrelling through jungle borders by motorbike.

    The cultures are something that is likely very different from your own. You will be awestruck by gilded monasteries and impressive street parades. There are ruins of ancient civilizations like Angkor Wat, as well as bustling, hypermodern cities like Bangkok.

    No matter where you explore in Southeast Asia, it’s sure to be a freaking ADVENTURE – and a cheap one at that.

    #7 Bali
    The Best Place to Travel to For a Honeymoon

    Bali is a lot of things: it’s beautiful, romantic, full of amazing beaches and jungles, and plenty of good food to boot. It’s also not super expensive.

    No matter where you stay in Bali, one thing is for sure: it is the best place in the world for a honeymoon. Not only are the beach sunsets legendary, but there are also good adventure options. You can scuba dive with your boo all day, soak up some tropical sun, then retreat to a private villa complete with a hot tub.

    A retreat in the jungle of bali
    Honeymoon paradise!

    The island is incredibly laid back, so you can enjoy your honeymoon in style. It’s also got a blend of comfortable places to stay with an alluring splash of something tropical. You can feel like you’ve started your honeymoon off right by going somewhere off the beaten track – while still coming back to a swanky spa in the middle of the jungle.

    There are so many things to do in Bali that you could easily fill a week-long honeymoon with amazing activities. But, it’s an island! And with that comes a good dose of slow placed living.

    Don’t forget to rig a good hammock and have some serious chill time with your partner. After all, that’s what your honeymoon is all about (and also smush times)! 😉

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    #8 Spain
    The Best Place to Travel to For Good Food

    What do I think makes for good food?

    • Fresh ingredients
    • A blend of family recipes and innovation

    It also helps if you have an amazing location to enjoy it all in. Now, Spain meets this and more. It is truly the best place in the world to travel to for good food.

    The traditional Spanish dishes are a product of the many cultures that have called Spain home. Fresh seafood, olive oil, saffron, paprika, and seasonal fruits all feature a lot. And of course, it all pairs well with wine. Salud!

    Gimme dat paella!

    Whether you are trying the paella a la seafood (or rabbit), or you are enjoying tapas in a lively Madrid bar, you know that you will be eating the best.

    It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat it; many dishes in Spain are designed to be shared. The sense of community is literally baked into the dishes. Travelling to Spain is to integrate yourself into a passionate culture that is about coming together to share precious moments.

    After your all-important siesta, you can share tapas or learn to cook the perfect Spanish omelette, “sample” all the wine on offer, and keep the fiesta going until dawn! Be sure to have a good hostel in Spain to stumble back to after those big nights.

    #9 Australia
    Where to Travel For the Best Beaches

    With over 12 000 beaches – many of which you will get all to yourself – you can’t get a better country for the beach bum than Australia.

    The Land Down Under knows a thing or two about living by the ocean – more than 80% of the population live within 50 kilometres of the coast. If you want to try surfing for the first time, there is sure to be a local nearby who is willing to teach you.

    The world’s best diving, sailing, and fishing are all found along Australia’s coastlines. I swear – this isn’t me being biased – it truly is a blessed, sunburned country. The best way to see all the best beaches is to take an epic Australian road trip!

    A kangaroo on an australian beach with blue
    Welcome to the Land Down Under mate!

    There are famous beaches in Australia – like Bondi Beach – but the true magic lies beyond the busy metropolitan beaches. The southwestern shoreline is home to the magical Geographe Bay on one side of the peninsula, and the dreamiest surf breaks (Yallingup) on the other side.

    In the north, there are crocodiles and coconuts; on the icy shores of Tasmania, there are blustery cliff drops straight out of a novel. You can find ambergris, driftwood, and other mysterious beach treasures. When you’re done playing Crocodile Dundee, come out of the bush and stay at one of Australia’s best hostels!

    Whether you want to read a good travel book, soak up some sun, or have an adventure – Australia has the best beaches to do it at.

    #10 Afghanistan
    The Most Unique Place in The World to Travel to

    Okay, so in the current climate, you can’t travel to Afghanistan right now.

    I mean, Afghanistan is probably not going at the top of anyone’s travel list right now anyway; it has the consequences of the War on Terror to contend with. But, I do believe that it will come back from this and remain a truly unique place to travel to.

    The Afghani people are some of the most resilient and welcoming people in the world. Their country is beautiful – and when it is safe to do so – they know hospitality like no other.

    A blue mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan.
    Beautiful Kabul.
    Photo: @themarshajean

    The Wakhan Corridor has trekking reminiscent of fairytales. Kandahar is built on the same city ruins that Alexander the Great himself built. The mountains of Bamiyan even have some seriously good skiing! Afghanistan is waiting patiently to be explored again.

    A multitude of cultural influences has created stunning mosques, exquisite food, and a very welcoming community. One day, Afghanistan will be one of the best places in the world to visit again.

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    Staying Safe While Travelling to the Best Places in the World

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    Final Words on the Best Places to Travel in the World

    Well folks, here it is: 10 of the best places in the world to travel to!

    This world can feel a little chaotic and even a little nasty at times. But within the madness, there are some true rays of light and EPIC places to explore!

    Whether you are going out on a solo adventure or piling the kids in the van with you, there are destinations that suit you. There are mountains to climb, steaming chai to wolf down, and tuk-tuk drivers to haggle with.

    Through it all, I think the biggest takeaway is people are people no matter where you go. Even the most beautiful beaches, or most jaw-dropping sunsets, are made that much sweeter when they are shared.

    What are you waiting for? Book that ticket, try that new dish, hike that new trail, visit that new city! The best places in the world are waiting for you.

    stars milky way at delicate arch utah national parks
    Let’s get to adventuring!

    Bye for now, but not forever!

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